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31 jan


Efter rapporter de senaste dagarna om framgångar för syriska armén mot de väpnade gängen, kommer en flygattack från Israel, förhandlingstrevare från den västtillsatta oppositionsledaren utan att nämna kravet att Al-Assad ska avgå, och meddelande om att USA’s vicepresident ska träffa Rysslands utrikesminister och den västtillsatte oppositionsledaren på lördag.

Press TV – US vice president to meet Russian FM, Syria opposition chief

US Vice President Joe Biden is set to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and head of the so-called Syrian National Council Moaz al-Khatib on Saturday.
The White House says Biden is scheduled to meet with Lavrov and Khatib on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference in order to discuss the situation in Syria.
The US vice president would reportedly raise the issue of getting more humanitarian aid into Syria and would also discuss the political way forward in the Arab country gripped by more than 20 months of unrest.

Press TV – Syria summons UN peacekeeping cmdr. over Israel attack

The head of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), Major General Iqbal Singha, was called to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, where the protest was delivered.
According to a Syrian Army statement, Israeli fighter jets violated Syrian airspace in the early hours of Wednesday and carried out a direct

‘Israeli air strike opens new front in Syria war’, Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor of Pan-African News Wire

US-Israeli claims on Syria full of inconsistency: Gordon Duff

This attack… I have no idea what it means, but there seems to be far more publicity to this and far more unreality than anything involving any military necessity. There is no way anyone would attack a chemical weapons facility as the Israelis claim. It would have killed tens of thousands of people, just the attack within Israel depending on the direction the wind was blowing.
None of this makes any sense at all and I’m not sure any of it can be taken seriously. – Israel gets involved in Syria conflict

Outside interference in the conflict in Syria is strengthening. Israel hit Syria immediately after 6 Patriot missile air defence systems were deployed in Turkey on its border with Syria. Expert with the Institute of Strategic Assessments and Analysis Sergei Demidenko says.
”There is no doubt that all this may finally lead to a grandiose chaos in the Middle East. Syria is the heart of the Arab world. Thus, the worse the situation in Syria is the worse it is for the region at large. In case of a chaos the situation in Syria will become uncontrollable, and neither international forces nor any means would be of help there. – Syria Opposition Chief Offers Talks with Government

The head of Syria’s main foreign-based opposition coalition, Muaz Al-Khatib, said on Wednesday he was ready to hold talks with representatives of President Bashar al-Assad outside Syria if authorities released tens of thousands of detainees.
Syrian officials said this week that political opposition figures could return to Damascus for ”national dialogue” and that any charges against them would be dropped.
The Syrian National Council, which was the most internationally recognized external opposition group prior to the formation of the coalition, slammed the remarks. – Syria: First To Blink …

Look who blinks:
Syria’s opposition chief Moaz al-Khatib said on Wednesday he is ready for dialogue with officials of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, subject to conditions including that some 160,000 detainees are released.
”I announce I am ready for direct discussions with representatives of the Syrian regime in Cairo, Tunis or Istanbul,” Mr Khatib said via his Facebook page, citing as another condition that passports for exiled citizens be renewed in embassies abroad.
Missing is the condition that many ”western” governments and their puppet Syrian opposition had earlier set for talks. There is no longer the demand that Bashar al-Assad has to leave before any negotiations can take place.
It is likely that many of the exile Syrian opposition will reject these negotiations and further split their coalition.
I expect that the Syrian government will take up this offer but it will take time for the process to start. There obviously will be no release of opposition fighters from prison before negotiations start. When they start al-Khatib and his bosses in Washington will have little to offer. The fighters on the ground are not under the command of the exile opposition. They will care little about what he negotiates.
Still this offer will have effects. On the ground it will diminish the motivation of some of the fighters. It will also have effects on those that finance and support the opposition fighters. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will have to treat more carefully now as al-Khatib negotiation offer implies that Washington wants the conflict to end. Whoever stands in the way will have to watch out.

slut på uppdateringen ______________________

Russia condemns Israeli strike on Syria as attack on sovereign state

Russia Today – Russia denounces Israeli strike on Syria as unprovoked attack on sovereign country

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement expressing deep concern over Israel’s airstrike on Syria saying that it violates the UN Charter.
The Ministry website says; if this information is confirmed that would mean that we have to deal with unprovoked attacks on the territory of a sovereign state which is inadmissible, whatever objectives are declared as a justification.

Tony Cartalucci – Israeli Attack: Desperate Bid to Save Failed Syrian Campaign

For Syria and its allies, the goal now must be to deter further Israeli aggression and avoid wider conflict at all costs. If NATO’s proxy terrorist forces are as weak as they appear – incapable of tactical or strategic gains, and tapering off into desperate terrorist attacks, it is only a matter of time before NATO’s campaign grinds to a halt. As mentioned before, such a failure on NATO’s part will be the beginning of the end for it, and the Western interests that have been using it as a tool to achieve geopolitical hegemony.

Press TV – Israeli regime deploying forces on Syria border: Syria TV

Syria’s state television says the Israeli regime is deploying military forces on the Syrian border.
The move comes a day after an Israeli airstrike reportedly targeted a defense research center near the Syrian capital city of Damascus, killing two people and injuring five others. – Russia hopeful about US Secretary Kerry – Lukashevich

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich held a media briefing Thursday, where he answered questions on the most pressing global issues, Voice of Russia’s Polina Chernitsa reports.
Speaking on the Syrian conflict, Mr. Lukashevich bashed the exit interview of America’s outgoing Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in which she had allegedly distorted the Russian stand on Syria. He said the Russian foreign office deplored the “biased and incorrect” assessment of Russia’s attitude towards continuing bloodshed in Syria.
Lukashevich said, however, Russia was ready to go ahead with its US relations, provided America was ready to move in “a forward-oriented direction.” He said Russia hoped for “positive momentum” that John Kerry’s experience might give to US-Russia ties.
The VoR correspondent says Mr. Lukashevich praised UN peace envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, on the proposals he has reently made at a UN Security Council meeting. “Mr. Brahimi put forth several ideas that wouldn’t violate the Geneva Communiqué,” he pointed out.

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30 jan

! ! Just dagarna efter att Nato satt upp sina Patriot-missiler vid turkiska gränsen.
Press TV – ‘Two killed, five injured in Israeli airstrike on Syrian research center’

”Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace at dawn today and carried out a direct strike on a scientific research center in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defence,” the Syrian Army said in a statement on Wednesday, AFP reported.
The attack was carried out against the center, which was tasked with boosting Syria’s resistance and self-defense, ”after terrorist groups made several failed attempts in the past months to take control of the site.”

Russia Today – Israeli warplanes bombed research center near Damascus – Syrian state news agency – Update on the Bodies in The River

A media source underlined that terrorist groups of Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo carried out a mass execution against tens of abducted persons, throwing their bodies in Queiq river at Bustan al-Qasr area in Aleppo. – Is there a Shift in the Position of the Enemies of Syria towards President Assad?

The international positions towards the crisis in Syria have been clear for quite some while now. There are basically two positions: one that calls for dialogue between the parties within Syria combined with a rejection of foreign interference. The other position is far more aggressive and calls for regime change in Syria with a rejection of dialogue and a strong support for the armed gangs or the ‘opposition’ against the Syrian government.

