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MANUFACTURING DISSENT av Lizzie Phelan och Mostafa Afzalzadeh. från

”a documentary about the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west and their allies aimed at facilitating the US, European and Israeli agenda of getting rid of the current Syrian government. It demonstrates how the media has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.”

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31 aug

Från FN-mötet igår – Humanitarian aid to Syria must be neutral – Russia’s UN ambassador

Some of the proposals for solving the humanitarian crisis in Syria voiced at a United Nations Security Council meeting Thursday do not fully comply with the principles of neutrality and impartiality, Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin said.
­The central concern in implementing humanitarian activities in Syria is full impartiality and neutrality, in accordance with international law, Churkin said in an address to the Security Council.
“Let us put this directly: not all of the ideas voiced here are in line with these criteria,” he said. “We consider the efforts of individual states to use humanitarian arguments to justify the financial, technical and logistical support to illegal armed groups as unacceptable.”
The Security Council remains very much divided over how to deal with the Syrian crisis. The high-level meeting in New York focused on the humanitarian circumstances in Syria and how their continuing deterioration.

Turkey has asked the Security Council to consider setting up humanitarian buffer zones inside Syria, refugee camps that would be guarded by neighboring countries. The Syrian government, however, is opposed to the suggestion, and UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres warned as well that it is “rarely possible to provide effective protection and security in such areas.”
Russia and China have also opposed the idea of buffer zones, saying that they would only worsen violence in the country. Even UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson cautioned that the proposal would ”raise serious questions and require careful and critical consideration.”
Meanwhile, Britain and France say they are not ruling out any options for solving Syrian crisis, including a military-enforced no-fly zone.

Exposing the ”Red Line” in Syria, med James Corbett, Michel Chossudovsky och Eric Draitser

Over the course of the Syrian crisis, a number of events have been used to portray Assad as a genocidal madman and military intervention as a necessary step.
As things come to a head in the terrorist-torn nation, the lies, half-truths and exaggerations behind this ”red line” thesis are gradually being exposed.
från – Vem för krig i Syrien?

Tyska spioner, stationerade på fartyg utanför den syriska kusten, sänder underrättelser till ”Fria syriska armén” för att underlätta deras kampanj mot regimen president Bashar al-Assad.

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30 aug

Hela intervjun igår med Syriens president utskriven på engelska – President Bashar al-Assad’s Interviw with Addounia TV

The Syrian delegation has walked out on a session of the Non-Aligned movement in Tehran. They were angered at a speech by Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi, who called President Assad’s regime oppressive.
Syria’s foreign minister said the comments amounted to inciting further violence in the country. RT spoke to journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark, who believes Morsi’s statement was unbalanced at best. – Syrisk opposition lovas svensk hjälp, Det oppositionella Syriska nationella rådet (SNC) är i Stockholm för ett flera dagar långt ledningsmöte.

Önskemålen handlar enligt Bildt bland annat om ambulanser och mobila kök: sådant som går att använda i flyktinglägren, men också inne i Syrien.

Samtidigt kör Ekot på med flyktingsituationen – 250 000 syrier på flykt sedan striderna började och ett FN-möte ska hållas idag om det. Det ser ut som att man är ute efter att försöka upprätta någon sorts buffertzoner eller skyddade zoner, som man sen i nästan skede kan säga att man måste skicka in militär för att skydda!

Scott Creighton – Farah’s Barbaric Demise: How Pathetic the Left has Become in the Age of Obama

Reading the various few Western media reports on Tuesday’s cowardly terrorist attack on a funeral procession in the Jaramana suburb of Damascus, I am struck by two things: (1) how widespread and universally accepted the lies about Bashir Assad have become in spite of countless reports and proof to the contrary from a variety of sources including the MSM… and (2) how completely devoid the American people are of even the slightest remnants of instinctual human empathy.

These terrorists (and let’s call them what they are) attacked civilians in an area that clearly didn’t support their foreign backed regime change agenda and then they waited and targeted civilians who attended the funeral procession that followed.

RT talks to mother Agnes Mariam, founder of monastery in Qara in Syria and witnessed what the people went through when the first sparks of trouble ignited the war.

