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31 jan

USA/väst jobbar nu för högtryck för att på något sätt få igenom en resolution i FN, som ska kunna bana vägen för en utveckling mot att Syriens president tvingas bort och landets störtas i kaos, så att väst kan ta kontroll över landet och sen gå vidare mot Iran. Det förekommer säkert alla sorters tänkbara mutförsök och hot bakom kulisserna, och medierna gör sitt jobb och bearbetar västländerna med sin propaganda om att FN försöker få ett slut på våldet! – Det är ganska otroligt om de lyckas bedra så värst många med tanke på att precis samma föreställning nyligen körts i Libyen.

Russia Today – Assad must go, no intervention: UNSC Syria draft

Sergey Lavrov said the UN Security Council would never support a tour de force against Syria.

“If [the Syrian] opposition refuses to sit at a negotiation table with the regime – what is the alternative? To bomb the regime? I’ve seen that before,” Lavrov said, “I guarantee the Security Council will never approve this.”

Author and Middle East expert John Bradley told RT the National Council is now a pawn in greater Middle East game: “NATO is determined to bring the Assad regime to its knees as a prelude to invading Iran. The Syrian opposition is under huge pressure from outside powers who want these talks [between the Assad regime and the opposition] to fail even before they begin – most obviously NATO”.

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Arabförbundets rapport

Arabförbundets rapport som pdf – – enligt facebook-gruppen Syrian Youth English förstår man varför delegationen drogs tillbaka när man läser rapporten.

Fler godhjärtade handlingar av ”oppositionen” som svenska medier är så förtjusta i.

Armed Terrorist Group Blows up Gas Pipeline in Homs, Six Army Members Martyred by Terrorists in Daraa Countryside

An armed terrorist group at dawn Monday blew up a gas pipeline extending from Homs to Banyas near al-Rabieh village in Tal Kalakh.
The attack caused a leak of about 460,000 cubic meter of gas.
An official source at the Ministry of Petroleum told SANA that the sabotaged 24-inch diameter pipeline, set ablaze and exploded by an explosive charge, is affiliated to the Syrian Gas Company and feeds Banyas electricity generation plant operating by gas.
The source said two electricity generation plants with a capacity of 260 megawatt/hour were stopped due to the explosion.

Boris Dolgov – What Is Really Going On In Syria: Insider Update

In this article Boris Dolgov, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, reports on his recent trip to Syria. His field investigation is particularly valuable since most of the information about Syria in recent months has emanated from Beirut, Paris or London. Professor Dolgov confirms that, far from a contrived ”Arab Spring” scenario, Syria is undeniably grappling with the threat of foreign occupation. He observes that while the offensive is inordinately violent, the population will not be intimidated. Aware of the disaster wrought by NATO ”humanitarian” operations in Yugoslavia and Libya, the Syrians refuse to be drawn into a sectarian quagmire. A process of reform and development is on track, but it will not be dictated from abroad. In Syria, one may object to the president, but not to national sovereignty.

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30 jan

Planeras det för att använda kemiska vapen, som kommer från Libyen, i Syrien? Vilket västs propagandamedier sen kommer att ljuga om och påstå att det är regeringen som använder dessa mot oppositionen? Från en TV-intervju med den politiske analytikern Talib Ibrahim, från Syrien antar jag, kanalen heter Al Manar, den 23:e januari.

”So there are preparations for a very dangerous and big event, and when Davutoglu arrived in Lebanon (as we heard from some Lebanese sources) he said: ”expect a big event at the end of this month in Syria, or a dramatic change”, but I expect for these gangs to be granted permission to start their work, and perhaps use the chemical weapon, and when they use the chemical weapon, they might attempt to accuse the Syrian government, and we start a new scenario, similar to the Iraqi scenario or the Libyan one ..

