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31 jan

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers – Is the Syria “Peace” Conference Laying the Foundation for War?

The Geneva II “peace” conference has all the indicia of a sham. Those opposed to war in Syria better get ready to prevent war again.
The Geneva II conference, which claims to be seeking to end the war in Syria, seems designed to fail and instead to provide an excuse for military intervention by the United States and its allies. Human rights activist Ajamu Baraka describes the negotiations as an “Orwellian subterfuge” designed to provide justification for war and a lot of facts support his view.

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30 jan – Gov’t delegation disappointed with first round of Geneva-2 negotiations – Foreign Ministry

The government delegation was disappointed with the first round of the negotiations in the framework of the Geneva-2, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the SAR Faisal Mekdad has stated to journalists today responding to a corresponding question.

Press TV – Food aid enters Palestinian camp in Syria

A Palestinian refugee camp south of the Syrian capital Damascus, which accommodates tens of thousands of people in dire need, has received a convoy of food supplies.
The convoy containing 1,028 food rations entered the Yarmouk camp on Thursday.

Om en journalist från Syrien som är närvarande vid förhandlingarna i Geneve –
A state news anchor’s take on the Syria war

Among dozens of Syrian and foreign journalists covering the Syria peace talks in Geneva, Elissar Moualla stands out.
The popular Syrian news anchor, working for the state-sponsored al-Ikhbariya TV, never misses an opportunity to confront the opposition delegation.

Russia Today på samma plats som Patrick Cockburn rapporterade från i en artikel det länkades till i gårdagens inlägg –

As You Sow: Intel chief warns Syria’s militants want to attack US

Syria sends letters to the United Nations and the UNSC about Saudi Arabia’s Terrorist Operations

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday sent two identical letters to the Head of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on the terrorist acts of the armed terrorist groups and the Saudi involvement in supporting these acts.

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29 jan

Det var ju ett smart drag att återuppta vapenleveranser till ”rebellerna” just som man äntligen fått igång fredssamtal. Om man har som mål att sabotera försök till överenskommelser alltså. – US Congress approves more state-sponsored terrorism against Syria

The United States Congress has secretly approved of the further funding and arming of what it euphemized as the moderate Syrian opposition until September, said US and European “security officials”, quoted by the Reuters news agency. Reuters appears to disseminate misinformation about the arming of “moderate rebels”.

If the Reuters report, according to which the US Congress approved the financing of what is described as the “moderate rebels” until September is correct, then one must deduct that a) the US Congress has approved the United States’ state-sponsorship of terrorism, in violation of international law b) Reuters is making itself libel for charges of supporting internationally outlawed terrorist organizations by participating in the manufacturing of public consent for their support. – USA skickar mer vapen till kriget i Syrien

Lätta vapen som tillhandahålls av USA strömmar till ”moderata” syriska rebellgrupper i södra delen av landet och USA: s finansiering för månader av ytterligare leveranser har godkänts av kongressen, enligt amerikanska och europeiska säkerhetstjänstemän .
Vapnen inkluderar en mängd handeldvapen , samt några mer kraftfulla vapen , såsom pansarvärnsraketer.

Det finns alltså inga garantier för att USA:s vapen går till ”moderata” rebeller. Och även ett sådant företag strider mot folkrätten. USA har lika lite rätt att väpna en omstörtande rebellrörelse i Syrien som det hade det i Nicaragua (USA fälldes i internationell domstol för stödet till Contras). – New supplies of weapons to Syrian conflict area lay groundwork for supporting terrorists – Lavrov

Press TV – Two sides in Geneva II talks deeply split: Brahimi

UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi says there is a ”quite large” gap between rival sides in the Geneva II conference.
”To be blunt, I do not expect that we will achieve anything substantive,” Brahimi said at a press conference following Wednesday talks in the Swiss city.

Patrick Cockburn på plats i Syrien träffar flyktingar från Adra, staden där extremisterna begick en massaker i december och som de fortfarande belägrar – Syria: Innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of the siege of Adra as Islamist rebels are accused of massacre

Saudi Youths are Brainwashed by Salafi Clerics to go Fight in Syria

Davoud Al-Sharian, famous host of the al-Thamina program on popular Saudi MBC channel has started using its show to criticize Saudi royals’ support for the war in Syria, making it subject of a wave of attacks by government-sponsored media across the Kingdom.

