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28 feb

Press TV – US military training of militant gangs in Syria ‘underway’

The training mission, “already under way,” represents the “deepest” US intervention to date in the internal Syrian crisis and will accompany “for the first time” direct funding and supply of “nonlethal assistance and equipment” to the armed gangs that are evidently engaged in terror and destruction across the nation in a bid to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, a New York Times report says on Thursday.

“Another major goal” of the surging US intervention in Syrian affairs, the report notes, is to “jump-start negotiations” over a “political” transition by sending a message to President Assad that militants gangs on the ground “would ultimately prevail.” – Behind the Scenes: Syrian Opposition to Talk with Gov’t without Preconditions

Well informed sources in the Russian foreign affairs confirmed the information that the Syrian opposition is ready to go into negotiations with the Syrian government without preconditions that President Assad should not be part of the process. The Russian sources say that opposition is displaying a more realistic approach after the recent achievements of the governments on both military and political levels.

Tony Cartalucci – US Policy Vs. Syria Indicative of Exhausted Legitimacy

It was evidently clear, even in 2007, that extremists would play a leading role in any future armed conflict to overthrow the Syrian government, and now, years later, that engineered conflict has been executed verbatim and to horrific consequence – consequences the West not only refuses to take responsibility for, but seeks to further compound with increased aid to the forces of armed sedition it itself created.
Absurdity of Kerry’s Narrative Only Outdone by Proposed Solution
The solution Kerry proposes is to flood Syria with more cash, equipment, training, weapons, and other aid, either directly, or laundered through proxies such as Al Qaeda’s chief financiers and arms providers, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Washington Post’s report states:
The goal of the new money is to counter the increasingly effective network of services provided by militants.
Unfortunately, the so-called ”Syrian Opposition Coalition” handcrafted by the US, and founded in Doha, Qatar, is led by an extremist, Mouaz al-Khatib, who openly embraces Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra front in Syria, credited with some of the most heinous atrocities committed during the 2 year conflict, as well as systematic abuse, oppression, and subjugation in all areas along Syria’s border with NATO-member Turkey it controls.

The exhausted legitimacy of the West, punctuated by unhinged hypocrisy, and rapidly unraveling financial and military might, would seem a perfect opportunity for the United Nations to prove its relevance or legitimacy by condemning the purposeful expansion of an already intolerable proxy war initiated by Western interests. Instead, it remains silent, or worse yet, complicit in the premeditated, documented assault on Syria under the increasingly tenuous guise of ”democracy promotion,” ”revolution,” and ”humanitarian concern.”

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Patrik Paulov – Stoppa vapenleveranserna och börja förhandla!

Ena stunden säger USA att de är att emot skicka vapen till de syriska rebellerna. I nästa stund stoppar USA en FN-resolution som fördömer ett av de värsta terrordåden på länge i Damaskus, och utrikesminister John Kerry lovar förnyat stöd till den väpnade oppositionen.
Ena stunden säger den utlandsstödda Syriska nationella koalitionens (SNC) nyvalde ledare Muaz al-Khatib att den eventuellt skulle kunna tänka sig att förhandla med vissa personer i Syriens regering. I nästa stund utpekas regeringen som ansvarig för all terror i landet…

Ben Schreiner – Washington’s Strategic Policy Shift on Syria: Edging Closer to Direct Military Intervention?

Writing in Foreign Policy, Christopher Chivvis of the RAND Corporation and Edward Joseph, a senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, argue that the threat of Western military intervention is what is needed to bring Russia around to supporting the “regime change” line.
“Changing the Russian position means changing Moscow’s calculus on Syria,” Chivvis and Joseph write. “And that means presenting the Kremlin with an alternative that it finds more unpalatable than the status quo: a NATO-backed, Turkey-led military coalition invited by the Arab League to intervene in the Syria conflict.”
And here we have the bankruptcy and hubris of the American foreign policy elite. It’s all rather transparent: capitulate to our demands, or face the brunt of military force. Only war is serious. – EU agrees to allow some non-lethal aid for Syrian opposition

The European Union said it amended sanctions on Syria on Thursday to permit the supply of armoured vehicles, non-lethal military equipment and technical aid to the Syrian opposition, provided they were intended to protect civilians. – Extremists attack Damascus University, 3 students wounded

Scott Creighton – Sec. Kerry is Just as Much of a Warmongering Liar as Clinton Was – What’s the Difference Between Them and the Myth of bin Laden?

Recently, John Kerry stated that Syria’s leader, President Assad, “must go”. Cynically, Kerry stated that the people of Syria deserve to live without fear of death or bombings and so he and his UK counterpart were continuing to call for forced regime change in that country. He has also said that we must now openly support the terrorists with arms and munitions in the effort to oust or murder a leader of a sovereign state.
How is that any different than what Bush accused bin Laden of doing? Did the Seals not “execute” bin Laden in Pakistan for his involvement in organizing and funding 9/11? Isn’t that the official story? So how is it that we are training, supporting and now calling to openly arm terrorists using terrorism in Syria and it isn’t the exact same thing bin Laden was accused of doing?
Well, here’s one difference: bin Laden didn’t do it. But we sure are. – Terrorists Torture Children in Aleppo to Blame the Army

Terrorists impersonating the Syrian Arab Army committed acts of torture against a number of children at Baraket al-Hajar area in Masaken Hanano neighborhood in Aleppo.
The terrorists filmed the operation to have the footages broadcast by the channels involved in the shedding of the Syrian blood so that to accuse the Army of committing this crime. – Al-Jaafari: Syria Needs Real Aid Not Just a Highlight

He lashed out at some Security Council member states that, even after two years now, ”still ignore many of the important data,” noting that the Syrian government has so far sent around 300 letters to the Security Council, some of them include the names of 143 foreign terrorist along with information on their nationalities and the date on which they entered Syria across the border.
He referred to reports published by Reuters and the New York Times on shipments of advanced weapons, including from Croatia, making their way to the terrorist groups in Syria across the border, demanding that the Security Council focus on these facts.

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27 feb

Jag säger samma som igår, det är konstigt att det här pratet om att ge de väpnade grupperna ökat stöd sammanfaller med Kerrys resa till Europa och Ryssland. ”Rebellerna” har försetts med rikligt med vapen hela tiden, och tydligen med tyngre varianter de senaste veckorna. Nog ser det ut som att det är en del av förhandlingsspelet, ”om det inte ingår i överenskommelsen att Al-Assad ska avgå så kommer vi att trappa upp krigföringen genom ombud”, är nog vad man säger. Konstigt bara att någon fortfarande kan gå på västmediernas prat om att väst vill ha ett slut på våldet och dödandet. Att sända in än mer och tyngre vapen borde väl inte vara det första man tänker på om man vill ha slut på dödandet. Det är precis det motsatta som behövs, sluta ge legokrigarna stöd och vapen. – Arms deliveries disrupt internal Syrian dialogue

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry have come to the conclusion that Russia and the US are not always determinant factors in world affairs. Still, it is essential to continue attempts to persuade Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and opponents to his regime to start talks.
Russian-US consultations took place in the context of rumours about Washington possibly deciding to expand its assistance to Syrian rebels. This was reported by The Washington Post with reference to officials from Kerry’s team who are accompanying him in his trip. According to these officials, a U-turn in the US policy on Syria could result in starting deliveries of bullet-proof jackets and armoured vehicles to the rebels, conducting military training among them and providing direct humanitarian aid to the coalition of opposition forces.