Det finns all anledning att ta dessa farhågor på allvar. Det är absolut hänsynslösa makter som ligger bakom kampanjen mot Syrien, liksom mot Libyen, de ger sig inte förrän de till vilket pris som helst fått sin vilja igenom.
Man kan jämföra med hur det gick till vid den massiva offensiven mot Tripoli i slutet av augusti. Då hade många månader av intensivt bombande från NATO’s sida inte gett det resultat man till varje pris hade föresatt sig, att landets styre skulle bort. Då, runt den 20:e augusti kom plötsligt medierna med rapporter om att ”rebellerna” gjorde framsteg och närmade sig Tripoli – jämför med dagens inslag om Syrien, Optimism bland syriska oppositionen – någon dag senare sattes en våldsam offensiv in. Med hjälp av hänsynslösa bombningar och attacker med Apache-helikoptrar, och någon köpt libysk general som hade skickat sina soldater på permission, och marktrupper som sattes in sjövägen lyckades man få in ”rebellerna” i huvudstaden. Är något liknande på gång nu i Syrien? T.ex. en attack med kemiska vapen som skylls på regeringen? Vilket följs av en indignerings-föreställning i FN, ”vi kan inte stå vid sidan och se på längre, vi måste skydda det syriska folket” !!!? Västs befolkningar är väl bearbetade och förberedda sen många månader av de korrupta medierna.

Mer från artikeln – Syria: The whole truth. Game on! – som citatet ovan är hämtat från, och som sägs före ovanstående.

There is a plot against Syria, which is the first step in a plot against Iran; The Arab League is bought by the West, as Gaddafi said a long time ago; The Arab League wants to turn the Syrian question into a Libyan question…
And here comes the bombshell:
”Yes, there is an internal issue, and there are internal motives, but the foreign factor played the main role in this crisis, but when we talk about a international dimension and that this crisis is already internationalized, then what does it mean that the French intelligence training members for street wars and using Israeli made ”Inerka” missiles, and the advanced fighting in Wadi Khaled.
”What does it mean that Erdogan and his intelligence and NATO intelligence training and fund camps for Syrian armed men under the title of humanitarian refugees in Turkey and Eskanderon district, and what does it mean (it is news that we are mentioning on Al Manar TV and we hope it receives the adequate concern) what does it mean to move large part of the Libyan chemical weapons arsenal to the Turkish territories, to the hands of insurgents, and along with it they brought Libyan fighters to Syria, and by the way, some Libyan fighters were killed on the Syrian soils…

En intervju på Russia Today med en rysk journalist och författare som bor i Syrien – Syria: Watch the weather forecast

RT: What is known of the endowments that finance the opposition?
AK: I was once invited to meet a woman in Moscow, who heads one of these organizations. Her name is Stephanie Brancaforte, and she is a Campaign Director for an international association called Avaaz. They have a website located at This organization has recently taken interest in meeting with bloggers who regularly report on Syria and tell the truth. They found our contacts and proposed a personal introduction, and the head of the endowment specially came to Moscow to meet us. I guess we must be really important for them.
Since I permanently reside in Syria, that woman quickly realized that I would not be duped, nor would I sell out to them. That lady has never been to Syria herself, she does not speak Arabic, and she draws her opinions on the situation in the country from other people’s reports. Nonetheless, she is extremely categorical in her assessment of what is going on there.
When I asked her straightforward whether she had ever visited Syria, she ended our meeting abruptly. Notably, she had learnt about me from Syrian opposition members based in Moscow. That means they maintain contact with each other. Nobody will ever convince me that an organization that explicitly admits to financing the opposition within Syria does not sponsor opposition members who live in Moscow.

När personen från Avaaz fick reda på att den här författaren bor i Syrien och inte var beredd att ljuga om situtionen där så var det inte intressant längre!

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29 jan

Russia Today
Syrian opposition activists claim that more than 60 people have been killed during the latest outbreak of violence. That is against a backdrop of the reported advance of armed Syrian anti-regime fighters towards the capital Damascus.
The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, one of the leading opposition groups, remains adamant that foreign military intervention would make an already deteriorating situation even worse.
This lack of unity among opposition factions has hampered the growing calls for direct UN involvement. Russia and China, however, remain firmly opposed to a resolution that would leave the door open to foreign military intervention.

Don Debar, anti-war activist and journalist talks to RT suggesting the latest UN Security Council resolution does not uphold the right of the Syrian people to choose their own leadership. – Syrien: väst vill ha mera blod, 13 jan – Media Accounts of Syrian Unrest Crafted to Twist Public Opinion – An Open Letter to the dishonorable Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Lebanon to prepare for a possible NATO action against Syria. Too busy conspiring against the peace he should be defending, he forgot to inquire about Israel’s daily violations of Lebanese sovereignty. In an open letter published by the Lebanese press, Arab thinker Hassan Hamade lambastes Mr. Ban and his representative Mr. Rød-Larsen, recalling that far from standing up for principles, both are thugs wallowing in corruption.