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28 jan

Press TV – US resumes aid to militants in Syria

Thierry Meyssan – Who will represent the opposition at Geneva 2?

The question of the Syrian opposition’s representation at the Geneva 2 Conference may seem incongruous now that the inaugural meeting in Montreux is already behind us. On the contrary, it remains the central issue. The National Coalition, who spoke before the cameras, has been abandoned by almost all its components and has lost its antennas in Syria. The sole purpose of its presence at the public session was to satisfy Saudi Arabia. It should now quickly give up its seat to other players.

Wang Yi’s opening speech at the Geneva 2 ConferenceWilliam Hague’s opening speech at the Geneva 2 ConferenceLaurent Fabius’s opening speech at the Geneva 2 Conference

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27 jan

UPPDATERING – Syria’s “so-called” Opposition rejects Communiqué for Democratic Syria

The foreign-backed opposition at the Geneva II conference on Syria has rejected a communiqué, issued by the delegation of the Syrian government, that outlined a Syria, based on democratic and pluralistic principles, the rejection of radical, takfiri ideas and extremism, and the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. The rejected communiqué largely represents the principles, outlined in an agreement reached with the domestic, Syrian opposition, during the three year-long, national dialog.

Interview With Assad Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban

Former Dutch soldier trains jihad fighters in Syria: Nieuwsuur

slut på uppdateringen ___________________ – Geneva II: Lavrov, “No Deal With Terrorists Under Any Circumstance”

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has emphasized Russia’s red line with regards to terrorism, saying that “a dialog with terrorist groups fighting in Syria will not be held under any circumstance”. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani backed up Russia’s position in an interview on CNN, saying that “the first step for solving the crisis in Syria lies in expelling terrorists”. Meanwhile, UN/AL envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi has held talks with both the Syrian government’s and the foreign-backed opposition and indicates that talks continue in Geneva on Monday.

Press TV – Army repels militant attack in Damascus, kills 100

The army’s counterattack prevented the insurgents from cutting a main highway, which links Damascus to the city of Daraa in southwestern Syria, just north of the border with Jordan.

Geneva II conference achievements so far

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26 jan – Syrian official delegation: ”opposition” admits they have no control over armed groups

The Syrian official delegation asked the coalition delegation to present a clear image of the gunmen they have control over in the Syrian territories; however the “opposition” delegation did not present anything and said that they have no control over the armed groups, and they can only contact themselves.
Here,the official delegation asked Brahimi how can the coalition delegation guarantee the implementation of any agreement. – Erdogan client of the law firm that produced “Syria Torture Photos”

Syrian negotiators at the Geneva-2 conference claim that the torture pictures disclosed two days before the conference are faked. A spokesman for Turkey’s largest opposition party (CHP) states, that the law office, which presented the pictures also represents Turkey’s Prime Minister, R. Tayyip Erdog(an.

“Get the Syrian People out of the Catastrophe imposed by the Neo-colonial Powers”, Syrian Government’s Mission. Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad Statement at Geneva 2 Peace Talks

UN Sponsored Intrigues at the Syria Peace Talks. Ban Ki-moon Dirty Tricks

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25 jan

Michel Chossudovsky – Syria: Who are the Real War Criminals?

We are dealing with staged intelligence ops: The atrocities committed by the various Al Qaeda terrorist entities integrated by foreign mercenary forces were ordered by their Western handlers who share full responsibility for these horrendous crimes.
In a twisted logic, the crimes directly ordered by Western military alliance are casually blamed on the government of Bashar Al Assad. The victims of war are blamed for the crimes committed by the aggressor nations.
The Al Qaeda rebels are paid killers, they follow orders, they are trained by Western, Saudi and Qatari special forces. They are sent in as part of an intelligence operation. Those responsible for these horrendous crimes are the heads of State and heads of government of NATO and GCC member states.
The Western military alliance is pressuring Syria to surrender and accept “regime change”. If these conditions are not met, they threaten to send in more terrorists.