Sergey Lavrov says that at present the situation in Syria is at the cross-roads. There are forces that are aiming at the continuation of the bloodshed and aggravation of the conflict which is fraught with collapse of the Syrian state. On the other hand, there are level-headed forces that realize the need to start talks, so as to achieve political settlement. The number of the advocates of this realistic policy is growing, Lavrov says, because there is no alternative to political settlement through a dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition.

Russia Today – US, EU may start training and equipping Syrian rebels – USA utvidgar sin angreppspolitik mot Syrien – Vrede mot väst efter terrordåd i Damaskus

De blodiga attentaten i Damaskus förra veckan väcker vrede bland stadens invånare. För dem är det som sker ingen frihetskamp eller revolution mot förtryckare utan terror mot civila. Två invånare i Damaskus som Proletären talat med tvekar inte att lägga skulden för terrorn på väst.
– Vi vet vilka som är terroristerna och vi vet vilka som stöder dem. Snälla, lämna oss i fred! – More Than 100 Militants Killed in Failed Attempt to “Invade” Damascus

Syrian daily, al-Watan, reported on Wednesday that there was a new attempt by armed groups to “invade” the capital.
As it said that the attempt was thwarted by the Syrian army, the newspaper reported that more than hundred said of militants were killed during the battle.Al-Watan said that Damascus’ east northern entrance in the outskirts of al-Qaboun region was under attack by armed groups on Monday night.
The daily reported that the attack started “as usual”, by a powerful suicide explosion followed by another blast.
Then the “invasion” started, but it was quickly ended by the death of more than hundreds of militants, “who staged a mass suicide attack at the entrance of Damascus, which will remain invincible.”

Insight: Syria rebels bolstered by new arms but divisions remain

Several rebel commanders and fighters told Reuters that a shipment which reached Syria via Turkey last month comprised shoulder-held and other mobile equipment including anti-aircraft and armor-piercing weapons, mortars and rocket launchers.
Rebels told Reuters the weapons, along with money for cash payments for fighters, were being distributed through a new command structure, part of a plan by foreign backers to centralize control over rebel units and check Islamists linked to al-Qaeda. However, in a sign of the difficulty in uniting disparate fighting groups, some rebels said they had turned down the arms and refused to submit to the new command. – Mainstream Media And The Art of Trolling

In Syria, well.. Here is where the western powers are still working hard to ‘achieve democracy’ in any way they could, even getting their old buddies from Al Qaeda and rebranding them: Freedom Fighters, Rebels, Free Syrian Army, Jabhat Al Nusra.. whatever, just to exhaust the Syrian Army systematically while the mainstream media, NATO’s propaganda machines work hard to demonize the army by repeating: Syrian Army killing own people and such silly accusations to engrave it in the conscious of their audience: the Sleeping Sheeple.

‘Saudi Arabia arms, funds Syria militants’, interview with Zayd al-Isa Middle East expert, ”supplying terrorists with arms in Syria is without doubt a flagrant and a blatant violation of international law

Vet inte vad man ska tro om det här, från – där det som sägs finns utskrivet.

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26 feb

Just som USA’s nye utrikesminister John Kerry reser till Europa för att träffa bl.a. Rysslands utrikesminister Sergej Lavrov och det den senaste tiden förekommit spekulationer om att USA varit beredda till en överenskommelse om Syrien, att de skulle dra tillbaka sitt stöd för de väpnade gängen, då trappas ”rebellernas” attacker upp tycks det, efter att de försetts med tyngre vapen de senaste veckorna. Och ordkriget trappas upp, från Erdogan, Hague m.fl. Är detta ett försök att sätta press på Syriens ledning inför förhandlingarna? – Imperialisterna, terroristerna och Sverige fortsätter det cyniska spelet om Syrien – Staffan Heimersson & Anders Romelsjö (jag) i Läkartidningen om Syrien del I

Press TV – Saudis supply militants in Syria with Croatian arms: Report

Croatian newspaper Jutarnji list reported on Saturday that ”there had been an unusually high number of sightings of Jordanian cargo planes at Pleso Airport in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital in recent months.”
Disclosing the possible US role in the Croatian weapons shipments, the daily said that Ilyushin 76 aircraft owned by Jordan International Air Cargo had been seen at Pleso Airport on Dec. 14 and 23, Jan. 6 and Feb. 18.

The US and its Western allies, as well as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, claim that they want to see the Syria crisis end, but at the same time they continue to arm and fund the militants.

EA World View – Syria Live Coverage: Insurgent Attacks in Damascus

0545 GMT: Damascus. Insurgents launched a series of attacks inside the capital on Monday, with heavy fighting reported not only in the southern districts — where clashes have been sustained for some time — but also in northern areas such as Qaboun, Jobar, and Abaseen and even central locations.
As we discussed the situation after several hours of coverage, EA’s James Miller said, ”I’m not sure there’s been a night quite like this. The fighting is in so many areas of the city.”

1550 GMT: Fighting in Damascus. Damascus is a violent place today, but it’s hard to see whether this is just an expected escalation after last night’s surprise attack by the rebels, or whether this is the start of a new phase in the fighting. nterestingly, one of the newest flash points is Al Tall, north of the capital (map), an island of rebel control in a sea of Assad military bases. The town has been heavily bombed (or shelled by artillery, it’s not clear which) and many casualties are reported.
There is also fighting in the Yarmouk Camp, Jobar, Babbilla, Qaboun, and Barzeh – though it’s unclear if these areas are all just being shelled and bombed, or whether there are actual battles ongoing. As you can see from the map of Damascus, however, all these areas form a semi-circle that just a few weeks ago was much further to the east and is now pushing right up against the heart of the city:

Press TV – Kerry hints renewed US efforts to intervene in Syria

We are determined that the Syrian opposition is not going to be dangling in the wind wondering where the support is or if it’s coming. And we are determined to change the calculation on the ground for President Assad. – Russia, US determined to facilitate dialogue between Syrian govt, opposition – Lavrov

Russia and the United States are determined to do whatever they can to create conditions facilitating the beginning of a dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition as soon as possible, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said following talks with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Berlin on Tuesday.
”As concerns Syria, the most important is that we have reaffirmed our common understanding that we cannot tolerate violence and, through this understanding, our determination to do everything that depends on Russia and the U.S. Surely, not everything depends on us, but we will be doing what does depend on us in order to create conditions facilitating the soonest possible beginning of a dialogue between the government and the opposition,” Lavrov said at a press conference following the talks.

Tony Cartalucci – US State Department’s ”Syriasly” Campaign Reaches New Level of Absurdity

While the West and its Arab partners, the brutally autocratic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are now admittedly funneling heavy weapons to Al Qaeda’s stronghold in Daraa, southern Syria, the US State Department and its extensive network of faux NGO’s funded by the same corporate-financier interests that write its policy, have rolled-out a front organization they call ”Syriasly.”

Sporting the French colonial colors that flew over Syria during its Western subjugation, and echoing the now defunct fraud that is the ”Responsibility to Protect (R2P)” (and here) which lead to, not prevented, mass nationwide genocide in Libya in the wake of NATO’s brutal bombardment of the North African nation in 2011, ”Syriasly” attempts to pose as ”student-led.”
However, ”Syriasly,” which claims to be a campaign of STAND, is merely a carbon-copy of other US State Department, corporate special interest fronts masquerading as human rights crusaders to manufacture consent for long-planned wars of profit and domination.

