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30 april

Terrordåd i Idleb – Eight Martyred, Dozens Injured in Idleb Twin Explosions
Syria: Blasts in Idlib, Attacks at Central Bank & Places in Damascus

Syrian state newspapers said on Sunday that al-Qaeda is leading the terrorist attacks in the country with the support of the United States and some Arab governments.

‘Al-Qaeda-led anti-Syria terror supported by US, Arabs’

Franklin Lamb igen om vapenleveransen på väg till den syriska oppositionen som stoppades, han menar att detta är en mycket betydelsefull händelse som borde orsaka stor uppståndelse.

371 persons Involved in events give up to Authorities

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29 april

En intervju från Press TV där Paul Sheldon Foote, professor på California State University, Irvine, säger några väl valda ord angående Syrien, den är så bra så jag lägger in hela här.

Press TV: Professor, how would you explain Russia’s stance and position towards Syria?
Foote: I think it’s time that someone started telling the truth about it. It’s very obvious that America, Israel and some Arab countries are behind this terrorism in Syria.
A big lie for a long time, that America’s been at war with terrorism while they continually support terrorism in the region. It’s outrageous what they’re doing.
Not only that, they’ve used that as an excuse in America for taking away our freedoms. It’s time for the people in the West to wake up to what’s really happening. It affects not only Syria but it affects all of us in the West too.
Press TV: Nearly a year into the crisis in Syria, many people around the world are asking this question, that what is the end game in Syria? What will happen after this 90-day period after Kofi Annan’s peace plan?
Foote: I think that those in the West who have started this don’t have any plans to stop in the near future. They would even be happy to see a civil war in the country totally torn into pieces.
Unfortunately, the only way it’s going to end is if there’s any decent people left in Syria who won’t take money or weapons from the Israelis, Americans or Arabs, and realize that what they’re doing is very treasonous.
Press TV: Why is it that the Syrian government is accused and not the opposition?
Foote: It’s the controlled media of the West. It’s like George Orwell: ‘black is white and white is black’. The Western media has great success in twisting every truth into a lie, and a lie into a truth.
Unfortunately, millions of people in America continue to listen only to the “lame-stream” media, as we call it here – the critics of the lies are the mainstream media.

Uttalande av Rysslands utrikesminister Lavrov – Russia Calls on Syria to Firmly Confront the Terrorists

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed the necessity of firmly confronting the terrorists operating in Syria, calling on all internal and external sides to stop providing any kind of support to the terrorists as provided by the Security Council’s anti-terrorism resolutions.
”Moscow firmly condemns these brutal acts that have claimed many victims as a result of the bombings which took place in Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Banias and Jableh and in three neighborhoods in Hama,” said the statement.

Russia and Iran today renewed rejection of any foreign intervention in Syria’s domestic affairs, stressing the need for settling the crisis in Syria through a comprehensive national dialogue.

Från den regimtrogna nyhetskanalen Sveriges Radio EkotVapen till syrisk opposition beslagtogs i Libanon – för ovanlighets skull inget större fel på det här inlägget, men kallar man den statliga syriska nyhetskanalen Sana för ”regimvänlig”, så ska man kallas det själva.

Militärer har beslagtagit tre containrar med vapen i en hamn i norra Libanon. Vapnen uppges ha varit på väg till oppositionsstyrkorna i Syrien.
Containrarna innehöll bland annat tunga kulsprutor, granater, raketvapen och sprängämnen, uppger libanesiska säkerhetsmyndigheter.


How the information warlords define the concept of terrorism in the case of Syria

This despite the fact that almost all definitions of terrorism share one common denominator— irrespective of their other differences— which is the deliberate use of force, or the threat of force, against civilian targets for political purposes. Mainstream news agencies have not hesitated in the past to refer to such attacks on western soil as “terrorism”, but the failure to do so in the case of Syria reflects their not-so-hidden political agendas and the degree of their embeddedness in Empire’s foreign policy objectives.

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27 april

Terrordåd i Damaskus, 11 dödade, Press TV – Eleven killed, many injured in Damascus explosionvideo

According to Syria’s official news agency, the blast occurred in the central neighborhood of al-Midan, near a mosque and school, on Friday after a terrorist detonated explosives he was carrying.
The victims are reported to be civilians and members of law enforcement.