Michel Chossudovsky – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) vs. Syria’s “Moderate” Al Qaeda Terrorists

Press TV – Geneva talks not to bring compromise: Expert

Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Davidson, professor of history at West Chester University, about the Geneva talks on Syria seeming to come to a deadlock amid sharp differences between the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition.

Davidson: I do not think this is a struggle which can be solved by diplomacy or mutual compromise at least at this stage. One of the reasons that the opposition is refusing to meet with the government is because they have no leverage on the ground, that they are losing on the ground and probably will continue to lose on the ground. And under those circumstances they have no power position to make the demands that they do about President Assad.
The government is winning and it has no incentive to compromise with them and so it is a dead heat if you will, it is not the kind of situation that breeds compromise on either side. – Carter-Ruck’s accusations against Syria

British law firm Carter-Ruck isued a report, on 20 January 2014, accusing the ”current Syrian regime” (sic) of war crimes and crimes against humanity, in other words two day before the opening of the Geneva 2 Peace Conference. – 11 danska jihadister stupade

Det är centrum för terroranalys (CTA) , en avdelning av den danska säkerhetspolisen PET, som står för rapporten. Centret sade också att minst 90 personer har rest från Danmark för att slåss i Syrien .
Siffrorna kommer från en ny analys av terroristhotet mot Danmark .
Den norska säkerhetspolisen PST beräknade i november förra året att mellan 30 och 40 norrmän hade rest till Syrien .
– Det var en försiktig uppskattning , de som vi var ganska säkra på hade rest. Nu vet vi att ännu fler människor har rest , sade PST-chefen Martin Bernsen.

The Debate – Deep Divide

del 2

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24 jan – Syria’s Geneva II Delegation will not meet with terrorists but peaceful opposition

The Syrian delegation to the second international conference on Syria (Geneva II) will not meet with terrorists, but will meet with any peaceful opposition, and draws a red line about any foreign imposed regime change. – Geneva-2: Syrian gov’t agrees to free prisoners as opposition’s Jabra leaves

Shamus Cooke – Media Spin Machine in High Gear: Top Three Media Lies About the Syrian Peace Talks

The media spin machine is again kicking into high gear, perfectly timed to accompany the “Geneva II” Syria peace talks. The lies are necessary to give the Obama administration an upper hand in the peace negotiations, which are not being used to pursue peace, but instead, to accomplish the Obama administration’s longstanding goal of Syrian regime change. Here are the top three Western media lies about the Syrian peace talks. – Geneva II, Syrian F.M.: Erdogan Responsible for War

The Geneva II Peace conference commenced on Wednesday morning in the Swiss city of Montreux with advocates of peace from across the globe hoping that major steps will be taken to solve the current crisis in Syria. At the opening session of the conference, the head of the delegation speaking on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affair Walid Muallem, declared to the audience that Arab and Western nations had made efforts to take Syria, a seven thousand year-old civilization, back to the Middle Ages through terrorism and destruction.

Tim Anderson – Syria after Geneva 2: More ‘Dirty War’ but also Some Hope

While little of substance seemed to come from the Geneva 2 peace conference and the dirty war against Syria seems set to continue, this does not mean the process has not advanced.
John Kerry still mouths the 2011 mantra ‘Assad must go’, but it is much less convincing. Remember, Washington put great pressure on the rag-tag National Coalition to attend Geneva and speak directly, for the first time, to the Syrian Government.

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23 jan

UPPDATERING – Syrian “Domestic” Opposition Could Join Geneva II

The domestic Syrian opposition may be invited to the Geneva II conference after all. Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that he had the impression that all of Russia’s partners, including the USA, understand the importance of the Syrian domestic opposition joining the dialog about the crisis in Syria.