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29 aug

TV-intervju med Syriens president från idag, på youtube, sammanfattning på engelska kan läsas hos

Since the first week of the crisis, there were victims of police and security, how did they fall? Fallen victims of the acoustic wave of the demonstrators?

Finian Cunningham – West scripting scary scenario in Syria

The Western powers allege that because of the deteriorating security situation in Syria, the state’s suspected arsenal of chemical weapons may “fall into the wrong hands”. In that event, Obama, Cameron and Hollande say they will have no choice but to move militarily into Syria’s conflict to safeguard those weapons.
But hold on a minute.
The deteriorating security situation in Syria that the Western powers are apparently concerned about is the result of a Western-backed armed insurrection that they have been recklessly fuelling over the past year. Since the US-led powers unveiled a roadmap for regime change across the Middle East in 2001, these powers have been waiting for the opportunity to overthrow the government in Damascus. They got their chance during the Arab Spring of 2011 when the US, Britain and France were able to infiltrate that country under the guise of supporting a pro-democracy movement.

The Syrian crisis is a tragedy that is a montage of so many other recent Western-scripted tragedies: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The same lies and fabrications, the same horror and suffering, and the same Western criminals posing as heroes.

Robert Fisk har varit i Daraya, där 2-300 människor dödades för några dagar sen, och pratat med boende där – Inside Daraya, Syria: How a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre

One woman, who gave her name as Leena, said she was travelling through the town in a car and saw at least 10 male bodies lying on the road near her home. ”We carried on driving past, we did not dare to stop, we just saw these bodies in the street,” she said, adding that Syrian troops had not yet entered Daraya.
Another man said that, although he had not seen the dead in the graveyard, he believed that most were related to the government army and included several off-duty conscripts. ”One of the dead was a postman – they included him because he was a government worker,” the man said. If these stories are true, then the armed men – wearing hoods, according to another woman who described how they broke into her home and how she kissed them in a fearful attempt to prevent them shooting her own family – were armed insurgents rather than Syrian troops.
The home of Amer Sheikh Rajab, a forklift truck driver, had been taken over, he said, by gunmen as a base for ”Free Army” forces, the phrase the civilians used for the rebels. They had smashed the family crockery and burned carpets and beds – the family showed this destruction to us – but had also torn out the internal computer chip parts of laptops and television sets in the house. To use as working parts for bombs, perhaps?
On a road on the edge of Daraya, Khaled Yahya Zukari, a lorry driver, had been leaving the town on Saturday in a mini-bus with his 34-year-old wife Musreen and their seven-month-old daughter.
”We were on our way to [the neighbouring suburb of] Senaya when suddenly there was a lot of shooting at us,” he said. ”I told my wife to lie on the floor but a bullet came into the bus and passed right through our baby and hit my wife. It was the same bullet. They were both dead. The shooting came from trees, from a green area. Maybe it was the militants hiding behind the soil and trees who thought we were a military bus bringing soldiers.”

Någon eller några hade tydligen hackat sig in på Amnesty Internationals websida för någon dag sedan och lagt in ett inlägg som sa att Amnesty uppmanar FN att vidta åtgärder mot de länder stöder och beväpnar de väpnade grupperna som härjar i Syrien!! Ganska snabbt var sidan bortplockad, men den kan ses på Google cache

There is overwhelming evidence that crimes against humanity are being committed, yet the US, it’s NATO allies, Israel using Qatar and Turkey as a proxy, continue to ship weapons to Syria and delay, veto or obfuscate international action against the rebels.
Amnesty is calling on the UN calling for an arms embargo on all those nations that are funding and arming the insurgency in Syria, namely, the US, Britian, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore amnesty is calling for the freezing of assets of Turkish prime minister Erdogan, Qatar’s king Hamed, Saudi king Abdula Al Saud, president Obama and Syrian National Council members, and the situation to be referred to the ICC.

