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31 okt – Syrian rebels fire ‘shells with poison gas’ in Aleppo – state media – Jaysh Al-Islam faces expulsion from Damascus stronghold as Syrian Army continues advance – Jihadist death toll in Daraa rises to 69 after failed offensive – ‘Like a Trojan Horse, Western countries delivered radical groups to Syria’

The UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura said he is “shocked and appalled by the high number of rockets indiscriminately launched by armed opposition groups on civilian areas of western Aleppo in the last 48 hours.”
“Those who argue that this is meant to relieve the siege of eastern Aleppo should be reminded that nothing justifies the use of disproportionate, indiscriminate including heavy weapons on civilian areas,” Staffan de Mistura said.
The actions ”could amount to war crimes,” he warned.
Government-held West Aleppo has been under constant fire from the rebel-controlled East for several weeks now with many civilians, including children, falling victim to the attacks.


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29 okt – Fresh wave of militant shelling kills 3, injures 40 in govt-held west Aleppo – doctors to RT – Syrian Army retakes crucial district in western Aleppo

Moments ago, the Syrian Armed Forces fully reclaimed the Minyan neighbourhood after two Jaish al-Fateh suicide bombings paved the way for Islamist militants to infiltrate the western Aleppo district earlier today.

Joachim Hagopian – The Syrian School Airstrike Killing 22 Schoolchildren: Another US “False Flag”? Blaming Russia – School in Syria’s Idlib province not hit by airstrike, drone photos show – Russian MoD – Over 16,000 Syrians killed by US-backed rebels since February – Russian UN mission

Tim Anderson reveals some of his most important insights in this interview with Dirk Pohlmann. We hope it raises enough interest so that viewers will research the topic for themselves – and consider to read Anderson´s highly recommended book “The Dirty War on Syria”.

På svenska – Det smutsiga kriget mot Syrien – Tim Anderson

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27 okt

Rysslands FN-ambassadör för ca en vecka sen.
Vitaly Churkin, Russian UN Perm. Representative to the UN speaking before a special meeting of the UN General Assembly on Syria

Och för ett par dagar sen – Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN slamming Stephen O’Brien, USG for Humanitarian Affairs at the UNSC tonight 26 Oct 2016

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26 okt – Syria urges UN to end the US-led coalition`s aggression

On 25th of October, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar Jafari called for this organization to stop the deliberate US-led coalition`s strikes in his country.
Jafari clarified in two letters directed to the Chiefs of UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council that the US-led coalition’s aggression which has recently targeted the oil and gas fields in the Provinces of Deir Ezzur, Raqqa and Hasaka caused huge material damages and an almost complete demolition of some facilities.
He noted that Syria keeps its right of demanding the US-led international coalition to pay compensations due to the targeting of its infrastructure, according to the international law.
It goes without saying that while hysteria is being whipped up around Aleppo, the US-led coalition has been systematically destroying infrastructure in government-controlled areas, delivering crushing strikes to civilians and the Syrian Army, and now seems to intend to squeeze ISIS terrorists from the Iraqi city of Mosul into Syria. Besides, certain countries continue placing stakes on terrorists and extremists, rendering them political and propaganda assistance, supplying them with arms and ammunition.

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25 okt – Jihadist counter-offensive in southern Aleppo ends in disaster

the jihadist rebel counter-offensive in southern Aleppo ended way before it could ever get started; this was due in large part to the nonstop air raids conducted by the Russian Air Force and the heavy artillery launched by the Syrian Arab Army.

Putting a Human Face to Suffering in Syria w/ Eva Bartlett

A Different Perspective on Syria w/ Eva Bartlett

Rick Sterling – The ‘White Helmets’ Controversy

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24 okt – Bloody Monday in Syria’s Aleppo as rebels shell residential areas

Indiscriminate rebel shelling in Syria’s Aleppo killed at least 3 civilians – including a 7 year-old girl – and wounded 28 others.

moonofalabama – Renewed Al Qaeda Jihadi Attack On Aleppo Supported By “Western” Propaganda Fakes

Adeyinka Makinde – The Syrian Tragedy: Western Foreign Policy and its ‘Useful Idiots’

Christina Lin – White Helmets: Instrument for regime change in Syria?