In an analysis from January 25, 2013, on Press TV (8) we can read about the possible change in the US position towards Syria. Due to the rising threat of muslim extremism the US might just drop their support for these armed gangs and move more towards the dialogue approach:
”Many of those who were predicting the end of Bashar Al-Assad are now having second thoughts. One major factor behind this is the US position. The rising fundamentalist trend in Syria is a grave concern and comes at a time when the US congress is holding hearings on the killing of the US ambassador in Benghazi at the hands of extremists. That incident would probably have not occurred were it not for Nato military intervention in Libya.” (8)


The French military operation in Mali has brought to the fore the blatant double standards in the approach of certain Western nations to the whole question of terrorism. – Free Army Gunmen Massacred Number of Policemen, Belonging to the Syrian Government

This is an old film showing the FSA Terrorists throwing the murdered bodies of policemen off a bridge. This happened towards the beginning of the troubles in Syria. A time when the police were unarmed and the terrorists were called ‘peaceful protestors’. As you will see they were far from peaceful killing unarmed police and security forces on a daily basis.

Syrian’s unity will end turmoil, France has said the developments in Syria have been unfolding against what Paris had hoped for, namely the fall of President Bashar al-Assad.
Alaa Ibrahim, journalist and political commentator from Damascus, Randy Short, member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization and Sharif Nashashibi, chairman of the Arab Media Watch from London.

Från facebook

Al-Diyar Newspaper has been informed that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and King Abdullah of Jordan have made contact by phone, agreeing that the Jordanian Army will prevent any Militants from Jordan crossing the border into Syria, with the Syrian and Jordanian Armies to coordinate the safety from both sides of the border.
Saudi Arabia upon hearing of the conversation and agreement, is said to be very irritated.

Press TV – No end to Syrian tragedy, UN-Arab League envoy says

Brahimi made the remarks in New York on Tuesday during a briefing to the United Nations Security Council on Syria, which has been facing a foreign-backed insurgency for nearly two years.
”I’m sorry if I sound like an old broken record. The country [Syria] is breaking up before everyone’s eyes… The tragedy does not have an end,” Brahimi said.

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29 jan

Barrack Obama har gjort ett uttalande om Syrien som är nästan outhärdligt i sin falskhet och förljugenhet – video 3 min – Från Vita husets sida – President Obama Announces Additional Humanitarian Aid for the Syrian People

Americans and people all over the world have been moved by the images of courageous Syrians standing up to a brutal regime, even as they suffer the consequences of the violence waged against them by the Assad government. Right now, humanitarian conditions in Syria are deteriorating in the face of a massive, man-made humanitarian emergency. People have been forced from their homes; schools, clinics and bakeries continue to be targeted; and food prices are on the rise as winter takes hold.

Mer motbjudande lögnaktighet får man leta efter! Förutom att man ligger bakom de gränslöst barbariska väpnade gängen, med hjälp av Obama-regimens taktik om att styra bakifrån, lead from behind, så har man infört sanktioner som medför svåra lidanden för civilbefolkningen, med brist på mat, olja för uppvärmning och mediciner som följd. Vilket bl.a. Franklin Lamb har beskrivit i tidigare rapporter från Damaskus, idag kommer han med en ny. Men möjligen är det så att den här hjälpen som Obama talar om är en del av en ändrad strategi med målet att dra sig ur Syrien-fientligheterna för den här gången.

Franklin Lamb – Sanctions: It’s War by Any Other Name

What a difference a week can make. The heaviest snow in Syria in a quarter- century, some claimed, last week’s storm closed for a time even the main highway from Damascus to Beirut.
But that was then and now its spring in Damascus, or so it feels to those of us used to New England Januarys. It’s nearly downright balmy here. Spring flowers are bursting out all over and the city parks are crowded with mothers pushing baby carriages, kids playing and young lovers cooing softly on the park benches. Park workers are raking the dead leaves and others trimming the palm trees and piling the branches neatly on flatbed trucks.
What “civil war”? What “crisis”? One is tempted to ask himself even though there continues to be intermittent “thuds” and a jet streaking overhead now and then en route apparently to one of the suburbs where clashes erupt intermittently.
It’s been a rough winter and perhaps we are just experiencing here a false spring. Yet one senses a palpable sigh of relief and even some optimism while talking to citizens, NGO staffers and some officials. It could be partly the wonderful weather but perhaps also a realization that a corner may have been turned, peace and security will be restored and the killing ended. – Flow of mercenaries must stop – Syrian Deputy PM

The composition of the transitional government of Syria must include both the ruling regime and the opposition according to the Deputy Prime Minister of Syria Qadri Jamil.
He said that almost all political forces in the country have come to the same conclusion including those who had been against any form of dialogue.
In order to resolve the crisis in such a manner, according to Jamil, the flow of foreign fighters from abroad must be stopped.
He accused a host of Western countries of organizing their presence in Syria.

Press TV – Syrian authorities find over 80 people killed execution style

Syrian security personnel in the northern city of Aleppo have discovered the bodies of more than 80 people, saying the victims were killed execution style.
The bodies of young men and boys were found in the Quweiq River, which separates Bustan al-Qasr district from Ansari, in Aleppo’s southwest.
The area is under the control of the foreign-backed militants who are seeking to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
Some of the bodies had their hands tied behind them and the others appear to had been shot in the head.
A senior security source said many of the victims had previously been reported kidnapped.

Press TV – Syria militants possess chemical arms: Video

New video footage has surfaced online showing the foreign-sponsored militants in Syria in possession of chemical weapons.
The video, which was posted on the internet recently, apparently shows armed militants holding canisters containing chemical substances.
The militants had earlier released footage in which rabbits were killed by inhaling poisonous gas.
In December 2012, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari said in letters to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that the foreign-backed militants could use chemical weapons against Syrians and try to shift the blame to the government.
Damascus is ”genuinely worried” that Syria’s enemies could provide chemical weapons to armed groups ”and then claim they had been used by the Syrian government,” Ja’afari stated.

‘We need more cash & weapons!’ – Syrian opposition VP

Ett ryskt TV-team från ANNA news har följt syriska armén på slagfältet, publicerad den 25 jan.

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28 jan

Press TV – Syrian army has upper hand against militants, Assad says

“The army has a very large lead on the ground and has achieved significant gains,” Assad said in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar published on Monday.
He further said the Syrian army could even win the battle against the militants if Turkey stopped supporting them. “If the Turkish border was closed to tackle the smuggling of arms and militants, this matter would be resolved in only two weeks.”

The Syrian president went on to say that the militants’ “playground is limited to some border areas with Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, and some pockets in the countryside of the capital, which are being dealt with.”
Assad said that the situation in the capital, Damascus, has improved, adding, “The externally-funded armed groups received strong blows recently.”
He also stressed that Damascus will continue to cooperate with the UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to solve the crisis in the country. – Has Assad Regained Upper Hand? – – “Satisfied” Assad Says Syrian Army Took Lead – Syrian opposition clamours for arms, cash

The Syrian opposition urgently needs arms and at least $300mln to build a workable anti-Assad government.
Head of the National Opposition Coalition George Sabra has been speaking about this at a Paris conference convened by the French Foreign Ministry. – France’s Fabius Warns: Extremists Could Gain Ground in Syria

”We cannot allow a rebellion that began as (a) peaceful and democratic protest degenerate into confrontation between rival militias,” Fabius said.
”This conference has to send a clear signal, (that) it has one concrete objective: give the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) the means to act.”
France has led moves to have the SNC recognized internationally. But the ‘credibility’ of the opposition alliance has been damaged by mounting evidence that extremist are playing a central role in the campaign against President Bashar Assad. – The Terrorist Opposition Are Asking for Half Billion to Overthrow Assad

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said ”We have to give the Syrian people a clear signal: we are at your side.” Has this man gone absolutely crazy thinking that giving money to terrorists who are killing innocent Syrian people, is going to show that France is on the side of the people? France is supporting the terrorists by funding them and are the enemy of the Syrian people.

