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31 mars

Press TV – 11 people, including women and children, killed in Syria attacks

According to a report released by official SANA news agency on the same day, “Last night, terrorists committed a new massacre against peaceful citizens in the city of Tal Kalakh in the Homs countryside, storming the Burj neighborhood and killing a number of citizens, including women and children.” – Terrorist Groups Set Ablaze Three More Oil Wells in Deir Ezzor –Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran

Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.
Lyon was quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion’s support for a military invasion against it.

Tony Cartalucci – World Must Unite Against US-Saudi-Israeli Proxy War in Syria

* US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel have conspired to destroy Syria by way of arming sectarian extremists since 2007.
* The West now admits it, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have provided thousands of tons of weapons to militants in Syria – while also conceding that Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, Jabhat al-Nusra is the best armed, most well equipped militant front in the conflict.
* US, Saudi, Israeli-backed terrorists are now committing a myriad of horrific atrocities against all of Syria’s population, including Sunni Muslims – meaning neither ”democracy” nor even ”sectarianism” drives the conflict, but rather the destruction of Syria in its entirety.
* US State Department acknowledges Syria faces threat from Al Qaeda, demands blockade of arms/aid from reaching government to fight terrorists the US State Department admits are present in every major Syrian city. – Fear and loathing in Damascus: ‘Why are they doing this? Why are they trying to starve us?’, The civil war raging in Syria is sparking shortages and fury in Damascus’s Old City, writes Alex Thomson, Chief correspondent for Channel 4 News.

The price of gas for cooking on has also shot up: it has doubled in the state-subsidised sector and has risen even further, to £28 a cylinder – enough for four to five weeks – outside that.
At one government distribution point on a major street, people were angry to see a British television crew as they queued with coupon books – something I’ve not encountered before in the capital, shouting: ”Go! Get out of here!”
A middle-aged man shouted in English: ”You are not welcome. You are starving us. You are stopping us living here. You should report this. It is the sanctions. Go home.”
It was a shock, in a country whose hospitality to foreign strangers is renowned. He would not shake hands. It was not the fighting that angered this businessman, nor the British government’s apparent wish to arm the rebels, but the EU sanctions that are preventing the transfer of money.

Arabi Souri – Syria: Democracy vs. Foreign Invasion. Who is Bashar Al Assad?, A Syrian’s Perspective: Bashar al-Assad’s Democratic Movement

Bashar al-Assad has recently been demonized by the mainstream and so-called alternative media who claim that he is a brutal dictator. Actually Bashar is a reformer who has done much to further the causes of democracy and freedom. It is the opposition and their foreign supporters who represent the most repressive elements of the former ruling party in Syria.

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30 mars

Det kan vara så att samtidigt med de plötsliga medgivandena i västmedier om att USA och CIA länge varit inblandade i enorma vapenleveranser till de väpnade gängen i Syrien, så är en större operation på gång. Varför annars helt plötsligt gå ut stort med detta nu? Skulle medierna plötsligt ha blivit fria!?
Vad kan det handla om? Specialtrupper från västländer som går in med någon sorts offensiv samtidigt som medierna rapporterar om ”rebeller” som avancerar?

Tony Cartalucci – WARNING: ”Final” Psy-Op Vs. Syria Begins

Out of time, out of legitimacy, and out of options, the West is attempting once again to prop up its faltering terrorist proxies with another psychological operation aimed at breaking the will of the Syrian people, despite the West’s multiplying tactical and political shortcomings. It began with a suspicious CBS News/AP report titled, ”AP: ”Master plan” underway to help Syria rebels take Damascus with U.S.-approved airlifts of heavy weapons,” which claims to divulge a ”covert” plan by the West to flood Syria’s northern and southern borders with increased weapons and fighters for a ”final” push to take the capital.

One must question why the Western media would boldly declare to the world what is supposed to be a ”covert” operation, if such an operation had any tactical chance of succeeding – unless of course, the announcement was designed to either cover for wide-scale Western special operations inside Syria, or to help achieve a psychological victory (or both) – to induce panic and terror across the Syrian population in tandem with recent, and increasingly barbaric terrorist attacks on Syria’s civilians.

A window is closing, and the West is resorting to dangerous desperation. Syria and its allies, as well as concerned interests around the world, must be more vigilant and resilient than ever. The tell-tale signs of a psychological operation are there – but for a psychological operation to succeed, a nation’s people must not be prepared or aware that it is coming. By raising awareness of this most recent, insidious attempt at snatching a psychological victory from the jaws of a tactical defeat, we can help quicken the day when the West’s war machine finally stumbles and falls, giving the people of Syria their lives back.

Ännu en religiös ledare brutalt mördad! Press TV – Militants behead Muslim cleric in Syria

A Muslim cleric has been brutally beheaded in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo by foreign-backed militants, who are already notorious for their atrocities.
The militants reportedly decapitated Sheikh Hasan Saif al-Deen before dragging his lifeless body on the streets.
They also hung the sheikh’s head atop the minaret of the mosque where he used to preach.
Local media blamed the gruesome assassination on al-Qaeda-linked group, al-Nusra Front.
Sheikh Saif al-Deen purportedly had anti-militant views and spoke out against the ongoing war against the Syrian government.
He is the latest cleric to have been killed by armed groups in Syria in recent months.
Earlier this month, prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti was murdered along with 49 others at a mosque in the capital, Damascus.

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29 mars – Information Minister: Terrorist Escalation’s Aim to Suggest Victory Is Close Will Fail

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, dismissed the terrorists’ targeting of residential neighborhoods, schools, universities and hospital with mortar shells as coming in the framework of carry out a foreign order of terrorist escalation to the farthest extent.
In an interview with the Syrian TV aired Thursday, al-Zoubi said this escalation, which comes in parallel with giving Syria’s seat at the Arab League (AL) to the ‘Doha Coalition’, aims to suggest that ”terrorists are attacking in the middle of the capital and that as if the state is unable to protect the civilians.”
He stressed the aim to ”intimidate people to drop their work and use this by the media to suggest that they are close to achieving the goals of their aggression on Syria” will definitely fail.
”The Syrian Arab Army is at its best, and the Syrian people are keen on their state as they believe in it and their morale are high,” said the Minister.
He added that these attacks will not stay long and ”they reflect fear rather than bravery or victory on the part of the armed groups.”
He noted that Qatar and Turkey and some Arab and Western intelligence ”are today throwing all their weight and bets at once behind a last desperate attempt to dismember and topple the Syrian state.”
Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that the AL Summit’s decision to leave the door open for any of the Arab countries which want to arm the terrorists in Syria is not new ”as the arming has been going on since the beginning by countries which openly announced that.”
He stressed that this decision violates the UN General Assembly resolutions and the rules of the international law which incriminate the arming operations taking place in other countries as well as the attempts at forced regime change by interfering in other countries’ affairs and supporting armed groups.

Thierry Meyssan – The Syrian people are not against their government, they are defending their country from foreign invaders – interview

Syria’s government is actively defending the country from the inflow of foreign Wahhabi. Over the past two years they have managed to increase their presence in Syria’s territory to 200-250 thousand people. Just imagine something like this by comparing the number of that group to the total number of the local population. Today they comprise 1% of the population, which in the scale of France, for example, means that 650 thousand foreign well-trained and experienced gunmen cross the country’s border with the goal of destroying the country! Nobody could stand up to that. But Syria is a strong country and it is continuing to defend itself. There are very few powerful countries in that region and that is why they are trying to destroy Syria.