Press TV – Political settlement with terrorists impossible: Syria envoy

The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations says it is impossible to reach a political settlement with terrorists, who are fighting against the government.
“We need all to put an end to the terrorism and the violence because the political settlement cannot go hand-in-hand with the terrorism,” Bashar al-Ja’afari said in a press conference after the first day of the Geneva II conference came to an end in the Swiss city of Montreux on Wednesday. – Report on Assad’s tortures in Syria ‘full of inconstistencies’ – expert

The Syrian Justice Ministry has flatly denied Wednesday all the accusations set forward in a new report (Caution: 18+), released by CNN on Monday, suspecting the Assad regime of systematic torture and killing, including starvation, violent beatings, and strangulation of thousands of inmates and detainees in Syrian prisons. Marinella Correggia, an anti-war campaigner, activist and journalist talked with the Voice of Russia about the report and the identity of the author behind it.

Press TV – KSA seeks total destruction of Syria: Redwan Rizk

Press TV has conducted an interview with Redwan Rizk, a political commentator, from Beirut, about the ongoing crisis in Syria.
Below is a rough transcription of the interview.
Press TV: According to the testimony provided by these defected insurgents, it seems that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding nothing but anarchy on Syrian soil. What do you make of that?
Rizk: I think the interest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is to prolong the war in Syria, so they have their own plan to come to a total destruction of Syria.
But the government of Syria has shown very strong positions. In the long distance run, we can say and we can be sure that the government will win the war. It’s just the consequences of this war. It’s going to take time. It might take years, another couple of years before we can see a total cleansing of Syria from those terrorists.

Press TV – Footage shows Syria ‘FSA’ militants defecting ranks

Militants from the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) are defecting from their ranks and joining the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, new footage coming out of Syria shows. – Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists impose Islamic rules, ban music, shisha in Syrian province

Pepe Escobar – Syria and the Geneva 2 charade

Bouthaina Shaaban, rådgivare till Syriens president intervjuas av CNN

slut på uppdateringen ___________________ – Geneva II: Diplomacy as Continuation of War on Syria with Additional Means

The opening round of the Geneva II conference descended into a staggering display of political brinkmanship, and established beyond reasonable doubt, that the anti-Syrian alliance agreed to hold the conference because it presents the opportunity to continue the military aggression with additional, diplomatic means, by introducing the Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Corridors in support of a military solution.

Webster Tarpley – NATO Anti-Syrian Front Fracturing on Eve of Geneva Conference as Spain, Great Britain, France, and Germany Appeal to Assad tor Help Against Terrorists; Saudi-Backed Rebels Still Blocking Food Deliveries to Yarmouk Palestinians

“We the Syrian People”, A Message to Geneva 2 and the ”International Community”

Ajamu Baraka – Syria Peace Conference: The Obama Administration’s Orwellian Subterfuge

In the long annuls of crimes by U.S. and Western imperialism, the slow, protracted destruction of the Syrian state, including the tens of thousands of lives sacrificed, is starting to emerge as one of its most significant crimes. It can be listed with crimes like the Christmas season carpet bombing of North Vietnam in 1972 and the millions murdered in Iraq during the period of sanctions and full-blown military attack.

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22 jan – Moallem talar klartext – hela talet av Syriens utrikesminister på engelska här – Geneva II – Syrian Foreign Minister: “The West Publicly Claims to Be Fighting Terrorism, Whilst It Is Covertly Nourishing It.”

Syrien som ett självständigt land kommer att göra vad som krävs för att försvara sig på alla de sätt det finner lämpligt .
Om ni [i väst] verkligen är oroliga över den humanitära situationen i Syrien, ta då händerna från oss . Sluta vräka in vapen i Syrien och häv sanktionerna och belägringen av det syriska folket.

UN chief trying to prevent Syrian FM from his speech during Geneva 2 Conf.

Geneva II conference on Syria (P.1)del 2del 3del 4del 5del 6del 7del 8 – från Press TV – ‘No one, Mr Kerry, has right to withdraw legitimacy from Syrian gov’t’ – Foreign Minister

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem chided Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday after the American diplomat ruled out any role for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a new government.
”No one, Mr Kerry, in the world has the right to confer or withdraw the legitimacy of a president, a constitution or a law, except for the Syrians themselves,” Muallem said at the opening of peace talks in the Swiss city of Montreux.

