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31 december

Intervju med Thierry Meyssan – ”The decision to attack Syria was made at a Camp David meeting on 15 September 2001”

Featured below is the interview that Thierry Meyssan gave to our colleagues from the Algerian daily newspaper the La Nouvelle République. Worthy of mention is the fact that the interview was given front page billing. While Western journalists eagerly relay the war propaganda against Syria, another reading of the events is emerging in countries where the press is not required to adjust to the editorial line dictated by the Empire.

Thierry Meyssan: According to a French saying, ”when you want to get rid of your dog, you accuse it of having rabies.” In this case, when the Western powers want to invade a state, their media mouthpieces claim that it is a barbaric dictatorship, that their armies can protect civilians and that they should overthrow the regime and bring democracy. We witnessed the truth in Iraq and Libya: the colonial powers couldn’t be less interested in the fate of the populations; they go in to devastate and plunder the country. There have never been any mass protests against the Syrian regime, therefore no live bullets could have been used to quell them. In recent months, there have been around 1 500 deaths, but not in the reported circumstances. There is indeed a ”Free Syrian Army”, but it is based in Turkey and Lebanon, and it is made up of a few hundred soldiers at the most, that are paraded before the cameras.

Finally, Syria is self-sufficient in food production and, despite distribution difficulties, there is no problem of scarcity. The version peddled by the Western media is pure fiction. The reality on the ground is that Western countries have unleashed a non-conventional war against Syria. They sent in Pashtun and Arab fighters, recruited by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan and trained by French and German special forces. These fighters first attempted to establish Islamic emirates, then they started laying ambushes on Syrian military convoys. Today, they answer to an Al Qaeda emir, the Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhaj. They moved away from major operations and currently conduct commando assaults in the heart of the cities to spread terror in the hope of causing a sectarian civil war. Their latest feat is the double bombing in Damascus.

Lisa Karpova – Syria: invasion of terrorist elements sponsored by the west

The Egyptian newspaper al-Arabi said on Friday that a colonel in the U.S. with the last name Cleveland is overseeing the operations of training and weaponry, and is the real leader of the ”Syrian Free Army.” The publication says that Cleveland is moving between the fields of training his organization.

The colonel in charge of creating an army consisting of armed men opposed to the Syrian government, called ”Syrian Free Army,” said the U.S. had created training bases in Turkey to the north, in eastern Lebanon, and Arbil in Iraq.

Sergei Balmasov – Syria’s official propaganda absolutely useless

The author of this material, who was in Syria, had a chance to witness total inefficiency and even harm of the Syrian official propaganda.

The representatives of the Syrian authorities are beginning to recognize the inability to effectively counter the enemy in the information war. During my meeting with the Governor of Aleppo Ibrahim Hallyuf he complained that over 50 international channels are working against Syria, and that it is extremely difficult for the Syrians to oppose it.

However, the reality is not that hopeless. After all, there are losses where the government could have played proactively and demonized the opponent. First, they need to work more actively with journalists in their territory and to relieve them of excessive care of special services, which sometimes exceed all limits. Second, they have to more actively use magazines and social networks like Facebook.
Syrians already have successful experience of their use in the failed attempts to the opposition and its foreign backers to destabilize the situation in Damascus and Aleppo. Now, however, they should strengthen this practice for the Arabic and English-speaking audience outside of Syria.

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Christof Lehmann

En artikel om Syrien som måste läsas!
Christof Lehmann – Happy New Year from nsnbc to Syria

Already since the onset of what was branded as “The Arab Spring” the Syrian “Regime” has been scapegoated for brutally oppressing a legitimate popular demand for political and social reform. What no Western Media reported was that the President of the Syrian Arab Republic was the first to invite constructive reform activists and movements to a peaceful dialog.

When Western Nations today call for wider access of Arab League Inspectors, and A.L. Inspectors do not find that the situation in Syria is as advertised by Western Corporate Media therefore, something must be wrong with the Arab league or the inspectors.
When the work of the Arab league Inspectors “can not satisfy opposition groups” (11), it means, that NATO backed insurgents and their political leaders are dissatisfied with the fact that the A.L. Observers did not fall into the trap of accepting false reports as truth, and perceiving carefully orchestrated violence with the intent to bias the investigators as representative of the situation in Syria.

After so many months of bloodshed and violence, after so many failed attempts to topple the Syrian government and to wrestle the support of the population away from it´s government by violence and lies; after bringing the world ever closer to a conflict that could have consequences beyond what one dares to ponder upon, why does the US, E.U. and NATO not try another approach. One of honesty.

What if Mr. Kissinger and Brzezinski, or Mr. Rockefeller came to Syria on a visit to President Bashar Al-Assad and said: ” Your Excellency. It is very inconvenient for us that you oppose the Zionist plans for a greater Israel, and that you maintain close ties with Iran and Russia. You know very well that we are poised for a conflict with Russia and China. Why don´t you consider helping us out ? You are a wise man – you could get the Golan Highs for selling out on Palestine, you could stay in office without problems for closing the Russian naval base, and you could even get rid of the insurgents for selling out on Iran. Your excellency, consider how much longer you could be undisturbed before we stab a knife in your back ” .