Muammar Gaddafi was a great statesman who fought against colonialism. But his policy was errant, which led to his loss of all serious allies.
Speaking of Bashar al-Assad, I must say that this is a leader of a completely different kind. He is very rational, is known for his remarkable composure and is consistent in his actions. Perhaps, he is somewhat lacking in intuition, but in any case, he has the qualities that fit the current situation the best way. He is the right man in the right place! Do you know that he is a revolutionary and democratic leader, which contradicts what is persistently said about him? Hugo Chavez, for example, said that Fidel remained his political ideal role model, but the ruler who was closest to him in his style of behavior and who continued Castro’s work was Bashar al-Assad.
He inherited a dictatorship and in the course of a whole decade he changed it step by step. He gave education to the people, as well as the means to move to the democratic system of government. Every time he took a step forward, he was threatened. They wanted to prevent him from reforming his country. But despite the war, Bashar al-Assad continues his reforms.

Russia Today – ‘Phoenix jihadist’s’ dad claims son worked in Syria for CIA

As US Army veteran Eric Harroun awaits trial in Virginia for allegedly fighting alongside al-Qaeda supporters, the man’s father claims he was working for the CIA and was reporting back to the agency from Syria. – Al-Jaafari: Syria Seeks Legislating Arms Trade Due to Risk Posed by Illicit Trade on Security and Peace

Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that Syria always has and always will seek the legislation of arms trade due to the risk posed by illicit arms trade on international security and peace.
During the closing session of the UN conference on the arms trade treaty, al-Jaafari said that Syria objects to the current text of the treaty as it doesn’t address foreign occupation, the right to self-determination of people under occupation, and the crimes of aggression, in addition to not having a clear article on the absolute ban of providing weapons to terrorist elements and groups.

Shamus Cooke – How Obama Chose War Over Peace in Syria

If not for this U.S.-sponsored flood of guns, the Syrian rebels — many of them from Saudi Arabia and other countries — would have been militarily defeated long ago. Tens of thousands of lives would thus have been spared and a million refugees could have remained in their homes in Syria. The large scale ethnic-religious cleansing initiated by the rebels would have been preventable.
But Obama is so intent on war that he will not even discuss peace with the Syrian government. He has repeatedly stated that there are “preconditions” for peace negotiations, the most important one being the downfall of the Syrian government, i.e., regime change. If a toppling of a nation’s government is Obama’s precondition for peace, then Obama is by definition choosing war.
Never mind that Syria is a sovereign nation that should not have to worry about a foreign country making demands as to who is in power. Obama doesn’t seem to think this relevant. In fact, his administration has been very busy determining who the “legitimate” government of Syria is, by hand picking the “National Coalition of Syrian Revolution,” the prime minister of which is a U.S. citizen.
One of the preconditions for being on Obama’s National Coalition of Syrian Revolution is that there be no peace negotiations with the Syrian government. Of course most Syrians want to immediately end the conflict in Syria, since it threatens an Iraq-like destruction of the country. – Syria Reviews with Russian and China Opportunities for Oil and Gas Exploration in Territorial Waters

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Suleiman al-Abbas, reviewed with Ambassadors of Russia and China in Damascus the investment opportunities for oil and gas exploration in open areas and Syrian territorial waters.
In separate meetings with the two ambassadors on Thursday, al-Abbas discussed cooperation relations between the Oil Ministry and the Russian and Chinese companies in oil and gas exploration and developing existing fields to increase productivity and import of oil industry equipment.

Franklin Lamb – Has the Arab League Mortally Wounded Itself by Declaring War on Syria?

In summary, there is nothing in the Arab League Charter permitting that body to expel or even sanction Syria. In fact, doing so violates the Charter. As seen many times, but recently in Libya, foreign intervention is never humanitarian rather it is always geo-political. Syrians, not by outsiders can best solve its internal problems.
Is it now left to the BRICS states – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to stand up to the AL and to help halt the conflict in Syria? There is growing sentiment in Syria that this group of five emerging powers may become a major hope for the Syrian people that suffer from blatant foreign interference in their affairs and suffering from the Arab League acting against their interests. The AL members who voted to expel or sanction Syria are merely channeling the geo-political interests of the United States and Israel, which are increasingly viewed among the Arab pubic as “unofficial members” of the Arab League.

This decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition not only violates international law, but again in the words of Lavrov, “is a blatant encouragement of confrontation of the irreconcilable forces on both sides to make them fight this war to the bitter end.”

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28 mars

Press TV – Mortar shells hit Damascus University, kill 15 students

At least 15 students have been killed in Syria after foreign-sponsored militants targeted the Damascus University with mortar shells, Press TV reports.
The projectiles landed inside the canteen of the university’s Faculty of Architecture on Thursday. More than 20 other students sustained injuries in the attack.
Meanwhile, two civilians were killed and another injured when gunmen opened fire on a passenger minibus with machine guns near Jdeidet Artouz – a suburb southwest of Damascus.

Mortal Combat: Bloodshed in Syria ramps up, no peaceful solution to crisis, journalist Abdullah Mawazini joins RT studio from Damascus – LAS summit decisions on Syria mean refusal from peaceful settlement there – Lavrov

The decision of the League of Arab States (LAS) to recognize the Syrian opposition as a legitimate representative of Syria means that the LAS has given up the course to a peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
”To tell the truth, we perceived the results of the LAS summit in Doha with regret. We view the essence of the decision made there in the fact that the League of Arab States refused a peaceful resolution,” Lavrov told a news conference on Thursday.

Press TV – ‘Russia to confront Syria opp. at UN’

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin says his country will strongly oppose any attempt to give Syria’s UN seat to opposition forces.
“We will oppose it very strongly, but … I don’t think it is going to happen,” Churkin said on Thursday.
“They (UN states) value this institution, they understand that if something of the sort were to happen, that would really undercut the standing of the United Nations,” he added. – BRICS varnar USA

I fråga om Syrien sa BRICS att ”en syrisk-ledd politisk process som leder till en övergång endast kan uppnås genom en bred nationell dialog som uppfyller legitima strävanden hos alla delar av det syriska samhället och respekt för Syriens oberoende, territoriella integritet och suveränitet. ”
BRICS-länderna motsätter sig utländsk intervention i Syrien och anklagar väst för att försöka tvinga fram en regimförändring.

Press TV – More arms being sent to Syria militants, report says

A senior Arab official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a carefully prepared covert operation involving Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and Qatar was arming the foreign-backed militants in Syria, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.
The official added that the operation was being carried out with the consultation of the United States and other Western governments and that all the parties involved held veto power over where the arms shipments were being directed to.
The Arab official also stated that the number of arms airlifts to the militants had doubled over the past weeks, as they are moving forward with a “master plan” to seize Damascus.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – The Arab League’s historic mistake

So, the Arab League openly takes a page out of NATO’s book and proposes to break international law by taking sides in an internal conflict in a sovereign state, Syria. The Arab League leaders probably do not notice it in their haste to lick the boots of the western masters who have always kicked their people, but we do. Read on…

Tony Cartalucci – Syrian Conflict: The Price of Defying the West, Haaretz piece reveals Syrian conflict is direct punitive result of Assad defying West, obstructing US-Israeli attack on Iran

The article is titled, ”Assad’s Israeli friend,” appears at first to be a ham-handed attempt to portray Syrian President Bashar Al Assad as somehow allied with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Instead, it actually reveals that Israel had attempted to execute verbatim, the strategies prescribed in the Brookings Institution’s ”Which Path to Persia?” report, where Israel was to lure Syria away from Iran ahead of a US-Israeli strike and subsequent war with Tehran.
Syria obviously did not fall into the trap, and as a result, has been plunged into a destructive, spiteful war of proxy aggression by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their regional allies.

