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vittnesmål från platsen för massakern

Journalister från den ryska nyhetskanalen ANNA rapporterar själva om sina iakttagelser från Houla, och man har intervjuat människor som bor i området som ger sina vittnesmål om vad som skedde. Det talas om väpnade gäng bestående av många hundra legokrigare som genomförde den barbariska attacken.

ANNA News Journalist Marat Musin about Houla Massacre

The town was attacked from the north-east by groups of bandits and mercenaries, numbering up to 700 people. The militants came from Ar-Rastan (the Brigade of al-Farouk from the Free Syrian Army led by the terrorist Abdul Razak Tlass and numbering 250), from the village of Akraba (led by the terrorist Yahya Al-Yousef), from the village Farlaha, joined by local gangsters, and from Al Hula.

When the rebels seized the lower checkpoint in the center of town and located next to the local police department, they began to sweep all the families loyal to the authorities in neighboring houses, including the elderly, women and children. Several families of the Al-Sayed were killed, including 20 young children and the family of the AbdulRazak. Many of those killed were “guilty” of the fact that they dared to chang from Sunnis to Shiites. The people were killed with knives and shot at point blank range. Then they presented the murdered to the UN and the international community as victims of bombings by the Syrian army, something that was not verified by any marks on their bodies.

video på ryska – finns på arabiska i ett inlägg på – HULA,HOMS – där det finns fler intervjuer.

Houla Eye Witnesses: Free Syrian Army Responsible for Massacre

Syria: News in Brief 31 May 2012. Syrian Official Tv Channel

från facebook

Syria, Homs / 11 civilian workers of fertilizers company were killed after an armed terrorist group opened fire on a company bus carrying workers.

Russia will not change stance on Syria: Putin aide

The spokesman of Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow will not change its stance toward Syria under “someone’s pressure.”
Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that Russia’s position regarding the Syrian issue is “well-known… balanced and consistent and completely logical,” according to the Russian Interfax news agency.
“So it is hardly appropriate to talk about this position changing under someone’s pressure.” – Likheter Hula – Racak

Den ryske ställföreträdande FN-ambassadören Alexander Pankin uppmanade till en oberoende undersökning av de nyligen inträffade händelserna i syriska Hula, där mer än 100 människor bragtes om livet. Han påvisade att bara en ytterst liten del av de döda var offer för beskjutning med tunga vapen, medan de andra blev avrättade. Det är en klar antydan om att eftersom Hula ligger i det av upproriska kontrollerade området kan beväpnade oppositionella ha utfört avrättningarna. – Kina: Ryssland måltavla i sabelskrammel mot Syrien

”Västvärlden är bra på att använda humanitärism som ursäkt för att uppnå dess sanna politiska och ekonomiska motiv. Från forna Jugoslavien till Mellanöstern har denna taktik använts, genom att först så politiska spänningar och sedan starta en militäroffensiv, för att bli av med oönskade politiker eller regimer under täckmanteln ‘humanitär’ intervention.”
”Dödandet [i Hula] kan komma att utnyttjas som en ursäkt för Västvärlden att ytterligare intervenera i Syrien. Kina och Ryssland bör noggrannt bevaka FN:s utredning och de berörda parternas reaktioner. De måste bestämt motsätta sig interventionismens hysteriska framfart.”

Marinella Correggia – Making sense out of Syria

Firstly, regular armies do not go around slaughtering children. Secondly, there is plenty of evidence of excellent relations between the Syrian Armed Forces and the children they protect from this western-backed scourge. Thirdly, we saw what the western-backed terrorists are capable of in Libya.
Fourthly, the immediate allegations were of sustained artillery barrages. Why then are the bodies intact? Why has the story now changed? Fifthly, would anyone put it past the terrorists to dress up in Syrian Army uniforms and try to incriminate the authorities? Sixth, what about the claims by the Syrian government that it had nothing to do with the massacre, after admitting there were terrorist elements in the area? Why are they ignored?
Point number seven: How can the west argue that ”even if the massacre was not committed by the Syrian government, the fact is that it failed to protect the people” a day after it accused the said government of the same? Point number eight: Who is financing and arming the Syrian terrorists?
Point number nine: Who profits? Are the Syrian Armed Forces going to massacre children under the noses of the UN inspectors? Would the Syrian Armed Forces or any Army formation do such a thing? Of course not. It was a staged mail-order massacre, ordered by the west, perpetrated by their terrorists in Syria and peddled on their media outlets. What a cynical and disgusting manipulation of the truth, using tens of children as victims.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Libya, Syria and the defeat of Western diplomacy