Iran puts forward proposal to solve Syrian unrest

RT – M. Klostermayr – German hypocrisy towards Syria

Syrian journalists say some Western and Arabic satellite news channels are fabricating events to accuse the Syrian army of attacking and terrorizing civilians. They refer to the recent case of Mohammad Salim Kabbani who used to go on live on Al-Jazira , Al-Arabia and Orient TV channels as the spokesman for the foreign-backed militant group calling itself the Free Syria Army.
He appeared on Arab media outlets as if he was in the city of Homs while he was in Northern Lebanon city of Tripoli.

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28 aug

12 personer dödade (ny uppgift säger 27) och 48 skadade av en bilbomb i utkanten av Damaskus – Twelve Citizens Killed, 48 Injured in Car Bomb Explosion during Escorting Martyrs in Jaramana, Damascus Countryside

Ziad Fadel, syrier som bor i USA och som skriver bloggen Syrian perspective, intervjuas av Morris från England. Han verkar ha kontakt med släkt och bekanta i Syrien och har bra koll på läget. Bl.a. skriver han på bloggen att de engelska specialtrupper som påstås ha tagit sig in i Syrien (se inlägget 26 aug nedan) inte är där för att ha koll på kemiska vapen, utan för att installera utrustning som ska störa syriska militärens försvar mot flyganfall!

Varför allt prat om kemiska vapen om inte nationerna som ligger bakom aggressionerna mot Syrien har lömska planer?
A Saudi company has already arranged for 1,400 ambulance cars equipped with chemical & poisonous gas filtering system for swift military intervention when needed..! från – – France to Syrian rebels ”Form a transitional government & we’ll recognize it!

Russian Foreign Ministry: Foreign Military Support to Opposition Encourages it to Reject participation in National Dialogue

Exclusive: ‘We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments’, Assad’s Foreign Minister gives his first interview to a Western journalist since the conflict began

I asked about chemical weapons, of course. If Syria had such weapons, they would never be used against its own people, he said. ”We are fighting armed groups inside Aleppo, in the Damascus suburbs, before that in Homs and Idlib and this means fighting within Syrian cities – and our responsibility is to protect our people.”
And the infamous Shabiha militia blamed for atrocities in the countryside? Walid Muallem doesn’t believe in them. There might be local unarmed people defending their property from armed groups, he says. But pro-regime, paid militiamen? Never.

Egypt opposes foreign military intervention in Syria: Morsi

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has strongly opposed any form of foreign military intervention in Syria.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Morsi claimed that the Syrian people want President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power.
On Sunday, a spokesman for Morsi said the Egyptian president called for the formation of a regional contact group, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to help resolve the unrest in Syria.

NAM offers intervention-free solution to ongoing crisis in Syria: Akhoundzadeh

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad-Mehdi Akhoundzadeh says the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) could be the harbinger of a peaceful and intervention-free solution for the Syrian unrest.

But at the meantime Syria is a member of the NAM and yesterday there was in depth discussion within the political committee of the NAM and they came up with three paragraphs on the situation in Syria which I think this could really open up a new venture of hopes for all those who want a peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria, free from foreign intervention, free from intimidation and I believe this is a consensus opinion of the NAM members of states which today we have adopted it.
What will happen in the ministerial meeting when Mr. Morsi comes to Tehran the day after tomorrow, whether there will be other initiatives by the NAM that we have to cross our fingers and see how things will move.
But so far there is a united consensus understanding among all 120 countries that [special envoy of UN general Secretary] Mr. Akhzar Ebrahimi should be in a position to implement the plan of action, to implement the policy that he has announced and I think that is the only way dialogue, talks and reconciliation, hoping that everybody comes to sense and keep aside the culture of killing, destructions and all those bloodsheds.

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27 aug

En syrisk helikopter har skjutits ner, med en amerikansk missil, enligt uppgift. Kanske med hjälp av de brittiska specialtrupper som nämndes i förra inlägget? Igår dödades många människor i Daraya, en förort till Damaskus. Medier trogna de makter som ligger bakom angreppet mot Syrien försöker som vanligt få det att låta som att regeringstrupperna utfört massakern, vilket för mig låter mindre sannolikt – Russia Today – och kör nu med propagandan som de väpnade grupperna kommer med, att dagens nedskjutning skulle vara en hämnd för dödandet i Daraya. Lite intressant i Cecilia Uddéns inslag idag är att Egypten nämns som möjlig fredsmäklare för Syrien. Är detta ett tecken på att man trots allt är beredda att ge upp? Intressant är också hur rädda man är att nämna det verkliga världssamfundets möte i Iran, NAM (Non Aligned Movement) , där det talas om fredsinitiativ om Syrien.