Scott Creighton – Fake “Dead Assad” Photo and Disinfo from Israel News Agency Exposed

Russia Today – Outsiders are killing Syrian People, destroying Churches and mosques – Christian Bishop – World War: Jihadists from over 30 countries fight in Syria (PHOTOS)

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27 mars

Russia Today – Giving Syrian opposition seats at Arab League is ‘illegal, indefensible’ – Moscow

“In terms of international law, decisions on Syria made by the [Arab] League are unlawful and indefensible, since the government of the Syrian Arab Republic remains the legal representative of the UN member-state,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said in a statement.

Press TV – Syrian president calls for BRICS assistance in ending violence

“I call on the BRICS leaders to work together to immediately stop the violence in Syria in order to guarantee the success of a political solution,” Assad said in a message sent to the group which held the second day of its fifth summit in the South African city of Durban on Wednesday.
The Syrian president added that ending nearly two years of deadly unrest in Syria requires a “clear international will to dry up the sources of terrorism and stop funding and arming” foreign-backed militants fighting against Damascus.

Brian Becker – U.S. Steps up War on Syria: CIA is the Anchor of a Coordinated Secret Operation

While pretending to be cautious about its intervention in Syria, the Obama administration has conducted a massive clandestine operation over the past two years to pump guns, heavy military equipment and money to fuel the civil war that is destroying Syria.
The CIA is the anchor of this highly coordinated secret operation.
Under the CIA’s supervision, more than 160 military cargo flights have delivered weapons to anti-government armed units in Syria. (The New York Times, March 25)

‘Syrian opposition dead without support’, interview with Naser al-Omari, a writer and political commentator from New York (som text)

Press TV – Swedish scientist to lead UN chemical weapons probe in Syria

Russia Today – Feel free to report: ‘Sending arms to Syrian rebels is now legal and covered by the Arab League’

The Arab states have been sending to the rebels as much military aid as they could for the past year, Syria Tribune editor-in-chief Ali Mohamad told RT, adding that he doesn’t see what else they could send to “topple the balance of power on the ground.”
RT: The Gulf States have been allegedly sending arms to Syria’s rebels for a long time now. Will this official resolution change anything?
Ali Mohamad: Not on the ground, no. They want it to be a media victory for the opposition but on the ground they’ve been sending weapons in large quantities – all they can send. And I don’t think they can send anymore. They will just keep sending what they are already sending but with media cover which shows what they’re doing is legal and covered by the Arab League.

Michel Chossudovsky – Syria: Women’s Rights and Islamist Education in a “Liberated” Area of Aleppo, Funded by Saudi Arabia, US, France and United Nations

‘AL violates its own charter on Syria’, an interview with Daoud Khairallah, professor at Georgetown University

Full Disclosure: Al-Qaeda in Syria, the Story You Haven’t Heard?… Ben SwannThis video from Ben Swann discusses the reality of the Syrian crisis compared to how Western media covers it. An interview is conducted via Skype with Emilio Ibrahim, a Damascus resident and Syrian citizen.

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26 mars

Hur ska Ryssland och Kina kunna förhindra att undersökningen i FN-regi, som ska utreda om kemiska vapen användes förra veckan i Khan al-Assal utanför Aleppo, missbrukas och förvanskas till att användas mot Syriens regering!? Se bara hur Nato-media beskriver det idag! Och jämför med artikeln jag länkade till för ett par dagar sen – Syria chemical weapons: finger pointed at jihadists

Press TV – West using UN probe in Syria chemical attack to oust Assad: Russia

Ban Ki-moon, under pressure from Western members of the Council, took the unjustified step of broadening the mandate of the mission, trying to set as its task the investigation of all other supposed cases of chemical weapons use in Syria,” the ministry said.
Russia has voiced support for the Syrian government’s call for an independent inquiry into the chemical attack conducted by militants in the northwestern province of Aleppo on March 19.
However, Western members of the UN Security Council, including France and the UK, demand claims of the Syrian opposition also be investigated. Syria’s opposition bloc says there have been two chemical weapons attacks, one in Aleppo and another in the capital, Damascus. – US wants Russia and China to partake in UN probe into Syria chemical attack

For his part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon “to show a responsible approach to providing an objectivity of the probe into this specific incident in Syria.”
He warned against politicizing the process of forming the UN’s technical mission in Syria, something that Lukashevich said should be based on an unbiased approach and stipulate the participation of representatives of Russia and China. –Damascus comes under fire – – Terrorists launch mortar shells on al-Baramkeh, one of them fall near SANA, Four Workers Martyred

On Tuesday, Damascus’s central districts came under heavy mortar fire. Several people were killed and several others wounded.
One of the shells hit the access control department of Syria’s state-owned news agency SANA and caused fire. At least one person was killed and several were injured.
Two other shells exploded near the city’s university and near a maternity home in the district of Baramk. – 160 plan fulla med vapen

På måndagen uppgav New York Times att USA:s vapenstöd till terroristerna i Syrien har pågått ända sedan i fjol. Vapnen levereras via ombud genom främst Turkiet.
Den ”luftbro, som började i liten skala i början av 2012” har vuxit till ”omfatta mer än 160 militära fraktflygningar med jordanska, saudiarabiska och qatariska militärflygplan till Esenboga Airport i närheten av Ankara, och, i mindre utsträckning, till andra turkiska och jordanska flygplatser.”
Enligt Russia Today bekräftas uppgifterna av fredsforskningsinstitutet SIPRI i Stockholm, som även uppger att det handlar om kvantiteter på 3 500 ton.
Om man tänker sig att hela lasten var Kalasjnikovgevär skulle det gå in en miljon vapen!
Detta ”vattenfall av vapen”, för att citera en tjänsteman, organiseras och övervakas av CIA, skriver NYT: ”Från kontor på hemliga platser, har amerikanska underrättelseofficerare hjälpt arabiska regeringar handla vapen, inklusive en stor upphandling från Kroatien, och har granskat rebellbefälhavare och grupper för att avgöra vem som ska få vapen som de anländer.”
NYT citerar en analytiker: ”Intensiteten och frekvensen av dessa flygningar tyder på en väl planerad och samordnad hemlig militär logistik.”

Christof Lehmann – US Weapons Deliveries to “Terrorists in Syria” a Systematic Violation of the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries

As much as the New York Times (NYT) may want to portray arms shipments by plane as spectacular incident, it hardly touches the surface of the criminal attempt of the USA and NATO allies, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Israel, post-coup Libya and other, to systematically manufacture a low intensity conflict with the help of well financed and armed proxies, and with the purposes to prevent the completion of the PARS gas-pipeline, to balkanize Syria and Iraq, create a Kurdish Corridor, and to create the precondition for a war on Iran and other conflicts along the soft, resource rich soft underbelly of Russia and China.