Press TV –Syria’s well-trained army will soon defeat US-led militants : Ala’a Ibrahim video

Obviously the army has the upper hand. We have to put this in context the Syrian government has a strong well-trained army, one of the biggest armies in the Middle East; it’s very well equipped. So it’s obvious that it would have the upper hand. I wouldn’t care much about the media reports about the Syrian army losing ground in some areas. I would say that when the army puts its mind into something, when the army decides to take or retake a certain area they are capable of doing this. We have seen examples in Homs, in Bab Amro, we have seen examples in parts of Aleppo

Press TV – Obama says aware of limitations for military intervention in Syria

In response to domestic criticisms of US administration’s failure to militarily intervene in Syria, Barack Obama says he is fully aware of the limitations the US faces for such an action.
“I am more mindful probably than most of not only our incredible strengths and capabilities, but also our limitations,” Obama said in an interview with the New Republic magazine published on Monday.
“In a situation like Syria, I have to ask, can we make a difference in that situation? Would a military intervention have an impact? How would it affect our ability to support troops who are still in Afghanistan?” the president asked.

In an interview with CBS television program ”60 Minutes” On Sunday, Obama said contrary to the US intervention in Libya to topple Muammar Gaddafi, a similar measure in Syria may “backfire.”

Tony Cartalucci – Is UK Defense Contractor Planning Syrian WMD False Flag?, Unconfirmed ”leaked” documents indicate Washington-approved, Qatari-funded false flag attack using Libyan chemical weapons in Homs, Syria. – Leaked Documents Show Qatar Suggested Smuggling Chemical Weapons from Libya to Syria

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27 jan

Christof Lehmann – Syria: Subversion Stalls while Government Succeeds with Reconciliation and Reforms

A successful subversion of the Syrian government with militants becomes increasingly unlikely. Over the course of the last week the Syrian military forces have inflicted heavy losses on the NATO and GCC backed insurgents. Also a direct military intervention by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, or any of the NATO member states becomes increasingly unlikely, as Russia and China continue preventing another Libya-style intervention. Russia, Syria and Iran seem successful at conveying that a military aggression against Syria would have catastrophic regional and potentially global consequences. Meanwhile, the Syrian government has not only been very active, but very successful at molding opposition parties reform movements as well as religious and ethnic groups into a coherent and constructive alliance for peace, reconciliation and reform.

Syrian public ready to liquidate militants: Webster Tarpley

En artikel till man inte bör missa – Gearóid Ó Colmáin – Terrorism and Non-Conventional Warfare: France, Qatar, and the New World Disorder

There are no words in any language to describe the atrocities NATO‘s contras are committing against the people of Syria. But the world is looking on in horror and outrage. Large parts of Latin America know what is going on. Large parts of Asia and Russia too, know who is behind the violence in Syria. The truth will out in time. The balance of power in the world is shifting and sooner or later, the criminals behind these neo-colonial wars and their vast network of collaborators will be brought to justice. There are signs that Jordan may realign itself with Iraq, Iran, and Syria after signing new energy deals with Iraq on January. This could be fatal for the terrorists in Western Syria, as Jordan has hitherto been used as a base for the terror campaign. The Syrian state is strong enough to survive. The spirit of the Syrian people is indomitable. The illusions of the Arab Spring have faded. No one can argue now that the Arab Spring was about democracy and human rights. The Muslim Brotherhood have taken power in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya with Western support. No one can pretend any more that the conflict in Syria is about democracy.

In this sense, Bachar Al-Assad’s Syria is ironically the most pro-Western country in the Middle East and France could have no greater ally against Islamist terrorism than the Syrian Arab Republic, yet Paris backs the Islamists! Both the Syrian president and the Syrian UN Ambassador Dr. Bashar Ja’afari speak French. In spite of this, Dr. Ja’afari has never been invited to speak on French TV or radio. Not once has the Syrian government been allowed to present its side of the story to the French public. Paris’s corrupt elites are only interested in talking to the semi-literate thugs of the Gulf States who keep their own people in ignorance, while promoting the most barbaric form of anti-Islam around the world. After all, the state of bondage which subjects of these countries experience represents a model society for the degenerate transatlantic oligarchs.

Despicable crooks are still running this world and as Malcolm X understood too well, their media servants in all languages work over time to make us love the crooks and hate their victims. påpekar man hur rätt Thierry Meyssan haft i sina förutsägelser de senaste månaderna – Obama poised to pick Tony Blinken as national security adviser

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26 jan

Michel Chossudovsky – US-NATO “Economic Terrorism”: The Collapse of Syria’s Industry and Agriculture

The Syrian economy is being hit by the combined impacts of the US-NATO sponsored terrorist attacks and the economic sanctions regime.
The ultimate objective of the US-NATO covert war on Syria is the destabilization of the Syria economy and the destruction of Syria as a nation state.
Economic destabilization is conducted through various means:
An economic sanctions regime which has contributed to paralyzing trade and investment,
Acts of deliberate sabotage and piracy directed against the country’s industrial base.
Confirmed by the Syrian Chamber of Commerce, the Turkish government has sponsored the outright “stealing of production lines and machines from hundreds of factories in Aleppo city” with a view to disabling Syria’s industrial base.

Health Care in Syria before and During the Crisis

Health indicators improved considerably in the Syrian Arab Republic over the past three decades according to data from the Syrian Ministry of Health with life expectancy at birth increasing from 56 years in 1970 to 73.1 years in 2009; infant mortality dropped from 132 per 1000 live births in 1970 to 17.9 per 1000 in 2009; under-five mortality dropped significantly from 164 to 21.4 per 1000 live births; and maternal mortality fell from 482 per 100 000 live births in 1970 to 52 in 2009.

The Syrian International Coalition for health is determined within its scope and limitation to do all what it is possible not to allow a repeat of what has happened in other countries of the region, namely a total collapse of existing health infrastructure and systems. – Krig är inte lösningen

Svenska folket måste kräva av sina företrädare att Sverige söker fredliga och diplomatiska vägar istället för att föra krig för att lösa världens politiska problem! Du som medborgare måste kräva att Sveriges regering och riksdag inte använder militära interventioner, eller ekonomiska sanktioner, mot andra nationer med argumentet att skydda folk, bevara fred och sprida demokrati!
Genom sitt deltagande i Libyenkriget 2011 har Sverige istället bidragit till att skapa kaos, och lämnat över kontrollen över landet till militanta jihadister! Sveriges, EU:s och USA:s stöd till ”oppositionen” i Syrien och ekonomiska sanktioner mot dess folk har skapat en humanitär kris av aldrig tidigare skådat slag i landets historia. Säg nej till krig!

