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30 sep

Webster Tarpley – Turkey involved in no-win scenario over Syria – finns utskrivet på Press TV

I would say out of the first week at the United Nations, the dangerous things have emerged are basically two. One is the call by Prince Thani of Qatar, seconded to some extent by Tunisia, to have an Arab League invasion of Syria. This would be an act of absolute folly.
The other one is the proposal of France to have some kind of humanitarian corridor or save-zone which would mean, again, invading Syria and trying to take over sovereign territory of Syria.
Both of these are very, very dangerous. The only comfort we have is they don’t seem to be going anywhere at the present time. But with the mental instability of the Western elites, that could change at any moment.

Analysis: Turkish role in Syria War

En militärallians bestående av mot Syrien icke-fientliga nationer som kan skicka fredsbevarande trupper kan kanske vara en väg att gå!? – CSTO allowed to deploy “blue chapkas” in Syria under UN mandate

The Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Nikolay Bordyuzha, and the UN Deputy Secretary General in charge of Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 28 September 2012 in New York.
The document sets out the conditions for the deployment of CSTO troops within the framework of UN peacekeeping operations.
The CSTO has carried out studies on the possible deployment of peacekeeping troops in Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Pridnestrovie and in Syria.
So far, NATO has been the only military pact capable of deploying peacekeepers under a UN umbrella. From now on, it will be possible to also count on the ”blue chapkas” (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia).

Tysk underrättelsetjänst menar att de väpnade gängen i Syrien till 95% består av utländska legokrigare! – German intelligence: 95% of the rebels in Syria are foreigners

The BND admitted that only 5% of armed terrorists in Syria are really Syrians, 95% of them are from abroad.
According to the newspaper “Die Welt”, the BND has published in an official and detailed account of the nationalities of the rebels in Syria and their locations in the country.
Most of the rebels come from African countries. It is likely to be members of al Qaeda.
According to the report, the number of rebels in Syria estimated at 14,800.

Intervju med Syriens utrikesminister Walid Moallem – Syria’s Foreign Minister ‘Ready’ To Work With New UN Envoy

”If ending the violence was in the hands of the Syrian government, then I assure you we would have ended it yesterday,” Moallem said. ”Unfortunately, it is not a Syrian government decision. It is in fact Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, who are arming, hosting, and financing these armed groups. So the decision is there.”

Det här med regimbytesplaner för Syrien är inget nytt! Och detta måste man ha i åtanke när man talar om totalitär regim osv. Liksom fallet var med Libyen och Khadaffi, han utsattes ju för åtskilliga mordförsök genom åren. Och de som kallade Khadaffi och kallar Bashar Al-Assad för paranoida kanske borde reflektera lite över vad de säger.
Michel Chossudovsky – Anglo-American 1957 Secret Plan to Assassinate the Syrian President. Déjà Vu?

The plan called for funding of a “Free Syria Committee”, and the arming of “political factions with paramilitary or other actionist capabilities” within Syria. The CIA and MI6 would instigate internal uprisings, for instance by the Druze in the south, help to free political prisoners held in the Mezze prison, and stir up the Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus.
The planners envisaged replacing the Ba’ath/Communist regime with one that was firmly anti-Soviet, but they conceded that this would not be popular and “would probably need to rely first upon repressive measures and arbitrary exercise of power”.

The ongoing US-NATO aggression directed against Syria has been planned for several years.
An invasion of Syria was contemplated in the immediate wake of the 2003 Iraq invasion by US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
“Regime change” in Damascus was again put forth by the Bush adminstration in the immediate wake of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The assassination was casually blamed, without evidence, on Damascus.
President George W. Bush “denounced Syria and its ally, Iran, as ‘outlaw regimes… Syria and Iran deserve no patience from the victims of terror,’” The British media confirmed in October 2005 that Washington was “looking for a pro-western replacement for Mr Assad.”

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29 sep

Dessa kemiska vapen på tapeten igen… se upp för false flag-attack!
Pentagon claims Syria moved chemical weapons

The Syrian government may have moved some of its chemical weapons to safeguard them against rebel forces, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said at a Friday press conference.
While some weapons were moved to locations unknown to US intelligence, Panetta said the main storage sites remain secure and under government control.

Dozens of Syrian insurgents killed in Aleppo

Syrian government troops have killed dozens of foreign-backed insurgents in an assault on a compound in the flashpoint city of Aleppo as heavy fighting continues between the two sides, Press TV reports.

Syrian forces repel insurgents from Lebanon border

Syrian security forces have pushed back a number of foreign-backed insurgents trying to cross into the crisis-hit city of Homs through borders with Lebanon.