Människor i Syrien berättar om hur deras vardag är.

Protester i London mot krigshetsen – Stop the War protests against Iran and Syria intervention: 28 January 2012

European Friends of Syria

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28 jan

Syriens FN-ambassadör den 26:e januari – Kritisk Syrien-observatör ljög – Presidency of Arab League seeks to bury own experts’ report

Since the outbreak of the events that have cast a dark shadow over Syria, two interpretations stand in opposition to each other: for the West and their Gulf allies, the regime crushed the popular revolution in blood, while for Syria and its BRICS allies, the country is assailed by armed groups coming from abroad.To shed light on these events, the Arab League created an Observer Mission composed of persons appointed by each Member State (except Lebanon which declined to participate). This diversity of experts constituted a guarantee against the possible manipulation of the outcome; their number (over 160) and the duration of their mission (one month) would provide a much broader picture than was previously available. To date, no other party can claim to have conducted a survey as comprehensive and meticulous, and therefore can not claim to know better the situation in Syria.

The Ministerial Committee of the Arab League, responsible for monitoring the Arab Plan and composed of five League members out of the 22 (Algeria, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Sudan) ratified the observer mission report by 4 votes against 1 (that of Qatar) and decided to extend the mission by one month.

The problem is that the report confirms the version of the Syrian government and demolished that of the West and the Gulf monarchies. In particular, it demonstrates that there were no lethal crackdowns on peaceful demonstrators and that all the commitments made by Damascus have been scrupulously honored. It also validates the important fact that the country is in the grips of armed groups, who are responsible for the death of hundreds of Syrian civilians and thousands among the military, as well as for hundreds of acts of terrorism and sabotage.

RT – Arab League halts observer mission in Syria

Churken: Arab-Western Draft Resolution on Syria is wrong Step and Unacceptable

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27 jan

Arabförbundets rapport 23:e januari.

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26 jan

Lizzie Phelan intervjuas på Press TV, bl.a. om Arabförbundets senaste uttalande – ‘Arab League report on Syria flawed’

But the Arab League, on the one hand, they’re acknowledging that arms insurgents inside the country, but they’re not acknowledging then that as a result the Syrian government is in a very difficult position.
Because if they’re acknowledging that in places like Homs and other places, that there are arms insurgents inside the country, then what we know is that these insurgents are embedded amongst the civilian population. This is very difficult for the Syrian military and the government to respond to in a decisive way without causing a loss to civilian life.
So, on the one hand they’re calling for no action by the Syrian army but on the other hand they’re acknowledging that there is a real threat to the civilian population, army and police by arms insurgence.
One must ask what their recommendations are that the Syrian state should do in the face of that problem.
And then, of course, the other thing that came out of this report is that the Arab League observers said that they’ve been under a lot of pressure by the international media.
There is very much a feeling that there has been a huge media war conducted against Syria. And that if the media, especially channels like Al-Jazeera and the others wouldn’t have been involved in this crisis then actually it would have been over a long time ago.

Demonstrationer i Damaskus idag, till stöd för landets styre och mot utländsk inblandning.

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25 jan

Boris Dolgov – What Is Really Going On In Syria: Insider Update

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria I have made two trips to that country as a member of international delegations in August 2011 and in January 2012. If we watch the dynamics of situation’s development over that period on the one hand we can state intensification of terrorist groups in Syria and on the other hand we see a broader people’s support of President Bashar Assad and a clear demarcation of political forces’ positions

At present there are three main trends in the Syrian patriotic opposition – democratic, liberal and left, which is mainly a communist one. The Syrian Social Nationalist Party is the most influential party among the democratic forces. It is also the oldest party which was established in 1932. As Iliah Saman, a member of the political bureau of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party said, the party’s program is more conservative in comparison with the Baath’s program. Nevertheless there are no differences of principle between the two parties. According to him, the policy of the US, France and England is the main destabilizing factor in Syria. He said that those countries were acting in the interests of Israel and had the goal to divide Syria into five state formations on the basis of religious and ethnical differences.