Press TV – Pro-Assad protest held outside Syria talks

More than 100 pro-Assad protesters have gathered outside the venue for the Geneva II conference on Syria’s crisis in the Swiss city of Montreux. – Lögnmaskinen Rapport

Att Rapportredaktionen totalt okritiskt kablar ut propagandahistorien om att Syriens regering mördat 11 000 fångar är en veritabel skandal.
Inte någon av de självklar invändningarna mot ”avslöjandet” fick plats i SVT, som totalt sviker sitt uppdrag.

Rapportredaktionen ska skämmas – inte på någon punkt har de gjort sitt jobb, som vi licensbetalare betalar för att de ska göra.
Rapports ljugande tjänar en enda sak. Till att upprätthålla myten om ett rättfärdigt folkuppror mot en förtryckarregim, när det i själva verket är ett brutalt överfall av islamistiska terrorister finansierade och beväpnade av rika oljestater, USA och de gamla kolonialmakterna Frankrike och Storbritannien och resterna av det ännu äldre ottomanska imperiet.

Thierry Meyssan – Preparing Geneva-2

The last days of a war are always the deadliest. Routed armies avenge their defeat by committing futile atrocities, as we have seen in Adra where the tortures inflicted on loyalist workers have nothing to envy those committed during the fall of the Third Reich. But the situation is exacerbated by the collapse of what remains of the international anti-Syria coalition, each ex-partner trying to protect his interests at the expense of his former allies.

Michel Chossudovsky – NGO Propaganda: Who is Behind the Massacres in Syria? Avaaz Spreads Media Disinformation

Avaaz, which presents itself as an alternative media and an independent voice, is part of a corporate public relations campaign. Avaaz will report on civilian casualties in Syria without mentioning the influx of US-Saudi sponsored terrorists.

British Report on Syria – Geneva Talks Open, US Advances Trumped-Up Torture Charges Against Assad

Tony Cartalucci – US Feigns “Horror” Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineered, Qatar – chief financier of Al Qaeda in Syria – commissions ”report” on atrocities published just ahead of Geneva conference.

A Tale of Two Reports: The Guardian’s Propaganda on Syria and Israel – European Union attempts to sabotage Geneva-2 Conference

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21 jan – Assad’s future a ‘red line’ for peace talks – Syrian FM

The future role of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a ”red line” for the government delegation in peace talks, the foreign minister said Tuesday on the eve of their opening.
”The issues of the president and the regime are red lines for us and for the Syrian people,” the official SANA news agency quoted Walid Muallem as saying shortly before his delegation arrived in the Swiss city of Montreux for the talks.
”Nobody can touch the presidency.” – SCANDAL: Plane of Syrian Geneva II Delegation prevented from refueling in Athens

The unprecedented capture of an official Syrian plane with a government delegation on board, en route to an internationally announced conference, with the plane having all necessary clearances, in a NATO member state, while core NATO members’ governments “admittedly” have planned the war on Syria since 2007, some since 2009, adds an additional scandal to the Geneva II conference before it even begins.

Last week, the joint United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, caused an international éclat, when Brahimi tasked an “assistant” to “inform” the largest Syrian opposition group, the National Coordination Committee (NCC), that the NCC was not invited to the table at the Geneva II conference, because “it had been decided” that “the opposition” would be represented by the NCROF.
In clear text, this means that the United Nations has chosen to exclude Syria’s largest domestic opposition group… – Cynical New PR Stunt Greases Skids For “Humanitarian” Invasion of Syria

Following an influential think tank’s call for a humanitarian “realpolitik” stunt to be pulled to weaken President Assad’s position, a report has miraculously emerged just 24 hours before the start of the ‘Geneva II’ conference which alleges systematic torture and abuse by Assad’s regime.

According to the BBC, the report was “commissioned by Qatar,” which has been an enthusiastic backer of the opposition rebels since day one. It alleges that 55,000 digital images of 11,000 detainees show evidence of torture, starvation and execution. The images were reportedly smuggled out of Syria by a defector named Caesar.

Finian Cunningham – Geneva II: Iran nixed proves US fixed. Regime Change Agenda Revitalized

There is a good reason why Iran has been blocked from attending the Geneva II conference on Syria – because the meeting is not about finding a peaceful settlement. Rather, it is merely an American mechanism for engineering regime change in Syria.