The blast came hours after another explosion hit an industrial zone in Damascus. Activists say the blast rocked a state-owned transport company and caused a number of casualties.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – Will NATO Try a Wag-the-Dog Provocation Against Syria to Keep Sarkozy in Power After May 6?

It was found that wherever Negroponte showed up in Central America, in Salvador that death squads would appear and begin essentially targeting population groups that the US wanted to attack or wipe out.
And sure enough that is what happened in Iraq around 2007. Negroponte arrived, death squads appeared. Now the death squads in this case were Sunni, extremist fanatics drawn from many, many areas, drawn from Saudi Arabia, from far away points in the world.
They began killing Shiites in particular in Iraq and that is what led to the civil war in Iraq in those years 2007, 2008. That is what allowed the United States to maintain their presence in Iraq.
Now at the time Negroponte did this, he was working with a man named Robert Ford it was his right hand man and sure enough Robert Ford then showed up in Damascus as the United States Ambassador.
I would add that in 2007, 2008 the original death squad plan known as the Salvadoran option included Syria. Syria was regarded as a unit with Iraq and so what they were doing was setting the basis at that time they merely needed to develop it further.
So I think you’ve got death squads in the center of it and then of course they’re joined by indigenous fanatics, indigenous criminal elements and then there is a thin veneer of civilians who are interested in political reform. The thing is they get lost in the shuffle. My own visit to Homs and Banias last year, this was never a peaceful rebellion, it was always armed; it was always based on killing.

Tony Cartalucci – Syria, Waco, Occupy, and Los Angeles, Correlations They Hope You Never Make

While the West demands Syria pull its security forces from cities where roving bands of terrorists are on record committing widespread atrocities including the kidnapping, torture, and murder of civilians, as documented by the West’s own Human Rights Watch report, ”Syria: Armed Opposition Groups Committing Abuses,” it has denied its own citizens the right to even peacefully assemble at ”Occupy” protests to address their grievances back home. Syria’s government has been threatened continuously by the West to begin a process of political ”transition,” or more accurately, to submit to Western-backed regime change, in the face of armed militants, while the West itself maintains a strict policy of non-negotiation with terrorist demands.

The depths of depravity, the hypocrisy, the illegitimacy flaunted by the United Nations and the Western interests pulling its string, demanding Syrian troops to withdraw from cities plagued by terrorists, but making no mention of the terrorists themselves or their own serial violations of the ”peace plan,” even as they drive tanks around on camera in front of the world, forever renders moot this latest attempt to assert the ”primacy of international law” over that of the nation-state.
What Wall Street and London do through their ”international institutions” from this point forward, is done as poorly disguised imperialism with their ”humanitarian concerns” nothing more than the weakest sort of rhetoric in the long history of weak rhetoric used to propel the interests of empire.

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26 april

Christoph Hörstel har uppgifter om att amerikanska privat-arméföretag hjälper till med att hålla våldet vid liv i Syrien! War Under Table: Ex-Blackwater mercs in Syria ‘backed by US’

Vittnesmål från Damaskus

– Alla syrier jag möter vill att Kofi Annans fredsplan ska lyckas. Men de väpnade grupperna fortsätter sin terror. Det säger May Almoudalal på telefon från Damaskus.

May Almoudalal berättar om en bekant som under påsken återvände till familjens hus i Homs. Delar av staden var totalförstörd efter striderna. I en byggnad nära hennes hem hade en krypskytt gömt sig i källaren. Genom ett litet fönster sköt han mot alla förbipasserande. Ända tills att armén grep honom.
– De flesta syrier menar att de väpnade grupperna är kriminella som får pengar och vapen utifrån. Vi vet att det bland dem finns folk från andra länder, som Libyen, Afghanistan, Irak och Saudiarabien.
I svenska medier påstås att det i huvudsak är den syriska regimen som är skyldig till våldet?
– Det är inte sant. Från början av konflikten agerade regeringen väldigt försiktigt i bemötande av de väpnade gängen. Men folket tröttnade på dessa gruppers dödande och kidnappningar. Kravet på att armén skulle ingripa kom underifrån.