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25 feb


US’s Kerry calls Syria opposition, urges to attend Rome talks

John Kerry, in London on his first trip as U.S. Secretary of State, telephoned Moaz Alkhatib, head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition, on Monday to urge him to attend a planned Syriameeting in Rome this week, a U.S. official said. – Loud explosion shakes Syrian Damascus – residents

A powerful explosion shook the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday, residents reported, and state television said it struck the eastern district of Qaboun.

Ska man kalla det någon sorts hemvärns-trupper, de grupper som har bildats för att försvara sina närområden mot väpnade grupper? Thierry Meyssan – A popular anti-guerrilla force

In guerrilla warfare, the victory belongs to those who have the support of the population. This is why Syria has recently formed popular militias to hold back the Contras supported by the West and the Gulf monarchies. In three months, the result is spectacular: the areas where local militias are already operating have been stabilized.

This is an event that profoundly changes the geopolitical facts on the ground in the region. On the one hand because this paramilitary force has quickly stabilized villages in areas where it is already established, especially because now the Basij and Hezbollah find themselves with a little brother, with the same training as them, but being mixed and multi-faith, educated in the secular spirit of the Baath movement and not in that of the Islamic Revolution.
While one of the main goals of the war triggered by the West against Syria was to install a government that would break with Hezbollah and Iran, as admitted by Burhan Ghalioun in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, western action has had the opposite effect. Common resistance has led to a tightening of the ranks despite religious and political differences. – McClatchy Newspaper: Israel Coordinates with USA in Supplying Armed Groups in Syria with Weapons

McClatchy Newspaper, run by the US army, stressed that Israel coordinates with the USA in the domain of supplying the armed opposition in Syria with weapons.
In a report published on its website, the newspaper quoted Israeli officials as saying ”Israel is consulting with the American officials over the weapons sent to the armed groups in Syria, and it closely watches all types of the most complicated weapons that can be sent to these groups.” – Tunga vapen i terroristernas händer

En brittiskt bloggare Elliot Higgins, som kallar sig ”Black Moses”, har systematiskt gått igenom de syriska terroristernas filmer på YouTube liksom den syriska regeringens bilder av beslagtagna vapen och visat att en mängd moderna vapen har strömmat in i landet sedan nyår.
Det handlar bla om den rekylfria M60-kanonen (82 mm; se bilden), M79 Osa raketgevär – båda av jugoslaviskt ursprung, RPG-22 raketgevär och Milkor MGL/RBG-6 granatkastare, den sistnämnda av sydafrikansk konstruktion men även tillverkad i Kroatien.

Christof Lehmann – Irish Teen killed in Syria. Classified Document reveals, Qatar´s Embassy recruits Mercenaries

A 16 year old Irish teen has been killed in Syria after travelling to Libya first, and then to Syria after crossing Turkish – Syrian border to join insurgents, The Telegraph reports. The news about the teen mercenary come, as a secret document is revealed, according to which Qatar´s Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, is directly involved in recruiting mercenaries for Syria.

Press TV – West and its regional allies losing control of Syria militants : Naser al-Omrivideo

Press TV – US and its regional allies committing war crimes in Syria: Stephen Lendmanvideo – Syria jihadists claim bus bombing on Hama factory

The jihadist Al-Nusra Front on Sunday claimed responsibility for a suicide attack earlier this month on an army factory in the central province of Hama that reportedly killed at least 60 people.

Conversation With a Syrian in Syria

Aref Hamdoush lives in Lattakia. He is a military and political analyst and has studies military science for 5 years. His sources include friends in the Syrian army, and former friends who have joined the FSA.

slut på uppdateringen _____________________ – Militants from 28 countries fight on Syrian opposition’s side – Syrian foreign minister

”Jabhad an-Nusra, a branch of al-Qaeda, is the main force fighting in Syria. They have invited to Syria militants from 28 countries, including Chechnya,” Walid al-Mualem said before meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on Monday.

Det är väl vad vissa önskar, att Syrien bryts upp i delar! – Russia’s Lavrov warns of Syrian breakup

Continuing bloodshed in Syria can lead to the country’s breakup, the Voice of Russia’s Olga Denisova has cited Russian foreign chief Sergei Lavrov as saying Monday.
“We are closely following the situation [in Syria], and we believe it to be at a crossroads,” he said. “There are those who want the bloodshed to continue, to spread the conflict, which can potentially result in the breakup of the Syrian state,” Mr. Lavrov stressed.

Russia’s top foreign official has pointed out that the forces who are set to fight till the bitter end are also trying to nip in the bud all attempts at dialogue between the two warring parties.
He added however that more sensible political forces viewed dialogue as the only way out of the crisis, and the number of peace-proponents is rising. “There can be no alternative to a peace settlement in Syria,” Mr. Lavrov noted.

Tony Cartalucci – Dead French Photographer was State Department-Funded – Embedded With Al Qaeda

Further indication of the depraved nature of the West’s campaign against Syria, and the depraved nature of its institutions, methods, and faux-NGOs, vindicating a growing trend of ejecting Western ”journalists” and NGO’s from an ever increasing number of nations, it is revealed that a French photographer recently killed in Syria was embedded with terrorist militants in Idlib, northern Syria, and was working on behalf of the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded ”Reporters Without Borders.”

Syria militants committing worst HR violations: Mimi al-Lahansom text

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24 feb

Nu skrivs det även i Washington Post om de nya tunga vapen som ”rebellerna” försetts med de senaste veckorna, som nämndes i en artikel det länkades till härifrån den 21 feb, Who is arming the Syrian rebels.
In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad

“The idea was to get heavier stuff, intensify supply and make sure it goes to the good guys,” said an Arab official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the operation. “If you want to weaken al-Nusra, you do it not by withholding [weapons] but by boosting the other groups.”
Louay al-Mokdad, the political and media coordinator for the Free Syrian Army, confirmed that the rebels have procured new weapons donated from outside Syria, rather than bought on the black market or seized during the capture of government facilities, the source of the vast majority of the arms that are in the hands of the rebels. But he declined to say who was behind the effort.

Such is the secrecy surrounding the effort, however, that even those receiving the weapons can’t say with certainty who is supplying them, he said, though it is widely assumed that they are being provided by Saudi Arabia, with the support of its Arab, U.S. and European allies.
“All we can say for sure is that there are some new weapons coming across the border in the south, they are coming with high secrecy and they’re only going to groups that they want,” he said.

EA World View – Syria Live Coverage: Civilian Deaths in Aleppo

Tony Cartalucci – West Pours Arms into Syria as Al Qaeda Mass Slaughters Civilians

Repeat a lie often enough, and hopefully people will begin to believe it. That is what a concerted effort by Western media houses hopes to achieve as they claim the recent flow of heavy weapons from Western nations and their Arab-Israeli partners is boosting ”moderate rebels” and ”tilting” the balance of Syria’s conflict against the Syrian government.