A telling example of terrorist crimes was the shelling of a quarter in Homs on January 11 which killed eight local residents. Giles Jacquier, a reporter with France-2 TV, became one more victim of the attack. We spoke with Jacquier shortly before his tragic death and he was convinced that people’s protests were suppressed by the authoritarian regime in Syria. He was looking for the opposition everywhere trying to make a report. On failing to find it in Damascus he moved with a group of Dutch and Swiss colleagues to Homs. But in Homs he also met people who were supporting Bashar Assad and demanding to protect them from terrorists. A group of local residents and Giles Jacquier who happened to be near came under a grenade thrower fire, which was a common thing in that district. Commenting the tragic death of the French reporter Mother Agnes Mariam, who is the prior of the St James Catholic Cathedral in Damascus, said that there is no protesting opposition in Syria but only bandits who are killing people.

Christof Lehmann – Arab League, Syria, and Blatant Violations of International Law

Are the decisions of the Arab Leagues Ministerial Council surprising ? Hardly so. Are they a gross violation of international law ? Yes of course, but we are obviously living in a world that is dominated by a State whose greatest cultural contributions to mankind are McDonalds, the Wild West, Lynch Mobs, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
According to SyriaOnline, a spokesperson of the Syrian Government said, that the Ministerial Council should rather shoulder it´s responsibilities in halting the financing and arming of the terrorist groups which kill innocent Syrian civilians and attack the state´s facilities, and infrastructure, and to oppose the misleading media.

Shamus Cooke – The Truth Behind the Coming ”Regime Change” in Syria

The United States appears to be using a strategy in Syria that it has perfected over the years, having succeeded most recently in Libya: arming small paramilitary groups loyal to U.S. interests that claim to speak for the local population; these militants then attack the targeted government the U.S. would like to see overthrown — including terrorist bombings — and when the attacked government defends itself, the U.S. cries ”genocide” or ”mass murder,” while calling for foreign military intervention.
This is the strategy that the U.S. is using to channel the Arab Spring into the bloody dead end of foreign military intervention.

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23 jan

Läs en mycker bra intervju med Lizzie Phelan som befinner sig i Syrien, översatt till svenska – Avslöjar mediernas lögner om Syrien

– Det pågår ett mediekrig mot Syrien. Jag är på plats i landet för att förstå vad som verkligen händer och i vilken omfattning medierna ljuger. Att de sprider lögner bekräftas vid nästan varje intervju jag gör. Det säger den brittiska frilansjournalisten Lizzie Phelan.

Jag tror att väst kommer att fortsätta tills något sker som öppnar möjligheten för krig. – Arabförbundet kräver Bashar Assads avgång medan Ryssland säljer flygplan till Syrien

Under gårdagens möte har Arabförbundet antagit två viktiga beslut: förlängningen av observatörsgruppens närvaro i Syrien för ytterligare en månad och antagandet av en handlingsplan för att lösa krisen. Idag införde EU ett nytt och redan den 11: e i rad paket med ekonomiska sanktioner mot fysiska och juridiska personer i Syrien.
Förlängning av observatörsgruppens uppdrag kan betraktas generellt som ett positivt faktum, vilket är ingen tillfällighet för att både Ryssland och Kina har starkt rekommenderat att Bashar Assad skulle gå med på förlängning av inspektionen. En sådan åtgärd kan inte bara dra ut på tiden innan parlamentsvalet i mars, efter vilket blir det mycket svårare att ifrågasätta Assads legitimitet, men även skjuter upp FN:s möjlighet att anta en resolution angående Syrien. Dessutom har observatörerna själva i deras rapport inte bara erkänt förekomsten av väpnade terroristgrupper, som är ansvariga för flera terrorattacker, utan också bekräftade genomförandet av ett antal grundläggande krav som Arabförbundet ställde inför Bashar Assad. Förutom det har även noterats att ett antal arabiska massmedier och några Arabförbundets representanter förvränger fakta och skapar hysteri.
Denna rapport har orsakat starkt missnöje hos Saudiarabien som har aviserat sin avsikt att dra tillbaka sina observatörer och uppmanade alla, inklusive Ryssland, för att utöva ”alla möjliga påtryckningar” på Syrien, inklusive militär intervention. Tidigare var det Qatar som föreslog att invadera Syrien. – Lizzie Phelan about the situation in Zabadani – man försöker samma taktik som i Libyen, de väpnade grupperna tar sig in i en stad för att få tillfälle att ta foto att skicka till propagandamedierna, som med kraftiga överdrifter påstår att motståndgrupper ”tagit över” området. Målet är säkerligen att få tillfälle att få internationella trupper att upprätta någon sk ”fri zon”. Det kan vara problematiskt för regeringstrupperna att ingripa när våldsverkarna blandar sig med civila eller tar civila som gisslan.