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23 okt – No one allowed to leave: Militants shell East Aleppo exit route as humanitarian pause ends

Not a single civilian has been able to flee militant-held East Aleppo as the third day of a humanitarian ceasefire initiated by Moscow and Damascus came to an end, RT’s correspondent on the ground reports. Terrorists also bombed the humanitarian corridor. – Syrian Army, Hezbollah capture new territory in southern Aleppo – Russian jets strike jihadist forces in southern Aleppo ahead of upcoming offensive

BREAKING: Aleppo’s War Battlefield Update – Terrorists planning counter offensive in Aleppo, Syria

Ny intervju med Syriens president – Video: President al-Assad: “Fighting Terrorists is the Way to Protect Civilians in Aleppo”. Vicious, Shabby Interview by Swiss SRF-TV
Om den där bilden på pojken i ambulansen som hela världen har sett.

Journalist: This young boy has become the symbol of the war. I think that you know this picture.
President Assad: Of course I saw it.
Journalist: His name is Omran. Five years old.
President Assad: Yeah.
Journalist: Covered with blood, scared, traumatized. Is there anything you would like to say to Omran and his family?
President Assad: There’s something I would like to say to you first of all, because I want you to go back after my interview, and go to the internet to see the same picture of the same child, with his sister, both were rescued by what they call them in the West “White Helmets” which is a facelift of al-Nusra in Aleppo. They were rescued twice, each one in a different incident, and just as part of the publicity of those White Helmets. None of these incidents were true. You can have it manipulated, and it is manipulated. I’m going to send you those two pictures, and they are on the internet, just to see that this is a forged picture, not a real one. We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one in specific is a forged one.

moonofalabama – Syria’s “White Helmets”: Assad Says The “Boy In The Ambulance” Is Fake – This Proves It – Life in Syria, as Recounted by a Syrian

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17 okt

Hoppfull rubrik av Mercouris här, hoppas han har rätt. Men det finns också farhågor om att fler ISIS-krigare kan komma från Mosul för att belägra Deir Ezzor.
Alexander Mercouris – U.S. begs Russia for ‘mercy’, gives up on Aleppo and admits Syrians will win

As might be expected, the West’s public acceptance of defeat in Aleppo came quietly, but it has now come.

It is now clear that for the foreseeable future the government of Syria will be the government of President Bashar Al-Assad, which is and always has been the legitimate UN recognised government of Syria.
With the recapture of eastern Aleppo the future of this government will have been secured. That means that for the foreseeable future the regime change project in Syria is dead.

Paul Craig Roberts – The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo

Why do we hear only of the “humanitarian crisis in Aleppo” and not of the humanitarian crisis everywhere else in Syria where the evil that rules in Washington has unleashed its ISIL mercenaries to slaughter the Syrian people?
Why do we not hear about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen where the US and its Saudi Arabian vassal are slaughtering Yemeni women and children? Why don’t we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Libya where Washington destroyed a country leaving chaos in its place? Why don’t we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, ongoing now for 13 years, or the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan now 15 years old?
The answer is that the crisis in Aleppo is the crisis of Washington losing its ISIL mercenaries to the Syrian army and Russian air force. The jihadists sent by Obama and the killer bitch Hillary (“We came, we saw, he died”) to destroy Syria are being themselves destroyed. The Obama regime and the Western presstitutes are trying to save the jihadists by covering them in the blanket of “humanitarian crisis.”
Such hypocrisy is standard fare for Washington. If the Obama regime gave a hoot about “humanitarian crisis,” the Obama regime would not have orchestrated humanitarian crisis in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen. – The ”Salafist Principality” – ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul, Take Deir Ezzor?

On September 20 I wrote about the likely reason for the willful U.S. bombing attack on a critical Syrian army position in Deir Ezzor:
Two recent attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in east-Syria point to a U.S. plan to eliminate all Syrian government presence east of Palmyra. This would enable the U.S. and its allies to create a ”Sunni entity” in east-Syria and west-Iraq which would be a permanent thorn in side of Syria and its allies.

The U.S. plan is to eventually take Raqqa by using Turkish or Kurdish proxies. It also plans to let the Iraqi army retake Mosul in Iraq. The only major city in Islamic State territory left between those two is Deir Ezzor. Should IS be able to take it away from the isolated Syrian army garrison it has at least a decent base to survive. (Conveniently there are also rich oil wells nearby.) No one, but the hampered Syrian state, would have an immediate interest to remove it from there.
There are new signs that this analysis was correct. – Syrian Army, Hezbollah rapidly advancing in southern Aleppo – Humanitarian ceasefire in east Aleppo to begin on October 20