Also in 2007, reported by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his New Yorker article, ”The Redirection,” it was stated (emphasis added):
To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.”
Hersh’s report would continue by stating:
the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria. The Israelis believe that putting such pressure on the Assad government will make it more conciliatory and open to negotiations.” -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh (2007)
Further admissions of a joint US-Israeli-Saudi conspiracy against Syria included:
”…[Saudi Arabia’s] Bandar and other Saudis have assured the White House that “they will keep a very close eye on the religious fundamentalists. Their message to us was ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians, if they continue to work with Hezbollah and Iran.” -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh (2007) – Hårt tryck på USA:s Kerry att ta tag i Syrienfrågan

USA:s nya utrikesminister John Kerry åker på söndagen på sin första utlandsresa. Situationen i Syrien väntas bli en av huvudfrågorna för hans samtal med ledare i Europa och Mellanöstern. Inför resan har John Kerry sagt att det finns mer att göra för att övertyga Syriens president Bashar al-Assad om en förhandlingslösning. – Lavrov, Kerry to meet on February 26 – Russian Foreign Ministry – Terrorister kräver förtroende

Igår blockerade amerikanska tjänstemän en ryskstödd resolution i FN:s säkerhetsråd som fördömde torsdagens terroristdåd i den syriska huvudstaden Damaskus.
FN-Arabförbundets fredssändebud i Syrien Lakhdar Brahimi sade att attackerna i Damaskus hade dödat ca 100 personer döda och sårat ytterligare 250.
Brahimi beskriver attackerna som en ”krigsförbrytelse” och tillade att ”ingenting kan motivera sådana fruktansvärda handlingar som utgör krigsförbrytelser enligt internationell rätt.”
Europeiska unionens utrikespolitiske talesperson Catherine Ashton sade ”ingenting kan rättfärdiga en handling av sådan brutalitet som dödade så många människor, de flesta civila, inklusive barn.”

Press TV –Foreign-backed militants responsible for Syria violence: Assad

Assad said in an interview broadcast on German television that the Syrian government did not start the conflict and it is the militants who are killing Syrian people and destroying the country’s infrastructure. – US – the puppeteer of the Arab World

Sergey Filatov, Member of the Editorial Board of Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn Magazine, which is a publication of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry, about influence of the US in Arab world.
See, I believe that the most important thing is the position of the United States. Look at the Arab League. Previously many years ago the Arab League was leaded by Algeria, Syria, Jamahiriya, Egypt. Arabs were friends of Moscow, friends of Soviet Union. Now in the Arab League there are other leaders – Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the friends of Washington. And just to remark the position of Obama: he told 5 weeks ago that he is not ready to assist insurgents in Syria, those military forces from all over the Arab world really, it was intervention, international intervention in Syria. So, Obama said “stop”, and at the same time the position of the League of Arab states changed because they are against Assad from the first days and now they are ready to organize some negotiations, maybe peaceful settlement, something like this. I believe that they are not free in their policy. They are very close to Washington and now the change of policy in Washington makes echo in their position.

Syria News 24.2.2013
* Russian Communist Party: Syria Is Facing New Form of Colonial War
* Terrorist Abdelhadi Mohammad al-Khalif confessed to taking part in destroying the National Hospital in al-Qseir, Homs countryside,
* Army Units Foil Terrorists’ Infiltration Attempts, Inflict Heavy Losses Upon Them
* Golan People Stage Event in Condemnation of Damascus Terrorist Bombing
* Syrians in Sweden Strongly Condemns Damascus Terrorist Bombing
* Dialogue Subcommittees Continue Meetings in Several Provinces

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23 feb

Christof Lehmann – Lavrov: US Veto of UNSC Resolution to Condemn Damascus Blasts Indicates Double Standards

Foreign Minister Lavrov´s condemnation of the US veto underlines a previous statement, in which he explicitly held the USA accountable for acts of terrorism in Syria, because even if the USA officially proclaims that it no longer will support armed insurgents, it still fails to use the influence it has over its allies, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who do support the armed insurgency.
International lawyers and analysts are warning of a rapid deterioration of international law at its very foundation since the onset of the war on terror in 2001. In a 2012 article by Black, Fetzer, Mezyaev and Lehmann, the authors warn about the gravest possible consequences this explosion of international law at its foundations has for international, national and individual security.
The Russian and Chinese unequivocal condemnation of the terrorist attacks and the US-American veto could however, signal that this abuse of international law and international institutions by the USA and NATO is increasingly met by a more assertive Russian and Chinese opposition.

In this third weekly SHAMSEIN report, the following 9 stories are discussed:
00:10 Jabhat al-Nusra Claims Responsibility for Damascus Bombings after Fabricating Lies about al-Hayat Hospital
03:32 Developments in Syria’s Occupied Golan Heights: 03:40 Israel Preparations for Incursions into the Golan 04:38 Israel Wants to Build Field Hospital to treat FSA 05:45 Oil Drilling Operations in Occupied Golan Heights Approved by Israel 06:08 Syria Shot Down Israeli Drone over Lebanon, close to Golan Heights 07:37 Occupied Golan’s Druze Standing Strongly with Syria, their Homeland
08:25 West Prepares War in Lebanon after Syria, as FSA Vows to Eliminate Hezbollah from Lebanon: 08:34 FSA & Alleged Hezbollah Clashes in Qusayr, on Syrian-Lebanese Border 09:43 FSA Gives Ultimatum to Hezbollah and Vows to Eliminate it 12:10 Salafi Cleric & Lebanon’s Agent Provocateur Wants to Fight against Hezbollah 13:58 UK to Train Lebanese Troops Amid Fears of Syria Spillover
14:14 Update on Syrian Army Cleansing Operations in Syria
16:21 Athletes Targeted by FSA: Football Player Talks about Losing his Colleague
18:11 Jabhat al-Nusra’s Sectarian Slogans: Calls for Killing of Shia Muslims & Demands for Islamic Caliphate
19:30 Syria’s Sunni Grand Mufti on Turkey’s Policies & Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood
22:01 Lebanese Interior Minister Says Turkey Can Secure Release of Lebanese Pilgrims Kidnapped by FSA but Won’t Do it
23:38 FSA… the Grendizer Warriors

Franklin Lamb – Israel instructs Obama: “Iranian and Syrian Sanctions are Not Painful Enough!”

Zionist prospects for Syria aren’t any better at the moment. Tel Aviv’s to intimidate the White House into invading Syria have not worked. Plan A has failed miserably according to the Israeli embassy people attending the Engel-Ros Litinen’s informal conflab. Neither did the “how about we just arm the opposition” plan that originated last year with David H. Petraeus and was supported by Hillary Clinton while being pushed by AIPAC. The goal was to create allies in Syria that the US and Israel could control if Mr. Assad was removed from power. Moreover, the White House believes that there are no good options for Obama. It has vetoed 4 recent Israeli proposals including arming the rebels and is said to believe that Syria is already dangerously awash with “unreliable arms.”
The recent shriveling in Israeli prospects for a dramatic Pentagon intervention in Syria reflect White House war weariness. And also Israel’s predilection to bomb targets itself in Syria, as it did recently to assassinate a senior Iranian officer in the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hassan Shateri. Contrary to the false story that Israel attacked a missiles convoy, some unassembled equipment was damaged but that was not the primary target according to Fred Hof, a former U.S. State Department official. Gen. Shateri was.

Stephen Lendman – Washington Backs Syrian Anti-Government Terrorism

Press TV – ‘Erdogan policy on Syria grave mistake’

The leader of Turkey’s main opposition party Kemal Kilicdaroglu has described as “grave mistake” the policy of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan toward Syria. – Israel vill söka efter olja på Syriens territorium

Från en dansk sida som ger upplysning om propaganda i danska nyhetsmedier. Precis en sådan behöver vi i Sverige. Den här artikeln är några månader gammal och handlar om granatbeskjutningen in i Turkiet som kom från Syrien och dödade ca 5 människor. Mediabevakningen verkar vara mycket lik den i Sverige vilket understryker hur väldresserade och styrda västmedierna är. – Den syrisk-tyrkiske krise og pressens knæfald for krigstrommerne

Alle de vestlige medier, jeg ser episoden beskrevet i, følger imidlertid en bekymrende endimensionel og farvet nyhedsdækning. Så mangelfuld og fordrejet, at det svært at se pressen som andet end en forlænget arm for Vestens og NATO’s ønske om en militær intervention i Syrien, ligesom man ønskede det i Libyen, i Irak, i Afghanistan osv.