Motstridiga uppgifter, enligt svenska medier demonstreras det mot landets ledning, enligt syriska demonstreras det till stöd för landets ledning och emot utländsk inblandning.

från idag – Stora demonstrationer i Syrien

I Syrien har mer än en kvarts miljon människor efter fredagsbönen i dag demonstrerat mot regimen. Det kommer rapporter om att flera människor har skadats.

från idag – Massive Spontaneous Gatherings in Syrian Cities in Rejection of Foreign Intervention and Emphasis on National Unity for Confronting Conspiracy

Syrian citizens continued their national activities to express their rejection of the foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs and support to the national unity, independent national decision, and to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Massive crowds of citizens spontaneously gathered on Friday in a number of squares and streets in the governorates of Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia, Tartous, Sweida and Hassakeh, stressing their determination to confront the plot which Syria is exposed to.

Bild från Syrien idag, enligt en facebookgrupp, nog ser det ut som att det är en demonstration för presidenten.

Video, också från Damaskus idag enligt samma facebookgrupp.

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Ny taktik från väst?

Kommer väst med ny taktik nu, att öppet erkänna att man stödjer våldsverkarna i Syrien?

Sibel Edmonds – Syria Update: US Government Gives Green Light to MSM

Right! According to these ‘reporters’, up until now our imperialistic hawks have been sitting on their butts and doing absolutely nothing on Syria’s months-long prewar crisis! Just read the following by MSM’s favorite source WINEP, and please try not to laugh:
”Andrew Tabler, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that the administration was caught off-guard by how the opposition became militarized so quickly. The administration’s message had been to urge the opposition to remain peaceful, but that ship has now sailed, he said.”

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30 dec

På tal om det som sades om Arabförbundets delegation i Syrien i förra inlägget, nu verkar det som att väst inte är nöjda med vad observationsgruppen rapporterat så här långt! Är de inte tillräckligt lydiga och väldresserade? – Flera demonstranter dödade i Syrien
”syriska människorättsaktivister vill nu att den som leder observatörsgruppen, sudanesen Mustafa al-Dabi, avlägsnas från uppgiften.”

Kanske bäst att Cecilia Uddén själv får sköta observerandet så att man kan vara säker på att få rätt resultat! Man rapporterar alltså att läget är lugnare än vad västmedierna säger och att man inte kan räkna bort terroristerna och våldsverkarna från bilden.

Homs: Image of Syrian city differs from the sold image of media..

”The real terrorists and murders within these areas are the radical members, religious extremists and criminals of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) – Western-backed terrorism, against any international law. These “rebels” are supported by Western and Gulf governments with advice, money and also weapons. United States, France, Britain, Germany, Turkey and also Israel act very suspect. Not to mention the real interests of Qatar and Saudi Arabia behind their support of terrorists – not only within Syria, but also worldwide.

The huge majority of the people within Homs fear this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the Western-backed radicals.”

Michel Chossudovsky – Breaking News. SYRIA: Arab League Head of Mission Refutes Western Media Propaganda.

What is revealing, however, is that this AL mission on the ground, which was intended to provide a justification for a ”humanitarian” intervention by NATO, refutes the reports of the London based ”Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” which in the course of the last few months has been feeding lies and fabrications into the Western news chain.

Scott Creighton

”After being demonized for months for not letting Arab League observers into Syria, the Assad government has allowed them to come see what’s really happening in their country. Terrorists attacked an area as the observers advance team showed up last Saturday. They were hoping to derail the process but the observers showed up anyway and now that they are there, their leader has made it clear that they saw “nothing frightening” in Homs, supposedly the epicenter of all that violence, at least that’s what “activists say” journalism has been reporting in the MSM.

Observers in Syria also understand that the numbers of so-called “civilian” victims of the Syrian government need to be clearly identified as either civilians or insurgents who are armed and killing soldiers and police officers.”

Se också upp för vad som kan komma framöver om som det sägs gruppen ska dela upp sig. Risken finns ju då att de mera välanpassade (efter väst) i gruppen, kanske de från Qatar och Bahrain (?) kommer att leverera den bild som beställts! Västs medier brukar inte precis vara blyga när det gäller att lägga till eller dra ifrån för att skapa den verklighetsbild deras herrar önskar.

Lägger in videon här som lämnades i en kommentar. Ett bra exempel på det skamlösa sätt varpå medierna arbetar. Från en tysk TV-kanal, ett videoklipp visas som visar brutal misshandel av fångar och det sägs komma från Syrien. Lite efterforskning visar dock att klippet är filmat i Irak 2007.

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29 dec

Det finns nog all anledning att misstänka, som James Corbett gör, att delegationen från Arabförbundet som nu befinner sig i Syrien redan på förhand är programmerad till att komma fram till att Syriens ledning inte gör tillräckligt för att få slut på våldet och inte lyssnar på protesterande medborgare.

‘Syrian verdict will be pre-ordained’

”.. political analyst James Corbett told RT that while the observer mission is in fact lacking in credibility, it is only because conclusions will unlikely be based on facts on the ground.

