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13 aug

Sophie Mangal – Back to a Peaceful Life? Restoration of Aleppo Is Well Under Way

According to Inside Syria Media Center military correspondence on the ground, Aleppo, the largest Syrian city is beginning to come back to peaceful life. Just in December a number of districts of the city were held by terrorists, who were destroying urban infrastructure and keeping entire region in fear.
However after eight month of the city complete liberation, rehabilitation works are boiling in the streets right now. – Syrians return home in droves, mostly to Aleppo

More than 600,000 Syrians have returned to their homes in the seven months from January, mostly to the northwestern province of Aleppo which the government liberated at the end of 2016. – Yes, Syrian refugees can return to Aleppo… and do so in their 100,000s – Deir Ezzor liberation means victory over ISIS – Russia Defense Minister

On Saturday, the Syrian armed forces managed to secure the largest Daesh hotbed in Homs and the last significant citadel of terrorists on the way to the besieged city of Deir ez-Zor.
“Today we can say that everyone is focused, set up for the fight against the IS [Daesh]. Today there are such key points, like Deir ez-Zor, I would say, first and foremost, Deir-ez-Zor… It’s such a basic point on the Euphrates, which would largely, if not ultimately, let us talk about the end of fight against the IS,” Shoigu told Rossiya 24 broadcaster. – Turkey Ending Support for Syrian Rebels ‘Goodwill Gesture Towards Damascus’

”This organization now is rather symbolic. It can operate only under the aegis of its leaders based in Ankara and Istanbul. After five years, everyone sees that the Syrian National Coalition has no future. The Turkish government realized that funding the group made no sense and decided to end its support,” Özugurlu told Sputnik Turkey

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