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that a humanitarian ceasefire will be implemented on October 20th for approximately 8 hours in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. – US & UK fire ‘war crimes’ accusations at Moscow as rebels shell Aleppo civilians

Ignoring yet another rebel shelling of Aleppo civilians, the US State Secretary has accused Moscow of committing daily “crimes against humanity,” while the UK Foreign Secretary blamed the Assad regime for the “radicalization” of the so-called moderates. – Igår hörde jag statsminister Löfven, Fridolin, Sjöstedt, Karin Enström m fl ljuga om Syrien

Igår for jag till ett evenemang jag inbjudits till via nätet. Det var SSU som ordnade ett möte på Raoul Wallenbergs torg kl 16. Då jag kände jag inte till något mer om mötet. Men där framträdde bl.a. Sveriges statsminister Stefan Löfven, utbildningsminister Gustav Fridolin, Vänsterpartiledaren Jonas Sjöstedt, Europaparlamentariker (L) Cecilia Wikström, förra försvarsministern Karin Enström och Jens Eriksson för FN-förbundet.
Talen var i det närmaste identiska, och kunde ha skrivits av Obamas medarbetare eller CIA.

Vanessa Beeley – Dr Nabil Antaki Reporting from West Aleppo Under Daily Hail of Terrorist Mortars and Hell Cannon Missiles


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14 okt – ”Det smutsiga kriget i Syrien” – varför kapitulerar inte rebellerna?

Nu gråts krokodiltårar över Syrien. Hur kan jag kalla det krokodiltårar? Glöm att det är ett inbördeskrig. Enligt de så kallade rebellernas egen statistik är nästan nittio procent av de dödade krigarna av utländsk härkomst. Kriget planerades av Pentagon 2001 (Wesley Clark, Democracy Now 2007) och inleddes våren 2011 i samband med att Libyen angreps och förstördes i en Natoledd operation…

Tim Andersons bok finns nu översatt till svenska – Det smutsiga kriget mot Syrien – 150 kr plus frakt

Ny intervju med Syriens president – Assad to Russian Media: Turkey Has Invaded Syria, Backing Terrorists – En stad som tagits som gisslan

Karin Leukefeld i junge Welt är en av de få oberoende observatörer som rapporterar från Aleppo. Läs hennes beskrivning av situationen i Aleppo, staden som blivit gisslan:.

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12 okt – Negotiations to surrender east Aleppo under way

If the Islamist groups agree to the terms offered in today’s negotiations, the Syrian Armed Forces will be in full-control of some east Aleppo neighborhoods. – Syrian Army, Hezbollah advance inside key southern Aleppo district – ‘To save lives, one should be pragmatic’: Lavrov promises peaceful practical steps on Syria

“We want to have a meeting of the countries that have direct influence on what is going on on the ground in Syria, either by being there … or through financing and supplying arms to the opposition,” Lavrov told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, adding that it would be a meeting “in a narrow format” involving Russia, the US and “some regional powers.”
The diplomat also confirmed that the meeting, which will also be attended by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is scheduled for the coming Saturday. He said he hopes that it will be “a business-like discussion and not some general assembly-like debate” that would allow the sides to launch a real dialog based on the US-Russian agreement on Syria reached in mid-September.
Lavrov believes the involvement of regional players is necessary as the US is apparently not as influential on the ground as it claims

Hela intervjun med Lavrov – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Amanpour program on CNN International, Moscow, 12. October 2016

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8 okt

Intervju med Syriens president av en dansk TV-kanal

Interview of President al-Assad to Denmark’s TV 2: Moderate opposition is a myth…

Question 2: But what I also mean, we see pictures of children being killed, children at hospitals, we see pictures of demolished hospitals. Who’s targeting those hospitals?
President Assad: Let me tell you something about those pictures of children; of course, in every war, there are victims, there are innocent victims, and that’s why every war is a bad war, but if you look at those pictures that they’ve been promoted as pictures in the Western media, they only singled out a few pictures of children that suit their political agenda, just to accuse the Syrian government, while – you’ve been here now for two days – and they’ve been daily shelling from the eastern part of Aleppo toward the rest of the city, and there was wholesale killing and destruction of the other part of the city and tens of victims and tens of wounded people from Aleppo that the Western corporations didn’t talk about them. The Western officials didn’t issue a single statement regarding those children and women and elderly and innocents in general. So, this is part of the propaganda and demonization of the government in Syria. That doesn’t mean when you have war, again, that you don’t have victims, but the Syrian government has opened the door for the militants in the eastern part of Aleppo to leave safely with guarantees, and for the people of that area to go back to their houses. – A Desperate Obama Administration Resorts To Lying And Maybe More

The grave incident Kerry claimed did not happen. Kerry made it up. (Was it supposed to happen, got canceled and Kerry missed the memo?) Kerry used the lie to call for war crime investigations and punishment. This in front of cameras, at an official event with a foreign guest in the context of a United Nations Security Council resolution.