RT talks to UK journalist Neil Clark

* * *

Än mer häpnadsväckande avslöjanden i mainstreammedierna. Vad är syftet med detta? Att gradvis vänja medborgarna vid, och få dem att se det som att det inte är något att ifrågasätta, att väst är direkt involverade angreppet mot Syrien? Liksom man gradvis har vant dem vid att det handlar om en väpnad utlandsstödd konflikt och inte en brutal ”regims” hänsynslösa attacker mot fredliga demonstranter, som det först skulle framställas som. Och liksom man försöker vänja medborgarna vid att det är något naturligt och normalt att USA/väst ständigt håller på med krig, och mot allt fler länder.

Britain and US plan a Syrian revolution from an innocuous office block in Istanbul

An underground network of Syrian opposition activists is receiving training and supplies of vital equipment from a combined American and British effort to forge an effective alternative to the Damascus regime

The schemes are overseen by the US State Department’s Office of Syrian Opposition Support (OSOS) and Foreign Office officials. America has set aside $25 million for political opponents of President Bashar al-Assad while Britain is granting £5 million to the cause of overthrowing the regime.

Foreign intervention in civil wars has proven to be a perilous undertaking since the end of the Cold War but in Syria where an invasion has proven unfeasible, diplomats have had to resort to creative thinking.

En tillfångatagen legokrigare berättar i syrisk TV. Han säger att han visste inte att han skulle sändas till just Syrien. Att läggas till de två tidigare uppgifterna (se inlägget 23 aug nedan) om krigare som inte visste att de var i Syrien! Libyan Terrorist Relates Details of How Terrorists are Trained in Libya with Funding from Arab Gulf Countries and Sent to Syria

Al-Farajani, a Libyan from the city of Benghazi born in 1993, said that he joined a militant group after the events in Libya, and that during his time with this group he became aware that its members were in contact with people in al-Zantan area where Qatari and Emirati planes loaded with weapons, Toyota SUVs and Qatari officers who trained militants in the use of AK-47 rifles and machineguns of various calibers and gave them monthly payments of 2000 Libyan dinars.

He pointed out that the battalion made a passport for him without even telling him that he was to be sent to Syria, then he was sent to Turkey by plane and arrived in Antioch, where a Syrian took them to a house containing people from Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Syria, all of them wearing masks and well-trained.

Terrorists target Syrian culture & history

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26 aug

Vad är detta!!? Tony Cartalucci – British Paper Claims Western Troops are in Syria, With zero mandate, SAS allegedly ”hunts for WMDs” as West attempts incremental intervention at any cost

The British Daily Star has reported in their article, ”SAS HUNT BIO ARMS,” that, ”nearly 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria hunting for Assad’s weapons of mass destruction.” The Star also claims that the SAS are accompanied by British MI6, US CIA, and both French and American soldiers.
Like Iraq, the West has provided no evidence that such weapons even exist, let alone prove that the weapons have or even would be used against terrorists operating across Syria. And like in Iraq, another false pretext is being developed through leaks, and limited hangouts in an attempt to prime the public for a desperate intervention designed to bolster the West’s collapsing terrorist front.
The West also categorically lacks any semblance of an international mandate to act militarily within Syria – meaning that if SAS soldiers are in Syria, they are in egregious violation of international law.

Det plus att Cecilia Uddén är tillbaka på Ekot efter en tids bortavaro med förnyad propagandakrigföring, gör att det finns anledning att befara att en ny desperat offensiv har inletts.

Ben Schreiner – Western aggression intensifies across the Middle East

As Western threats of military intervention into Syria intensify, the prolonging and further deepening of the Syrian crisis becomes inevitable.