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22 feb – Syrian border guards wipe out several groups of terrorists

Syrian border guards wiped out several groups of terrorists who tried to sneak into Syria from the neighbouring Lebanon last night. – What next for Syria talks after Damascus attack?

None of the opposition groups has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are expected to discuss the situation during the talks in Berlin on February 26. There is not much optimism about the meeting, though.

Victoria Nuland also said that the U.S. urges the opposition to sit down for talks with the regime, adding that the meeting could take place anywhere, including Moscow.
Meanwhile, Russian analysts have different views on how Moscow and Washington could influence the outcome of the Syrian crisis. Boris Dolgov, expert at the Russian Institute of Oriental Studies, believes that the U.S. has been softening its position on the issue with Moscow and Washington having a good potential for finding a common ground for cooperation.
”First of all, Moscow and Washington could agree to stop arms supplies to militants in Syria. Certainly, this would require Russia and the U.S to pressure on both the Syrian government and the opposition to sit down for talks.”

‘Blasts targeting Syrian kids reveal real face of West, NATO’

Från EA Worldwiev som angavs som källa i en artikel i gårdagens inlägg, Who is arming the Syrian rebelsEA Video Analysis: Syria — How and Why the US is Arming the Insurgents, A six-minute guide to how and why the US — despite public denials — are involved in the supply of weapons to the Syrian insurgents, and what it means for the future of the conflict:
Washington wants to provide the insurgents with enough weapons to put pressure on the Assad regime, possibly leading to a coup, but not enough to bring about a final bloody conflict and the decimation of Damascus. – Moscow denounces Washington’s vetoing Russian draft condemnation of Damascus blast

Moscow has denounced the US blocking, at the UN Security Council, of Russia’s draft statement for the press condemning the recent terrorist attack in Damascus.
According to a press release of the Russian Ambassador to the UN, the US delegation has deplorably, for the umpteenth time, vetoed the UN Security Council required reaction to a terrorist attack by tying it with other issues.
Russia sees this kind of effort to justify terrorists’ moves as unacceptable.

Press TV – US encourages militants in Syria by foiling UN condemnation: Russia

‘Peaceful solution or Syria will be destroyed’ – UN envoy Brahimi (RT EXCLUSIVE)

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21 feb


Christof Lehmann – Massive Blast Near Baath Party Headquarters kills Scores, FSA threatens Hezbollah

nsnbc contacted an explosives expert who analyzed photos from the blast site. According to the experts opinion, the blast-crater in the street as well as many other signatures indicate, that military grade high-explosives have been used in the attack. “It is impossible to cause this kind of damage with nitrate based explosives, mixed in a garage, or even with other commercial explosives. An explosion like this one and some of the previous bombings in Damascus are only possible because of the proliferation of military grade explosives from some of the countries who finance and arm the insurgents” he said.

Who is arming the Syrian rebels?

The Council of the European Union renewed its arms embargo on Syria this week by another three months, with the slight amendment to allow for “greater non-lethal support and technical assistance for the protection of civilians.” The council further affirmed that it would “actively continue the work underway to assess and review, if necessary, the sanctions regime against Syria in order to support and help the opposition.”
This decision, seen as a compromise between EU members that are solidly against direct military involvement in Syria and those that are ambiguously in favor of it (chiefly Britain), was, like all decisions taken at the supranational level, several months out of date and risibly insufficient.

In one of the most strangely neglected stories in the two-year Syria conflict, beginning on January 1, four new weapon models began appearing in large quantities in Daraa province, none used at any time by the Syrian military. The M60 recoilless gun, the M79 Osa rocket launcher, the RPG-22 rocket launcher and the Milkor MGL/RBG-6 grenade launcher hadn’t been shown in any opposition videos until the new year. Every device was used in a massive joint rebel operation against Busr al-Harir, a town previously safely in regime hands to the northeast of Daraa city. Several tanks and BMPs (armored personnel carriers) were destroyed in the ensuing battle and, as Syria analyst James Miller of EA Worldview told me, what distinguished this rebel sortie from others was that “the fighters didn’t seem concerned about preserving the ammunition for these weapons.”

One plausible scenario would be that these weapons were all coming from Libya, which was one of the initial arms-runners to the Syrian opposition. The former Yugoslavia, which manufactured the M60 and M79, formerly enjoyed warm ties with Muammar Qaddafi, as did Croatia prior to the Libyan revolt and subsequent NATO intervention (former Croatian President Stipe Mesic’ seemed to want those ties to continue regardless).

Video – Syria News Feb. 21, 2013
* French Jihadists fight in Syria
* Fifty-Three Civilians Martyred, 235 Others Injured so far in Terrorist Bombing in al-Thawra Street in Damascus, when a suicide car bomber detonated himself.
* Army Units Continue to Eliminate Terrorists in Several Provinces, Destroy Their Equipment
* Syrian Parties and Unions Condemn Terrorist Bombing in al-Thawra Street in Damascus
* Lebanese FM: Syria’s Security Is Lebanon’s Security

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Russia Today – At least 31 killed in Damascus car bomb – activists (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Russia, Arab League back diplomatic solution for Syria – Arab League chief optimistic on Syria conflict outcome

There are all chances to stop the Syrian war, the Arab League chief Nabil al-Araby told the Voice of Russia.
He added that the Syrian opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib had suggested a dialogue with the country’s government. The idea was backed by the League.
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Moallem are scheduled to have talks in Moscow next week to discuss the participation of Damascus in the dialogue. – UN special envoy Brahimi to extend his peace mission in Syria

UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi has agreed to extend his mission in the country, a UN diplomat says.
The diplomat, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, made the remarks on Wednesday, AFP reported.
”Brahimi has agreed a six month extension… He clearly feels that there is some life in his mission,” the diplomat stated.
The envoy’s six-month contract with the United Nations and the Arab League is due to end on Friday.

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20 feb – Chance for peace in Syria shouldn’t be missed – Lavrov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that “he has a feeling that the settlement of the Syrian conflict has finally moved from a dead point”. Both the Syrian government and the opposition have become more inclined to a dialogue, Mr. Lavrov says.
On February 25, Sergey Lavrov will meet with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem in Moscow. The two Foreign Ministers will discuss what is needed for the warring sides in Syria to start talks.
Mr. Lavov believes that these talks may start already next week.
“What makes me so optimistic,” he says, “is not only the fact that the warring sides in Syria have become more ready for talks, but also that the approach of several countries that are trying to settle the Syrian conflict to this problem has changed. It is probably too early to call it a breakthrough, but it is obviously a good start.”

“It is also a good sign that the US has promised its help to Russia in its efforts to mediate in talks between the warring sides in Syria,” the Russian Foreign Minister continues. “Last Sunday, I had a phone conversation with the US Secretary of State John Kerry, and he assured me of that.”

Press TV – Syria forces kill more militants, seize arms

The Syrian Army says it has killed more foreign-backed militants and seized their weapons during an ongoing operation across the country.
Syrian government forces launched attacks against militants in the governorates of Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, and Idlib on Tuesday and killed a large number of them, the official SANA news agency reported.
In addition, the Syrian armed forces captured many machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, hand-made rockets, mortar shells and anti-tank missiles.