Meanwhile, the British independent journalist Lizzie Phelan wrote about her journey to the (now) known Syrian city of Zabadani some days ago. After Lizzie Phelan saw an report by Al-Arabiya that thousands of so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) officers had taken the city of Zabadani.
Al-Arabiya tried to prove their report by broadcasting footage of a convoy of approximately 10 cars filled with armed fighters, apparently in the Syrian city of Zabadani. But after the last 10 months we all know that Al-Arabiya lost its credibility in the same manner as Al-Jazeera has lost it.
The journalist Lizzie Phelan visited the city of Zabadani shortly after these reports by al-Arabiya. It was easy for her because Zabadani is not far away from the Syrian capital Damascus, where she was. Zabadani is near the border to Lebanon and known as an area which partly supports the arms smuggling from Lebanon to Syria.
Lizzie Phelan wrote a short article about her journey to Zabadani. She mentioned in this report that there was just one checkpoint by the Syrian army on her way to Zabadani. After she arrived in Zabadani, Phelan did not saw any checkpoints by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and even heard no gunfire at all. In addition, Lizzie Phelan reported that the streets of Zabadani were completely dead as she arrived in this Syrian city.

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22 jan

Det verkar som att Qatar stöter på motstånd i sina fientligheter mot Syrien. – ‘Qatar plays proxy role for West’


Syrian News Tv correspondent in Cairo: Qatar is pressing in the ministerial meeting for sending Arab troops to Syria or refer the Syrian case to the Security Council and other Arab countries are rejecting.

The ”Syrian National Council” led by the Muslim Brotherhood has failed to refer the Syrian case to the Security Council.
Another political victory for the Government of Syria.
A big thank you to the Arab Countries that stood in Qatar’s way.

URGENT: Arab League officials have decided their team of monitors will continue to work inside Syria for another month.

7 Martyred by Terrorists Gunfire in Damascus Countryside, Daraa, Homs and Hama
2 Trucks Loaded with Weapons and Ammunition Seized in Raqqa.
11 people killed, three wounded by fires of armed group at Ashira, Homs.
Law Enforcement Member Martyred, 2 Citizens Injured in Explosive Device Blast in Daraa Countryside.

The fiasco of the French secret agents in Homs..

While Paris accuses Damascus of having organized the murder of journalist of France TV ”Gilles Jacquier” in Homs, a team of Russian journalists recently presented a different story. According to their investigation, Mr. Jacquier commanded by press coverage of a French military intelligence operation that turned into a fiasco. The French accusations are merely a means to hide Paris responsibility for the actions of the terrorist plan to destabilize Syria. – Who benefits from an unstable Syria?

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19 jan

Medierna har varit tysta de senaste dagarna angående Syrien. Men våldsverkarna ger sig inte. Det verkar som att de makter som är ute efter att destabilisera landet nu satsar på den libyska modellen, tungt beväpnade grupper som försöker belägra delar av landet för att sen kalla på utländsk inblandning för att upprätta ”fria zoner”. Så var fallet i staden Zabadani nära Damaskus, men syriska styrkor ska nu ha tagit kontrollen över området.

Organisationen Syrian Observatory for Human Rights är ju den källa medierna brukar ange som sin källa för sina påståenden om vad som sker i Syrien. Nu har medlemmar i denna organisation skrivit ett brev till journalister och medier och förklarat att en av deras medlemmar tagit över organisationen, vilket mycket riktigt påpekats t.ex. av, och att de nu tänker sätta stopp för den verksamhet han bedrivit i deras namn! – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – A useful fake for false propaganda

The faked “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in Syria, but based in London, is aware that their real backgrounds are going to come out. There may be also a good reason why a credible network as Voltaire Network calls this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” just an office of the Muslim Brotherhood, based within London.
Today, the responsible but questionable people behind this dubious “Observatory” (finally, no real observatory, of course) distributed this public letter to the journalists. It is somehow funny, because already in last year, some networks, websites and blogs were aware, that this propaganda-tool, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, has a huge lack of credibility and also an enormous lack of evidence and verifications.