With the counter-weight to NATO removed with the voluntary dissolution of the USSR in 1991, the playground bully started running amok, firstly interfering in the Balkans, arming separatist groups and creating the conditions for the Balkans Wars; secondly interfering in Kosovo by creating the KLA (UÇK) and using Islamist terrorists against Serbia…

And today, inexorably, the schoolyard bully turns on Syria, once again arming terrorists and once again lying and manipulating photographic evidence to demonise the saint and sanctify the demon, as the circus prepares to move further eastwards to Iran, which is already being accused of creating nuclear weapons and as Mother Russia sees herself surrounded by a vice grip from the Baltic States in the north around to her entire western frontier, to the south-west and now to the south as the Iranian sword is prepared to be thrust into her belly. ”NATO will not move eastwards”. Remember those words?
Don’t trust them! Don’t give them any leeway whatsoever in the UNSC; give them a hand and they grab an arm and a leg. Libya was the line in the sand, they crossed it and destroyed their credibility for the foreseeable future with their Mission Creep, wholly predicted in this column from day 1. They did it before, they will do it again. They will use any excuse to arm any number of UN troops as a means to launch another spectacular mission creep.
The schoolyard bully understands one thing and one thing only: when the brothers of his victims line up in front of him, pull his face up to theirs, look into his eyes and inform him that they will smash his face down the other side of his cowardly little neck if he so much as dares to overstep the line again.
You do not use kids as a cynical excuse for starting a war, especially not if you are responsible for the trouble in the first place and for arming those who murdered them. Is that clear?

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30 maj

Carl Bildt erkände igår att Sverige är delaktiga i fientligheterna och destabiliseringskampanjen mot Syrien! från – Syriska ambassadörer utvisas ur stormakter

Tyckte jag hörde att Nederländernas ambassadör idag ombads lämna Syrien, hur länge dröjer det innan Sveriges kastas ut? Är det inte ett ganska otroligt uttalande med tanke på det groteska våld som denna ”opposition” utövar, vilket väl alla känner till vid det här laget, trots västmediernas vilseledningskampanjer.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – NATO’s death squads responsible for Houla massacre: Analyst

This is not the first time that the NATO people have tried to get a large scale massacre that they could try to inflame public opinion with.
However I would say, three on the ground eyewitness reports that I verify myself. First one comes from fides, fides is an Italian-roman Catholic missionary news service, and they point to the fact that what the reality of the Houla massacre is that these fighters, right extremists, al-Qaeda or Salafi, whatever they were; came in and started targeting the Armenian Christians and the roman Catholics, the Franciscans and some others. This is one package.
Then we have a Belgian website with an author called …..klemantes, which describes in detail, how it was done that the hospital in Houla was burnt down and the people that had been taking refuge in it were systematically massacred from up-close by the death squads not by the government.
Then we have the Russian journalist operating in Syria, Anhar Kochneva. You can look at some of the word that she has put on the Internet.

Motvallsbloggen – Syriens kommentar till Houla-massakern

NATO’s ‘Civil War’ Machine Rolls Into Syria

It was only a matter of time before NATO’s hired killers were tasked with carrying out a massacre in Syria that NATO stooges at the UN could then attempt to blame on the Syrian government. This time however, the con job isn’t going quite according to plan.
On Monday 28th May 2012 (‘Memorial Day’ in the US, for those who enjoy irony) the world’s public received a full frontal propaganda attack by the Western and other duplicitous media outlets parroting NATO and UN Security Council condemnations of a “massacre by Syrian troops” in the Syrian village of Houla on Friday 25th May.
Although the Houla victims were Assad supporters, the media has been primed to unleash a torrent of abuse against the Syrian government in the hope that it will carry enough weight to justify precision-strike democratization in the very near future.
UN Security Council ‘ambassadors’ from the UK, Germany, France and Azerbaijan (no less!) wasted no time in pointing the finger at the Syrian government and making false claims that there was “clear evidence of artillery fire and tank shelling by the Syrian regime”. In fact, it has since been revealed that the vast majority of the victims were killed at close range, many of them with limbs hacked off by axes.
Think for a moment about the phony narrative that the defenders of Western ‘democracy’ are trying to foist on the public: we’re all supposed to believe that the Syrian army fired tank shells at these people, then withdrew from the area, allowing ‘al-Qaeda-in-Syria’ to line up the bodies, take photographs and video footage of the gruesome deeds and post them all over the web. Furthermore, the only available video footage taken at the scene of the massacre shows a man dressed in plain clothes emerge from a side street to fire an RPG into the street, footage that was rapidly propagated as “Syrian forces shelling their own people.” – Ryssland, Hula och världskriget