The final report will be a pre-ordained conclusion that the Assad government is not doing enough to listen to the concerns of its citizens. Personally, I’m not sure what is more ridiculous about this story – the idea that the autocratic thugs of the Arab League are going to presume to pronounce on the democratic leanings of the Syrian government, or that the international community is supposed to take what they say with any sort of moral authority.” ”


från facebook

”Syria, Hama / An Armed terrorist Group Tuesday evening committed a massacre against family of al-Sheikh at Kfar Nabouda village in Hama, killing 8 persons, kidnapping 5 and burning their homes.
A number of armed men tried to kidnap one of al-Sheikh family persons while returning to home, but their attempt was foiled after his family confronted them. Later, the armed men attacked the family once more with different kinds of weapons, perpetrating a massacre against the family.
Also in Hama, members of the military engineering units dismantled 3 explosives planted by armed terrorist groups in
different area of Hama.”


Qatar builds up anti-Syria Wahhabi army

”Qatar has built up a strong army of hundreds of Wahhabi forces to help overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a new report has revealed.
The forces known as the Free Syrian Army, have 20,000 fighters, and are armed and funded by Qatar, DEBKAfile reported.
The Doha-funded army has been mobilized in the form of military battalions and brigades in bases in Syria’s northern neighbor, Turkey.”

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artikel av Jeremy Salt

Jeremy Salt – ‘Human Rights’ and the Road to Hell: Libya and Now Syria?

We have just seen what has been done to Libya in the name of human rights and the ‘responsibility to protect’. Uncounted thousands of Libyans were killed in eight months of bombing and missile attacks by French, British and American warplanes. There is prima facie evidence that war crimes were committed but there is not even the suggestion that someone will be held accountable. Further back stands Iraq, invaded in 1991 and then subjected to a decade of sanctions which ended the lives of about one million Iraqis, including hundreds of thousands of children. The second war launched in 2003 brought the overall civilian death toll since 1991 to somewhere between 1.5 and two million Iraqis. Again, prime facie evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity without any of the perpetrators being punished. The kind of lies told before the attacks of 1991 (babies being thrown out of their incubators in Kuwait) and 2003 (weapons of mass destruction) were duplicated in the propaganda war which preceded the aerial assault on Libya this year (mass killing and Viagra-fuelled rape).

To their eternal shame, the Arab League and governments which sell themselves on their Muslim credentials took part in or came in behind this war on a Muslim country by three non-Muslim governments. Now a third Arab country is being laid out on the chopping board, not in North Africa but at the very heart of the Middle East. The US, France, Britain and their Arab allies can sense that a momentous victory is at hand and they are pushing as hard as they can, using every weapon at their disposal. At the end of the road lies the possibility of armed intervention through the declaration of a ‘no fly’ zone and a cross-border operation to establish a ‘buffer zone’ or what the French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppé, prefers to call a ‘humanitarian corridor’. These are propaganda phrases, of course. What the advocates of intervention are talking about is war and everything it entails – widespread destruction and the death of thousands of people.

Reconstructed Syria’s future is already being written. A leading figure in the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghaliun, has said that a new government would break relations with Iran and would overturn the present strategic relationship with Hizbullah. The connections of other members of this council with the Gulf States, the US State Department and Israel’s lobbyists in Washington are further evidence of how Syria is to be remolded if the present government can be brought down. Short of the toppling of the Islamic government in Iran, it would be hard to think of a greater triumph for ‘the West’ and its reactionary allies across the Middle East, not to mention the benefits for Israel. Are those Arabs joining the chorus against the Syrian government in the name of human rights even thinking about this?

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28 dec – Arab League team visits Homs in Syria

A group of 50 observers from the Arab regional body visited various sites, including the neighborhoods of Baba Amro, Karm al-Zeitoun and Wadi al-Zahab in Homs, and talked to residents on Tuesday, commending the Syrian government’s cooperative approach for giving them access to different locations without restriction.

Many Syrians have complained of crimes they believe are committed by armed terrorist groups. The Syrian state TV has shown stacks of weapons seized from the terrorists bent on fueling instability in the country.


Thierry Meyssan explains some leading personalities financing terrorism throughout the Islamic world, principally Prince Bindar of Saudia – the ex Saudi ambassador to the US.


från facebook

Homs: As the Arab League delegation visited Azzahra Square this morning, 5,000 citizens gathered holding up pictures of the martyrs of the Syrian Army, who fell at the hands of armed terrorist elements in various parts of Syria.

President of the Observer Mission Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi stressed that ”the situation in Homs seems comfortable so far but it needs further investigation.”
Dabi said: ”conditions in some areas of Homs were not good but there was nothing scary”.

Citizens of Homs illustrate what’s happening to the Arab Legaue committee.

In this news broadcast, it was said that the AL delegation refused to go to the National Hospital and talk to the injured or see the bodies of those mutilated citizens.
The guy at the end: ”Please don’t sell your conscience. Please don’t sell your conscience.”
As it proved that they were not interested to hear what some citizens had to say.

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