Outside Meddling In Syria Threat To Whole World Order: Russian Official

Attempts to solve the Syria crisis outside the U.N. would have destructive consequences for both Syria and the existing world order, a senior Russian diplomat said Friday.
“The attempts to look for ways out of the crisis in Syria outside the U.N. Security Council would have very destructive and dangerous consequences for Syria itself, for the Middle East region and, eventually, for the current world order as a whole,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said at a conference of professional diplomats.

Russia’s Lavrov Reiterates All-Embracing Ceasefire for Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated on Friday that conflicting sides in Syria must first of all stop violence and maintain ceasefire to begin resolving the ongoing conflict in the country.
“Practical steps to overcome the crisis must begin with the all-embracing ceasefire, release of all captives and hostages, deliveries of extra humanitarian aid,” Lavrov said speaking at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.
These steps, he said, will form conditions for the inter-Syrian dialogue. The conflicting sides must sit at the negotiating table “to work out a compromise concerning the essence and the pace of reformations that will suit all Syrians and provide for safety and rights of all ethnic and religious groups,” he added.

‘UN ridiculous, cover for US hypocrisy as force for democracy’

Terrorists Ferocity in Aleppo After the USA Promise of 45 Million Dollars Extra for Mercenaries

Video 2 min från Press TV – China condemns assassination of Press TV reporter

George Galloway på Press TV, video 49 min – Assassination of Press TV correspondent


Here are all the comments so far at the Daily Mail website:
Is it any wonder that people feel such contempt for Cameron.
He seldom misses an opportunity to say something untrue, unwise, tactless and undiplomatic, or quite stupid – and sometimes all of those together. …

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28 sep

De syrienfientliga makterna vill via sin talesperson på SR Ekot idag ge bilden av att FSA (”Fria” Syriska Armén) går till en storoffensiv i Aleppo och på förstasidan har man rubriken – ”Den slutgiltiga striden är inledd” – Bloggen Syrian Perspective menar att man har förstahandsrapporter från Aleppo om vad som händer, inte som de kontrollerade medierna som vanligtvis låter mr Rami Abdul Rahman från London ostört bre ut sig. Enligt den bloggen tvingades Erdogan i Turkiet, av medborgare, opposition och militären, gå med på att sparka ut FSA ur landet. De utländska lego-krigarna beordrades då att bege sig till Aleppo för ”den slutgiltiga striden”. Den syriska armén ska ha delat ut flygblad och uppmanat ”rebellerna” att lägga ner vapnen annars kommer de att bli dödade.
Rubriker från Press TV idag – Syrian army kills insurgent leaders in Aleppo

The Syrian army has killed a number of insurgent leaders in the flashpoint city of Aleppo as the mop-up operation to clear the northern city of armed groups continues.
The insurgent leaders were killed after Syrian troops attacked a terrorist command center in the Bab neighborhood on Friday.
Heavy clashes, however, continue between government forces and foreign-backed insurgents in other parts of Aleppo. Armed groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have vowed to step up their attacks in Aleppo in coming days.

Syrian army kills dozens of insurgents in Aleppo

Press TV – US unveils $45 million fund for Syria, allocates $15 mn to insurgents

Tony Cartalucci – Surreal: Clinton Pledges $45 Million in Aid to Al Qaeda in Syria, US inundates terrorist legions with cash & support after regional embassy attacks and death of own ambassador – Canadians and Americans Sending Money to Al Qaeda to Kill in SyriaThis is What They Do With Your Money Hillary Clinton

Nya angrepp på den fria informationsspridningen – Broadcast signal of Syrian news channel hijacked

Privately-owned al-Ikhbariya Syria television news network has experienced broadcast signal intrusion and irrelevant images were broadcast for sometime on the channel.
Director of al-Ikhbariya Syria television station, Imad Sarah, said hostile sides determined the frequency used in the studio-to-transmitter link on Thursday, and broke into the network’s transmission, the SANA news agency reported.
They then aired a broadcast packet for about a minute and a half before al-Ekhbariya’s technical team restored the original signal.