Krismötet i FN:s säkerhetsråd hölls på Rysslands begäran för att hindra den anglo-franco-amerikanska krigspakten från att göra regimen ansvarig, avsluta Annan-planen och påbörja en länge planerad men, framförallt av Pentagon, hittills uppskjuten militär operation i Libyen-tappning. Till krigshetsarnas stora besvikelse fick säkerhetsrådet, återigen på rysk inrådan, en uppriktig rapport från befälhavaren för FN:s bevakningsuppdrag general Robert Mood. Den norske generalmajoren bekräftade ryssarnas uppfattning, att bevisen för de ansvariga för Hulas civila dödsoffer är ”luddiga” och uppmanade Annan-missionen att genomföra en noggrann utredning.

Bra kommentar från facebook, British Civilians for Peace in Libya

the new orwellianism is ‘military intervention’; as if a foreign invading army were like the police: thus do rogue states and their militaries reinvent themselves
”The attack on Syria has begun, they are accusing President Assad of killing his people. And the Yankees want to come in and bomb the people in order to save them. What shameless cynicism. It’s a new strategy they’ve invented, to generate violent armed conflicts and spill blood in a country in order to then bomb it and intervene and take ownership of its natural resources and convert it into a colony”
~ Hugo Chavéz

Most Houla massacre victims executed: UN

On Tuesday, OHCHR Spokesman Rupert Colville said in Geneva that most of the victims in Taldo, an area of Houla, “were summarily executed in two separate incidents,” AFP reported.
”What is very clear is that this was an absolutely abominable event that happened in Houla and at least a substantial part of it was summary executions of civilians, including women and children,” said Colville, adding that the victims “were shot in their houses.”
His comments echo those of the Syrian government, which blames armed terrorist groups for the murders.

Gatilov : We Are Categorically against Any Intervention in Syrian Conflict from the Outside

Russia reiterated its rejection for any proposals at the UN Security Council authorizing military intervention in Syria.
Gennady Gatilov, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, said in press statements to the Russian Interfax News Agency: ”We have always said that we are categorically against any intervention in the Syrian conflict from the outside, as this would only worsen the situation and would lead to unpredictable consequences both for Syria itself and the region on the whole.”
Gatilov underscored that Russia calls for broader international discussion on settling standoff in Syria and Kofi Annan’s, the UN Envoy to Syria, six-point plan.
Gatilov added that Russia thinks any new UN Security Council pressure measures on Syria are premature, asserting that Russia will veto initiatives on foreign military interference in Syrian situation in UN Security Council.

Michel Chossudovsky – SYRIA: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria

The fundamental question: Were the May 2012 killings of civilians in the city of Houla part of a carefully planned covert operation, with the intent to drum up public support for a war on Syria?
The deaths are blamed on the Al Assad government, with ”casualty lists in U.S. newspapers causing a helpful wave of indignation.”. Meanwhile, several European countries, Canada and Australia have cut off diplomatic relations with Syria.
Was the Houla massacre part of a sinister covert operation bearing the fingerprints of Operation Northwoods?
There is absolutely no evidence that the Syrian government was behind these killings.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, from the Society for International Reforms and Research

Eric Draitser – Understanding the Propaganda War Against Syria

It is necessary and, in fact, essential for the United States and its allies to wage this propaganda war. Without it, rationality and sound political thinking might sway public opinion away from war and back to the idea that Syria belongs to Syrians. This basic conception completely derails the entire drive for war, preventing Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and the United States from imposing their will on the people of Syria and continuing their imperialist domination of the region.

Armed groups attack oil pipeline in Syrian city of Deir al-Zour

Syrian opposition sets up summer headquarters in Miami

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planerna bakom oroligheterna

För de som inte är övertygade om att det är utländska krafter som ligger bakom oroligheterna i Syrien och tidigare i t.ex. Libyen, så finns ett par mycket intressanta artiklar att studera som visar på mycket grundligt genomtänkta strategier för destabilisering med regeringsbyte som mål i de länder de som styr USA så önskar.
Från en artikel av Sharmine Narwani – Going Rogue: America’s Unconventional Warfare in the Mideast – som har studerat amerikanska militärens manual för okonventionell krigföring (för nedladdning som pdf) – varifrån det här citatet är hämtat:

There is another type of warfare—new in its intensity, ancient in its origin—war by guerrillas, subversives, insurgents, assassins; war by ambush instead of by combat, by infiltration instead of aggression, seeking victory by eroding and exhausting the enemy instead of engaging him. It preys on unrest.

mer från artikeln:

Now, how and why would an uncommitted – and ostensibly peaceful – majority of the population respond to the introduction of violence by opposition groups? The UW manual tells us there is an easy way to spin this one:
”If retaliation [by the target government] occurs, the resistance can exploit the negative consequences to garner more sympathy and support from the population by emphasizing the sacrifices and hardship the resistance is enduring on behalf of “the people.” If retaliation is ineffective or does not occur, the resistance can use this as proof of its ability to wage effect combat against the enemy. In addition, the resistance can portray the inability or reluctance of the enemy to retaliate as a weakness, which will demoralize enemy forces and instill a belief in their eventual defeat.”
And so on, and so forth.

En äldre artikel som visar en plan som sägs vara kopierad från en israelisk websida – Is the Syrian Revolution a Spontaneous Public Uprising?

Christof Lehmann – US-Military Logic behind Syrian Insurgency. The “Special Forces Unconventional Warfare” manual TC 18 01

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29 maj

Tony Cartalucci – West’s Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway, UN admits almost all of the 108 killed in Houla were killed at close range by militants, not Syrian soldiers firing artillery

Press TV – Syrian government must curb armed gangs with an iron fist: Analyst

Press TV has conducted an interview with Haitham Alsibahie, from the Syrian Social Club in London, to further talk over the issue.

Press TV: We know that Russia has been expressing concern that ”certain countries” are beginning to use the Houla massacre ”as a pretext for voicing demands for military measures to be taken” against Damascus. How serious do you think is the Russian’s warning of a military agenda?
Alsibahie: First of all, good evening to you and top your viewers. I think it is very serious at the moment because this is what the West wants; this is what Saudi Arabia and Qatar are pushing for, arming those Jihadist Salafists and these criminal groups and supplying them with money.
We are sure the order is coming from them but this is exactly the pretext and this is their way and this is their culture of killing civilians. They do not care how many civilians they get killed. They killed 1 million in Iraq; they killed over 100 thousand in Libya but this is what they are trying to do and this is the pretext for interference in Syria.
At the moment, they are interfering. We know they have some groups on the ground; they have some commanders or some of their secret service on the ground in Syria and they carry out these atrocities and they are trying to play in the Syrian government for it. Now the truth has come out today or part of the truth, let me say, came out from the United Nations.
The United Nations said most of these people are being killed or executed in a close range. The Syrian forces were not in Houla; they were outside Houla; there were only 4 or 5 checkpoints. They are not attacking forces and as we have seen on a number of tapes, these criminals and those who call themselves Jihadists, and I do not know Jihadist for what, they are roaming the city; they are killing people just to put the pressure up and the incitement for a stupid country like the Western countries which used these tools to say Syria is carried out and they give the excuse for humanitarian corridors or some attacks or some sort of what you call initiative like today kicking out or asking Syrian ambassadors to leave.
This is exactly a pretext and this is what Syria is facing at the moment.

Syria News 29 May 2012. Syrian Official Tv Channel

Tony Cartalucci – Atrocities Made to Order, How Wall Street & London Manufacture Tragedy to Sell War & Regime Change

In the wake of the Houla massacre in Syria, and evidence exposing the West’s initial narrative of Syrian troops ”shelling to death” around 100 people to be categorically false, people are struggling to understand just what happened.

Clearly there is the distinct possibility that a third party took advantage of a prolonged engagement between the FSA and government troops in Houla, to manufacture a very real atrocity. With so few facts in hand, it would be the height of irresponsibility to lay blame on anyone so squarely that punitive actions are leveled. So while the Globe and Mail berates Russia for suggesting that ”the blame must be determined objectively,” it is by far, without debate, the most sensible course of action to take. If the West laments the distrust it now suffers, it has only itself, and its long history of running death squads in exactly this manner, to blame.

Amal Saad-Ghoryeb Why it is highly unlikely the Syrian regime was behind the Houla massacre

Forget how the massacre is now being used by Washington to arm-twist Russia to accept a “Yemen-style solution”, as suggested by The Guardian: “ the breakdown of the already fragile Syrian peace process amid horrific scenes could push Moscow towards using its influence in the strife-torn country to assist a transition of power.”