Ronda Hauben – SYRIA: ”Media Warfare” undermines UN Peace Mission

Reports from on the ground are that there are eleven UN observers already in Syria, and that by the end of April the thirty observers for the initial contingent should be deployed. Despite such small numbers of observers, the early phase this represents in the mission, and the positive nature of Annan’s briefing to the Security Council, there are media reports quoting various sources that proclaim that the mission has failed. (3)
Such misleading media reports are to be expected as there is a media war against the sovereignty of Syria and in support of the armed insurgency.
One mechanism of this media warfare is constant reference to unverified reports from the opposition from such questionable sources as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is in the UK. Several exposures of this organization have been written showing that not only do two rival groups claim they are the legitimate representatives of this entity, but neither of the groups has a basis to verify the reports that are issued in its name.
Yet many media organizations around the world, especially in the West, continually refer to claims by this London based organization as the basis for the casualty figures they blame on the Syrian government. Similarly, more reliable information including names of victims among both government or civilian sectors caused by the armed insurgency are not reported in these mainstream media sources. Recently, a number of journalists have resigned from Aljazeera claiming that the political thrust of the news organization would not allow these journalists to report on the evidence of violence by the armed insurgents.
In every war, media is a major weapon. Annan’s six point plan is part of a peace mission. How the UN Observer Mission will respond to the media warfare against the Annan plan is a critical question that will determine how effectively UNSMIS can perform as a force in Syria.

Canadian-Syrians: Canadian government supports terrorist groups in Syria

”SYRIAN OPPOSITION”: Mossad, Blackwater, CIA Led Operations in Homs. Weapons from Israel (från 3 mars)

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25 april

‘UN must respect Syrian Sovereignty’, Interview with George Jabour, political analyst

More than ten days into a ceasefire, Syria is still grappling with terrorist attacks. What is really preventing an end to violence and where is the Syrian crisis headed if the peace plan fails?

Press TV – Terrorists kill two Syrian army officers, Red Crescent employee

According to the official Syrian news agency, Lieutenant Colonel Habes Aslan and Captain Nawras Rahieh were killed in two separate incidents on Wednesday.
A policeman was also gunned down in the restive city.
Meanwhile, terrorists have opened fire on an ambulance in the Damascus suburb of Douma, killing a Red Crescent volunteer and injuring another.
Civilian casualties were also reported in Idlib and Aleppo.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – ‘US sent death squads into Syria’

Tarpley noted that the current situation in Syria shows that NATO is seeking an “armed intervention” in the country.
“There is an attempt by the NATO powers to create a civil war from the outside,” he said.

Tony Cartalucci – Neo-Imperialists Grind Away at Syrian Sovereignty

The oligarchs of Wall Street and London will continue directing their vast propaganda networks to portray the violence they themselves are fueling as a one-sided atrocity carried out solely by the long-targeted Syrian government. They will continue to use the UN as a willing tool to develop their casus belli for military intervention on behalf of known terrorists. We will also see the West attempt various ploys to prod members of the Syrian government and military into defecting as Syria is slowly destroyed just as in Libya. – Terrorist Group Infiltration Attempt from Turkey Foiled

Ekots inslag om Syrien idag är inte värt att uppmärksamma annat än som motbjudande exempel på de kontrollerade mediernas ensidiga propaganda, något för mediaforskare och liknande att lägga i arkiven.

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24 april

The European Union has agreed to impose fresh sanctions against Syria despite UN observers being on the ground to monitor the ceasefire in the country. Press TV has conducted an interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, political analyst from Damascus, to further explore the issue.

Lavrov Hopes That Attempts to Foil Mission of International Observers in Syria won’t Succeed

Ronda HaubenUN MISSION TO SYRIA: The UN Security Council Battleground, UN Observer Mission Needs to Learn from Arab League Observer Report

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23 april

UN to deploy 300 observers to Syria

Drums of Intervention: Syrians refuse to dance to foreign tune

En demonstration till stöd för Syriens ledning hölls igår på Sergels torg i Stockholm, inte ett knyst naturligtvis i mainstreammedierna. Men tog upp det – På plats: Demonstration för syriska regimen på Sergels torg – med många bilder.

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22 april

Det här är troligen en av huvudanledningarna till destabiliseringskampanjen mot Syrien – ‘West seeks to disintegrate some countries in Middle East’

A Turkish academic says the West plans to disintegrate the Middle East by disintegrating some of its major countries such as Iraq and Syria, Press TV reports.
Turgut Ozal University Professor Mahmut Akpinar said, “Disintegrating big countries to form small and weak countries has been one of the basic policies of the West during the post-colonialism era.”