One fact that makes statements by the US administration, that it only provides non-lethal aid particularly deceitful is the fact that the Obama administration failed to respond to a report, according to which an entire shipload of weapons which had arrived to Turkey from Libya, and which contained large numbers of shoulder fired SAM-7 and Stinger Surface to Air Missiles, which were then distributed to insurgents in Syria by Turkish, that is NATO military officers. In September 2012 The Times, SANA and nsnbc reported about this largest yet documented shipload of weapons delivered to Syrian insurgents. (11

The NYT article, although it discloses some of the illegal deliveries of weapons is problematic and misleading to the extend that a correct name for the arms deliveries would be “Arms Deliveries to NATO mercenaries”.
The “terrorist” narrative is no longer viable and it eventually prevents the general public from understanding that the USA/NATO, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, EU and other “Friends of Syria” are systematically violating the Convention Against the Use of Mercenaries.

Christof Lehmann – International Recruiting of Syria Mercenaries in Africa and Asia by Al-Qaeda continues

The report of the Al-Jarida e-newspaper is consistent with previous reports, which indicate that organized recruiting is taking place, targeting especially the socio-economically under privileged youth and unemployed in the Maghreb, but also in Asia.
15 February, Tunisians were shocked when Tunisian Radio and TV reported about 132 Tunisian insurgents who had been killed in and around the city of Aleppo. Statements by an insurgent group who released photos of two of the fallen mercenaries, promising that photos of all the slain mercenaries would be sent to their leaders in Tunisia for identification purposes, revealed that organized recruiting and deployment is taking place. (1

While reports continue streaming into the worlds media’s editorial offices, there has nor yet been any report that would indicate, that the International Criminal Court would begin investigating the apparently involved governments functionaries for violations of the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries, or for violations of the Geneva Conventions for the forced military service of prisoners.

Christof Lehmann – PKK Peace Offer; Phase Two of US/NATO Subversion of Syria, Iraq and Turkey

With regard to medium term and long term developments, the deployment of the PKK, away from Turkish territories and to Iraq and / or Syria will facilitate the implementation of US plans to establish a strategic US/NATO controlled corridor from the Hatai provinve at the eastern Mediterranean, along the oil rich, soft underbelly of Russia and China to and including Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. As the retired Pakistani Major and security consultant Agha Humayun Amin said in an interview with the scribe:
NATO is a club of wolves and Turkey is the odd wolf in NATO. Once the wolves have eaten Syria, they will eat the odd wolf Turkey. Yes, Turkey has been getting huge funds from Saudi Arabia, especially the clown Islamist Freedom and Justice Party. The clown Islamist Party is corrupting Turkey’s secularism. On the other side, Turkey is playing as NATO’s best chattel”.

Christof Lehmann – Resignation of Opposition Leader al-Khatib illustrates Incoherence. PKK Peace Offer could indicate Strategy Change

The resignation of al-Khatib and the failure to create a homogeneous and politically as well as militarily credible opposition, increased tensions at the Israeli Syrian demarcation line, and the recent peace offer by the leader of the Kurdistan Workers´Party (PKK) Abdullah Öcalan, could indicate that the interventionist axis is beginning to implement a news strategy for which a politically and militarily credible and coherent opposition is less important.

Press TV – Jordan closes main border crossing with Syria due to clashes

Jordan has closed its main border crossing with Syria following intense clashes between the Syrian army and foreign-backed militant groups in Syria near the Jordanian border.
Jordanian Information Minister Samih Maaytah said Monday, “The border post is effectively closed because there have been clashes since yesterday and they are continuing.”
Border traders also said passengers were turned back at Jordan’s border point of Jaber and prevented from crossing.
This is the first time Amman closes a border crossing since unrest erupted in neighboring Syria in March 2011.
Jordan has also played a role in the Syrian turmoil by allowing the United States and its Western allies to use its soil for training the militants fighting against the Syrian government and shipping weapons into Syria.

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25 mars

Plötsligt en massa medgivanden i regimtrogna västmedier om att USA och CIA ligger bakom vapenleveranser åt de väpnade gängen i Syrien. Samtidigt skrivs det i samma medier allt mer om planer på direkt militär inblandning från västs sida. Man kan undra varför medierna beter sig så just nu. Försöker man skrämma syriens ledning? Är det för att på ett smygande och försåtligt sätt ställa befolkningarna i västländerna inför fullbordat faktum, att man faktiskt tänker attackera? – Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With Aid From C.I.A.

Tony Cartalucci – CONFIRMED: US Shipping Weapons to Syria – Al Nusra’s ”Mystery” Sponsors Revealed

It is now admitted that thousands of tons of weapons have been smuggled into Syria by the US and its regional allies. While the Western media has attempted in the past to feign ignorance as to where Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra was getting their weapons from, it is now abundantly clear – al-Nusra’s power has expanded across Syria in tandem with the CIA’s ever-expanding operations along the nation’s borders. If the US is working directly with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, to arm militants, who else could possibly be working to arm and fund al-Nusra on a greater scale if not this axis itself?

Tony Cartalucci – Kerry Demands Iraq Stop ”Arms Flow” to Syria even as US Arms/Funds Al Qaeda

As Kerry lodged his feckless complaints, the United States, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel continue to ship literally thousands of tons of weapons to sectarian extremists arrayed against the Syrian government since at least 2007.

Tony Cartalucci – West Drops Syria WMD Narrative As Evidence Points to Western-Armed Terrorists

Russia Today – CIA aids huge arms smuggling to Syria – report – Election of Hitto as Syrian Coalition PM contributes to chaos – Churkin

Speaking to reporters after a SC meeting, the diplomat expressed regret that the call of the former Syrian opposition leader Ahmed Mouaz al-Khatib to dialogue with the official authorities failed to elicit a response.
”Ghassan Hitto was quick to announce he would not engage in any dialogue with the government. In actual fact his appointment served as a contributing factor to the chaos in the ranks of the opposition groups, as some of them fumed over his statements,” said Churkin.

Press TV – US military has plans to bomb and send forces in Syria: Washington Post

Samer Araabi – Obama Boosts Syria Support as Congress Pushes Military Intervention

Press TV – US forced militants to pick a US citizen as Syria ruler: Don De Bar video

He is Syrian by birth, but he has been an American citizen, he’s married to an American, has four children here, went to college here. He’s been here since 1980. So, you know, they can’t even find someone who’s Syrian to front this Western attempt to take over Syria.

Press TV – US, Britain, France repeat imperial intentions in Syria: Saeb Shaath, interview with author and Middle East expert, Saeb Shaat

France and Britain specifically they are the ones who are going to against their own public opinion, against even the EU and they want to arm and support insurgency in Syria and why all of that if we remember the countries in 1960s they have the Sykes–Picot agreement…. Today they are doing the same thing. They want to re-amend the Sykes–Picot one to a Sykes–Picot two with the same help of the same people who came from Arabia, the Saudis, the Qataris and then now they want to destroy Syria.

More Media Lies

The terrorists use a picture of a child suffering from Pakistan to gain the world’s sympathy to justify an invasion to Syria, although they are the ones killing in Syria and their friends are the ones killing in Pakistan, they all follow the charity organisation called: CIA

CIA helps smuggling arms to Syria, Data provided by the International think thank adjust the CIA has been helping Arab states and Turkey boost military aids to insurgents in Syria according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and estimated 350,000 tones of military equipments has been air-lifted to militants in recent months.

