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28 maj – Al-Nusra Front in Syria gets daily weapons supplies from Turkey – Russian military

Terrorist group Al-Nusra Front is receiving daily arms shipments across the border from Turkey, the Russian General Staff says. The Al-Qaeda offshoot used the truce between government forces and moderate rebels in Syria to regroup and renew hostilities.
Al-Nusra Front remains a major destabilizing factor in Syria, Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Friday.
“Damascus is being continuously shelled from Eastern Ghouta. There were numerous attempts to capture power station near Homs and block the road connecting Aleppo and Damascus. The flow of trucks carrying weapons and ammunition from Turkey continues, with border crossings reported on daily basis,” he said. – Vittnesmål från läkare i Aleppo: ”Vi har beskjutits av terrorister i fyra år”

Aleppo är Syriens största stad. Under konfliktens första år var det relativt lugnt i Aleppo, till skillnad från i många andra syriska städer. I juli 2012 bröt helvetet ut. Läkaren Tony Sayeghs berättelse om livet i miljonstaden skiljer sig dramatiskt från den vi vanligtvis får höra. Här talar han om livet under terrorn, sanktionerna och vägen till fred.

Caleb T. Maupin – The truth about Syria you will never see in Western media: A manufactured war against an independent country

As foreign fighters have flowed into Syria, hundreds of thousands of people have died over the last five years, and Western media continues to blame the Syrian government for the conflict. However, the war would have been a very short one if not for the foreign support given to the extremists.
As an independent country with a centrally planned economy, Syria has serves as an example to the world. It has proven that without neoliberalism and Western economic domination, it is possible to improve living conditions and develop independently. The Syrian government has made huge sacrifices to aid the Palestinian people and their resistance against Israel, and this has been a contributing factor to Syria’s inclusion on the State Department’s State Sponsors of Terrorism list. Syria has close economic relations with Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The war in Syria is not a domestic conflict. This is a war imposed on Syria by Israel, the U.S., and other Western capitalist powers. The primary promoter of Wahhabi extremism around the world has been the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a U.S. client state. Turkey and Jordan, U.S.-aligned countries bordering Syria, keep their borders open so that weapons, supplies and money can continue to flow into the hands of Daesh and other anti-government terrorists.
At least 470,000 people are dead, and millions of others have been forced to become refugees, but Western leaders and their allies do not end their campaign. The insane chorus of ”Assad Must Go” has transformed a small, domestic episode of unrest into a full-scale humanitarian crisis. The war has nothing to do with the calls for democratic reform and the peaceful protests of 2011.
As Daesh now threatens the entire world, the consequences of the Wall Street regime change operation, promoted with ”human rights” propaganda, are becoming far more extreme. The Syrian government rallies a coalition of Christians, Communists, Islamic Revolutionaries, and other forces who are fighting to maintain stability and defeat Takfiri terrorism. (The term ”Takfiri” refers to groups of Sunni Muslims who refer to other Muslims as apostates and seek to establish a caliphate by means of violence.)
The only real peace plan for Syria is for the U.S., France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and other powers to end their neoliberal crusade. The internationally recognized and recently re-elected Syrian government could easily defeat the insurgents if foreign meddling ceased.
As U.S. media bemoans the humanitarian crisis, somehow blaming on the Syrian government and its president, and the U.S. directly sends its military forces into the country, the people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war? Why can’t you just leave Syria alone? Why do you continue funding and enabling the terrorists? Isn’t five years of civil war enough? Is overthrowing the Syrian government really worth so much suffering and death?

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21 maj – Obama Administration Overtly Supported “Moderate” Terrorists Involved in Al Zara Massacre in Syria

On May 12, 2016 at approximately 6:00 am, the armed terrorist group Ahrar al-Sham entered a small sleeping village of unarmed civilians and began a massacre of men, women, children, and in some cases whole families.
Over 100 persons were victims, with the exact figure unknown, because dozens were kidnapped, and their fate is still unknown. This village, Al Zara, had no military or Syrian government presence or connection. It had no military or geographical value to these terrorists. The only reason it was attacked was because the residents were not Sunni Muslims. The armed terrorists Ahrar al-Sham are an exclusively Sunni Muslim group, who are known to be Jihadists, and their stated goal is to establish an Islamic State in Syria. They are killing unarmed civilians of minority sects, as well as their own fellow Sunni Muslims who do not support their goals and tactics

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20 maj – Syria – After Detours U.S. Finally Agrees To Russian Ceasefire Plan

The recent talk between the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Secretary of State Kerry brought some progress. The U.S. was so far not willing to agree to a real ceasefire in Syria and persisted on a lower level ”cessation of hostility” agreement. This now changed. The U.S., for the first time, agreed to proceed towards a full ceasefire between its proxy forces in Syria and the Syrian government and its allies. – Kurdish Forces Preparing to Attack Daesh Capital of Raqqa in Upcoming Hours

The US-coalition’s aircraft have showered the Daesh ”capital” of Raqqa with leaflets urging civilians to evacuate, a source told Sputnik. The Kurdish forces are preparing to start an offensive.

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16 maj – Turkey to be prosecuted over illegal oil trade with ISIS – My Year in Syria: Cuban Journalist Gives Sputnik Exclusive Interview

For almost a year Miguel Fernandez was the only journalist from the Western world accredited to work in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and on his return to Havana gave Sputnik Mundo an exclusive interview about his experiences.

En massa fakta om Syrien – Everything you need to know about the syrian people

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14 maj

Sammanfattning av de senaste årens händelser i Syrien

Infographic: The War in Syria

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10 maj – Fear and Loathing in Aleppo: How the West Lies about Syria War

The distorted coverage of the US-backed war on Syria refuses to go away, particularly when it comes to the lies the mainstream media say about the recent events in Aleppo.
Here, Western media and politicians would like us to believe that the Syrian government and allies are bombing civilians and medical facilities within the city, including those supported by Doctors Without Borders in refugee camps near the border with Turkey.
For instance, with regard to a deadly bombing that targeted Al-Quds Hospital in Aleppo last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry claims without a shred of evidence that it was the work of the Syrian government! That his statement reeks of hypocrisy or is severely lacking in accountability as US planes continue to strike hospitals in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya is not the purpose of this write-up. The point is that the War Party and its counterparts in NATO are completely divorced with reality, are losing the war, and are desperate for an exit route.

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7 maj

U.S. Policy in Syria: An Interview with VA Senator Richard Black
EIR’s Jeff Steinberg interviews Virginia State Senator Richard Black on his recent trip to Syria and Lebanon. The two discuss the resilience of the Syrian people, the impact of U.S. sanctions on Syria, and the overall U.S. and Western strategy of ”regime change.”

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