Slain reporter got numerous death threats prior to murder: Press TV CEO

The CEO of Press TV says the network’s correspondent in Syria Maya Naser and his colleagues had received ‘numerous death threats’ months before his murder.
Dr. Mohammad Sarafraz said in an interview with IRIB late Thursday that the Press TV and Al-Alam Damascus Bureau had received numerous threatening messages over the past few months, adding journalists working for the two Iranian news networks had been directly and repeatedly threatened with death.
He said that such threats were part of Western efforts to block the free flow of news dissemination on the regional developments including what is going on in Syria.
Reporters are now directly threatened with murder. In this regard, these wars, with the one in Syria included, have a major difference with the past wars, Sarafraz said.

frånfacebook (fredag morgon)

NATO backed Brotherhood Terrorists have set light to thousands of tires, in order to prevent the Syrian Air Force from performing their duties of seeing and crushing them ..
Most of Aleppo is said to be covered in smoke ..
And to further Terrorise the people of Aleppo, the Criminals then proceeded to spread rumours that they are being attacked with Chemical Bombs …

Angående påståenden om att oroligheterna och protesterna i Syrien från början var fredliga och obeväpnade. Ett inlägg på BBC den 30 april 2011 innehåller de här citaten:

The Syrian ambassador at the UN this week said 51 security force personnel had been killed in the previous 10 days. Since then another six have been killed.
The official Syrian news agency has published pictures of their funerals.

There was a man speaking on the BBC World Service the other night who made a fascinating remark.
He said his wife’s cousin, a colonel in the Syrian army, was shot dead with eight other soldiers on 10 April as they drove on the main road into Banias. Their car was raked with gunfire.

Viktiga uppgifter att dokumentera, man borde samla fler sådana. T.ex. har en journalist som jobbade för Al Jazeera som hoppade av i protest mot kanalens ensidighet, rapporterat om hur han såg och filmade män med vapen som passerade gränsen från något grannland in i Syrien i april 2011. Hans inslag sändes inte av Al Jazeera.

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27 sep

Mycket intressanta uppgifter Christof Lehmann kommer med här – Killing of Journalist Maya Naser in Damascus possibly tied to his investigation into Turkey War Crimes

Knowing what Maya Naser has been investigating during the last days of his life gives a clear indication of which images the FSA and the Turkish government want to control.
During the last days, leading up to the assassination of Maya Naser and the wounding of the Al-Alam and PRESS TV station chief in Damascus, Hussein Mortada, Maya was investigating a case which had the potential to lead to the impeachment of the Erdogan led government of Turkey and indictments for serious war crimes and human rights violations.
Earlier this month the Workers´Party – Turkey filed criminal charges for the Turkish governments support of the Free Syrian Army and related terrorist groups. Only days before his assassination, Maya Naser entered into an ad hoc investigative alliance into the alleged war crimes and human rights violation of the Turkish government with leading members of the Workers´Party Turkey, international lawyer Christopher Black, and the author of this article.
Maya Naser could not only confirm many of the Workers´Party´s allegations against the Turkish government, he could provide the evidence.

In subsequent, personal conversations between Maya Naser and the author of the article, he reiterated that there is further evidence that corroborates the suspicion that the government of Turkey is sending prisoners who have received a death sentence and those who serve life time sentences to Syria as an opportunity to be released from prison and as a chance to clear their record.
International lawyer Christopher Black responded to Maya Naser´s information, stating that if his information was correct, then the Turkish government is committing a war crime under the Rome Statute, which forbids forced service of non-combatants in war.
According to Christopher Black it would be possible to file a complaint with the ICC against Turkey and NATO if corroborating evidence could be produced, stating that if Turkey is involved in these crimes, then its partners are equally guilty. – ger en detaljerad beskrivning av hur attacken mot militärhögkvarteret igår gick till. Två självmordsbombare i bilar fulla med sprängmedel sprängdes, en vid ingången till området och en utanför byggnaden efter att vakter dödats av den första. Därefter stormade 30 terrorister in i byggnaden, planen var att de skulle ta höga militärer som gisslan och därefter döda dom. Men, detta skedde kl 7 på morgonen, och ett möte mellan höga militärer var planerat till den tiden men hade ställts in, inga militärledare fanns där. Detta som ett led i att vilseleda västs avlyssnare! Videon nedan visar hur trupper kommer till undsättning. Alla terrorister dödas utom 3 som tas tillfånga, en var syrier de övriga två kom från Libyen.

On September 25, 2012, terrorists detonated two suicide bombs inside vans packed with C-4 (Semtex) explosives. The bombs went off at approximately 7:00 a.m. local time in Damascus before the arrival of Syrian General Staff officers. According to Syrian state t.v., four guards were killed and innocent bystanders were injured, some seriously. Down the highway which links the Damascus International Airport to Omayyad Square, was the Martyr’s Sons School which had been commandeered by terrorists and was used as a staging ground for attacks on the Ministry of Defense immediately after the two explosions. Our source in Damascus, Monzer, spoke to us this morning and confirmed the accuracy of the state television report. But, he had more to say about the origins of this operation.
First of all, the timing was inelegant. The bomb went off at 7:00 in the morning. Interestingly, the Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. General Fahd Al-Fureij, was to have met at that time with several high-ranking field commanders. But the meeting was cancelled the night before because General Fureij has put into operation a ”disinformation” program in which appointments are made across ordinary lines in order to confuse NATO eavesdroppers.