Press TV – CIA aids Arab kingdoms, Turkey in huge surge of arms shift to Syria rebels

From “offices at secret locations,” American intelligence agents have aided the US-backed Arab kingdoms “shop for weapons,” including a major Saudi arms purchase from Croatia, and have even determined which terror gang or commander should receive the weapons as they arrive, The New York Times reports Monday, citing American officials that spoke on condition of anonymity.
The scale of shipments was “very large,” with Turkish government exercising oversight over much of the operation, “affixing transponders to trucks ferrying the military goods through Turkey” to monitor shipments as reach Syria by land, the report adds, citing “officials familiar with the (weapons) pipeline and an arms-trafficking investigator who assembled data on the cargo planes involved.”
“A conservative estimate of the payload of these flights would be 3,500 tons of military equipment,” said an illicit arms transfers monitor, Hugh Griffiths, of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, as quoted in the report.

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24 mars

Flera alarmerade tecken syns som kan tyda på att en direkt attack på Syrien förbereds! Har Obamas besök i Israel med detta att göra? Och John Kerry har dykt upp i Irak på oväntat besök.
Och så framför allt det här! Planeras det för stöd för nya krigsförbrytelser (efter de i Libyen ) bland topparna i det socialdemokratiska partiet!? –

Efter att socialdemokratin med Urban Ahlins uttalande i riksdagens senaste utrikesdebatt tagit ett steg framåt och sagt att nästa krig Sverige deltar i inte får vara ett Nato-krig, slår nu partistyrelsen till reträtt och säger att ett nytt svenskt krigsdeltagande kan bli aktuellt redan mot Syrien.
Inte ens alliansregeringen har hittills andats om en sådan möjlighet. Tvärtom har den arbetat för att behålla EU:s vapenembargo som förhindrar EU-stöd redan åt sådan indirekt intervention.
Nu väcker socialdemokraternas partistyrelse redan innan Sverige avvecklat sitt deltagande i ett stort, 12 år långt, misslyckat Natokrig (Afghanistan) tanken på att vi ska kasta oss in i ett nytt!
Att (s) på detta sätt redan på förhand ger sin välsignelse åt sett sådant nytt svenskt krigsäventyr är alarmerande och ger anledning ställa frågan: Vet den ena handen vad den andra gör? Vem har kontrollen över de strategiska besluten i socialdemokratins ledning?
Detta är värre än sjögången under Juholt. Krigshetsare inom den svenska Nato-lobbyn firar förstås julafton. – Israels plötsliga ursäkt, Att Israel plötsligt ber om ursäkt för den väpnade attacken på Ship to Gaza 2010 innebär inte att man ångrat sig. Det innebär att man stöder Turkiets angrepp på Syrien.

Israel har plötsligt efter tre år bett Turkiet om ursäkt för det våldsamma sätt som civila fartyg på väg till Gaza bordades 2010, vilket ledde till 10 dödsoffer.

I klartext: Israel vill uppmuntra Turkiet i dess försök att störta Syriens regering. Parterna har gemensamma intressen i detta.

VARNING! för att en konstruerad lögn-föreställning kan vara på gång – NATO massive psy-ops about to be launched: “Bashar is dead, total chaos in Damascus” All Fake! – – The truth Of Bashar Al-Assad robot and his assassination

Today, March the 24, the news of Bashar Al-Assad being dead started spreading over the social media.

Remember what we’ve been warning you about: Qatar spending billions to simulate Assad’s collapse & Al Jazeera preparing fake images of Syria

Press TV – Syria main reason behind Israel-Turkey restoration of relationsvideo

Den engelske journalisten Alex Thomson har pratat med vittnen från platsen där en attack med någon sorts kemiska vapen inträffade för några dagar sen – Syria chemical weapons: finger pointed at jihadists

However a senior source close to the Syrian Army has given Channel 4 News the first clear account of what he claims is believed to have occurred on Tuesday. He is a trusted and hitherto reliable source who does not wish to be identified.
The Syrian military is said to believe that a home-made locally-manufactured rocket was fired, containing a form of chlorine known as CL17, easily available as a swimming pool cleaner. They claim that the warhead contained a quantity of the gas, dissolved in saline solution.
The source said that the town of Khan al-Assal has been in government control since March 13 but – like so much of the area – has been much fought over and parts of the area change hands with relative frequency. Rebel Sunni groups with al-Qaeda sympathies have been attacking the town, where the population is predominantly Shia.
The military’s version of events is that the home-made rocket was fired at a military checkpoint situated at the entrance to the town. The immediate effects were to induce vomiting, fainting , suffocation and seizures among those in the immediate area.
A second source – a medic at the local civilian hospital – said that he personally witnessed Syrian army helping those wounded and dealing with fatalities at the scene. That Syrian soldiers were among the reported 26 deaths has not been disputed by either side.

Russia Today – Syrian opposition leader resigns – video – Syrian opposition leader resigns 4 months after being elected

The president of the Syrian National Coalition Moaz Khatib has announced his resignation from office just four months after being elected.
The head of the Western-backed opposition group has stepped down amid high tension in the coalition. He said in a statement that he is resigning “to be able to work with freedom that cannot be available within the official institutions.”

Christof Lehmann – International Recruiting of Syria Mercenaries in Africa and Asia by Al-Qaeda continues

The Tunisian e-newspaper Al-Jarida reports that about 2,000 Tunisians are currently fighting in Syria among the armed groups which have been fighting to topple the Syrian government since early 2011. The latest report is one of many reports which reveal that Africans from the Maghreb are systematically being targeted for recruitment as mercenaries for the foreign backed subversion.
Abo Qasai , a Tunisian who fought in Syria told Al.Jarida, that the Tunisian fighters are of varying ages, including students, workers and unemployed who see the deployment as a chance to earn a living. The mercenary, who was lucky to return alive, informed the newspaper that there is a direct recruitment line for Syria in the Libyan city of Bengazi …

While reports continue streaming into the worlds media´s editorial offices, there has nor yet been any report that would indicate, that the International Criminal Court would begin investigating the apparently involved governments functionaries for violations of the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries, or for violations of the Geneva Conventions for the forced military service of prisoners.

SyrPer knows that Robert Ford told the Saudis and Qataris sometime in February of 2012 that the ”purely” Syrian opposition could ”never” change the government in Damascus. This assessment started the crazed effort to drag in all the possible Jihadists and unemployed ignorantii in the Islamic World. And it cost money! Not a little. A lot of money! And it took that to get to where NATO is now: on the verge of outright calamitous defeat.

Franklin Lamb – A Zionist Friendly, Right-wing Texan Islamist to Lead Syria?

For the past year, a plan C or D, depending on how one numbers the failed “sure-fire” US-Israel projects in Syria was badly needed. And this week, according to Congressional staffers, both Tel Aviv and the White House are pinching themselves in disbelief over their good luck with installing republican leaning conservative Dixie businessman, the congenial, Ghassan Hitto, as Syria’s new interim Prime Minister.

Tony Cartalucci – Storyful – Niche Propagandists Work Full-Time Distorting Syria Conflict

Scott Creighton – The Syrian Destabilization Campaign was NEVER Legit

The controlled opposition story of the so-called “uprising” in Syria is that it started as a massive peaceful demonstration against the Assad government. That’s a lie. I’ve said it many times. The recent video below details it from the beginning as just that.