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25 jan

Press TV – France says frustrated as efforts fail to topple Assad

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Thursday, “Things are not moving. The solution that we had hoped for, and by that I mean the fall of Bashar and the arrival of the (opposition) coalition to power, has not happened.” – Saudi prince calls for further arming of Syrian insurgency

A senior member of Saudi Arabia’s monarchy called on Friday for Syrian rebels to be given anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to ”level the playing field” in their battle against President Bashar al-Assad.
”What is needed are sophisticated, high-level weapons that can bring down planes, can take out tanks at a distance. This is not getting through,” said Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former intelligence chief and brother of the Saudi foreign minister.
Insurgents in Syria have seized territory in the north of the country and control suburbs to the east and south of the capital, but Assad’s air power and continued army strength have limited their advances 22 months into the conflict.
”I’m not in government so I don’t have to be diplomatic. I assume we’re sending weapons and if we were not sending weapons it would be terrible mistake on our part,” the Saudi prince said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Kerry ‘Confident’ US-Russia Ties Can Be Improved

US President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the next US Secretary of State, Sen. John Kerry, told a Senate panel on Thursday that the United States must find a way to work with Russia.
“I would like to see if we can find some way to cooperate,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at his confirmation hearing.

Kerry also said he would like to find a way to cooperate with Russia on ending the civil war in Syria. – UN Secretary General: Political Solution to Crisis in Syria Still Possible

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, stressed that a political solution to the crisis in Syria is still possible, adding that ”However difficult this situation is, we must push for a political solution.”
The Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted Ki-moon on the sidelines of the 34th World Economic Forum in Davos as saying that dialogue in Syria still possible, reiterating his support to the mission of the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi. – EU-Brazil Summit Calls for Political Solution to Crisis in Syria by Syrians

6th EU- Brazil Summit called for putting an immediate end to all acts of violence in Syria in a way that allows starting the political process by the Syrians themselves with the international community’s support.
In a statement issued at the conclusion of its activities in the Brazilian capital Brasilia on Thursday, the Summit stressed that the leaders in Brazil and the European Union agreed on that the current situation in Syria could have unpredictable negative consequences on the stability in the Middle East and the international peace and security.
The statement called for providing necessary and active support to the mission of the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, in order to find a political solution to the crisis that is based on Geneva statement issued last June.

President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, the European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, and the European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, attended the concluding meeting. – Qatar leaks: Hamad offers the protection of the Russian bases in Syria

Today’s episode features 5 Qatari foreign ministry diplomatic telegrams. Two of which contain proceedings of a meeting between Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi held in September 2012, in which they addressed the situation in Syria. Hamad spoke of a contact made with the Russians in an attempt to persuade them to abandon President Assad, along with granting assurances by the “Free Army” militia to protect the Russian military naval base on the Syrian coast.

Referat på engelska av en längre intervju med Syriens utrikesminister – Syria’s foreign minister,Al-Moallem: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Led by the United States, Support, Fund and Arm Terrorists in Syria

“It becomes clear to most of the Syrians that what they are going through is a huge international conspiracy that the country has never encountered before, as it targets Syria’s entity, infrastructure, community and ethics that have characterized the Syrians for decades,” the Minister added.

Al-Moallem said that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, led by the United States, are supporting, funding and arming terrorists in Syria, and that they work in the framework of an international plan against Syria with political, economic and military aspects.
“We have no delusions that these countries will cease supporting terrorism, but if the violence doesn’t stop, this doesn’t mean that comprehensive national dialogue will not be held,” al-Moallem added.

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24 jan

Förmodligen den vassaste analysen av Syrienläget som finns att tillgå! Christof Lehmann – Davos: The Syria War Continuum and the Tripartite Energy War

The energy security stall mate after the Russia – EU Summit in Bruxelles in December 2012 continues in Davos. Russian – European relations with regard to energy security have suffered considerably since the onset of the war in Syria. With the United States, using its political leverage to drive a wedge in between Russia and Europe, and with the cause of the Syria war still not being discussed openly and constructively, both Russia, Europe and the US-Dollar may be heading toward a deep freeze.
Russia is currently delivering between 22 and 26 % of the gas that is consumed in the EU. The main routes of delivery are the North Stream pipeline from St. Petersburg to northern Germany and the South Stream pipeline from the Caspian Sea to southern Europe.
After the discovery of the worlds largest known gas reserves, the PARS gas fields in the Persian Gulf in 2007 the global energy dynamics have changed considerably. This change has ultimately led to the war on Syria.

The stall mate between the EU and Russia is bound to continue, bound to negatively affect both Russian and European economies and energy security, bound to aggravate the crisis in Syria,and bound to threaten security globally, as long as the core issues, including the role of the USA in destabilizing Russian European relations and the US role in forcing European policy makes into going along with the aggression against Syria are not being addressed. – S.Lavrov, Nabil al-Arabi back Lakhdar Brahimi’s efforts on Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi have expressed support for efforts of the UN and Arab League envoy on Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to broker a political settlement of the conflict in Syria.
This was stated at the Russian Foreign Ministry after a telephone conversation, which took place at the request of the LAS Secretary General.
The sides noted the need for a speedy end to bloodshed in Syria. ”Issues pertaining to the first ministerial session of the cooperation forum Russia-LAS slated for February in Moscow were substantively discussed,” – says a statement of the Foreign Ministry.

Press TV – Army units defuse roadside bombs in west Syria

Syrian soldiers have defused a number of roadside bombs in the west of the country as the Army continues its operations against foreign-backed militants, Press TV reports.
Army units on Thursday defused five explosive devices planted on a road near the city of Homs.
Heavy fighting was reported in the capital, Damascus, as well as in the southwestern city of Dara’a.
Sixteen militants were killed in the clashes with government forces.
Meanwhile, the Syrian minister for religious endowments (Awqaf) called for million-man prayers at mosques on Friday for the restoration of security in the country.
Mohammed Abdul Sattar said Syria will prevail against the conspiracy that has been hatched by hostile states and led by Wahhabi infidels from abroad.

Video från en demonstration mot medialögnerna om Syrien utanför TV-huset i Stockholm igår


Videon nedan är från ett föredrag från den 12:e december 2012.
Från början skulle det hållits hos ABF, men flyttades (efter sedvanlig uppvaktning från krigsmånglare) till Folket i Bilds lokaler på Södermalm i Stockholm.
Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand, FIB-juristerna. Talar om FN och folkrätten.
Hans Öhrn, frilansjournalist. Besökte Damaskus i maj 2012.
Anders Romelsjö, professor och medlem i Syriensolidaritet diskuterar massmedias roll och den utländska militära inblandningen. – Qatar Leaks: The Business of Foreign Affairs

Al-Akhbar publishes leaked minutes from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutog(lu and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi discussing regional affairs – from Russia’s involvement in Syria to Gaddafi’s fall – with Qatari officials.
An important dimension of the Syrian crisis is the electronic war being waged by both sides. One of the groups active in this area calls itself the Syrian Electronic Army and it has recently succeeded in hacking into several official Qatari, Saudi, and Turkish websites and downloading thousands of secret documents from them.
Al-Akhbar gained access to some of these through an intermediary and, after confirming their authenticity, agreed to publish them in coordination with the Syrian Ajel website.
Today, Al-Akhbar begins publishing these documents, starting with three correspondences from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Terrorists Assassinate School Instructor In Raqqa
A terrorist group assassinated Math Educational Instructor for Raqqa province, teacher Nabih Jamil al-Sa’ad.
An official source told that terrorists were lying in wait for al-Sa’ad and shot in him in front of his home in the town of Hmaida in Raqqa province, martyring him.

från samma sida

Terrorists Assassinate a Doctor in Damascus
Earlier on Tuesday, terrorists assassinated Dr. Mamdouh Abudllah Bin Abd Dibeh, a cardiologist, in front of his clinic in Sheikh Mheddin area in Damascus.