Syrian government, nation strong enough in face of threats: Randy Short

The arrogant Western-European imperialism and white supremacy, they don’t recognize non-European people as having the right to sovereignty and rights over their own internal affairs.
So there seems to be a desire to return to the 19th century and wear pit helmets and shoot down people even if it’s through proxies, but it is clear that the Syrian government with almost the majority of the people have shown that they are not an easy toy to be played with.

Ken Stone – UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay: “Pretext-maker” for Western Military Aggression

Navi Pillay is up to her old tricks: she’s abusing her position as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to provide a pretext for imperial aggression against Syria. Today, February 18, 2013, she repeated her call for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to be referred for investigation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the actions of his forces in trying to repel the western-back mercenary war against his country, which the UN says has killed almost 70000 in 22 months of fighting. – Iraq approves construction of pipe to Syria

Iraq has approved the construction of a gas pipeline across its territory that will connect Iran to Syria, a member of the Iraqi Cabinet said Wednesday.
The 5000-kilometer pipeline will transport gas from the South Pars field to Syria. The field’s capacity is estimated at some 16 trln cubic meters.

A Message from the Syrian Communist Party

This is a message from the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) to all Communist Parties and Unions around the world.
Dear Comrades;
The Syrian Communist Party (the Unified) sends you its warmest cordial wishes, wishing that you would have a new year full of victories that serve the case of socialism all over the world;
You know that our country- Syria- has been being exposed for more than twenty months, to a war lunched against it by scores of imperialist states, besides other countries that move round them as satellites.
Their aim is to destroy the Syrian state that stands as an obstacle on the road of those trying to impose the plan of a “greater Middle East”, after breaking down the states in the region and replacing them with small entities fighting one another, to impose absolute domination on the oil and gas resources; to eliminate the Palestinian problem in a way extremely opposite to the interests of the Palestinian people….

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19 feb – Syrian opposition becomes more inclined to compromises – Lavrov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that he has a feeling that the settling of the Syrian conflict has moved from a dead point, the Voice of Russia correspondent reports.
He said this after coming back from Brussels, where he met with the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the EU Catherine Ashton.
Mr. Lavov says that representatives of the Syrian opposition, who earlier said that they would start talks with the Syrian government only if President Assad promises to resign, are not putting forward this condition any more. – Russian humanitarian aid arrives in Syria

Two panes of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations have brought 46 tons of humanitarian aid to the Syrian city of Latakia. The aid contains tents, electric power generators, glassware and food. – Bashar al-Assad to stay in Syria even if not re-elected in 2014

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that he will not leave Syria in 2014 regardless of whether he stays in politics or not.
Receiving a Jordanian delegation in Damascus on Tuesday, he unveiled his plans to run for re-election after his term expires in 2014.
He confessed that what is happening in his country hurts him immensely.

Does the media paint an accurate picture of the conflict in Syria? – Truthload
The conflict in Syria has been going on for nearly two years and yet perceptions of the conflict vary hugely from country to country. There are those who wholeheartedly support the opposition in their goal of overthrowing the Assad regime. The United States and the United Kingdom both have publicly called for Assad to step down, but the question of what comes next hasn’t been answered. Russian media has been much more sympathetic to the Assad regime. Adding to that uncertainty there have been signs the that factions fighting against the Assad regime are splintered with some suggesting that once Assad goes, anti-Assad forces may continue to fight amongst themselves.
Throughout all of this, there are Western opinions on what is taking place there. How accurate are they? Do we have a simplified understanding of the conflict with the FSA on one side and Assad on the other? How accurate is our understanding and what do the people who have been to Syria think?

Press TV – Russia sends four more warships to Mediterranean Sea near Syria

A flotilla of four Russian warships is heading to the Mediterranean Sea near the Syrian waters, Russian Defense Ministry says.

Press TV – Three civilians killed, 20 injured in car bombing near Damascus

Press TV – Syrian troops drive militants out of more areas

The Syrian Army says it has purged more areas of foreign-backed militants who are fighting against the government in different parts of the country.
Syrian government forces launched attacks against militants in the governorates of Homs and Idlib on Monday and killed a large number of them, the official SANA news agency reported.
In addition, the Syrian armed forces captured many machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and missiles.

Press TV – Obama unlikely to alter his Syria policy with new national security team

The US may reconsider its current policy of not directly arming foreign-backed rebels fighting the Syrian government, though it seems unlikely President Obama’s next national security team will adopt a policy shift.
As developments in Syria continue to move against the long-held American desire for a ‘regime change’ in the only Arab country that has backed Palestinian resistance against the Israeli regime, a senior US official says Washington may reopen “the debate” over supplying weapons to “select members” of anti-Damascus rebels in efforts to “break the impasse” in Syria, The New York Times reports Tuesday.

Press TV – Russian ambassador to Lebanon calls for political solution in Syria

Alexander Zasypkin made the remarks at a meeting with a delegation of Lebanese political and civil society leaders in Beirut on Monday.
He said a political solution is needed to restore stability in the country, adding, ”Foreign sides should halt supporting and financing armed groups that are sabotaging Syria, as a prelude to the start of the internal political process.”

Video 1 min – Syrian Women Joining the National Defence Forces, Syrian women have always been able join the armed forces. But there has recently been a giant influx of women joining the ”National Defence Force” Similar to a reserve army or a peoples militia. – Bildt vs. Hague

Storbritannien kämpar med stöd av en handfull EU-allierade för att häva EU:s vapenembargo för att legalisera sina vapensändningar till den syriska interventionsarmén av utländska rebeller som enligt regeringen i Damaskus nu uppgår till 75 000 man..
På EU:s utrikesministermöte idag måndag, krävde den brittiske utrikesministern William Hague ändringar i den befintliga vapenembargot ”så att vi kan erbjuda ett bredare utbud av stöd till den syriska koalitionen.” ”Vi ger dem ett starkt politiskt och diplomatiskt stöd. Vi måste också ge dem stöd i form av utrustning för att hjälpa dem att försöka rädda människors liv”, tillade han. ”Jag tror att det finns ett bredare utbud av utrustning som vi kunde ge dem.”
Men Storbritannien fick inte mycket stöd på mötet.

‘ICC enemy of liberty, Syria war crimes trial will replay Yugoslavia scenario’, Srdja Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor at the Chronicles magazine

Syria News 19.2.2013, Russia keeps the warships in the Mediterranean,
* Assembly debates focus on economic situation
* Army Units Confiscate Two Cars Loaded with Weapons in Homs Countryside
* Russian Airplanes Carrying Humanitarian Aid Arrive in Lattakia Airport
* Iran Condemns Some Countries’ Continued Support to Terrorism in Syria

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18 feb – ‘People want Assad to stay’ – Syria war involves foreign-backed terrorists – UN experts

The conflict in Syria increasingly involves foreign-backed mercenaries and Islamist radicals, including Salafists.
A report issued by human rights experts of the United Nations Monday named four Islamist groups operating in Damascus and Idlib province. – EU extends sanctions against Syria

The EU foreign ministers agreed to extend sanctions against Syria for another three months at an EU foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels.
They also agreed to extend an arms embargo to prevent the rebels from getting weapons from overseas.
However, the countries split over the issue – thus, the UK and France backed a partial lift while others remained opposed to letting more weapons into the conflict-torn country.