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22 mars

Press TV – US doesn’t seek political solution to Syria crisis: Vyacheslav Matuza, interview with former councilor of the Russian Embassy in Washington

they don’t like a real solution to the Syrian crisis; they are trying to achieve their egoistic political goals in the Middle East not less that’s why to reach any compromise, any political solution with such kind of approach it will be very difficult for all those who are trying to push Syrian crisis from military content to political dialogue between Syrian political sides. – Al-Jaafari: Many Arab Ambassadors Apologize for Policies of Their Governments against Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Friday that many of the Arab ambassadors who speak with him bilaterally apologize for the policies of their countries and governments and say that what is happening to Syria is a big mistake and a great shame on the so-called Arab League and some Arab capitals which are directly involved in conspiring against the Syrian people and state and the future of Arabs in general. – Syriska oppositionen splittras igen

Minst 12 nyckelpersoner i Syriens nationella koalition (SNC) sade på onsdagen att de hade avbrutit sitt medlemskap i det största oppositionsforumet på grund av det splittrande valet av en amerikansk affärsman till ”premiärminister” i Syrien.
Bland de tolv avhopparna fanns koalitionens vice ordförande Soheir Atassi och talesmannen Walid Al Bunni.
Andra medlemmar som sade att de hade ”fryst” sitt medlemskap i koalitionen är bl.a. Kamal Labwani, Marwan Hajj Rifai, Yehia Al Kurdi och Ahmad Al Assi Jarba.
”Koalitionen är ett icke-valt organ, och har som sådant ingen rätt att välja en premiärminister med majoritet på ett möte. Det borde ha krävts samstämmighet”, sade Labwani.

Scott Creighton – U.S. Military Official Calls Khan al-Asal Attack a “creative use of a caustic agent” “but not a chemical weapon”. History Disagrees

In their zeal to create a narrative to justify NATO intervention (bombing civilians and infrastructure til Syria collapses a.k.a. “humanitarian intervention”) their mercs seem to have miscalculated. Just like Hillary Clinton’s failed effort to blame the sinking of the Cheonan on North Korea, this failed false flag event is going to blow up in the faces of the foreign backed opposition in Syria.

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21 mars

En religiös ledare var bland de som dödades av en ny bilbombsattack. Hur länge ska denna gränslösa ondska fortgå!? – Top pro-Assad Sunni preacher killed as suicide bombing hits Damascus mosque

A blast ripped through a mosque in the Syrian capital, killing a prominent pro-government Sunni cleric Sheikh Mohammed Said Ramadan al-Bouti. At least 15 people have reportedly died and 40 more were wounded in the attack.

Christof Lehmann – Syria and Russia demand independent Investigation into Aleppo Chemical Weapon Attack

Also Russia´s Permanent representative to the European Union (EU), Vladimir Chizhov has issued statements about the incident and warned, that the repetition of a Libyan scenario by NATO in Syria would be a “flagrant and outrageous strategic mistake”. The Russian EU Ambassador also criticized France and Great Britain for announcing, that they would lift the embargo imposed by the EU on importing weapons to the “Syrian Opposition”.
The strong statement by Russia´s Ambassador to the EU is one more in a series of increasingly clear signals from Russian top-diplomats which reiterate, that Russia is not willing to accept further abuse of UNSC resolutions by NATO, the abuse of the ICC for politicized trials against leaders of targeted nations, and the use of NATO forces in the Middle East for regime change under the guise of a responsibility to protect. The diplomatic stand off between Russia, the USA and the EU has lasted since September 2011, when Russia drew a clear line in the Syrian sand and began preventing a similar abuse of UN resolutions as the abuse of UNSC resolution 1973(2011) on Libya.
The statement by Vladimir Chizov, that a repetition of a Libya like scenario in Syria would be a flagrant and outrageous strategic mistake, is most likely an implicit reference to statements by NATO top-bras Ivo H. Daalder and James G. Stavridis.
In an article published in the April-March 2012 issue of Foreign Affairs, Daalder and Stavridis described NATO´s intervention in Libya as “teachable moment and model for future interventions”. (3 Daalder and Stavridis`statement has been repeated during NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago in May 2012, where NATO implicitly adopted the Libyan model, that is, regime change by use of terrorist organizations, interfacing with special forces, to procure a UN resolution that justifies a NATO intervention, leading to regime change, as part of NATO´s military doctrine for a modern NATO that faces the security challenges of a modern world. (4
On Thursday the United Nations has responded to the Syrian, Russian and international pressure by agreeing to an independent investigation. No details about who will be staffing the investigation team, who will develop its methodology and specify its goals or other details have yet been published. – FN utreder gaskrig i Syrien

Syrien bad officiellt FN:s generalsekreterare idag onsdag att genomföra en oberoende och neutral teknisk utredning om användningen av kemiska vapen igår i Aleppoprovinsen.
FN:s talesman sa att en sådan utredning kan genomföras på begäran av en medlemsstat men att man avvaktar de ”en formell begäran”.
Syriens ambassadör Bashar Jafari berättade för reportrar att hans regering har begärt att generalsekreteraren ska bilda en specialiserad, oberoende och neutral teknisk utredningsgrupp. Enligt Syrien har terroristgrupper verksamma i landet tillgripit kemiska vapen mot civila i staden Khan Al-Asal nära Aleppo. Han erinrade också om att Damaskus redan hade varnat för att något sådant skulle kunna hända i ett tidigare brev till FN.

Nile Bowie – Syria teeters on Obama’s ‘red line’

While on his first state visit to Israel, Barack Obama cast doubt and expressed deep skepticism toward the Assad government’s version of events, stating that if the government did indeed use chemical weapons, then it meant a “red line” had been crossed. Obama vowed not to make further announcements until concrete facts were established. What this essentially means is that Obama is now in a position to act on his statements and intervene more boldly and directly than the United States has already been doing since the beginning of the conflict. Additionally, NATO personnel have also indicated that they are prepared to employ a wide range of operations. US-European Command Admiral James Stavridis recently told media that the alliance was “prepared, if called upon, to be engaged as we were in Libya.”

Western states want to install proxy leaders who will grovel to their multinationals and swallow IMF medicine, Persian Gulf states seek unfettered hegemony in their own backyards, and they all want to see the Shia resistance smashed to pieces. Following the news of chemical weapons being used in Syria, the most immediate conclusion of this observer is that foreign-backed militants, who have used every opportunity to call for more material and support, employed the use of a smuggled chemical weapon of poor quality to bring about direct military intervention in their favor. Right on cue, Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain are frothing at the mouth, urging President Obama to “take immediate action” and consider deploying troops.

Tony Cartalucci – US’ New ”Syrian PM” Yet Another Muslim Brotherhood Extremist – Gruesome Video Shows Syrian Rebel Beheading Civilian

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20 mars

‘Aleppo chemical attack, NATO pretext to step in’, Franklin Lamb (hans del som text) och en regimtrogen analytiker från London

Press TV – NATO commander reveals plans for intervention in Syria

Admiral James Stavridis, commander of US European Command, said at the Senate Armed Services Committee that US military would be ready to take part in the aggression, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.
Stavridis also serves as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).
The United States is “looking at a variety of operations. We are prepared if called upon to be engaged,” he said.
The US commander said the 28-member military alliance is also looking into the option of assisting the foreign-backed militants fighting against the Syrian government.

Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Jafari – Syria For Impartial Investigation in Chemical Attack
Fler videor med Bashar Jafari och andra. – Syrian Rebels Caught on Tape Discussing Chemical Weapons Attack

Press TV – Syria militants, Israel join forces to destroy Mideast: Lebanese politician

Leader of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement Michel Aoun says foreign-backed militants in Syria have formed an alliance with the Israeli regime to change the region’s geopolitical map, Press TV reports.
“I think this is an alliance in reality. We don’t know what happens in secret, but from what we can see, they are allies,” Aoun told Press TV on Tuesday.
The Lebanese politician also stressed that the alliance intends to destroy not only Syria, but the entire Middle East and “its social, political fabric.”