Of course, it is indeed Iran, rather than any fear of chemical weapons, that dictates Western interests in Syria. After all, a further destabilized and weakened Syria-no matter the costs for ordinary Syrians-is seen as nothing but a strategic victory in the larger US-Israeli campaign to isolate Iran internationally. Such a campaign, however, is showing emerging signs of stress., 22 aug – Obama makes direct threat to invade Syria. US & NATO Planning

The US/Israeli/NATO plans to overthrow the Syrian government through Al Queda and other international terrorists appear to have unraveled. This amounts to an enormous failure as the US wanted more than anything to hide behind it’s psuedo ”rebels,” i.e. proxy terrorist groups, to avoid the appearance of another unilateral war against another sovereign country in the eyes of the world. In desperation, the Obama regime is now resorting to the same blatant lies about ”weapons of mass destruction” they used as a pretext for invading Iraq. Time will tell if Washington and their international mafia are foolhardy enough to attack Syria directly.
This much is as clear as crystal: their intention is not to ”save Syria.” Their intention is to destroy the country as they have destroyed Iraq and Libya to destabilize the Middle East, invade Iran and eventually gain control of the vast natural resources of Iran and Central Asia and thwart the economic growth and sovereignty of Russia and China.

Robert Fisk: The bloody truth about Syria’s uncivil war, Those trying to topple Assad have surprised the army with their firepower and brutal tactics

Bashar al-Assad’s government faces a resourceful, well-armed and ruthless enemy whose Islamist supporters are receiving help from the West – just as the Islamist mujahedin fighters were funded and armed by the West when they fought the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980s. With up to 50,000 men under arms and perhaps 4,000 battle tanks, the Syrian army, per se, cannot lose. But can they win?

Motvallsbloggen – Vad vi inte fått veta om den syriska armén

Varför berättar ingen i våra media för oss att den syriska armén är en värnpliktsarmé?
Om värnpliktsarméer, till skillnad från vad gäller legoarméer, vet man att de är mycket svårare att få att skjuta på den egna befolkningen medan legoarméer skjuter på dem man betalar dem för att beskjuta

‘Syria strategic to West for energy transit…and Iran’, The current situation in Syria is atypical to this peaceful country’s history, where people managed to avoid internal conflicts for centuries, stresses founder of Syrian Friendship Association and journalist Kris Janssen

RT:You have written and said that the armed uprising in Syria has been supported or started from the outside, but you also acknowledged the fact that the Syrians from inside want change. What is the basis of your analysis on this?
KJ: I do believe that the violence we are seeing now has nothing to do with reform, it has to do with the strained people. Also, I am convinced – and I have a lot of testimonies from people in Syria – that a lot of the rebels, the members of Syrian Free Army, as the matter of fact are foreigners. This is not reform and Syrians are not interested in this. Syrian people are very peaceful people and they managed to live together for centuries without any problem. So the violence we are seeing now is not a Syrian product. I went to Dara’a, which was a hotbed the year before, where the trouble started. Also, Dara’a is near the Jordanian border.
It is not a coincidence that the trouble started at the border town because this underlines once again the influence from abroad. I mean, if the current situation in Syria was really a Syrian problem, trouble would have started in Hama or Homs. A lot of outside forces and governments are interested to destroy Syria. Why? Because you have to remember Syria has a very strategic position in the area, in the Middle East, in the region. I think the main target is Iran because Iran is such a powerhouse in the region. It is so strong. They know that to take out Iran, first they have to take out Syria. And I am quite convinced that if they would succeed to destroy Syria the next target would be Hezbollah in Lebanon and once these two allies are taken out, they will concentrate one hundred per cent on Iran.

Turkey and US plan ‘intelligence shield’ and Syria ‘after Assad’ – Western governments must face legal action for inciting violence in Syria

The Islamic Republic of Iran Human Rights Commission called on United Nations Human Rights Council to examine violation of human rights by western governments encouraging and arming terrorists to commit violence and crimes against legitimate government of Syria.
Western governments must face legal action for inciting violence in Syria
In a letter forwarded to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, the Iranian Human Rights Commission said that widespread terrorist acts in Syria by those labeling themselves as Syrian free army have created a bloody and regrettable situation for this Muslim nation.

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