‘Foreign powers stop meddling in Syria’, Ala’a Ebrahim, journalist and political commentator from Damascus, Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi, Chairman of Arab Media Watch (London), and Mike Harris, financial editor of Veterans Today (Phoenix, Arizona)

Press TV – Assad says confident of winning Syria conflict

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he is confident that the country’s Army will win the conflict against the foreign-backed militants who are fighting the government.
Assad’s remarks, made during a meeting with a number of Lebanese officials in Damascus, were published in Lebanon’s As-Safir newspaper.
”We are sure we will win, we are reassured by the political and military developments,” the paper quoted the Syrian president as telling the Lebanese delegation.

Danny Makki’s, co-founder of Syrian Youth In Britain, interview with Syrian TV (16-2-2013)

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17 feb

‘World powers seek dialogue in Syria’, interview with Feroze Mithiborowlasom text

The situation is now beginning to turn around on the ground as well as in the political domain where the calls for a political solution, the calls for a political dialogue are now making sense to the global powers as well as the opposition within Syria… – Lavrov, Kerry discuss Syria, N Korea

Speaking on the telephone Sunday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart John Kerry looked into ways to stop violence and start up a dialogue in Syria and deal with the defiant behavior by North Korea.

Från – Eretz Zen ChannelIn this second weekly SHAMSEIN report, the following 13 stories are discussed:
00:10 Syrian Army Cleansing Operations Continue
07:25 UK & Netherlands Express ”Concern” about Jihadist Blowback in Europe from Syria’s Fighting
10:10 Disagreement about Number of Casualties in Syrian Conflict
11:45 People of Aleppo Refuse Turkish Products
13:32 Turkish Press Correspondents Show Solidarity with Syria & its People
15:04 Jordanian Delegation Shows Solidarity with Bashar al-Assad
16:22 Syrians Defy Cold Weather of Paris to Show their Support for Syria
17:40 UAE Offered Syria’s Government $30B to Break Ties with Iran
21:36 Briefly Why Israel Supports the Rise of Radical Islamists
23:48 Daraya’s Huge Underground Tunnels Dug by Jabhat al-Nusra
25:20 Jabhat al-Nusra Teaches a Kid to Sing Praise Songs for bin Laden & to Slaughter Alawites
28:50 Brave Syrian Girls Tell why they Decided to Enlist in the National Defense
30:20 Pro-FSA Lebanese Protest Fuel Export to Syria

Shocking Facts Exposed… A Syrian Infiltrator Behind Enemy’s Lines

The following is a rough report by a Syrian young man who made the dangerous visit to Turkey for a month and came back to his city Idleb vowing to defend it against the coming Islamist (not Islamic) Wahhabi Jihadists after discovering the below very disturbing facts which we present un-edited except for a touch up and the indicative images.

Lång intervju med Rysslands utrikesminister Lavrov om Syrien – Interview of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia S.Lavrov for the documentary film on Syria by Hubert Seipel for the German channel ARD, on the air on February 13

Question: The envoy Brakhimi came back just recently from Damascus, what did he tell you about the situation?
Lavrov: Well, he is not optimistic. He says that he is trying to send a message about the need to start working on the basis of Geneva, that he wants to see the regime showing flexibility. The regime does not say ”No”, but basically does not say ”Yes”. The message which the regime gives to Brakhimi, as Brakhimi told me, is ”You first deliver on the opposition, because the opposition does not even want to accept the notion of a dialogue. We, the regime, we are ready for the dialogue with those who are not in favor of outside interference, who are patriotic opposition, who think about their own country and so on and so forth.” Then Brahimi as you might have heard offered to have a meeting between Russians, Americans and himself and we met with Hillary Clinton in Dublin in the margins of the OSCE Ministerial Meeting. It was a brief meeting but the suggestion from Brahimi was for us to try in this format to find some way to implement the Geneva communiqué. No one denies the Geneva communiqué, everyone accepts it but some people say it is subject to interpretation. What kind of interpretation I don’t know. It is a very blunt statement: “stop violence, designate negotiators, compose on the basis of mutual agreement this transitional governing body, prepare for the elections period”.
People who say that this requires interpretation again raise the issue of President Assad must go, Security Council must adopt sanctions against the regime and so on and so forth, which is non-starter. The Geneva paper is absolutely unambiguous and it requires only political will of all those who can influence all Syrian parties in combination. The Action Group assembled in Geneva is the right group of people to tell the people who are fighting the same thing and with the same vigour, and it will work. After that, there were two more meetings between Russian and American diplomats together with Brahimi. We presented this vision but we had an impression that some people believe that in this format the main goal is to persuade Russia to change its position. And when we ask: “What kind of change do you want?” “Well, you must tell Assad that he must go”. We answer that Assad’s fate must be in the hands of the Syrian people. That it is not our tradition, not our manner to engage in the regime change. This is political principle. But apart from this, in purely pragmatic terms, he is not going to listen to anyone. This is a fact which is recognised by all those who have any contacts, direct or indirect, with Damascus. So, therefore, the longer people insist on having his departure as a precondition for any dialogue, the more lives will be lost.

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16 feb

Press TV – Hundreds kidnapped by militants in northwestern Syria

Armed groups in northwestern Syria have abducted more than 300 people over two days in an unprecedented string of sectarian kidnappings, report says.

Press TV – Four Turkish officers killed in Aleppo clashes: Report

At least four Turkish officers have been killed in clashes between Syrian government troops and foreign-backed militants in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo.
The Syrian website Syria Now reports that the corpses of the Turkish officers were identified among the militants killed in the Friday fighting in the al-Bab district of the flashpoint city.
Reports say the Syrian government troops killed dozens of militants and inflicted heavy losses on them in two days of fighting for the control of the international airport and the nearby Nairab airfield in Aleppo.

Syria News 16.2.2013
* Foreign Ministry: Turkish Government Flagrantly Breaches International Law, Good Neighborliness
* Lebanese Army Arrests 11 People, including 4 Syrians, Seizes Their Weapons in Arsal
* Terrorist Confesses to Perpetrating Crimes in Homs to Accuse the Army
* PM Meets Patriarch Laham, Stresses Religious Tolerance in Syria
* Grand Mufti: Syria is Paying the Price of Its Support for Arab Causes
* Mass Marches in Aleppo Salute Army, Blast Terrorism
* Lavrov Stresses Need that No Preconditions are Set for Solving Crisis in Syria

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15 feb


Christof Lehmann – Syria: 132 Tunisian Insurgents Killed in Aleppo, Tunisia developing into Salafist Hot-Bed

On Thursday, 14 February 2013, Tunisian radio and TV sent several reports, stating that as many as 132 Tunisian nationals have been killed in and around Aleppo. The northern Syrian city has, over the last one and a half week, seen fierce fighting, after insurgents succeeded at securing greater parts of the city. Syrian military forces have since been in fierce battles with the insurgents, and succeeded at clearing most of the areas that were taken by the insurgents.

The reports about the massive Tunisian casualties demonstrate, that the influx of insurgents is organized from abroad.

The fact, that the deployment of insurgents is well-organized, has been well-known since the onset of the armed insurgency. During the failed June-July 2012 campaigns to secure Homs as seat for a transitional government, the Libyan LIFG commander, and since the regime change in Libya, Tripoli Military Governor, Abdelhakim Belhadj, commanded some 20.000 insurgents under the banner of the Free Syrian Army.
After the decisive defeat of the Free Syrian Army the influx of Salafist, often Al-Qaeda associated mercenaries to Syria, is predominantly being organized by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The assassinated Syrian journalist Maya Naser documented, that Turkey released convicts, who had been sentenced for terrorism from jail, to fight in Syria.