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19 mars

Russia Today – Syrian rebels fire chemical weapons in Aleppo, killing at least 25 – government (PHOTOS)

Syrian rebels have used a rocket containing chemical substances in the conflict, killing 25 people and injuring 86, says Syria’s Information Minister. Reports say most of the casualties killed in the attack in the flashpoint city of Aleppo were civilians.

Christof Lehmann – Chemical Weapon Attack kills 25 and injures 100 in Aleppo. Syria Crisis Explodes International Law into Anarchy and Barbarism

The Syrian government and insurgents are blaming each other for the escalation of the violence.
While the Syrian government possesses chemical weapons, several factors make it unlikely beyond reasonable doubt, that a rocket with weaponized chemical substances has been fired by Syrian military forces. Like in every other regular military force, the chemical weapons under control of the Syrian military are closely monitored, registered, and easily to be accounted for.
The UN´s independent commission of inquiry recently suggested to refer Syria to the international criminal court. A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry called the report biased and unbalanced, and the suggestion to refer Syria to the ICC as futile and ill timed. (1 Escalating the conflict by using chemical weapons would be political suicide from experienced politicians who know better than bringing Russia into a diplomatic quagmire. With the national dialog making steady progress, the use of chemical weapons would be equivalent to the Syrian government derailing the national dialog which it facilitates.
While these and many other factors make it more than unlikely that the rocket was fired by Syrian military forces, the opposite is the case with the foreign backed insurgents. The strongest circumstantial evidence however, until an investigation has eventually has yielded material evidence, is the fact that the foreign backed insurgents themselves have published video recordings, in which they were demonstrating how they are producing chemical substances which can be weaponized in small laboratories. The small laboratories have been provided for the insurgents by Saudi-Arabia.

Today´s escalation of terrorism with an internationally banned weapon is also likely to even further deteriorate diplomatic ties between Russia and the USA. One of the factors that has contributed to the rapid deterioration in diplomatic relations over Syria was the fact that the USA rejected a Russian resolution at the United Nations Security Council which would have condemned all forms of terrorism.
The US veto at the UN Security Council, against the condemnation of the attack and terrorism in all of its forms, prompted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to voice the Russian governments frustration over the fact, that the UNSC standards, according to which all nations, without exclusion, would condemn terrorism, regardless of the perpetrator, place or motives, was no longer upheld. Lavrov stated, “Russia sees in the American position the use of double standards and a dangerous approach in terms of the Americans moving away from the main principle of condemning terrorism in all its forms”.

Syria´s Information Minister al-Zoubi elicited the bearing of this aggravation when he stressed that the terrorist crime committed in Aleppo is “an exceptional case, compared to the events in the world at least over the last fifty years” Exceptional, because an internationally banned weapon was being used publicly from an area where Western and Turkish intelligence are operating along side Jahbat al-Nusra members”. – Ukrainian reporter Anhar Kochneva slams mass kidnapping in Syria

Ukrainian reporter Anhar Kochneva who was kept in captivity by Syrian rebels and managed to escape has accused Syrian insurgents of mass kidnapping.
“It is impossible to investigate. Unfortunately this happens everyday. They are bandits, who simply kidnap people and trade them”, she told a press conference in the Interfax-Ukraine agency in Kiev on Tuesday.
By supporting these insurgents that West is trying to destruct Syria.
According to Kochneva, there are reports that the insurgents are using in particular Ukrainian arms which was bought by Saudi Arabia and Qatar – Report from Damascus: the Life of the Syrian capital (PHOTO)

There are military checkpoints and cars are thoroughly inspected with the purpose of finding guns and explosives. There is the army, which fights with well-armed militants, whose camps are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and who receive weapons from European countries and Israel. There is the government and the President, who solve urgent problems of the country, which turned out to be the aim of the conspiracy of the West and the Arab monarchies. And there are the Syrians, who are engaged in their vital, peaceful, normal daily activities.
When you meet them in the streets, when you talk to them (there are those, who speak French and English), they anxiously say that it is terrorists and mercenaries who are to blame for the Syrian disasters, and they should be kicked out of the country. They hope that other countries will follow Russia’s example and support the efforts of the Syrian leaders aimed at restoring peace in the country.
The Syrians long for a peaceful life. This is what catches the eye!
We, Russian journalists, visited the Daraya district of the Syrian capital. Once there was life, now there are only ruins. Burnt carcasses of houses, charred trees, remains of a school…

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18 mars

Förra veckan rapporterades det om att ”rebeller” upprepat sköt mot mål i Syrien inifrån Libanon, och att syriska myndigheter flera gånger sagt att man hittills visat återhållsamhet men att det finns en gräns för deras tålamod. Nu verkar det som att man skjutit tillbaka – US State Department confirms Syrian government fired rockets into Lebanon – vilket då regimtrogen västmedia är snabba att uppmärksamma utan att ha nämnt vad som har försigått tidigare!

Press TV – US won’t hinder Europeans’ arm supply to Syria militants: Kerry video

”President (Barack) Obama has made it clear that the United States does not stand in the way of other countries that have made a decision to provide arms, whether it’s France or Britain or others,” top US diplomat John Kerry said Monday.
Kerry’s comments come prior to an EU leaders meeting later this week, in which they plan to discuss easing an EU arms embargo.
On Thursday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Paris and London will arm the militants even if an agreement is not reached during the upcoming meeting.
The UK has also expressed support for lifting the arms embargo.
However, Several European countries have disagreed with the move, warning that increasing the number of weapons on the ground will intensify the Syrian conflict.
On February 28, EU foreign ministers last extended the embargo for three months. The sanctions are, however, always up for review by the bloc’s member states.
Meanwhile, four bomb explosions have been heard in the Syrian capital city of Damascus amid ongoing clashes between militants and government forces, a Press TV corresponded in the city reported. – “Assad: We Negotiate under Our Conditions, Battle in our Favor”

Under the headline “An Optimistic Panorama from the Syrian Regime’s Perspective; Assad Tells Visitors: We Negotiate under Our Conditions, Battle in Our Favor,” As-Safir newspaper said Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s visitors have cited a positive atmosphere in Damascus.
Sami Kleib wrote on Monday that the opposition’s seizure of Al-Riqqa did not affect the regime’s morale, as President Bashar Al-Assad assured to his visitors: “The battle is long because we are fighting terrorism, which global powers failed to fight. However, things have improved on the military and political levels.”
“The army has become more experienced of the militants’ movements. Its new strategy requires that it sets the time and location of the battle rather than being dragged into one. This prevented the military forces from dispersing. It contributed in enclosing several ignited regions. It limited militants’ movements in areas where they planned to wage attacks,” he clarified.
“The way of jamming communications changed, and surveillance equipments were advanced, so operations have become topical and painful to the militants. Essential changes occurred to intelligence and military structures. Coordination increased with allies that presented their experiences in the fields they excel in. Public committees, which are turning day after day into a substitute army, took part in protecting areas that the army withdrew from.