Insurgence, NATO violating Syrian ceasefire, intervju med Lizzie Phelan

Man har lagt till ett avtal till fredsplanen i FN som uppmanar terrorister och de väpnade gängen att sluta använda våld, samt att militären ska dra tillbaka de tunga vapnen –

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21 april

Terrorist group blows up pipeline in Syria

Armed terrorists targeted the 12 inches pipeline that transfers oil from al-Tank field of al-Furat Petroleum Company to Alti-Two Station, SANA reported on Saturday.

Liksom som togs upp i förra inlägget skriver man öppet på Brookings Institute att målet är att byta regering i Syrien och man bidrar med strategier för hur man kan gå tillväga. UN Working With NATO to Provide Pretext for Syrian Intervention

Recently reported in Reuters’, ”UN seeks Syria nod for major aid operation,” the UN is seeking to bring in ”aid workers” and open offices all across Syria in order to carry out what they call a ”major humanitarian operation.”

Al Jazeera regular, Michael Weiss of HJS, openly admits that ”diplomatic options” are merely being peddled to satisfy public opinion and that ultimately NATO will act unilaterally, outside of the UN, to militarily intervene.

En bra kommentar till den här videon på youtube.

what’s the difference between his government and western governments? I’ll tell you since your simple minded. at least people like Assad, Gaddafi etc are straight forward with their people, but, in the western so called democracy the people are fooled into believing that the people they vote in are actually who they say they are, when in REALITY they are just front men/women for secret evil bankster elites that fund both sides of the politics. also how many millions have these elites? murdered?

Ny artikel av Sharmine Narwani som förekommer i videon ovan, LÄS HELA! – Western Journalist: Visa Denied

Item number five on UN Envoy Kofi Annan’s 6-point plan for Syria is the following:
“(5) Ensure freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists and a non-discriminatory visa policy for them.”
At a delicate moment in the hard-fought Syrian conflict that could potentially destabilize the entire Middle East, the United Nations believes getting more journalists into Syria is one of the six most urgent actions to consider?
Why? Are foreign reporters trained in special “observer” skills – with unique truth-detecting abilities bubble-wrapped in bullet and mortar-proof goop? And what will they see that Syrians – who know Syria best – cannot observe for themselves?
What the UN is really demanding – let’s be honest here – is for the Syrian government to open up the country to “Western” journalists. Yet, in all the conflicts covered in recent years, I cannot recall one that has been more badly covered by the mainstream western media than this Syrian crisis.

Because, right now, I honestly cannot think of a group of people less capable of verifying things in Syria than western journalists. And it is not because they aren’t physically there or can’t string together more than two words in Arabic. It is largely because they feast at the trough of their own governments’ narratives on All Things. Western journalists are heady with a sense of righteousness leached from the oxymoronic “western values” shoved down our collective throats. Those same western values that demand “accountability” and “transparency” from all nations – while offering cover for western governments to hack their way through Muslim and Arab bodies in endless ”national security” wars.
Do tell… Which major mainstream western media outlet has ever fundamentally questioned their government’s narratives on these wars? Which major western journalist risked career for truth on affairs related to the Middle East? Give me the name of that brave western network reporter who disrupts press conferences regularly with inconvenient questions on weapons sales to Gulf dictatorships – and has his bosses go to the wall to ensure he remains in the White House press pool. Show me the western reporter at the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, BBC, France 24 who has made a career of doggedly questioning Israel’s disproportionate use of force against civilian populations – a journalist who sticks a microphone under Sarkozy, Obama or Cameron’s nose and bellows: “What fucking Peace Process are you chaps banging on about?”

It is clearly time to challenge the dated concept that mainstream western media is impartial, objective or professional in their coverage of Mideast affairs. But we shouldn’t just bemoan this injustice in yet another stream of impotent essays and editorials. We must drag this industry of disinformation into the public arena, and make them accountable throughout the region by acting to affect ratings and readership.
Kofi Annan needs to immediately drop item number 5 on his Syria plan. While freedom of speech is important to uphold – even more so in times of strife – today, mainstream western journalism is nothing more than another face of the ”external intervention” he so gravely warns against. Toss those western journos out of Syria unless they can demonstrate independent, objective, responsible reporting of this conflict. False narratives are costing Arab and Muslim lives. And media ”combatants” need not apply to practice their craft in this region any longer.