NATO Agents Attack Syrian Security Forces & Protesters

Syria, is a country on this planet, it’s not in heavens, it follows the same laws that any country does, but amazingly and you might not like it, with extreme self-constraint after having around 2,000 soldiers, security forces and policemen killed over the same period of the crisis where UN claims 5,000 civilians dead, shot by security without a single proof. However, now it’s too late to claim there’s no armed rioters in Syria, and by using the word ‘armed’ of course I’m not meaning individual guns for self protection, I mean anti-tank missiles, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), sniper guns, high-tech communication devices and none of these are used by the Syrian army! So there’s obviously a foreign hand meddling practically and directly in the course of events in Syria, shooting at both government officials and protesters ‘if found’ to create strife, demonize the government and justify ‘international intervention’. The last time an international intervention occurred was to save a 5,000 ‘peaceful protesters’ who suddenly after 40 years decided they’re against their ruler the Gaddafi, over 60,000 were killed by NATO air strikes, and a devastated country ready for multi-national companies to reconstruct!
The Americans like to use this proverb: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Stay fooled.

Russia to prevent UNSC resolution on foreign invasion of Syria

Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from western media

Demonstration i Jönköping den 8:e januari i år till stöd för Syriens president och mot utländsk inblandning

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Thierry Meyssan och Morris

Om den franske journalisten som dödades. Meyssan tror att han inte var någon riktig journalist utan från franska säkerhetstjänsten.

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NATO’s medhjälpare från Libyen anlitas nu mot Syrien

Qatar demands Arabs who destroyed Libya for the west to invade Syria

An army of Wahhabi fighters has amassed on the Turkish-Syrian border, led by Liyban Islamist Abdel Hakim Belhaj, with the intent of regime change in Syria. The army is armed and funded by Qatar, whose Emir has called for Arab troops to be sent to Syria.
Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, has called for Arab troops to be sent into Syria to stop the violent suppression of the uprising against the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad. As the prospect of civil war in Syria looms, Qatar has actually funded and helped to arm an army of Wahhabi forces, led by Libyan Islamist Abdel Hakim Belhaj, military commander of Tripoli.

Dessa ständiga terror-attacker mot människor och infrastruktur, hur ska västmedierna och deras normala källa i London kunna få det till att det handlar om repressioner från regeringens sida?

Syria: repeated terrorist attacks against the population and public infrastructure

Den dödade franske journalistens (se 11:e och 13:e jan nedan) kropp flögs skyndsamt till Frankrike istället för vad som är normalt obduceras där han dog, ett tecken på att något är skumt bakom hans död. Webster Tarpley påtalade att det förekom uppgifter om att han inte dödades vid en demonstration utan sköts i ett hus. Frågan är om han hade något samarbete med motståndsgrupper som vissa menar, eller om han var helt oberoende.
den här videon verkar det som att en explosion har inträffat, plötsligt smäller det igen. Och om det är den franske journalisten som ligger på gatan, vem var det då som har varit framme hos honom och går därifrån?

Death of French TV reporter: France covering up the evidence

En facebook-grupp tipsar om en länk till en text om journalisten som påstås vara intressant, på franska, för de som förstår det.

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15 jan

Det kommer dagligen rapporter på facebook om händelser som den här där människor dödas av terrorister eller där man lyckas avvärja dåd. En ambulans blev beskjuten och föraren blev skadad. Ambulansen stals men lämnades tillbaka efter ett par timmar, och då påträffades i den en väska med en 20-kilos sprängladdning, som man lyckades oskadliggöra utan att någon skadades.

Syria, Homs / Members of Military Engineering dismantled a 20-kg explosive device inside an ambulance belonging to Homs National Hospital.
A medical source told that a number of terrorists opened fire on the ambulance while transporting a citizen’s body from al-Qossour neighborhood.
The source added that the driver was injured while the other members of the medical cadre survived, and the terrorists took the ambulance to unknown place and returned it after two hours and they fled away.
The source said the emergency system was informed about the place of the ambulance and it sent a driver to bring it back to the hospital, adding that a 20-kg explosive device was found inside a black bag in the ambulance and the engineering members dismantled and no injuries were reported.
In the same context, 4 citizens injured by the shrapnels of two mortar projectiles fired by an armed terrorist group in Ekrima neighborhood in Homs City.
Most of the wounds were in the chest and in the face, adding that a number of cars were also damaged.