Patrick Cockburn – US and EU sanctions are ruining ordinary Syrians’ lives, yet Bashar al-Assad hangs on to power

The US and EU economic sanctions on Syria are causing huge suffering among ordinary Syrians and preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid, according to a leaked UN internal report. The embargo was supposed to target President Bashar al-Assad and contribute to his removal from power. Instead it is making it more difficult for foodstuffs, fuel and healthcare to reach the mass of the people.

As Syrians sit in the dark, US and EU sanctions are combining with war to destroy their country.

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7 okt

Fortsatta framsteg för syriska armén i Aleppo, och nya FN-förslag om att släppa ut Al-Nusra. – Syrian Army unstoppable in Aleppo as troops advance from two flanks

Yesterday evening, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fully secured the Bustan Al-Basha district after conducting a succesful 48-hour offensive in the northern Aleppo neighbourhood.
With fierce clashes still ongoing at the nearby Owaija district, SAA troops and Liwa al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary) are yet to break through rebel defenses in this neighbourhood. Islamist rebels here are increasingly relying on booby traps, snipers and occasional suicide bombers to prevent rapid government advances.
Meanwhile, the leadership of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat Al-Nusra) said they would not evacuate the jihadist group’s fighters from Aleppo despite a desperate plea from the UN’s Staffan de Mistura to rid the city’s rebel-held districts of Al-Qaeda militants through diplomatic means.
In southern Aleppo, the SAA’s Republican Guard – backed by Hezbollah and Al-Baath battalions – was able to capture the Sheikh Sa’eed Hill this morning after launching two waves of attacks on the Sheikh Sa’eed district beginning at daybreak on Friday. Government forces now have fire control over the entire neighbourhood.
Effectively, with the SAA advancing through rebel-held districts from two flanks in Aleppo, it seems only a matter of time before the entire city falls into government hands.

Alexander Mercouris – Syria: U.S. thinks twice, returns to diplomacy with Russia

The plan appears in essence to be identical to the 9th September 2016 Kerry-Lavrov agreement in that its key provision is the withdrawal of Jihadi fighters from eastern Aleppo leading to its effective surrender to the Syrian government.
That this is indeed the central idea of the French plan – which almost certainly is being inspired by the US – has been essentially confirmed by Staffan de Mistura, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy to Syria.
De Mistura has repeatedly been used by Kerry and the US State Department as a stalking horse for their plans – to which he can be relied upon to give a humanitarian gloss – and it is notable that he is now publicly calling for Jabhat Al-Nusra’s fighters to quit Aleppo. Indeed he is even offering to accompany them as they retreat in order to guarantee their safety

Regardless, the return to diplomacy, however faltering, suggests that some of the wilder plans for covert air and missile strikes being floated by the hardliners in the State Department and the Pentagon have for the moment at least been put to one side, though given the character of some of the people in Washington it is impossible ever to be completely confident of this. – Russia ready to let Jabhat al-Nusra leave Aleppo for saving the city — Lavrov

The minister noted that de Mistura’s proposal required clear and unequivocal coordination before it can be used as basis for the UN Security Council’s resolution on settling the situation in Aleppo.
”The devil is in the detail. Staffan de Mistura’s thought moves in the right direction, but a number of specific questions arise instantly and they require extremely clear and unequivocal coordination,” Lavrov said. ”If it works (and we are prepared to do that fast), then I believe that it may become the backbone of the UN Security Council’s resolution as to what is to be done to the situation in Aleppo. – Syrian Army fights off ISIS offensive at the gates of Palmyra – Is Fighting Al-Qaeda In Aleppo Good Or Bad? – U.S. Unable To Decide

There is currently a barrage of propaganda in the “western” media in support of “rebels” in east-Aleppo. It is all about “hospitals” and “children” but the aim is to stop a Syrian army assault on the “rebel” held quarters of the city. U.S. officials are again talking about “intervention”, meaning open war, to prevent the Syrian army and its allies from storming the “rebel” held eastern parts. It would not work but that is not the only reason why it is a strange idea.