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20 april

En bombexplosion dödade 10 personer idag – Blast kills 10 security forces in Syria – det finns de som är angelägna att se till att våldet fortsätter.

Syrian state TV has reported that a powerful bomb explosion has killed at least ten security personnel in the southern region of Quneitra.

Calm has returned to most parts of Syria since a ceasefire, brokered by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan was announced a week ago, though there have been reports of sporadic clashes in some parts of the country with Damascus accusing armed groups of violating the truce by continuing attacks on government forces.

Det är förvånande hur öppet man talar om att USA är ute efter att byta regering i Syrien i en artikel på – Obama administration searches for a ‘Plan B’ in Syria – Vita Huset är missnöjda med utvecklingen och söker nya vägar att få bort Bashar al-Assad!
Bland möjligheterna som övervägs finns att upprätta buffertzoner inne i Syrien, en gammal strategi man nu överväger att försöka med i en lite ny version. Hilary Clinton gjorde det här uttalandet för några dagar sen.

”We are at a crucial turning point,” Clinton said, speaking from Brussels. ”Either we succeed in pushing forward with Kofi Annan’s plan in accordance with the Security Council direction, with the help of monitors steadily broadening and deepening a zone of non-conflict and peace, or we see Assad squandering his last chance before additional measures have to be considered.”

Hur kan någon förneka vad det hela handlar om, att det handlar om en utlandsledd operation för regeringsbyte i Syrien?
Det gäller alltså verkligen att se upp för de här FN-observatörerna.
Det är inte första gången jag häpnar över hur öppet man talar på den här, i slutet av augusti förra året skrev man så här om Libyen-insatsen – White House: Obama method for regime change better than Bush method

This week’s toppling of the Qaddafi regime in Libya shows that the Obama administration’s multilateral and light-footprint approach to regime change is more effective than the troop-heavy occupation-style approach used by the George W. Bush administration in Iraq and Afghanistan, a top White House official told Foreign Policy today in a wide-ranging interview.

Despite criticism from Congress and elsewhere, President Barack Obama’s strategy for the military intervention in Libya will not only result in a better outcome in Libya but also will form the basis of Obama’s preferred model for any future military interventions, Rhodes said.

Som sagt, hur kan någon förneka vad det handlar om? Obamas metod för att få bort oönskade regimer, att hålla sig i bakgrunden och leda och stödja väpnade grupper istället för att direkt gå in med egna trupper, är bättre än Bush’s och något att hålla sig till i framtida operationer!

RT crew comes under fire in Syria as violence continues despite ceasefire

Press TV – ‘US violates UNSC resolution on Syria’Press TV has conducted an interview with George Jabour, president of the Syrian UN Association, to further discuss the US taking a double-standard position on the Syrian conflict.

Video som visar hur militären i Syrien beskjuts, från 10 april 2011, alltså i början av oroligheterna långt innan mainstreamedierna erkände att väpnade grupper var inblandade.

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18 april

Jihad Makdissi, talesperson för syriska utrikesministeriet intervjuas av CBS. del 2

Det finns de som inte är nöjda med att våldet avtar,

Six law enforcement members, including a first lieutenant, were martyred today and 11 others were injured in an explosive device blast in the town of al-Mastoumeh in the countryside of Idleb province.
The explosive device was planted on al-Mastoumeh-Idleb road and detonated by an armed terrorist group targeting the law enforcement personnel.
Meanwhile in Daraa province, the policeman Youssef Qasqas was martyred by the gunfire of a sniper in front of the Customs’ old building in the city of Daraa.

Russia Today – Truce hurts: Militants, West ‘want Assad discredited’

Moscow has accused the Syrian armed opposition of inflaming the conflict to “bury” the peace plan by UN special envoy Kofi Annan and breach the truce. Experts say militants are trying to stir up the conflict to discredit Assad’s regime.
International media reveal more and more evidence of the armed Free Syrian Army groups organizing provocations to break the ceasefire, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated on Wednesday.
Lavrov also said there are reports the Free Syrian Army is using refugee camps in Turkey as safe havens to plan their assaults on government troops.