Ett annat exempel – Train Loaded with Fuel Derailed by Armed Groups, Terrorists Sabotage Electricity Pylons, Authorities Dismantle Explosivesvideo”Six workers have been killed and 16 others injured in a bomb attack by a “terrorist group” in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.
The Syrian state media reported on Sunday that the “terrorist” attack targeted a vehicle transporting a group of workers of a textile factory on the road between the city of Ariha and the town of Mastouma.”

Lizzie Phelan intervjuad på syrisk TV –

The British journalist Lizzie Phelan said the image of events on ground in Syria is completely contrary to what some media try to depict and present to the public opinion.
Phelan, who is now on a visit to Syria, said that she was surprised upon her arrival in Damascus as a journalist 6 days ago to see the situation as it is, as she had thought, based on the image presented by media, that Syria is not safe where chaos is prevailing, the army deployed in the streets and the anti-government protests are being held daily and everywhere.
She stressed in an interview with the Syrian TV that what she has seen during her visit is that life is normal and that people go to their businesses and schools in spite of some problems.
She asserted that the city of Damascus is very safe as she has been moving in it alone in the late hours of the night and has not been faced with any problem or seen any big anti-government protests.
Phelan pointed out that she saw the huge pro-government rally in the Umayyad Square and was surprised with the reality of the situation in Syria, which she said is completely different from what is being conveyed to the West, the US and other countries.
The British journalist considered that President Bashar al-Assad’s coming out to the Umayyad Square and his direct talk to the people was ”very interesting” for her since the media such as the BBC and al-Jazeera TV channels claim that the Syrian people are not with President al-Assad, noting that the tens of thousands of people who gathered in the Square were very glad to see him and expressed their love and support for him.

Qatar, som går i USA’s ledband och som deltog (eller deltar) med stor militärinsats i Libyen, talar om att arabländer bör gå in med militär i Syrien!
‘Qatar is aligned with US in destabilizing Syria’

Patrick Henningsen, an associate editor for told RT that Qatar is aligned with the US in destabilizing Syria, as it was in Libya.
“Qatar played a crucial role in the destabilization of Libya and actually provided 1,600 troops on the ground during the Libyan uprising. Qatar also was the country that signed the deal back in February 2011 to market crude oil from Libya – this is way in advance of toppling Gaddafi,” he explained. “Qatar hosts US Central Command. So there is definitely synergy there with whatever America’s agenda is.”

De verkar riktigt desperata de där qatarierna, undrar vad de blivit hotade med om de inte levererar vad husse önskar – – Diplomatic sources: Qatar threatens the Arab leaders to ”Overthrow” them, and sends observers of intelligence to support the armed gangs

No one believed Syria, or in a precise way, no one wanted to believe Syria when she proved that she is under a clear conspiracy that aim to blow the entire county, no just the regime… As time passes, and the Syrian people keep standing till, the plot threads started to reveal slowly slowly.. Here’s the Arab League ”admits” the existence of the armed men, while the information and leaks stated on a daily basis by high rank officials in the region and the world countries, prove the ”suspected” role played by Qatar as a ”knife” used to strike the Syrian side.
Leaking credible diplomatic information prove that Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the ruler of the Qatar sheikdom, had threatened 4 Arab leaders to overthrow and change their regimes, unless follow his lead in the conspiracy he is undertaking with USA, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to hit the Syrian people and leadership. – Syrien: folket vill leva i fred

En mässa hölls den 8:e jan för att hedra minnet av de som dödades i terror-attentatet den 6:e i Damaskus då 26 människor dödades, – Mixed Muslim-Christian mass in memory of martyrs of terrorism in Syria

Enligt artikeln dödades sonen till den mutfi som ledde mässan för 3 månader sen, därför att denne religiöse ledare vägrade ta emot 10 miljoner dollar för att ställa upp som ledare för protesterna mot landets styre!

Det är ungefär vad man kan tänka sig, att det är mutor och hot av det slaget som ligger bakom mycket av det som sker i storpolitiken!

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angående attacken där en fransk journalist dödades

Lizzie Phelan, journalist från Storbritannien som nu befinner sig i Syrien, berättar i en intervju med Press TV att det egentligen var meningen att hon skulle varit med i den grupp av utländska journalister som blev beskjutna i Homs. Detta ger stöd åt den teori som Scott Creighton förde fram, att det var en attack som var riktad mot dessa journalister, som tydligen då var oberoende från västs kontrollerade propaganda-apparat. Ett budskap till oberoende journalister; ”kom inte hit om ni inte tänker ljuga”!

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