Danny Makki – Why Aleppo Will Never Fall

Was Aleppo not one of the safest and most peaceful cities in the region before this proxy war?. The people of Aleppo never supported fighting the Syrian state and are being punished for that reason, just because they opposed foreign intervention the ‘Armed militias’ turned their beautiful city into a war zone, evicted thousands from their houses and declared the mother of all battles.
It was not so much a battle as it was an invasion.

Tony Cartalucci – US propped up extremist groups in Syria

In 2007, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, ”To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers.” And even then, it was noted that the Brotherhood held close links with groups the US recognizes and lists as terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

These are the ”freedom fighters” then and now, that the US has been supporting, funding, and in fact arming. The most recent accusation of the US arming known-terrorists came from retired US Army General and former Special Forces Commander, William G. Boykin, who claimed the US is not only arming terrorists in Syria, but they are doing so by running guns through the terror emirate of Benghazi, Libya.

Patrik Paulov – ”al-Qaida styr allt här”

Den syriska utlandsstödda oppositionen förlitar sig allt mer på Jabhat al-Nusra. Det är en utlöpare från irakiska al-Qaida, som numera har 5000 väpnade jihadister på plats i Syrien.
15 januari blev ännu en svart dag i Syriens historia. På universitetet i landets största stad, Aleppo, rådde full aktivitet. Det var tid för examensprov. Men denna dag kom att handla om något annat.

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23 jan

Press TV – Russia raps Syria’s opposition for ‘obsession’ with toppling Assad

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has taken a swipe at the Syrian opposition for its insistence on the removal of the country’s President Bashar al-Assad from power.
The top Russian diplomat cited the opposition’s “obsession” with the push for to oust Assad as a blow to the peace efforts by the former UN peace envoy for Syria Kofi Annan and his successor Lakhdar Brahimi.
”For now, everything is running up against the opposition’s obsession with toppling Bashar Assad’s regime,” Lavrov told reporters in Moscow on Wednesday.
”As long as this irreconcilable position remains in place, nothing good can happen. Armed actions will continue and people will die,” he added.

‘Dialogue only way out of Syria crisis’, interview with Naser al-Omari, writer and political commentator from New Yorksom text – HRW: Syria rebels attacking Shia and Christian religious sites

New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch warned that rebel groups appeared to have destroyed or allowed the looting of minority religious sites in northern Syria.

In the western Latakia province, Human Rights Watch quoted residents as saying gunmen working ”in the name of the opposition” had broken into and stolen from Christian churches in two villages.

Meanwhile, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in a statement on Wednesday the livelihoods of about half of the country’s population were threatened as a result of the Syrian crisis.
The UN says that about 80 percent of 10 million Syrians — about 46 percent of the population — derive their livelihoods from agriculture.
”Twenty-two months of conflict has left Syria’s agricultural sector in tatters with cereal, fruit and vegetable production dropping for some by half and massive destruction of irrigation and other infrastructure,” the statement said.

Press TV – UN must condemn terrorist attacks in Syria: Syrian Foreign Ministry

In two separate letters to the rotating presidency of the Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the world bodies to condemn the terrorist operations in Syria.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that terrorists flow into Syria mainly from some neighboring countries, particularly Turkey, and added that the Turkish government provides the terrorists with weapons, which they use to attack the Syrian people and commit terrorist acts inside Syria.

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22 jan

Over 30 killed in car bombing in western Syriavideo

Over 30 people have been killed and many injured in a car bombing in the town of Salmiyeh in the western Syrian governorate of Hama.
The blast, which occurred on Monday, targeted a building in the heart of Salmiyeh and left 30 people dead and many others injured, AFP reported.
Medical sources say they expect the death toll to rise to well over 50, adding that some of the injured are in critical condition. – Syria Blames Qaeda for Hama Attack

Syria government accused the extremist movement Al-Qaeda of being behind a deadly attack in Hama and criticized Turkey for sheltering what it called ”terrorists,” in a message to the UN aired by state television Tuesday.
”Armed terrorist groups headed by Al-Qaeda targeted citizens yesterday in the town of Salmiyeh in a cowardly terrorist act and destroyed the national hospital,” the foreign ministry said in a letter to the UN secretary general and head of the Security Council.

Franklin Lamb kommer med en ny rapport från Damaskus om det lidande västs sanktioner utsätter civilbefolkningen för – Shedding Crocodile Tears while Collaborating with US-led Sanctions

The Arab League’s recent ministerial-level meeting held in Cairo was called to focus on the Syrian refugees file. But the rather pathetic quick one day deliberations ignored the causes of the suffering of the civilian population as well as the fact that most of the 22 countries comprising the Arab League have been a main cause behind the displacement of the Syrian civilian population. Both the AL and the OIC stand accused here in Syria of participation in the sanctions which are decimating the Syrian people’s livelihood. Some AL and OIC officials are shedding crocodile tears about
the miserable living conditions of the Syrian refugees “in spite of spending millions on recruiting mercenaries and salifi-takfiries, training them and purchasing weapons for the terrorists,” the Sheik explained.
One frustrated American NGO director, affiliated loosely with the World Food Program, expressed her frustration: “If these organizations (AL and OIC) wanted to aid Syrian refugees they should stop supplying the gunmen with weapons and money and stop inciting sedition in Syria.”

Meanwhile, according to officials, Syria’s government has just authorized the UN World Food Program to extend its reach in the country where 2.5 million people are suffering from hunger. Ertharin Cousin, spokeswoman of the WFP, announced on Tuesday that Syria is allowing the organization to work with local aid groups to reach more of those in need. To boost the number of people receiving emergency assistance, the Syrian government last week drew up a list of 110 local NGOs authorized to participate in the aid effort.

Unlike the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, SARCS, the World Food Program, and more than 40 other NGO’s can be observed any day of the week confronting and attempting to ameliorate the profoundly immoral and illegal US-led sanctions — manifold actions, not crocodile tears — in aid of the civilian population of Syria.

Alexander Mezyaev – Syria and International Crime Court. New Phase of Military and Diplomatic Stand-Off

Every State has the duty to refrain from organizing, instigating, assisting or participating in acts of civil strife or terrorist acts in another State or acquiescing in organized activities within its territory directed towards the commission of such acts, when the acts referred to in the present paragraph involve a threat or use of force”.
In 1986 the International Court of Justice ruled in favor of Nicaragua and against the United States. The Court held that the U.S. had violated international law by supporting the Contras. It unambiguously ruled that the fact of arms deliveries to rebel groups by another state was an act of violation. The ruling said there was no global norm allowing an armed intervention of a state pursuing the goal of supporting opposition forces in another country. It’s not without a reason the ”theories” like ”the concept of humanitarian intervention” or ”the concept of responsibility to protect” started to appear and multiply. All these speculative concoctions have no legal ground whatsoever – this view is supported by the majority of the countries in the world expressed in the Joint Declaration of the 130 member strong Group of 77 adopted in 2000, that says,
”We reject the so-called ”right” of humanitarian intervention, which has no legal basis in the United Nations Charter or in the general principles of international law”.