A classified official Saudi-Arabian document which nsnbc published in 2012, documented, that Saudi Arabia deployed hundreds of convicts from Arab and African countries, whom Saudi Arabian courts had sentenced to death by decapitation. The convicts were given the choice between execution and fighting a “Holy War” in Syria.The deployment constitutes a flagrant breech of the Geneva Conventions, which guaranty the war-time rights of civilian and military prisoners. Forced Use of Prisoners is considered a serious warcrime.

Press TV – 150 killed in clashes over Aleppo international airport

Press TV – Damascus blasts Turkey’s ”destructive” role in Syria unrest

The Syrian government has sent a letter to the United Nations blasting Turkey’s ”destructive” role in the conflict that has ravaged the country for the past 23 months.
In the letter, the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s has accused Ankara of publicly supporting and financing terrorists fighting against the Syrian government and allowing its soil to be used for training and housing anti-Damascus terrorist groups, AFP quoted state media as saying.
”Turkey has turned its territory into camps used to house, train, finance and infiltrate armed terrorist groups, among them the al-Qaeda network and the al-Nusra Front,” said the letter.

Sharmine Narwani – What the Syrian death tolls really tell us – En intressant kommentar under artikeln som kan vara värdefull att ha i minne när massakern i Hama 1982 förs på tal, av Arabi Souri:

Saud Faisal, the Saudi minister of foreign affairs for the past several ‘centuries’, at least, have raised the figure over night to 90,000, as the BBC reported US minister Kerry said that Faisal told him..!
Out of all the agencies and organizations working on the ground, the Saudi ancient minister knew most, he just raised the figure 50% further from 60k to 90k. If this tells you anything, it should tell you that this is a political manipulated game to heap further pressure against the Syrian government, while at the very same time the same prehistoric minister officially states he’ll be increasing weapons to insurgents..!
Have we not noticed how many times just before any international meeting on the Syrian issue how a massacre would occur, get immediately broadcast on all NATO media, don’t ask me how they get the info so fast, and then after several days after the western parties fail in using the massacre in their efforts against the Syrian state, after several days only we discover that some extremists were behind the massacre. Remember Houleh? Taldo? Darayya? among others..
Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest privately owned farm with over 23 million slaves in it, can be the last country on our planet talking about human rights, democracy and transparency. They’re still trying to find out what the amount of money late Sultan, the king’s brother, who died June 16 last year, he left to his heirs, initial estimates put the figure around $272 Billion.. read that right, it’s 270,000,000,000 Dollars, enough to feed the entire planet for the coming couple of decades.
USA can be the second after the Al Saud farm to talk about humanitarian losses especially after killing millions in Iraq and Afghanistan and still doing so unashamedly. Then think who has the upper hand in the UN bodies.
Then think again if a fail opposition would introduce correct figures to the public against the ‘regime’ they’re fighting..
How about the foreign mercenaries killed in Syria by the Syrian Army or in in-between clashes over distribution of stolen materials? Tunisia itself confessed the existence of thousands of Tunisian youth fighting in Syria, how about Libyans? Yemenis released from jail and sent to Syria? Saudis and other Al Qaeda members freed from prison in exchange of fighting in Syria? Don’t depend on the Syrian media, go ahead and check all western media for these fighters. Those killed of them, are they included in the count? I don’t recall hearing or reading any news station mentioning them at all.
Foreign Policy published a report declassified by the US DIA after 30 years counting the infamous Hama city casualties, we heard the western media over 3 decades talking about figures from 13,000 to 40,000 civilians killed by the Syrian regime then, well guess what? After 30 years the US own agencies tell the truth: 2,000 out of which were 400 terrorists, and including government officials and their families, Syrian Army men fallen and security officers in that figure, and the stupid part is the west use of Hama massacre to remind the Syrian state of ‘previous crimes’ while the 2 main contributors to the Hama story are Rifat Assad & Abdul Halim Khaddam, the first was the Army commander in charge and now living in Spain, the second was the one to write the report to the UNSC then explaining what happened in his position as the minister of foreign affairs, he’s now living in Paris, the stupider part is both these men are now financing and supporting the ‘revolution’ against Bashar Assad because of a crime they committed, and both are polished by the western mainstream media, while Bashar was only a school kid that time..!
Read FP report and don’t claim you’re shocked, especially you’ve been a Sheeple for the past several decades:

Kommentar på svenska av Narwanis artikel – – Falska dödssiffror förvärrar konflikter

Russia’s Lavrov may meet US State Secretary Kerry in March

John Kerry Has No Plans to Visit Syria – US State Dept.

slut på uppdateringen ________________

Från facebook

Media sources: the American foreign minister John Kerry will visit Damascus on the next week to meet with President Assad – Obama släpper kravet på Assads avgång

Förhoppningar om att seriösa förhandlingar om Syrien ska komma igång växer.
Konflikten i Syrien har pågått sedan mars 2011, och har krävt nästan 70 000 människoliv, enligt FN: s beräkningar.
Samtidigt kommer rapporter från Washington om att utrikesminister John Kerry ska ägna sin första utrikesresa åt Syrien. I ett tal i tisdags talade Obama om att ”hålla uppe trycket på Assad” men nämnde inte något krav på hans avgång.

Press TV – Iranian FM discusses Syria with Turkish, Egyptian counterparts

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has exchanged views with his Egyptian and Turkish counterparts on the latest developments in the region.
Salehi held separate telephone conversations with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amron and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday.
The major topic of the telephone conversations was the issue of the crisis in Syria, which began nearly two years ago. Many people, including large numbers of Syrian security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

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14 feb – Syrian conflict gets worse every day – FM spokesman

The Syrian conflict is getting worse every day, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told reporters Thursday.
The diplomat once again stressed the importance of a dialogue between the warring parties and voiced his support for peacemaking efforts by the UN envoy for Syria Lakdar Brahimi. – 45 hostages taken on a bus to Damascus

A group of gunmen has kidnapped 45 people, mostly women and children, who were travelling on a bus from the Idlib province to Damascus, media report.

Christof Lehmann – Syrian P.M. Al-Halaki meets with delegation of Popular Will Party, led by Ala al-Din Arafat

The ministerial committee for the implementation of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria, chaired by Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al-Halaki, met on Wednesday with a delegation of the leadership of the Popular Will Party, led by the Party´s Council Secretary Ala al-Din Arafat. After last weeks meeting with representatives of the Kurdish National Initiative, the meeting with the Popular Will Party on Wednesday was one more successful step toward a Syrian solution, national reconciliation and reform.

Press TV – US must be blamed for dialogue failure in Syria: Nabil Mikhail, interview with Nabil Mikhail, professor at the George Washington University

Press TV: How are you feeling at this point about the prospects for these dialogues and their success?
Mikhail: A little bit disappointed, a little bit pessimistic, I did not give up the hope yet.
I hope some day sooner or later a solution, a settlement will be reached for the Syrian crisis. But after listening to Obama yesterday during his speech, the State of the Union address to the nation, it seems to me that Obama is very minimalist when it comes to Syria.
John Kerry, his secretary of state, promises more activism; a different course; more interest than the attitude of Hillary Clinton.
There is actually very much negligence of Syria so far. Unless the domestic and regional dialogue is backed by outside powers and by Moscow and Washington, I think the dialogue will not really get a swift conclusion or help remedy the crisis.

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