Forget all that.
What on earth could the Syrian regime have stood to benefit from this macabre massacre of Sunnis? What could its “logic” or motives possibly have been? How could the regime have ensured or at least contributed to its longevity by this act? What interests could this heinous act have served other than militarizing the existing UN presence; inviting foreign military intervention into Syria..

Michel Chossudovsky ”THE SALVADOR OPTION FOR SYRIA”: US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads Integrate ”Opposition Forces”

Syria: Houla massacre – Who benefits from this useful pretext for war?

Syria: Al-Hula – More questions than answers

The massacre of Al-Hula delivers more questions than answers, while the Western powers are convinced in public that the Syrian government and army is responsible for this massacre, even when some details reject such a conclusion.
Not to mention that such a horrible massacre is a benefit for the Syrian opposition and not for the Syrian government and President al-Assad. The real implementation of a ceasefire in Syria and the following political dialogue is not in the interests of some sides and e.g. the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) knows that such political talks are counterproductive to their (only) goal.
To the question “Cui bono?”, the visit of William Hague to Moscow, Russia, could deliver a possible answer.

Timothy-Bancroft-Hinchey – Syria: Another Western false flag event?

Patrick Henningsen – Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria

Ismail Salami – Unholy Alliance Forming Against Syria, Washington, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Brussels, Arab puppet regimes, Extremist Wahhabis, Al-Qaeda

‘Israel incites sectarian war in Syria’, Press TV has conducted an interview with Taleb Ibrahim, a political analyst in Damascus

Syrian opposition incites foreign military intervention: Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the Syrian opposition is seeking foreign military intervention and inciting a civil war in the country.
Speaking at a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday, Lavrov said the chairman of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghalioun, ”called on all the Syrian opposition forces to continue – as he called it – the struggle for freedom until the UN Security Council approves external military intervention. That is a direct incitement to civil war.”
The Russian foreign minister also accused certain countries of trying to disrupt the implementation of a peace plan proposed by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.

Blackwater agents involved in Syria unrest: Political analyst

“We have real evidence now that the Blackwater company is working in Syrian territories,” said Taleb Ibrahim, a political analyst from Damascus, in an interview with Press TV on Monday.

MKO planning major terrorist operation in Syria: Report

The terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is reportedly preparing to launch a massive terrorist operation in Syria amid the recent surge of violence in the Arab state.
“We have conclusive proof and documents showing that the MKO has a strong and significant presence in Syria. The terrorist group has begun, in an all-out fashion, acts of sabotage and terrorism against the Syrian government and nation, and has found major influence among the Syrian rebels,” said Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, the director of the Habilian Association in a Monday meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Hamed Hassan.

Russia Today – Slaughter Slant: Houla massacre sparks media blame-game

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28 maj

Vilket fruktansvärt illdåd som begicks, den här massakern i Houla med över 100 människor brutalt nedmejade! Nog låter det osannolikt att regeringstrupperna skulle ha gått från hus till hus och brutalt dödat barn, kvinnor och andra i sina hem och sen lämnat dom så att motståndgrupperna kunde filma förödelsen. Och i det här läget när våldet var i avtagande. Det hade ju varit det absolut värsta de kunnat göra.

Uttalande av Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Jaafari enligt en facebookgrupp

Those responsible for the recent massacre of villagers in El-Houleh, Syria, will be brought to justice.
That information comes from the country’s ambassador, Bashar Ja’afari, who spoke to reporters in New York on Sunday following an emergency meeting of the Security Council.
”My government has established a national commission of inquiry tasked with finding out who are the perpetrators of this horrific massacre so that they will be brought to justice. Whoever committed these crimes will be held accountable by the Syrian authorities, by the Syrian government’s law in the country.”
Mr. Ja’afari said it was important to understand what he called ”the background” to the killing of more than 100 civilians in El-Houleh on Friday.
According to the ambassador, up to 300 men armed with heavy weapons such as mortars, machine guns and anti-tank missiles, gathered in the village following afternoon prayers before attacking law enforcement officers.
He said the group also killed people in another nearby village, in addition to burning the local hospital, houses and crops.


Referat av videon ovan finns HÄR

Tony Cartalucci – Houla, Syria Stunt Proves: Old Tricks are the Best Tricks

It is clear that whatever happened in Houla is being used desperately as a point of leverage to advance the next leg of the West’s insidious agenda, described in great detail by Seymour Hersh in his 2007 New Yorker article titled, ”The Redirection” where an American-Israeli-Saudi plot to arm vicious sectarian extremists and unleash them upon Syria was exposed. In fact, in Hersh’s article, he interviewed several sources that feared the inevitability of the very violence now seen and being disingenuously leveraged in Houla.