‘US policy in Syria, dangerous’, Sukant Chandan (Chandans del som text) political analyst from London, James Jatras, Ex-US senate analyst from Washington and Lee Kaplan, investigative journalist, from Berkeley. – Massarresteringar av turkiska fredsvänner

Turkiska myndigheter har gripit advokaten Selcuk Kozagacli efter ett besök i Syrien
Selcuk Kozagacli är ordförande för vad som på engelska heter Contemporary Lawyers Association (CHD) i Turkiet och hans besök har syftat till att skaffa information om situationen i Syrien.

Samtidigt rapporterar många västmedia idag skadeglatt att Ryssland beslutat skicka tv flygplan för att evakuera sina medborgare från Syrien. Man gör dock klokt i att inte dra några förhastade slutsatser av dessa uppgifter. – Moscow does not exclude contacts with Syrian opposition

Moscow does not exclude contacts with the Syrian opposition in the near future, including those who did not take part in talks, the Russian President’s special envoy to the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said.
According to him, some opposition leaders are in Paris, Istanbul, Geneva and other cities.
The diplomat said that at present, there is a group of Syrians in Europe. Until now, it had no contacts with us but it wants to hold a dialogue.

The Bared Teeth of the Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt

The war in Syria appears to be increasingly remote-controlled from abroad. Almost all states in the region seem to be involved to varying degrees, with Qatar providing the lion’s share of the funds going to the Free Syrian Army. However, the investment has generated disappointing returns. To avoid its funds from going up in smoke, Qatar has decided to dole them out on the basis of the actions carried out. As a result, the ASL began staging its most spectacular and deadly attacks to the detriment of its real military objectives. – Qatar hands Syrian opposition $20m

Qatar has agreed to give US$20m to the Syrian opposition to help it form a transitional government.
Syrian National Coalition President Moaz Alkhatib visited Doha to secure Qatari financial support, but the establishment of a transitional government to run rebel-held areas has nevertheless been postponed until next month.

US covers up Islamist involvement in Aleppo bombing

Video gjord av Syriska armén, varning för otäcka bilder – Syria, What you have to know, a Documentary: Armed gangs speak about their atrocities

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21 jan

En mycket intressant intervju med en rysk analytiker vid namn Marat Musin. Han bekräftar bilden som Thierry Meyssan ger, att USA är på väg att dra tillbaka sitt stöd för de väpnade gängen och är inställda på en uppgörelse med Ryssland om Syrien och Mellanöstern. Vad Storbritannien, Saudiarabien och Qatar tänker sig tycks mer oklart.

War in Syria will be Over by July 2013: Russian Analysts Predict, A recent interview on RT Arabic with Marat Musin, a reporter and political analyst, reveals that many Russian political experts & analysts are predicting that the war in Syria will end in half a year, around July 2013. Their conclusions are based primarily on an observable shift in US policy regarding Syria, where changes in the US administration are very likely to lead to a drop in support for the Salafist groups – ”Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorists. – Syrian Electronic Army releases secret documents from Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

Al-Akhbar recently obtained hundreds of documents, correspondences, and contracts belonging to Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari institutions. The documents detail the role these countries have played in the past two years in the Arab world, in general, and in Syria, in particular.

The intermediary added that the Syrian Electronic Army is only releasing some of the documents at this time for two main reasons. The first is that information useful in battles against armed groups was reserved for the Syrian authorities and handed over. The second is that some of the documents were deemed more sensitive and dangerous and would thus be published at a later date.
Al-Akhbar selected the information and the documents [to be published] based on its own editorial line and turned down documents that contain information related to the internal administration of the countries involved or the private affairs of some of their prominent officials.
Beginning this Wednesday, 23 January 2013, Al-Akhbar will publish reports based on these documents.

‘Syrian opposition never sought dialogue’, interview with Jamal Wakim.

Press TV – Turkish police arrest anti-Patriot protesters

Police arrested 25 protesters on Monday after they tried to get through the barricades at Incirlik Air Force Base in the city of Adana, where US troops are assembling two Patriot missile batteries to be later deployed in Gaziantep near Syria’s border.
Protests were also held in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara outside the US embassy, where angry protesters condemned

Press TV – Syrian opposition fails to form ‘transitional government’

VideoSyria News 21.1.2013, Terrorists killed in an infiltration attempt from Turkey, Russian Navy Exercises
* Russian Committee: Armed Groups in Syria Recruit Children in Battle
* Terrorist Attack against Military Checkpoint in Homs Repelled, Terrorists killed in an infiltration attempt from Turkey.
* Electricity Restored Gradually to Southern Area
* Israel threatens to demolish Beit al-Karameh camp, impose control on more Palestinian lands
* Russian maritime forces continue military exercises in the Black and Mediterranean Seas
* Al-Qaeda admit responsibility for the murder of the Iraqi representative Al-Issawi.
* Madoro: President Chavez is recovering health
* Bahrain: 15 protesters arrested
* Yemen: 10 terrorists killed in a house full of explosive devices
* Egypt: Clashes renewed between protesters and police

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20 jan

Jag sammanfattar det jag skrev överst i förra inlägget en gång till, därför att det på ett så bra och tydligt sätt visar hur det typiskt har gått till i mediakriget mot Syrien.
I torsdags, 17 jan två dagar efter terrordådet mot universitetet i Aleppo med över 80 dödade, gick västmedierna ut stort med inslag och rubriker om en ny massaker med över hundra dödade –, Syrisk militär uppges ha dödat fler än hundra civila, däribland barn, i utkanten av staden Homs, uppgav det oppositionella Syriska människorättsobservatoriet (SOHR) på torsdagen. –, Syrisk militär har dödat fler än hundra civila, däribland barn, i utkanten av staden Homs, uppgav det oppositionella Syriska människorättsobservatoriet (SOHR) på, ”Massaker” på civila vid Homs, Syrisk militär har dödat 106 civila, däribland barn..
Man citerar den gamla vanliga källan (om SOHR ABC ), som måste ses som deltagare på angriparsidan mot Syrien med sin propagandakrigföring, och skriver en mening långt ner i inslaget om att uppgifterna inte har bekräftats av oberoende källor. Men många hundratusentals eller miljoner svenskar har redan tagit in budskapet om att syriska militären har dödat 100 civila, mer eller mindre omedvetet när radion står på och nyheterna rabblas. Skadan är redan skedd, och när det sen kommer information som motsäger att det var militären som dödade alla dessa människor så är uppmärksamheten riktad någon annanstans, och de som är ansvariga för rubrik-krigföringen ”råkar” glömma att nämna något om det.
I det här fallet finns nu en video från en CNN-reporter som har besökt platsen där massakern inträffade och talat med de som bor där. De som uttalar sig i videon säger tydligt att det var maskerade män som dödade en massa människor. I något fall en kvinna och hennes barn därför att hon inte ville tillåta att de använde hennes tak för att skjuta ifrån.
Den värdefulla sidan – – som har utförliga utredningar om vad som har skett vid tidigare massakrer, har en utredning även om den här. Bilden som framkommer ger ingen riktig klarhet, det finns lite motsägande uppgifter.

