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29 sep

ISIS trained like ‘monster’ to be unleashed against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon – Syrian FM (UNGA 2014) The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem addressed the UN General Assembly on Monday, September 29, during a fifth day of debate as UN member states convened for the assembly’s 69th session.

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28 sep

Andre Vltchek – Syria, the Latest Crusade

ISIS did not fall from the sky. Nor is it some sort of spontaneous movement. Like the Mujahedeen forces in Afghanistan, which fought both, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA) and later the Soviet Union, ISIS were paid, armed and trained by the United States and its allies.
It is a common tactic used by the West, to identify and groom the most radical forms of Islam, including Wahhabism, which is now choking Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region.
I was told in Istanbul by a leading Turkish documentary filmmaker from Ulusal TV, Serkan Koc, who has produced several ground-breaking works on the subject of the ‘Syrian opposition’:
“Of course you do realize that those people are not really ‘Syrian opposition’. They are modern-day legionnaires collected from various Arab countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, paid by western imperialist powers. Some are members of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Most are militant Sunni Muslims. One could describe them as rogue elements hired to fight the Assad government.”
I have covered those border camps for more than two years, often risking my life, occasionally being harassed and detained by Turkish intelligence.
In 2012 and 2013, I visited the areas around the Turkish city of Hatay, and camps like Apaydin, where various ISIS fighters were being trained by Western and Turkish intelligence. I investigated the situation at the border and also around Incirlik air-force base near Adana, which both the RAF and USAF use. And I worked in Jordan, at the camps that are openly utilized for the training of the ‘Syrian opposition’, a fact that is not concealed, even by the regional press.
I thought that my reports, and the reports by Serkan Koc, Huseyin Guler and others, dispersed the myth of a ‘spontaneous uprising against the President al-Assad’.
But obviously our efforts could not match the tremendous propaganda and brainwashing campaign unleashed by Western corporate media.
In a totally irrational, logically bizarre pirouette, the US accused Syria of not destroying Islamic State, that unsavory offspring of Western imperialist policy.

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23 sep – USA bombar Syrien

Den USA-ledda koalitionen mot den islamiska staten (IS, tidigare ISIS) har idag genomfört flyganfall mot IS-positioner inne i Syrien.
Över 160 missiler, nästan alla av dem precisionsstyrd, avfyrades under anfall i Syrien av USA och arabiska allierade, sade Pentagons talesman konteramiral John Kirby.
Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Jaafari sade till Reuters på tisdagen att han personligen informerats på måndagen av USA:s ambassadör Samantha Power om de förestående flyganfallen på syriskt territorium några timmar i förväg.
Jaafari sade att Syrien i denna fråga ”samarbetar nära med Irak.” – Al-Jaafari: U.S. Ambassador to the UN informed me of impending air strikes against ISIS targets in Syria

Syria News 23/9/2014, Syria received a letter from US informing on targeting ISIS – U.S.-led Coalition of the killing launched Air Strikes in Syria

The newly formed U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State launched airstrikes against positions of the Islamic State in Syria with fighter bombers and Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. The Syrian government earlier on stressed that it is combating the insurgents in Syria, that it considers air strikes without Syrian authorization as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty, and that combating terrorism requires cooperation with Syria.

Fahwad al-Khadoumi – Kerry positions U.S. for launching War on Syria on flawed Chemical Weapons Report

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, used the recent OPCW’s warning that the use of chlorine as weapon appears to have increased since August, to push a new round of chemical weapons rhetoric against the Syrian government. The OPCW report and Kerry ignore substantial evidence pointing to the allegedly “moderate opposition” as well as Turkey and Saudi Arabia as main suspects. Analysts warned already late 2013, that dual-use chemicals would be used as pretext for renewed calls for illegal military action against Syria.

En av de allra värsta propagandakrigförarna, Tomas Thorén är i full fart igen – – Oavsett vem han får sin lön av så fungerar han i praktiken som en medhjälpare till USA’s krigsmakt. Det gör ju många svenska sk journalister i och för sig, men den här är det extra tydligt med, vad jag har sett har han bara synts i samband med attacken mot Libyen och mot Syrien.

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17 sep

Mike Whitney – Obama Declares War on Syria, Why the Real Target is Assad Not ISIS

Invoking the same ominous language as his predecessor, Barack Obama used a prime time presidential address on Wednesday to announce the beginning of a war on Syria. And while there’s no doubt that many Americans will be confused by Obama’s misleading focus on the terrorist organization named ISIL, the real purpose of the speech was to garner support for another decade of homicidal conflicts in the Middle East. The administration is as determined as ever to plunge the region into chaos, erase existing borders, and install its puppets wherever it can. ISIL–which is mainly an invention of western Intel agencies and their treacherous counterparts in the Gulf– conveniently creates the justification for another bloody invasion followed by years of occupation, subjugation, and revolt.

Tony Cartalucci – Someone’s Already Fighting ISIS: The Syrian Arab Army

Since 2011, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has waged a relentless war within Syrian territory against what it has said from the very beginning was an invasion of heavily armed, foreign-backed sectarian extremists. In retrospect, the transparently ludicrous nature of articles like the Guardian’s ”Syria’s rebels unite to oust Assad and push for democracy” is self-evident. The article would lay out Syria’s claims side by side with the West’s narrative by stating:
In one of the fiercest clashes of the insurrection, Syrian troops finally took control of the town of Rastan after five days of intense fighting with army defectors who sided with protesters. Syrian authorities said they were fighting armed terrorist gangs.
In retrospect, and upon examining the obvious lay of Syria’s battlefields today, it is clear Syrian authorities were right.

Yuram Abdullah Weiler – Real US motives behind bombing ISIL

If the US commander-in-chief were truly serious about fighting ISIL, he would partner with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has been battling foreign-backed extremists since early 2011, but Obama has refused to do so. Instead, in his weekly address to Americans, Obama revealed, “Saudi Arabia will join the effort to help train and equip moderate Syrian opposition forces.”

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13 sep

Hur ska det gå nu då!? Obama, och de mörkrets makter han har bakom sig, tycks äntligen ha skaffat sig en anledning att bomba Syrien.
För det finns all anledning att misstänka att man kommer att passa på och bomba de syriska styrkorna för att hjälpa de legosoldater man stött i ca 3 år redan! Syriens regering har sagt att man kommer att betrakta all inblandning på syriskt territorium som inte godkänts av Syriens regering som en fientlig aggressionshandling.
Kunde inte Ryssland vända sig till USA och säga att man kan sköta bombingarna av ISIS i Syrien, så kan USA hålla sig till Irak!?

Melkulangara Bhadrakumar – Obama Launches His War, Finally

Obama stated that the US military operations directed against will extend into Syrian territory. He spelt out the strategy toward Syria, which is focused on ramping up military assistance to the Syrian opposition. Obama appealed to the US Congress to make available to him additional «authorities and resources to train and equip these [Syrian] fighters». In essence, a big escalation of the US intervention in Syria is in the offing.
Obama bluntly rejected any notions of the US relying on the Syrian regime. He called it an illegitimate regime and also vowed to «solve Syria’s crisis once and for all». Simply put, the US will accelerate the push for regime change in Syria.

Patrick Henningsen – US Will Use ‘ISIS Airstrikes’ in Syria as Aircover for Rebels, Hit Syrian Military Targets

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12 sep

Yusuf Fernandez – US fight against ISIL: Pretext for changing Assad?

On September 9, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that if the United States decided to bomb the Takfiri group ISIL´s positions in Syria without the Syrian government´s approval, it would mean a “violation of Syrian sovereignty and international law.”

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