Russia Today – Calls for Assad capitulation, not dialogue, encourages Syria terror – Lavrov

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Syria: The Opposition and terrorism

The west has once again armed, trained and supported terrorist forces in an internal conflict in a sovereign nation, breaching international law; the murderous activities of this scourge is the responsibility of the operationals on the ground and their foreign military and political backers.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Maya Naser murdered by terrorists

Press TV – ‘Press TV reporter death premeditated’ Interview with Paul Wolf, human rights and international lawyer, Washington

I think that that is very, very significant that he (Press TV correspondent Maya Naser) was not just another journalist who died in some crossfire. He was assassinated

Press TV – Assassinating Press TV reporter violation of int’l law: AnalystInterview with political analyst Omar Nashabe, Beirut

So this, in a way, is a violation of all international laws by targeting a journalist who was there in this terror attack.

‘Press TV reporter’s assassin must be brought to justice’

‘Terrorist-backed uprising in Syria drives world to 9/11 style war’ – Afshin Rattansi

Pepe Escobar – Why Qatar wants to invade Syria

Make no mistake; the Emir of Qatar is on a roll.
What an entrance at the UN General Assembly in New York; Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani called for an Arab coalition of the willing-style invasion of Syria, no less.
In the words of the Emir, ”It is better for the Arab countries themselves to interfere out of their national, humanitarian, political and military duties, and to do what is necessary to stop the bloodshed in Syria.” He stressed Arab countries had a ”military duty” to invade.
What he means by ”Arab countries” is the petromonarchies of the Gulf Counter-Revolution Club (GCC), previously known as Gulf Cooperation Council – with implicit help from Turkey, with which the GCC has a wide-ranging strategic agreement. Every shisha house in the Middle East knows that Doha, Riyadh and Ankara have been weaponizing/financing/providing logistical help to the various strands of the armed Syrian opposition engaged in regime change. – Turkish Republican Party: Erdogan’s support to Free Army is a constitutional crime

video 1 tim med intervju – bloggingheads.tvElias Muhanna (Qifa Nabki, Brown University) and Camille Otrakji (The Syria Page)

video – Syria News 27.9.2012, Al-Ikhbariya Syrian TV Hacked, Technical Team Restores Broadcast in 90

Syria Real News – September 26 & 27 roundup

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26 sep

Maya Nasser, som t.ex. rapporterar i videon – Syria opposition hold conference in Damascus – i inlägget 24 sep nedan, har dödats av krypskyttar i Damaskus – Press TV correspondent killed in Syrian capital – (video 19 min med intervju med Maya Nasser från 7 sept)

Foreign-backed insurgents in Syria have killed Press TV’s correspondent, Maya Nasser, by sniper fire while he was reporting on air in the capital, Damascus.
Press TV and Arabic language Al-Alam TV network’s bureau chief Hussein Murtada also came under attack and was injured by the insurgents on Wednesday.
The two were covering twin blasts in Damascus and the ensuing fighting in the Syrian capital.

Russia Today – Iranian TV reporter killed on air by Syrian rebel sniper in Damascus –For those who didn’t know him: Brave Journalist MAYA NASSER, courageous and honest, always on the field reporting truth
Scott Creighton – Press TV Reporter Murdered by Hillary’s Heroes in Damascus

Bomb attacks hit central Damascus, gunfire follows

Two bombs have exploded near the chief of staff headquarters in the center of the Syrian capital, Damascus, causing only material damage and no casualties, the Syrian state TV reports.
The blasts occurred near Umayyad Square early Wednesday, and were followed by gunfire in several districts of Damascus.
The terrorist Free Syrian Army has reportedly claimed responsibility for the bomb attacks.
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi has declared that the twin blasts caused no casualties.
In another incident on Wednesday, the Syrian army clashed with a group of insurgents who tried to attack a television building in Damascus.

från facebook

Four security guards were killed and 14 civilians and security personnel were wounded in twin blasts that hit a military complex in Damascus on Wednesday, Syrian state television quoted a military source as saying.
An armed forces statement said military leaders were unhurt and only a number of guards were wounded in the blasts, which shook the whole city at around 7 a.m. (0400 GMT) before regular working hours.

video som visar en brinnande byggnad som sägs vara den som utsatts för attacken.

‘US unleash hell in Syria, new violence levels reached’, Patrick Henningsen – geopolitical analyst for the current affairs website ”UK Column”

Press TV – Qatar admits to aiding Syria opposition

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has acknowledged that Doha has “used all available means” to help the Syrian opposition.