Franklin Lamb – The 7th Century Heroine of Karbala-Protected by Her Own

The seemingly rapid escalation of Shia-Sunni sectarian strife pulsating back and forth across Syria and in and out of Iraq and Lebanon appear to some analysts to be unstoppable. This week the UN Security Council expressed alarm that rising sectarian violence threatened a return to civil war in Lebanon. The sect targeted for destruction, is mainly, but not exclusively, Shia Muslims and a potential conflagration among a few Muslim sects is smoldering from Yemen to Libya to Pakistan and in more than a dozen countries. Places of worship are being attacked with the hope of creating flight and destruction among so-called kuffar (infidels) and other alleged “enemies of Allah.”
As the violence continues in parts of Syria it is not always clear who exactly is behind, for example, the thefts of antiquities from museums and shops, the carting off of medical equipment from hospitals, the widespread stripping of certain factories in places like Aleppo and moving their assets to Turkey, apparently with little if any objection from Ankara, and the damaging of mainly Christian and Shia places of worship. But there is little doubt that Islamist extremists, are behind many of these crimes.

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17 mars

Patrick Henningsen – Syria, Under the Banner of “Democratization”: Shipping Weapons to Al Nusra Terrorists, Encouraging the Establishment of Sharia Law

Now, both Britain and France are scrambling to cover their legal tracks as is evidenced by David Cameron and Francois Hollande’s hijacking of the EU economic summit today which saw both leaders publicly begging fellow EU representatives to lift the European arms embargo to the Syrian terrorist armies wanting to overthrow the Assad government. The EU leaders present were not impressed, and stated that they would not back such aggression. This result leaves both Britain and France no other alternative that to act ‘unilaterally’ in Syria, with the US also waiting to join in. What happened here was a clear separation of the politics of Europe and the military desires of NATO – a fracture which could ultimately end NATO’s political support in Europe.
One could say that the EU’s rejection of Cameron and Hollande’s campaigning to further violate International Law in Syria is the first example of the EU attempting to earn the Nobel Peace Prize which it was awarded in 2012.
There are many dangers abound should the EU cave in to NATO’s wishes of lifting the current EU arms embargo to Syria, but none are more glaringly obvious than the prospect of Russia also entering the fray on behalf of their long-time trading and diplomatic partner Syria, a volatile prospect that could plunge the whole region into an all-out regional war. This would all but guarantee the entrance of Israel and Iran into the picture, which most analysts and observers all agree would trigger a Third World War with dire consequences for millions, if not billions of innocent people worldwide.

Christof Lehmann – Syria War is turning into Regional War. South African President declares BRICS Support for Geneva Declaration

Russian-US relations are in a deep-freeze as the Syria war is spilling across the borders to Lebanon and Iraq. NATO is laboring at opening a new front in Jordan and Iraq and has begun to overtly target Iran with terrorists, trained in Kosovo. While the war is bound to widen into a regional war with global consequences, the South African President Jacob Zuma declared, that South Africa and the BRICS will not spare any effort to implement the Geneva declaration.

After the recent weeks increased Russian assertiveness and repeated statements, that a foreign military intervention and arming the insurgents is unacceptable, the recent emergency meeting of the Russian Security Council, with violence spilling over the borders to Lebanon, Iraq and the Golan, and with a de-facto declaration of war against Iran, by proclaiming that NATO will support the MKO terrorists against Iran, with the increased resurgence of Saudi-manufactured “sectarian violence” in Iraq, and with the international community increasingly being polarized in two block which are divided by an atmosphere of diplomatic deep freeze, it is likely that the war in Syria will develop into a regional war within months.

Press TV – Syria, new destination of UK troops in Afghanistan: Report

British special forces are being “quietly” withdrawn from Afghanistan in order to be deployed to Syria, The Daily Star reported on Sunday quoting from a Whitehall source.
The Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS) commanders are said to be drawing up secret plans to supply foreign-backed militants in the Arab country with weapons.
British troops are planned to be working under the supervision of Britain’s secret intelligence agency MI6 and France’s Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), seeking to send a £20 million-arsenal of weapons stockpiled in Syria’s neighboring countries to militants fighting against the Syrian government.

Press TV – Militants carry out mass bomb attack in east Syria

Foreign-backed militants in Syria have carried out a huge car bomb attack and stormed a landmark building in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour.
The blast occurred on Saturday after armed men detonated an explosive-laden vehicle they had placed close to the city’s tallest building.
The gunmen then stormed the building, but were forced to retreat by Syrian troops. The government forces also shelled several areas of the city held by militants.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Army pressed ahead with operations against the foreign-supplied armed groups as they were trying to enter the capital, Damascus, through the Jobar area.

‘West punishing anti-Zionist Syrians’, interview with Randy Short, a human rights activist from Washington, Sheikh Omar Bakri, founder of Hizb ut-Tahrir UK branch from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut.

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16 mars

Christof Lehmann – Russian Security Council Emergency Meeting as Russian Warships arrive in Syria

Russia´s President Vladimir Putin has called and held an emergency meeting of the permanent members of Russia´s Security Council to discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria and the deteriorating diplomatic relations between Russia, the USA, EU and allies over the crisis. Meanwhile, four Russian Battleship Destroyers which had stopped in Lebanon, have been transferred to the Russian auxiliary naval base in the Syrian city Tartous.

Ser ut som ett visst backande från Camerons sida – UK has no immediate plans to arm Syria’s opposition – PM Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that the UK had no immediate plans to arm Syria’s opposition. It came after EU leaders reacted coolly to a proposal from Cameron and the French Pres François Hollande for the EU’s embargo on sending arms to Syrian rebels to be lifted.
“As things stand today are not saying that Britain would actually like to supply arms to rebel groups. What we want to do is work with them and try to make sure that they’re doing the right thing. And with technical assistance we are able to do that.”

Press TV – US tries to pressure Syrian regime : Hisham Jaber, interview with Hisham Jaber

Now I think they are trying to make pressure on the Syrian regime since they are preparing a peaceful solution, a political solution with Russia and as we said under the sponsorship of China. – Syria Urges BRICS Intervention to End Conflict

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday called on the BRICS nations to intervene to end the conflict in the country, in a letter delivered by his adviser Bouthaina Shaaban during a trip to South Africa.
Speaking to Agence France Presse, Shaaban said she had delivered the letter to South African President Jacob Zuma ahead of the BRICS summit in South Africa on March 26.

Kefah Nasr – The Results of the Blue Jasmine… America faces its second defeat, in Syria, after two years of the crisis

War on Syria is nothing more than a part of America’s schemes to construct American energy pipelines. But at the first year of the crisis, the American schemes started to collapse. Starting from the delaying of Nabucco pipeline, to Hungary withdrawing from Nabucco the one supported by America. Later Russia started to construct the South Stream gas pipeline. The Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline had failed in Syria, and Putin had won in Syria, and the world is no longer unipolar. Today after two years of the Syrian crisis America faces its second defeat in its projects in the region with the start of the construction of the Iranian Al Salam pipelines to Pakistan, to be connected later with India, against America’s wishes.

Time has done its work, we can be positive that Syrian’s steadfastness didn’t only reveal the nature of the aggression on Syria, it had exhausted the American. The sanctions on Iran had failed, even by Washington’s closest allies, like Turkey, Japan, South Korea. America’s inability to even disrupt the Iranians gas pipelines is a proof enough that time didn’t only weaken and mute Washington, it also pressured it. Especially in regards to the increase of demand on Iran’s energy imports to many countries starting from Pakistan where the Iranian gas pipelines forms a direct threat to America’s interests. But Washington had no other options left but to face the reality, else, America’s pressure would become a reason for its allies to rebel. Accepting realities will only increase in the coming years & it will reach the EU. Putin had pointed out in his speech after winning the presidential elections that in the next five years we’ll witness changes in the world.

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