Tony Cartalucci – Death Squads Ravage Syrian Town – West Calls For ”Action”

Syria News 27 May 2012. Syrian Official Tv Channel

Syria News 28 May 2012. Syrian Official Tv Channel, Part1del 2 av Syria News 28 maj

VIDEO från platsen för massakern när FN-observatörerna anländer.
Anna News spoke with Syrian residents about the ”Houla massacre”
West seeks civil war, NATO intervention in Syria

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27 maj

En fruktansvärd massaker genomfördes alltså igår, ca 90 människor dödades varav många barn. Den officiella syriska versionen är att det var väpnade gäng som gick från hus till hus och mejade ner dessa människor. Medan västmedierna naturligtvis vill få det att framstå som att det är syriska regeringsstyrkor som begått dessa fruktansvärda illdåd. – New Massacres by al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Groups against Families in al-Shumariyeh and Taldo in Homs Countryside (varning för otäcka bilder) – Russia: Information Confirm That Victims of al-Houla Massacre Were Not Killed by Artillery Fire

Makdissi: We absolutely refute the Syrian Forces responsibility for Al Holi Massacre.
Army and security forces were defending themselves and the civilians.
This massacre calls for a UN meeting to investigate who is doing that in Syria, and who is financing them.
We have established a judicial committee to investigate what had happened.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs has spoken to Mr. Kofi Annan, who will be arriving to Syria soon, maybe tomorrow.

från facebook

The AFP reports: Russia has blocked a UN Security Council statement on the massacre in Syria and has called for an urgent meeting of the council, diplomats said Sunday. They said the meeting could be held on Sunday. Britain and France proposed a statement condemning the massacre in the Syrian town of Houla where at least 92 people, many of them children, were killed on Friday and Saturday.
But diplomats said Russia would not agree to the condemnation until a briefing was given by the head of the UN mission in Syria, Major General Robert Mood.

Tony Cartalucci – BBC Deceitfully Posts Images from Iraq in Syria Massacre Report!

Over the last 24-hours there’s been a renewed media storm over Syria – prompted by a horrific story of atrocities in the town of Houla. Very gruesome images of dead children have been offered to the media, which has lapped them up and used them again and again on our screens and in our newspapers.
The UN observers in Syria, so far, have declined to draw definite conclusions about who’s responsible for this terrible massacre. But unsurprisingly, western media has been less circumspect. There’s a deafening chorus of howls complaining ‘The World’ isn’t doing anything, while President Assad gets away with murdering his own people – again!

Syrian Opposition Officially Abandons UN Peace Plan, UN fails to condemn rebel army’s pledge to expand violence

Scott Creighton – Houla Massacre: The Desperate and Cowardly Act of Regime Change Warmongers

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the rest of the globalist co-conspirators of NATO are saying that the Kofi Annan Peace Plan and the UN Observer’s mission in Syria has failed and that it’s time for the international community to take immediate action after the horrific killings in Houla Syria took the lives of 32 children and 60 adults this past Friday. Her statement leaves little to the imagination as to who she and the rest of the NATO globalists hold responsible for the attacks even though there is strong evidence to suggest that the Syrian government had nothing to do with the massacre.

Given the desperation of the NATO regime change crowd and the nature of the victim’s wounds as well as the rush to judgement and the changing official story, one can only conclude that we have in fact been here before. And though it doesn’t do my heart any good on this Memorial Day weekend to come to the conclusion that I have, all evidence points to yet another staged terrorist act committed with the intent of providing an emotional tidal wave of support for regime change in Syria.
There is no logical reason for the Syrian government to attack their own people and provide the opposition with the exact kind of justification they need to force regime change in Syria. The story makes no sense.

Houla Massacre committed by terrorists supported by the west and their Persian Gulf puppets

Houla horror: truth is elusive, lies are easier to spot – Syria: Massacre in Houla – Who benefits from this massacre?

Russia Today – Houla massacre ‘indiscriminate and unforgivable’ – UN mission chief

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26 maj, 26 maj – 16 Civilians Martyred and 18 Injured in Terrorists Bombings and Shootings

Press TV – UN blames terrorist groups for bombings in Syria

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said that the footprints of ”established terrorist groups” can be seen in the recent bomb attacks in Syria.
In a letter to the Security Council on Friday, the UN chief said that the size and sophistication of some recent bombings in the Middle Eastern country suggest the involvement of terrorist groups.

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