Press TV – US not serious about peace in Syria by pressure to disinvite Iran: Porter

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter says Washington’s pressure on the UN to withdraw Iran’s invitation to a conference on the Syria unrest shows “the lack of seriousness” about peace by the United States.

“Geneva II is in the US’ Interest”: US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford

The US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford has ordered the foreign-backed opposition figures to take part in the international peace conference, noting that there are many changes in the Saudi policy regarding the Syrian crisis.

Gap widening among participants ahead of talks on Syria – I rebellernas värld

När kriget mot Irak inleddes 2003 blev ”inbäddade journalister” ett utbrett och ofta kritiserat fenomen. För hur kritisk och granskande är den journalist som reser tillsammans med och skyddas av de invaderande trupperna?
Ett liknande fenomen har uppstått vad gäller bevakningen av Syrienkonflikten. Fast då handlar det om västjournalister som reser i rebellkontrollerat land.
Ett typexempel på detta är det reportage som de tidigare kidnappade Magnus Falkehed och Niclas Hammarström publicerade i Dagens Nyheter och Aftonbladet 19 januari.

Detta är ett grundläggande problem med rapporteringen från Syrien. Istället för att granska makten – och här talar vi om världsmakternas inblandning och intressen i konflikten – förmedlar journalisterna exakt den bild som makten vill ska förmedlas.

Press TV – Geneva II talks on Syria not aimed at regime change: Russia

Russia has dismissed claims that the forthcoming Geneva II conference must result in a regime change in Syria, marking a widening gap among participants of the conference.
”It’s a false interpretation of the agreements reached in Geneva in June 2012,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday, in reference to an earlier round of international Syria talks. – Syrian delegation plane to Geneva-2 blocked in Athens – source

A plane with a Syrian delegation on board heading to the international Geneva-2 peace conference in Switzerland made a stop in Athens where the plane was denied refueling, Reuters reports citing Syrian television on Tuesday.
”The plane carrying the official Syrian delegation has been blocked for three hours at Athens airport because the Greek authorities refuse to provide it with fuel,” the source said.

Bashar al-Assad Interview: The Fight against Terrorists in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad’s interview with Agence France Presse

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20 jan

Det är svårt att tro att man ska komma fram till en uppgörelse som kommer att innebära någon stor förändring mot fred och lugn i Syrien. Ingen ordning alls bland den väpnade oppositionen, och de länder de backas upp av. – U.S. Tells U.N. to Withdraw Iran Invitation to Syria Talks
Att västs propagandamedier envist fortsätter att kalla Syriens ledning för ”regimen” är ännu ett tecken på att det inte finns någon genuin vilja till fred.
Press TV – Syria talks hypocritical without Iran presence: Lavrov

”The situation is unhealthy, I think. From the very beginning we have underlined that it is necessary to invite to this conference all countries, without any exclusion, that influence the situation on the ground so to speak,” the Russian foreign minister said. – Lavrov, Kerry and Ban Ki-moon to hold trilateral meeting in Montreux on Jan 21

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will have a trilateral meeting in Montreaux on January 21, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Monday.
“Such a meeting is being planned,” the Russian diplomat said, adding it was yet unknown whether Iran was going to participate in the international conference in Montreux scheduled for January 22.
“Lavrov, Kerry and Ban Ki-moon should meet ahead of the conference, and that’s it,” Churkin said.
Failure to ensure Iran’s participation in the Geneva-2 international conference on Syria would be “an unforgivable mistake,” Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Monday, January 20.

Press TV – 16 killed in car bomb attacks in Syria Idlib

At least 16 people have been killed in two car bomb attacks in Syria’s Idlib Province near a border post with Turkey. – CORROBORATED: Top US and Saudi Officials Directly Responsible for Chemical Weapons Attack

On 7 October 2013, nsnbc international published a detailed analysis of the chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb East Ghouta, on 21 August 2013. The report detailed the name of the Saudi Arabia and US commanded Al-Qaeda brigade and the name of the commander who gave the direct order. The report placed direct command responsibility with the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey and other Top US and Saudi officials.
A new study by former UN weapons inspector Richard Lloyd, and MIT Professor Theodore A Postol, corroborates the analysis and adds additional detail to the evidence about the war crime, that almost led to a NATO – led military aggression and a full scale regional war in the Middle East. – Rebellerna utförde gasattacken i angreppskriget mot Syrien – indikation från FN:s vapeninspektörer
Citatet nedan är en kommentar till detta inlägg. Och den visar mycket bra det som är den här bloggens uppgift att vara ett motgift mot, den fruktansvärda och vulgära propagandan och lögnerna i de svenska medierna.