Michel Chossudovsky – Air Strikes against Syria: Who are the War Criminals? Who is Supporting Al Qaeda? Russia or America?

America is coming to the rescue of Al Qaeda under a humanitarian mandate. The unspoken agenda is to undermine the Liberation of Aleppo.
The pretext and justification for these actions are based on America’s “responsibility to protect” (R2P) the “moderates” in Aleppo from Syrian and Russian attacks and bombing raids.

Simon Wood – Fact-Sheet on Syria’s “White Helmets”

The White Helmets – here are a few facts that you need to know. Share this to your family and friends who subsist on Western corporate media:
* The White Helmets, also called Syria Civil Defence, are not who they claim to be. The group is not Syrian; it was created with USA/UK funding under the supervision of a British military contractor in 2013 in Turkey…

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6 okt – Russian FM urges ‘care’ of all Aleppo residents, not just those in east of city – ‘S-300, S-400 air defenses in place’: Russian MoD warns US-led coalition not to strike Syrian army

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4 okt

Intervju med Rysslands utrikesminister Lavrov, från 30 sept

The US is trying to spare a jihadist group in its attempts to unseat Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s foreign minister has told the BBC. Sergei Lavrov said the US had broken its promise to separate the powerful Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra Front) and other extremist groups from more moderate rebels.

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2 okt – Field Report: Syrian Army makes fresh gains in northern Aleppo. Map Update

The Syrian Armed Forces continue to recapture more territories from the Islamic rebels in bid to restore the whole insurgent-held districts in the eastern parts of Aleppo city.
Today, the government troops claimed full control of the shattered Al-Kindi Hospital, as well as Al-Shokaief Industrial Area, after fierce battles with the jihadi groups. – US Bombing Bridges in Deir Ezzur to Stop Syrian Army

”The US aimed to extend the geographical area of its influence by bombing the strategic bridges in Deir Ezzur and stop the Syrian army’s advance in the war against the ISIL,” told Fars News today.
”Washington also sought to cut the supply routes between the provinces and separate Deir Ezzur’s countryside from the city of Deir Ezzur through the bombing,” the source added.
”Destruction of Deir Ezzur bridges was also aimed at dividing the regions under the US and Russian influence in the Eastern and Western parts of the Euphrates,” the source said. – Leaked UN report drops a bombshell, slamming the UK and US for their role in the Syrian crisis

While the US, UK, and EU governments have consistently claimed that their driving concern in Syria is the protection of civilians, the report shows Western actions to be a prime factor responsible for actually increasing civilian suffering. Sectors such as medicine, banking, and energy are among those that have been hit the hardest by punitive sanctions placed on the embattled Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad. This translates to the average Syrian living without power, urgent medicines, and basic food staples in a collapsed economy. – Demonstration mot terroristerna

Minst 6000 civila i en liten men viktig stad i västra Ghouta gick idag söndag ut på gatorna och uppmanade regeringsfientliga soldater att lämna staden, sade lokala källor. – Er dette Pentagons nye plan for krigen i Syria?

Hva går så Listers forslag ut på? Han antyder det i tittelen: Opptrapping, frysing og tvinge gjennom. Han foreslår altså en rask militær opptrapping fra USAs side. Til dette vil han at USA skal begrunne det i den humanitære situasjonen. Grepet skal være en markant økning i den militære støtten til jihadistgruppene.

Etter fire ukers krig vil så Lister/Pentagon at USA skal tvinge gjennom sin kontroll over Syria, der jihadistgruppene vil inngå i løsninga.
Listers plan går ikke ut på å styrte Bashar al-Assad, men å frata den syriske regjeringa enhver framtidig mulighet for å kontrollere hele landet, kort sagt redusere det offisielle Syria til en Damaskus-enklave. Og han sier at dette vil føre til en «mjuk oppdeling av landet», kort sagt det som har vært planen i årevis, nemlig å splitte opp Syria i små enklaver, noe som igjen vil tjene både Israels og Tyrkias strategi i regionen. – ‘Feel Good Hoax’: How US Propaganda Works in the Syrian War

One thing is certain about the War on Syria: the propaganda war being waged by the west and all of its agencies, from government to corporate media, to charities and third sector NGOs – is much larger and more pernicious than anything seen in modern history., 25 sept – Episode #154 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Pro-War Left?’ with guests Jean Bricmont, Vanessa Beeley

Thierry Meyssan – Why the cease-fire in Syria has failed

Alastair Crooke – How the US Armed-up Syrian Jihadists

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