Från facebook idag

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said in Beijing that UN observers should come from “neutral” countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
On the remarks of the UN envoy that 250 observers is not enough and there is a need to use planes and helicopters, Foreign Minister said ”we believe that 250 observers is a reasonable number, but we don’t know why they want to use planes… nevertheless, if there is a need for this purpose, Syria will be ready to put its air force at the UN disposal because helicopters are used to evacuate the wounded… we have equipment at the air force capable to assume this mission.”

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17 april

Frågan är hur de FN-observatörer som nu anlänt till Syrien kommer att agera. Press TV has conducted an interview with Tawliq al-Jarrad, writer and political analyst, to share his opinion on this issue.

Lavrov: Foreign Powers Seek to Fail Annan’s Plan Through Instigating Opposition Not to Cooperate with Government

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed on Tuesday that some foreign powers and states are seeking to fail the plan of the UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, through instigating the opposition and replacing the plan with other unofficial forms such as ”Friends of Syria Group”.
Lavrov told a press conference in Moscow that the truce is very fragile, and there are parties who hope to fail Annan’s plan.
He added that those who anticipated the failure of Annan’s plan are doing their best to achieve their goal through smuggling weapons to the opposition and backing the opposition’s daily attacks against government, police and civilian locations.

Turkey / Syria: Peace protest prevented – UN observers are hindrance

On Sunday, the Turkish police prevented a large Turkish peace rally protesters in the city of Antakya (Hatay), near the Turkish-Syrian border. In the Turkish city, that has a special significance for Christianity, thousands of people wanted to protest against the Syria-hostile policy of the Turkish government and also to request the Turkish government to stop the hostilities against the neighboring state Syria.

Press TV – Foreign intervention in Syria may cause chaos in Mideast: Turkish MP

A member of the Turkish Republican People’s Party (CHP) says foreign intervention in Syria may lead to regional chaos across the Middle East, Press TV reports.
Hulya Guven said in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday the Syrian people should be allowed to find a solution to the problem in their country without foreign interference, like the people of any other country.

The Ottoman illusion and the last cards of the attack on Syria
An open letter to the Syrian army deserters, foreign fighters, and other traitors and enemies of Syria

Idag, 17 april, firar man självständighetsdagen i Syrien. 66 år sedan man gjorde sig fria från Frankrike.

Från igår, Bashar Al-Assad med fru Asma hjälper till med iordningställandet av hjälpsändningar till människor i utsatta områden.

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16 april

Inga rapporter om stora våldsamheter från Syrien idag, frågan är om verkligen västländerna tänker ge sig eller om de bara laddar om och återkommer med en ny offensiv. Enligt syriska medier kidnappades i lördags en person i Idlib som tänkt ställa upp i parlamentsvalet om några veckor av en väpnad grupp! En rebellgrupp har hotat att döda de som ställer upp i parlamentsvalet. Smått absurt med tanke på att man påstått att det demonstrerats och protesterats för en demokratisering. Flera fall där militärpersonal har kidnappats eller dödats har också rapporterats de senaste dagarna.
Despite the Ceasefire Agreement, Assassinations and Kidnappings Continue in Obama’s Syrian Destabilization Campaign

Imagine if Cuba had provided aid and support to a bunch of Canadians posing as U.S. army “defectors” and Putin had the gall to demand Obama pull his forces out of Michigan leaving it defenseless. This is exactly what is happening.
Imagine if Hugo were paying “activists” to kidnap and murder people like Ron Paul or Mitt Romney just prior to the upcoming election. This is exactly what is happening in Syria only it’s the U.S. and the precious Peace Prize President doing it rather than some “evil dictator” who stole his country back from our glorious corporations and banks.