Dagens Nyheters ledare den 18/1-14 hade som rubrik ”Våren var inte förgäves”. Därmed syftande på de skeenden som kallas den arabiska våren.
Ledartexten kommer fram till att den arabiska våren ”var värt priset”. Trots att ledarskribenten inte kan redovisa någon positiv utveckling. Varken i Egypten, Libyen(!) eller Syrien. Tunisien anses ha lyckats bäst. Som vanligt bakar DN in ett hatangrepp på den syriska regeringen och al-Assad: ”Att låta al-Assad styra Syrien för alltid var inget alternativ. Inbördeskriget har visat att han totalt saknar hämningar. För att försvara makten har regimen satt in stridsflyg, tungt artilleri och kemiska vapen mot civila. Resultatet är ett ohyggligt mänskligt lidande.” Där åter lögnen om kemiska vapen. Trots att en hel värld inser att det är de så kallade rebellerna som är skyldiga till gasangreppen. Svenska media är så hårt knutna till USA-propagandan att läsaren skäms över deras sätt att desinformera. Så beskriver DN striderna i Syrien som ett ”inbördeskrig”. Ytterligare en lögn. Svenska media erkänner aldrig att Syrien angripits av USA:s vasallstater. Med USA:s stöd. ”Resultatet är ett ohyggligt mänskligt lidande”. Detta lidande är USA skyldiga till. – Angreppet planerades redan 2001 – eller tidigare.
När skall USA ställas tills svars för det syriska folkets lidande? – MIT study of Ghouta chemical attack challenges US intelligence

Yusuf Fernandez – US seeking to set up puppet government in Syria

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19 jan – Geneva II on Syria can show direction but not end the War

The National Coalition for the Syrian Revolutionary Forces (NCROF) declared its inability to announce whether it would participate in the Geneva II conference until two days before the conference. An assistant of UN/AL Envoy Brahimi told the largest domestic Syrian opposition group, the National Coordination Committee (NCC), that it was not invited to Geneva. Neither Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or any of the core NATO members who are backing various armed insurgencies would achieve a strategic advantage via a peaceful resolution of the war. The greatest success of finally holding the Geneva II conference will be that the outcome will make it clear that there is only one solution to the conflict, and that this solution is a Syrian solution and not one that is forced upon the country by foreign interests.

The only offer which the Syrian government could legitimately table in Geneva, is that all opposition groups and parties represented in Geneva would be welcome to participate in the Syrian political discourse, on equal terms with all others, if they cease fire, disarm, and stop any illegal subversive activities.
It is very unlikely that al-Jarba or any other leader of any of the foreign backed groups will accept such terms, or that they even would be allowed to do so by their paymasters. – Assad says departure ‘not under discussion’ – Interfax – (enligt Press TV dementeras nu det här uttalandet)

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Sunday he had no plans to stand down, stressing that only the Syrian people had the right to determine the country’s future.
”If we wanted to surrender, we would have surrendered from the start,” Assad told Russian parliament members during a meeting in Damascus, according to Russian news agency Interfax.
”This issue is not under discussion,” he said when asked to comment on Western and opposition calls for him to stand down and take part in elections.

