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29 jun – Obama seeks 500 million US dollars to train and equip Syrian rebels – Obama stärker terrorismen genom stöd till Syriens ”rebeller” – USA fast beslutet att stycka Syrien?

”Samma dag som vår utrikesminister gällskrek att Ryssland lär ha rustat upp gerillamän i en stat så besluter vår president för att slänga ut en halvmiljard dollar på att rusta upp liknande gerillamän i en annan stat. Hur fan lyckas dessa grabbar bevara en allvarlig min?”
Sådan var kommentaren från en New York Times-läsare från delstaten Ohio till nyheten om att USA:s president Barack Obama den 26 april ansökte om 500 miljoner dollar för att bistå den måttliga oppositionen i Syrien. Vad för slags bistånd det kommer att handlar om är helt klart.
Efter att ha misslyckats med att störta al-Assads regim rakt ut kommer den ”måttliga” oppositionen försöka bilda egen peseudostat. Naturligtvis med hjälp från USA.

Press TV – Syria hands over last of its chemical weapons: OPCW

Russia’s foreign ministry hailed Damascus for exhibiting “political will” and cooperating with the global community, saying that over one thousand tons of chemical weapons had been removed from Syria.

Sam Muhho – America’s “Nonconventional War” against Syria: Western Media Narrative Enters into Comedy Act

“If all the world is a stage,” as William Shakespeare once said, then the current mainstream media narrative on Syria must be the comedy act; this time, however, it isn’t very funny. Having spent the last three years failing to exert their desire for regime change in Syria, the western imperialist, globalist powers and the corporate financier interests that sustain them are becoming increasingly desperate for a change in the geopolitical tide.

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20 jun – 34 civilians killed, 50 injured in car bomb blast in Hama countryside

Från – Syria’s Press Conference the United Nations Doesn’t Want You To See

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12 jun

Video 20 min – Eyewitness Report: Documentary about the 2014 Syrian Presidential Elections, The following is a short GRTV documentary by CRG Research Associate Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, who was one of the international election observers in Syria.
The report focuses on the voting process with particular reference to the Mediterranean coastal Syrian governates of Latakia (Lattakia) and Tartus (Tartous).

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7 jun

Press TV, 6 juni – US sending ‘lethal and non-lethal’ aid to Syria militants: Rice

The US government says it is now providing both “lethal and non-lethal” aid to foreign-backed militants fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Scott Creighton – Susan Rice Admits Obama Admin Providing “lethal” Aid to “Vetted” Terrorists in Syria

For anyone paying attention, this latest admission is hardly news. But for them to come right out and admit they are arming and training these terrorists is.

Sharmine Narwani – Please, Ambassador Ford. Name me a “Moderate” Syrian rebel

That’s great, Ambassador Ford. Now can you kindly put us out of our misery and name these Syrian “moderate” rebel groups? For any Syrian rebels to take the lead on the ground, they must be able to command a good 50,000 men…but I’ll settle for the name of a moderate fighting force that can can command 5,000.
Okay then – 500?
Please, Mr. Ambassador. I am now begging you to give me the name of these moderate Syrian rebels. Okay, maybe they’ve all been wiped out or marginalized now, but what about a year ago – when your boss Secretary of State John Kerry was champing at the bit to start arming the “moderates?”

Michel Chossudovsky – Who is Ambassador Robert Stephen Ford? The Architect of US Sponsored Terrorism in Syria

Since his arrival in Damascus in late January 2011, Ambassador Robert S. Ford played a central role in laying the groundwork as well as establishing contacts with opposition groups.
A functioning US embassy in Damascus was seen as a precondition for carrying out a process of political destabilization leading to “regime change”.
Ambassador Robert S., Ford is no ordinary diplomat. He was U.S. representative in January 2004 to the Shiite city of Najaf in Iraq. Najaf was the stronghold of the Mahdi army
A few months later he was appointed “Number Two Man” (Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs), at the US embassy in Baghdad at the outset of John Negroponte’s tenure as US Ambassador to Iraq (June 2004- April 2005). Ford subsequently served under Negroponte’s successor Zalmay Khalilzad prior to his appointment as Ambassador to Algeria in 2006.
Negroponte’s mandate as US ambassador to Iraq (together with Robert S. Ford) was to coordinate out of the US embassy, the covert support to death squads and paramilitary groups in Iraq with a view to fomenting sectarian violence and weakening the resistance movement.

Thierry Meyssan – The Syrian People Have Spoken

The Syrian presidential election surprised both Syrians and their allies and enemies. The poll, which everyone agrees was legitimate, mobilized 73.42% of the electorate, despite the inability of some people to get to the polls because of the occupation of part of the country by foreign mercenaries. Bashar al-Assad won 88.7% of the vote and his mandate has been extended for 7 more years.

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6 jun – Assad Wins Presidential Elections With A Sweeping 88.7 %

A massive 77.42% voter turnout and a sweeping 88.7 % victory has given an unequivocal mandate to Bashar al-Assad for a third term in office and for pulling Syria through and out of the crisis that has been forced upon the country since 2011. – Syria’s Assad wins presidential election with 88.7% of vote – International Observers: Syria’s Voting Process was Fair and Democratic

Representatives of foreign delegations observing Syria’s presidential elections stressed Wednesday that the voting process in Syria’s presidential elections was fair and marked by high turnout.

Tony Cartalucci – Bleeding Syria is Now the Agenda: Elections are a Battle Won, but the War Goes On

The proxy war is admittedly lost – but it would be a mistake to say the West has completely lost. Their goal was indeed, ideally, to overthrow the government of Syria. By failing to do so and in the process exposing their insidious methods, the West has lost immense credibility and momentum they will never recover. However, their secondary objective was destroying Syria and leaving it in a weakened, diminished state – denying Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and most importantly, Russia a strong regional ally. This, for now, the West has absolutely succeeded in accomplishing. Reconstruction & socioeconomic recovery will be as important if not more so for Syrians in the coming months and years, than defeating NATO’s proxy forces on the battlefield. Bringing Syria back to or exceeding its economic and defensive posture before the war will be when Syrians can truly declare victory over the West.

Press TV – Syrian army retakes key town near capital

The official SANA news agency quoted military officials as saying on Thursday that the army recaptured the town of al-Thawra in al-Kiswah district, which is located in Damascus countryside.
The army also reportedly destroyed a large cache of weapons.

Thierry Meyssan – An Empire Without a Military Strategy for a Military Strategy Without an Empire

Syrians remember the televised confessions of the Emir of Al- Nosra Front (affiliated to Al-Qaeda) who transported chemical missiles from a Turkish military base to Damascus Ghouta. According to this man, not only were the weapons provided to him by a member of the NATO army, but the order to use them under ”false- flag” to justify the bombing of Syria by the United States came from the US.

About Syria, President Obama continued at West Point by stating intentions to ”help the Syrian people stand up against a dictator who bombs and starves his own people” ( sic). That is why Washington will help ”those who fight for the right of all Syrians to choose their own future” (read: not the Syrians themselves who vote to elect their president, but only those who are willing to collaborate with a colonial government made in NATO).

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3 jun

Michel Chossudovsky – Is Washington Planning a Terrorist Operation against Syria on the Day of the Elections?

Kerry’s May 15 statement to speed up the flow of weapons to opposition rebels was followed two weeks later by a formal announcement by President Obama.
A week before the Syrian elections at his May 28 West Point Military College address, president Obama formally confirmed a new military aid package to be channeled to Syria’s “freedom fighters”.

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