Arkiv för januari, 2015

26 jan – President al-Assad to Foreign Affairs Magazine: Israel is supporting terrorist organizations in Syria (Full Text)

President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to the American magazine Foreign Affairs published on Monday.

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25 jan – Syrian Army kills 30 Al-Nusra Front Fighters in northeast Dara’a

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah (Party of God) – is on the move near the vital city of Al-Lajaat in northeast Dara’a, as they conduct numerous clean-up operations on the border of the As-Sweida Governorate in order to clear a path to this rebel-held area.

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24 jan

Tony Cartalucci – Syria: The Battle for Aleppo, With Aleppo encircled, West seeks wildcard to save their terror hordes

The Syrian Arab Army is reportedly close to completely encircling militants that have occupied the northern city of Aleppo since they invaded it from NATO territory in 2012. Once the encirclement is complete, analysts believe the the city will be finally liberated, in a process similar to the retaking of Homs further south.
The desperation of militants facing this final phase in the Battle for Aleppo is indicated by their Western sponsors’ attempts to broker a ceasefire and arrange ”aid” to reach them.

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12 jan

Blir detta den nya kampanjen, som så smått har inletts i tysk press? – WMD Redux? Germany’s ‘Der Spiegel’ Claims Syria is Attempting to Build Nuclear Weapons

A new report published by a German news magazine Der Spiegel has published a report claiming that the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad has a “secret underground Plant” with the specific goal “of developing nuclear weapons.” The report suggests that unidentified “Western intelligence agencies” has evidence against the Syrian government because they “intercepted” private conversations between an Hezbollah operative and Ibrahim Othman, head of the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission … – Projekt ”Zamzam”: Syrien baut offenbar geheime Atomanlage – Syrian opposition to meet in Cairo Jan 22-23

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces chairperson Qassem al-Khatib announced Saturday evening that 75 members of the coalition will meet in Cairo Jan. 22 to discuss the Syrian crisis.

In June 2013, former President Mohamed Morsi cut off diplomatic relations with Syria and closed the Syrian embassy in Egypt, and despite a regime change in Cairo, the government of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has yet to restart official diplomatic relations with Damascus.

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1 jan

Press TV – Assad praises Syria army victories against terrorism

”If there was an area of joy which remained in Syria, it is thanks to the victories that you achieved in the face of terrorism,” Assad told troops during a visit to a district on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus, on Wednesday.

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Repels Terrorists’ Attack on Military Bases in Damascus Countryside

The Syrian army continued its advances in Khan al-Sheikh region in Damascus countryside and thwarted the terrorists’ attacks on several strategic military bases in the surrounding areas of Khan al-Sheikh farms in there.
The army pushed back the Takfiri terrorists from the surrounding areas of Khan al-Sheikh where a number of military bases are located, killing at least 34 terrorists in heavy clashes.
The terrorists with Saudi, Moroccan and Turkish nationalities could be seen among the Takfiri militants killed in Khan al-Sheikh area.

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