Mycket bra artikel i Fria Tidningen 28 mars av Tord Lundgren – Ensidig bild av Syrienkonflikten

Den ensidighet vi bombarderas med när det gäller rapporteringen om Syrien ger onekligen ett ganska obegåvat intryck. Vi förväntas tro att endast den syriska regeringen står för våldsövergreppen. Men nu är det inte så enkelt att bara den ena sidan begår grymheter i krig.
Det vore ett tecken på bristande kritiskt omdöme att förneka den syriska regeringsarméns våldsövergrepp. Det vore lika illa att förneka den väpnade oppositionens grymheter och övergrepp.
Finns det då inga opartiska bedömare vi vågar lita på? Svårt att säga. Men möjligen har de 166 observatörerna från 13 arabländer och sex olika organisationer något väsentligt att rapportera. Observatörerna, som i sin rapport säger att de kunde röra sig fritt inom hela Syrien, kom huvudsakligen från länder som är antagonistiska gentemot Syrien. Detta förtjänar att beaktas. Vad kom observatörerna då fram till?
1. Påståendena att syriska armén mejar ner fredliga demonstranter tillbakavisas.
2. I städerna Homs och Deraa noterade övervakarna beväpnade gäng som sköt mot regeringssoldater.
3. Observatörerna kunde se fredliga demonstrationer på flera platser, både regeringssympatisörer och oppositionsanhängare demonstrerade fritt och utan störningar.
4. Det förekom falska rapporter om explosioner och våld. När observatörerna kom till platsen, fann de rapporterna ogrundade.

Till sist en fråga angående Syriens regering: Finns det något annat historiskt exempel på att ett land, som utsätts för ett utlandsstött uppror, tillåter fredliga regeringsfientliga demonstrationer, inbjuder observatörer från antagonistiska stater att röra sig fritt samt anordnar en folkomröstning för demokratiska reformer? I alla fall undertecknad har aldrig hört talas om något liknande.

Video som beskrivs så här – ”Armed men burned a pro-Assad family in Tal Refaat. They commit crimes and blame the army with them. This is the reality of Tal Rifaat massacre.”

Al-Jazeera and its coverage on Syria: Far away from journalism

The fact that the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera has long ago lost its independence is particularly clear, when one mentions that the Sultan of Qatar owns this Arab station and determines the political calculus of the Arab television station, of course.
Ever since the beginning of the demonstrations in Syria, which were never peaceful from the start, Al-Jazeera has totally lost its independence and become clearly the mouthpiece of the terror and only broadcasted the information and messages which were in the interests of the Emir Hamad Khalifa Al Thani and also were conform with the questionable goals of Qatar.
This is still continued by Al-Jazeera, although more and more journalists and workers have already left this Qatari brainwashing-central because of the biased coverage about, for example, Syria and Bahrain. The reporters and commentators on Al-Jazeera have to follow the directions from above. This explains why only the dubious (external) Syrian opposition has a platform at Al-Jazeera and why there are so many faked & staged information, broadcasted by Al-Jazeera. Not to mention the covered up information and details, which are concealed willfully by Al-Jazeera.

Press TV – ‘Al-Jazeera turned into weapon in hands of Qatari officials’

A top ex-manager with the Doha-based Al-Jazeera news channel says the network has become a weapon in the hands of Qatari officials for furthering their policies, Press TV reports.

Rysslands FN-ambassadör Vitaly Churkin, vet inte om den är från idag, troligen ett par dagar gammal.

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15 april

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Russia is on the whole satisfied with a UN Security Council resolution on Syria, which was passed on Saturday.
Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has told reporters that diplomats spent several hours trying to make the wording of the document acceptable to Moscow. He pointed out that the resolution was addressed to all conflicting parties and not just the Syrian government.
The next step is to launch an all-inclusive political dialogue. Mr. Churkin voiced concern over plans by some countries to finance armed opposition groups in Syria. “If militants are paid, they will never stop fighting,” he said.
On Sunday, the first group of UN observers will arrive in Syria to monitor the ceasefire.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – Obama’s Friday Afternoon Document Dump for this Week: US Begins Overt Aid to Syrian Death Squads After 13 Months of Covert Support – (finns utskrivet på facebook)

Intervju på – ”The Syrian commentator known online as “Syrian Girl” joins us to go over the latest news on the moves toward outside intervention in Syria. We talk about the hypocrisy underlying the entire humanitarian intervention ideology and the real agenda that is driving this overthrow of the Syrian government.”

Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Jaafari

Intervju med Sharmine Narwani – Information and misinformation on Syria

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14 april

Man har enats om att 30 obeväpnade FN-observatörer ska skickas till Syrien för att övervaka läget. Press TV – Syria supports UNSC resolution on deployment of monitors

Syria’s UN envoy said on Saturday that Damascus is committed to implementing a six-point peace plan proposed by Annan, in an effort to bring an end to one-year unrest in the country.
Bashar Jaafari also called on regional countries to stop providing safe havens for armed groups.
He said such moves spread terrorism in Syria and countries that support armed gangs are responsible for the bloodshed.
Meanwhile, members of the United Nation Security Council approved a resolution that calls on the Syrian government to allow an advance team of up to 30 unarmed observers into Syria within days to monitor the ceasefire that took effect two days ago.
In violation of the ceasefire, armed groups in Syria launched rocket attacks on a neighborhood in the restive city of Homs today. The armed men also killed two government law enforcement officers who were on patrol.

Beskrivningen ovan kan jämföras med den obehagliga propagandan i regimtrogna medier

Han säger precis som många andra här i flyktinglägret att om man frågar dem är tiden för politiska lösningar förbi. ”Vi ser bara en lösning och det är en militär intervention och störtandet av president Bashar al-Assad.”
Det säger också grundskoleläraren Omar al-Faruk.
– Det är den enda lösningen. Nato bör ingripa snart, säger han.

F. William Engdahl talks to RT from across the Syrian border about his take on the latest developments in Syria and Turkey. Engdahl: CIA plays ugly role, trains Syrian rebels

Liksom Tony Cartalucci i artikeln jag länkade till i förra inlägget, så varnar Chris Marsden för att de galnas gäng bara utnyttjar det relativa lugn som nu råder i samband fredsplanen för att samla krafter och organisera sig för nya försök att nå sitt mål, att få bort landets ledning och störta Syrien i kaos – SYRIA: US conspires with Turkey over militarized buffer zone following Syrian ceasefire – Men Engdahl i videon menar att Erdogan möter för stort motstånd i den egna regeringen och tror inte att det kan bli så mycket av vapenskramlet.

Svensk medias ensidiga rapportering av Syrien

Svensk medias rapportering om Syrien har präglats av massivt angrepp mot regeringsstyrkorna som har utsatt civilbefolkningen för mord och förtryck. De har också beskyllts för våldtäkter mot kvinnor. Men frågan jag personligen ställer mig är var källkritiken har tagit vägen?
Hur kommer det sig att tusentals människor i bland annat Sverige, Frankrike, Spanien och framförallt Syrien demostrerar för att stötta den sittande regeringen i Syrien och av vilken anledning tas detta inte upp och rapporteras av media? Hur kommer de sig att rapporterna om den höjda vapenberedskapen bland oppositionen glorifieras? Det här är enligt mig ett vårdslöst sätt att rapportera förhållandet i Syrien där man framställer de syriska styrkorna som bödlar och oppositionen som hjältar eller fredsaktivister som enbart törstar för fred och mänskliga rättigheter.
Jag ställer mig varken för eller emot den syriska regeringens styre. Däremot så ställer jag mig emot den svenska mediala kraft som bara anstränger sig för att rapportera en sida av myntet.

VIDEO: US, NATO HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. Syrian ‘Opposition’: West-controlled Proxy Paramilitary’

With Syria halting military operations as part of a UN-brokered ceasefire, Western powers have been saying they do not trust the government to uphold the armistice. Experts believe the US and its allies are pursuing their own agenda: regime change.
Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, noted that Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN, was wrong in saying that Russia and China had blood on their hands.
NATO has blood on their hands,” he told RT. “The United States has blood on their hands. Why? Because they have supported an armed insurgency from the onset in March 2011. It is known and documented that this so-called opposition is, in fact, a proxy paramilitary formation, which is supported by the Western military alliance.”
He also noted that there is well-documented evidence to support the fact that most civilian casualties were attributable to terrorist acts by opposition gunmen and paramilitary forces.
Chossudovsky pointed to the hypocritical stance of the NATO member countries.
On the one hand you have the government of Syria, and on the other you have, in fact, the foot soldiers of NATO,” he said. “In other words, NATO is supporting the rebels, but at the same time, the NATO countries which claim to be members of the international community, are brokering the peace plan.”
And as for the truce, Chossudovsky noted that it was the West that was not interested in seeing it bear fruit.
The Western powers are not interested in a truce,” he concluded. “They have been seeking from the onset regime change, in other words, toppling the government and destabilizing the country.”

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