ITV’s international editor Bill Neely and a team visited the town (given as ”Basatin al Huwaisa”) just as news broke on Thursday, January 17. ”Homs has been the scene of several massacres,” he would write. ”More than one has been contested, as one side blames the other for the atrocity. This is yet another.” [1] BBC’s Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet, headed a team that arrived on Friday, the 18th. [5] ”This is a war crime,” she would quip. But who committed it came through less clearly than it did in the standard SOHR-type reports.
What they heard from soldiers, authorities, and most importantly from presumably genuine local civilians, was completely at odds with what activists had been saying. The men who approached Neely told him the attack was by rebel fighters, but ”the fighters were different from before. They wore ”black uniforms” and had headbands with Jihadi slogans.” Most, but not all, were Syrians, they felt. ”One [attacker? witness?] said they were from Jabhat al Nusra.” The Governor of Homs province, Ahmad Moneir Mohammed, also said the attackers were with the Al-Nusrah front. [1]
Lyse Doucet heard the same: ”Soldiers who escorted the team to the area said hundreds of men from a militant Islamist rebel group, the al-Nusra Front, committed the killings.” Of course they would say that, some would say. The local support for that was more mixed, and served to underscore the ambiguity inserted from the resence of government soldiers and apparently ”minders.”

Men som sagt, det är så här det typiskt går till, en rejäl förvrängning av skeendena levereras av den skamligaste, skadligaste ”yrkes”-gruppen i landet, åt de godtrogna medborgarna. Video om just detta –

Press TV – Russia starts major naval drills in Mediterranean Sea amid Syria crisis

Russia has launched its largest naval exercises in decades in the Mediterranean and Black Seas near the territorial waters of Syria amid the ongoing crisis in the Arab country.
The drills “are held in line with the Russian Armed Forces’ 2013 combat training plan and focus on interoperability of task forces from several fleets while on a mission in a far-off maritime zone,” said an official statement by Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday.

Aleppo residents want army to intensify operation against insurgents – Unarmed Syrian opposition welcomed to join the Cabinet

Any opposition parties that lay down their weapons and agree to take part in a national dialogue are welcomed to join a new Cabinet with wide executive powers, Syria’s foreign minister Walid al-Moallem said in an interview with state TV.
“I tell the young men who carried arms to change and reform, take part in the dialogue for a new Syria and you will be a partner in building it,” Moallem stated, adding that “those who want foreign intervention will not be among us.”

Earlier in January President Bashar Assad proposed a national reconciliation plan which included talks with representatives of the opposition parties, elections and a new constitution.

Video – Free Syria Army Robbed Over 1,000 Aleppo Factories, Video footage from November 2012 shows men of the ”Free Syrian Army” (FSA) North Storm Battalion monitoring the transfer of equipment and machinery from Aleppo to Turkey. According to the narrator from the terrorist group, he says that these are trucks and oil excavators that belong to the state of Qatar that are being returned to Qatar through Turkey after they were ‘liberated from the Assad army’.


NATO, Hands off Syria! Hands off Turkey! Turkish People Take Action against deployment of Patriot Missiles Against Syria – Israeli, Saudi, Turkish, Qatari Spies Operating in Syria

A large number of spying cells from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are operating in Syria to help the armed rebels topple the Damascus government, sources said on Sunday.
Informed sources told the Palestinian al-Manar weekly that Israeli, Saudi, Turkish and Qatari intelligence officers, backed by the US, have infiltrated into Syria via the Turkish borders, adding that each spying cell is comprised of 16 agents.
According to the sources, the main goal of the intelligence groups is gathering intelligence, specially in the form of footage and images, from Syria’s sensitive and important sites, the country’s military grid and power in particular.
The spying cells have also been provided with a list of Syria’s prominent scientists and experts in different fields to kidnap and assassinate them, the sources said, elaborating on the mission of the multinational espionage operations underway in Syria.


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19 jan

Läs vad jag skrev i början av inlägget 17 jan, om den massaker som västmedierna gick ut med stora rubriker om. Titta sen på den här videon och lyssna på vad de som bor i området har att säga om vad som inträffade!

World must condemn terrorist attacks in Syria: Kamel Waznevideo

Wazne: I think the international community [has] been absent for all the crimes that is taking place in Syria. Actually [it] has been helping those criminals committing these acts of terrorism against innocent people especially against the students at the University of Aleppo and I think the United Nations and the Western world and some Arab countries [have been] aiding the terrorists by weapons and by governing the crimes that is taking place in Syria.
I think what we saw, what we witnessed is a crime that the world has to condemn and everybody knows who is behind the bombing and the money that is coming into Syria to keep this fighting going on.
I think it is time for the United States, for Ban Ki-moon and for the Western world and for those Persian Gulf countries especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey to know that the level of death has reached a level that exceeded everything that we can imagine and it is time to dry the money and the weapon to these people who are committing these acts of terrorism against innocent people.

Det är dags att vara tydligare i fördömandet av de västmakter, och Gulfstater, som beväpnar, stöder och organiserar de barbariska väpnade gäng som spridit ohyggligt lidande i Syrien länge nog nu! Alla vet att dessa länder ligger bakom, det duger inte att hymla om det längre. – Dragging Syria to ICC ‘counterproductive’ – Damascus, Moscow

Damascus has joined Moscow in describing the Swiss-led attempt by 55 countries to take Syria to the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes as counterproductive and smacking of double standards at work.
In a statement issued by the Syrian Foreign Ministry Saturday, it condemned the initiative as an attempt to whitewash terrorists and question Syria’s right to protect its citizens.

UNSC briefed on grim situation in Syria,
”I have urged the Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court for investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity on the part of all parties engaged in this conflict,” Pillay told reporters after the UNSC meeting.

Webster Tarpley – N Syria learns to hate FSA occupation, NATO errs to add new front

When the history of the NATO destabilization in Syria finally comes to be compiled, this past week may be regarded as the turning of the tide against the foreign death squads and in favor of the Assad government. On the one hand, official Washington – the principal sponsor of the foreign fighters – has been deeply shaken by reports coming from circles close to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) which depict a rising wave of hatred in northern Syria against the catastrophic misrule experienced under the death squad occupation there. Ordinary Syrians of all backgrounds are increasingly disgusted by the corruption, incompetence, and oppression of the FSA regime. The rebel chaos is contributing to a significant increase in the popularity of Assad and his regime, which had guaranteed stability and freedom from the worst privations for decades.

Bashar al-Assad defies the odds, Since the eruption of the unrest in Syria almost two years ago and the predictions of Assad’s downfall have begun. Many gave ultimatums of two months or three months or the beginning of the year, but Assad appears to have defied all these odds and now is perceived as being even in a stronger position as many saw through his last speech. Until now there has been no repetition of the Egyptian, Tunisian or Libyan models. What factors have kept Assad in power?
Danny Makki (Makki’s del som text), cofounder of the Syrian Youth in Britain, Franklin Lamb, international lawyer and Osman Bakach, from Hizb Attahrir

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18 jan

Franklin Lamb på Press TV – Assad enjoys more popularity despite US-led pressure: Analyst

I think in the last two to three months I’ve noticed when visiting there – more support – and it’s because of the disappointment with the opposition; it’s because the government is actually doing quite a lot to soften the immoral and illegal US-led sanctions.

“I think there will be a deal and I think the deal will allow for the Syrian people to choose in the 2014 election who they want,” the analyst speculated, noting that Assad’s opponents abroad have realized that a regime change in Syria is not as easy as they supposed. – USA förnekar vad terrorister erkänt

”USA är bestört och bedrövat över det syriska regimens blodiga attack igår på Aleppouniversitet”, sa det amerikansk utrikesdepartementets taleskvinna Victoria Nuland på onsdagen.
Men det är allmänt känt att al-Nusrafronten tagit på sig sprängningen i Aleppo. I tolv minuter satt meddelandet uppe på Facebook.
Nulands anklagelser utlöste en ilsken reaktion från Ryssland.
”Jag kan inte tänka mig något mer hädiskt”, sa Rysslands utrikesminister Sergej Lavrov i går, som beskriver morden som en ”terrorhandling”.