Om den rapport som togs upp i en länk den 16:e jan. nedan – – Nya fakta om massakern i al-Ghouta

Richard Lloyd , en före detta FN- vapeninspektör , och Theodore Postol , professor vid Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) , har publicerat en rapport som ifrågasätter de ballistiska data som används av amerikanska underrättelsetjänster i samband med massakern i Damaskusförorten al-Ghouta den 21 augusti 2013. – Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013
där rapporten kan laddas ner som pdf

Chemical Claims: MIT study finds Syrian regime not behind rocket attacks – ”Syriska rebeller hindrar nödhjälp till palestinier”

I flyktinglägret Yarmouk i Damaskus södra utkanter är den humanitära situationen akut. Det råder brist på mat, mediciner och möjlighet att få vård. En representant för Folkfronten för Palestinas befrielse (PFLP), som Proletären varit i kontakt med, menar att anklagelsen om att det är den syriska arméns fel att palestinier svälter ihjäl är felaktig.
– Mediernas rapporter stämmer inte. Armén vill släppa in nödhjälp. Det är några av de väpnade grupperna i Yarmouk, Jabhat al-Nusra och andra, som vägrar låta hjälpen komma in, säger PFLP-representanten.

Webster Tarpley ger sin syn på Syrien-läget i första delen av sin senaste veckorapport. – War crimes in Syria

Two Turkish groups have released a report on the war crimes perpetrated against the Syrian people.

Brad Hoff – One Marine’s view: keep Syria Secular, Pluralistic, and Free of Foreign Insurgents

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18 jan

Det låter som att de som drar i trådarna till den här spelaren är ute efter att sabotera en uppgörelse –
Press TV – No future Syria with Assad in power: Kerry

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has insisted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has no place in Syria’s future, not ruling out Washington’s increasing pressure on the Syrian head of state.
”…There is no political solution whatsoever if Assad is not discussing a transition and if he thinks he is going to be part of that future. It is not going to happen,” Kerry said in Washington on Friday.
We are also not out of options with respect to what we may be able to do to increase the pressure and further change the calculus,” he added.

Press TV – Syria opposition votes to take part in Geneva II talks

The foreign-backed Syrian opposition has voted in favor of taking part in the upcoming Geneva II conference, aimed at paving the way for the resolution of the crisis in the Arab country.

Press TV – Russia steps up military aid to Syrian government

According to a Reuters report, the Syrian army has been receiving supplies of military gear, including armored vehicles, drones and precision-guided bombs, surveillance equipment, radars and electronic warfare systems since December last year.
”Dozens of Antonov 124s (Russian transport planes) have been bringing in armored vehicles, surveillance equipment, radars, electronic warfare systems, spare parts for helicopters, and various weapons including guided bombs for planes,” the report quoted a Middle East security source as saying.
The new Russian supplies come at a critical stage of the conflict in the Arab country, with Syria peace talks scheduled for next week in Geneva, the foreign-backed militants losing ground, and Western support for the rebels weakening.
Russia says its arms deals with Syria do not violate international law and it is only selling defensive systems to Damascus.

Webster Tarpley Debates Syria Issues on PressTV – 1/15/2014 – finns utskrivet på youtube-sidan

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17 jan

Finian Cunningham – Geneva II – Washington’s Plan B for Regime Change in Syria

Washington’s concern is not to find a political settlement to end the Syrian conflict, but rather to find an alternative way of executing regime change by other means. This is why Washington is desperately trying this week to get its sponsored exile group the Syrian National Council (SNC) to attend the conference. The SNC has minimal political base inside Syria. Even the anti-government militants, whom the SNC presumes to sort-of represent, have rejected it as a political non-entity.

‘No indication Geneva 2 will be a meaningful decision’

Syria doing its best to get rid of chemical weapons – Assad adviser to RT

Weapons Inspectors: Syrian Chemical Weapons Fired from REBEL-HELD Territory New analysis of rocket used in Syria chemical attack undercuts U.S. claims

Press TV – Syria gives Russia Aleppo ceasefire plan ahead of talks

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem says Damascus has presented Russia with a plan for a ceasefire in the northwestern city of Aleppo, ahead of the upcoming Geneva II peace conference.
“I count on the success of this plan if all sides carry out their obligations,” Muallem told a Friday news conference with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, stressing, “We would like this to serve as an example to other towns.” – A Popular Illegal Drug Is Fueling Syria’s Civil War

Captagon, a widely used amphetamine in the Middle East, is keeping fighters on their feet during gruelling battles and generating money for more weapons.

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