Press TV – Syria criticizes UNSC over failure to condemn Idlib, Aleppo attacks

In letters to the UN secretary general and the chairman of the UN Security Council on Thursday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that preventing the Council from adopting stances in condemnation of these “terrorist acts” is “immoral” and encourages terrorism.
Terrorists conduct deadly attacks to silence the voice of the Syrians who oppose the presence of militants in the country, the letters included. – Russia against handing ”Syrian dossier” to ICC

At the UN Security Council meeting on Syria Russia has spoken against handing over the Syrian dossier to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Russia’s permanent UN representative Vitaly Churkin spoke about this to journalists Friday.
”We believe that this idea is not properly timed and counter-productive for tackling the priority task at this moment – the establishment of a political process,” – said Churkin. – ”US has no evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria” – Panetta

The US does not have evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its people in domestic armed conflicts, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in an interview with ABC Friday.
Earlier Security Council representative Tommy Vietor made a similar statement denying recent media reports which suggested the use of chemical weapons in Syria, citing a source with the State Department sources. – Terrorists fire missile at Aleppo living quartervideo

Insurgents have fired a missile in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo which hit a living quarter, killing and wounding civilians, SANA reports from the ground. The number of victims and casualties hasn’t immediately been known.

Dmitriy Sedov – Aleppo: Tragedy Continues

On the eve of New Year the Syrian opposition faced another choice. It had not reached its goals, the government offered a dialogue. The choice was made. Two powerful explosions shock the Territory of Aleppo University on January 14. The UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), an information office opposed to the government, reported it was hit by Assad’s air force. It was the first day of examinations, the terrorists hoped for great death toll. Around 100 people lost their lives. The country suffered a painful shock – they did strike young people, the main treasure of the nation. Someone’s perverse, cold blooded mind is behind the efforts to instill the idea the government was the perpetrator of the crime.

The military sources say the rebels used air defence systems from the distance of one and a half km from the University. Last autumn the terrorists admitted to exploding administrative buildings in Aleppo. The death toll was around 40. This time no terrorist group claimed the responsibility.
For the last one and a half year Aleppo has become a scene of large-scale battle, the major part of the city is under control of the so called Free Syrian Army. There is scarcity of food, especially bread; many areas are left without electricity. In a recent mopping up operation in a city quarter a large depot of medicine was found. It had been stolen from a city hospital and medical centers. Many a time “the friends of Syria” resort to provocations while waging an information war. Their main goal is to possibly increase the number of civil casualties and then blame it on the Syrian government. That’s what the Western response to the Bashar Assad’s peace proposals is like…

Syria, an alternate reality. Interview with Anastasia Popova

We were there for 7 months in total, from August of 2011, when there was no war yet, until now when the war in full swing.

From the time when we arrived in August all the way until December, what struck us the most was the difference between what was being said about Syria from the outside and what was actually happening inside the country. Sometimes it would reach the point of absurdity, when we would get calls from our channel asking us about so-and-so square where an anti-government demonstration was being shot at by tanks or artillery. We would get to that square and there was literally nothing — a few pedestrians and a policeman directing traffic.
Despite all our attempts we didn’t manage to find the thousands-strong demonstrations against the government so often talked about by the Western media. We spoke to the opposition, and even they told us that it was very difficult to gather people to protest. The only way to do this was through the mosques, and if they managed to get even 50 people to come out for fifteen minutes and film them, they considered it a victory. The vast majority of the population was just not interested.

Vet inte om det är den här 43 minuter långa dokumentären som Popova’s team gjort. Varning för otäcka bilder. – Syria crisis: al-Qaida fighters revealing their true colours, rebels say, A schism is developing in northern Syria between jihadists and Free Syrian Army units, which threatens to pitch both groups against each other and open a new phase in the Syrian civil war

Islamist Nusra Front gives BBC exclusive interview, Paul Wood and cameraman Fred Scott visited the war-torn city of Aleppo

Announcement of the formation of the National Defense Army in Syria Syrian source said earlier in Damascus ”channel Russia today”, on Friday, the Syrian authorities tend to create what might be called ”national defence army” composed of 10,000 young people from the various Syrian governorates, as complementary to the Syrian army to protect neighborhoods from attacks by opposition militants.

Zhao Jinglun – Syria: Proxy War By U.S. And Gulf Monarchies

“Economic Terrorism”: Destroying Syria’s Industry, Turkey Stealing and Looting Aleppo’s Factories

Head of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry, Eng. Fares Shihabi, stressed that Aleppo Industry Chamber has decisive evidence on the involvement of the Turkish government in stealing production lines and machines from hundreds of factories in Aleppo city and smuggling them into the Turkish territories in clear breach of the international laws.
In a statement to SANA, al-Shihabi said that robbing factories and facilities in Aleppo aims at destroying the Syrian economy, causing damage to the Syrian industry, the competitor to the Turkish products, and creating a gap between the national business sector and the state in Syria.

Video 2 min – syrianfreepress.wordpress.comDARAA – Hundreds of missile and grenade launchers, heavy artillery and ammunition, made in Israel and U.S., seized to the terrorists.

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17 jan

Regimtrogna västmedier har idag gått ut hårt med rubriker som den här – Hundra civila ska ha dödats av syrisk militär – påståenden från samma gamla tröttsamma källa som vanligt, Rami Abdel Rahman i London, om en massaker i staden Homs. Ingenting om detta hos Press TV eller Troligen är det som Syrian Perspective skriver, väpnade gäng och terrorister som har angripits av armén. Kanske har dessa gäng mördat civila i deras hem, och påstår att regeringstrupper är de skyldiga, för att skapa en händelse åt medierna att gå ut med. Det hela ser i vart fall ut som vid tidigare massakrer som mannen i London har skyllt på regeringstrupperna, och de ”oskyldiga” västmedierna har omedelbart bara upprepat i ”god tro”! Uppgifter som kommit fram senare som pekar på att det var de väpnade gängen som utfört massakrerna, råkar man missa att nämna av någon anledning. – Lavrov hits out at US for blaming Syria regime for blasts

Russian FM says he cannot imagine anything more blasphemous than CNN’s accusation of Syrian regime of being behind deadly Aleppo blasts. – Alleppo terrorist attack ”war crime” – Ki-Moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the recent terrorist attack at a university in the Syrian city of Aleppo a ”war crime” and demanded a thorough investigation according to the deputy spokesman for the world body, Eduardo del Buey.
”The deliberate choice and targeting of the civilian population constitutes a war crime,” del Buey quoted the secretary general as saying. – US, Russia to exchange data about Syrian chemical weapons – Nuland

The United States and Russia will continue to exchange data about chemical weapons sites in Syria, U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters.
Washington has been exchanging information about Syrian chemical weapons with a number of countries, including with Russia, and will continue to do so in the future, she said. – Ukraine doing its utmost for release of female journalist captured in Syria – diplomat

The Ukrainian government and Foreign Ministry are taking all possible measures towards the release of Ankhar Kochneva, a female journalist abducted in Syria, First Deputy Foreign Minister Ruslan Demchenko has said.
”We are systematically working on this issue, and are working with the Syrian side. But I would not like to comment on anything, as publicity may serious damage the settlement of this issue. But believe me, the government and the ministry are doing their utmost for her release,” he told Interfax.

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