Qatar does not have any single election at any level and no basic principles of democracy are being observed in the Arab state.
The country, home to the largest US military base in the Middle East, is an absolute monarchy where the Al Thani family controls the state and all of its institutions.
Furthermore, Doha is providing foreign-backed insurgents in Syria with financial support and weapons, which have claimed the lives of many civilians.

Från facebookFreeing over 70 kidnapped men and women in Rableh town in Homs countryside.

Tony Cartalucci – NATO Terrorists Bomb School in Syria, France seeks no-fly zone over Syria to repeat Al Qaeda Benghazi-blowback

As NATO desperately attempts to coverup a botched false flag operation in Benghazi, Libya which left a high ranking US diplomat dead, France has urged a repeat performance in Syria. That is, arming and providing air support for the very terrorist battalions now operating in Syria that have ravaged and overrun Libya, leaving it a perpetually wrecked, destabilized terrorist epicenter.
The announcement made by French President Francois Hollande came on the heels of a deadly terrorist bombing in Damascus targeting a school rebels claim baselessly claim was being used by Syrian security forces. Western propagandists are now calling the school a ”security building.”
Reuters reported in their article, ”Syrian rebels bomb security building in Damascus:” – Rapport från ett krigsmobiliseringsmöte

Syria News 26.9.2012 – * Military Source: Four Guards Martyred, 14 Military Members and Civilians Injured in General Staff Building Bombings
* Armed Forces Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Several Provinces,
* Lebanese Army Arrests 5 Syrians and a Lebanese in Car Loaded with Military Equipment
* Bogdanove: Ibrahimi to work on basis of Geneva agreement

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25 sep

Från facebookThe Syrian TV declares arresting Saudi and Turkish officers in Aleppo.

Från Press TV idag – Security crisis in Syria over: Iran deputy FM

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs says the security crisis in Syria is over and Tehran will continue its efforts to stop violence in the country.
“Iran will use all its spiritual influence and power to help Syria to get rid of terrorists and will continue its all-out support for the Syrian nation and government,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said in a meeting with a parliamentary delegation representing Syria People’s Assembly on Tuesday.
Underlining the successful handling of foreign plots by the Syrian government, the Iranian deputy foreign minister stated that Syria’s enemies have failed in their plans to overthrow the country’s government and Syria has weathered the security phase of the crisis.

Att jämföra med Ekots inslag för ett par dagar sen där det påstods att de väpnade grupperna kontrollerar stora delar av Syrien! – Syrian Rebel Groups Fired from Turkey

According to a report by Arabi Press news website, defected Colonel Ahmad Hijazi admitted that Ankara has fired the rebel group from Turkish soil and gave it a deadline to transfer its central command to Syria.
Meantime, he said FSA was also forced to move into Syrian soil in a bid to prevent further rift among rebel groups.
A senior commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army acknowledged that Ankara has fired rebel groups from Turkish soil. – ERDOGHAN ON HIS LAST DAYS AS P.M., SAYS SYRIAN INFO MINISTER –

Seven Citizens Injured in Explosive Device Blasts in Martyrs’ Sons School in Damascus, Terrorists Killed, DShK-equipped Cars Destroyed in Various Areas

On the bombing in Damascus near schools

Rableh: 280 Christians held hostage

Christians kidnapped in the village of Rableh, on the border with Lebanon, in western Syria, spreads: after the maxi kidnapping which occurred yesterday, of 150 people (see Fides article 25/9), today another 130 civilians were detained and kidnapped by armed gangs in the area, creating a group of 280 hostages. As local sources of Fides report, the hostages were crammed into a school in the village of Gousseh, while the kidnappers released the women that had been stopped previously. The armed kidnappers announced that they intend to wait for their head and then discuss any possible ransom.

Press TV – Lebanese army intercepts weapons, ammunitions bound for Syria

Lebanese army has intercepted a vehicle laden with military equipment which was destined for the anti-government insurgents in Syria.
The army said on Tuesday that the vehicle was seized at a checkpoint near the al-Qaa border crossing in east Lebanon. Five Syrian nationals, who had been illegally residing in Lebanon, were also on board.
The equipment seized includes hand grenades and communication hardware.
Since the beginning of unrest in Syria, Lebanese army has seized a large number of consignments of weapons and ammunitions bound for insurgents in Syria.

Yusuf Fernandez – Is the Syrian Crisis a Proxy War against Russia?

Ett team från en rysk TV-kanal har följt den syriska armén en längre tid och visar här bilder – Battle For Syria: View from the Frontline! Who is the Syrian army fighting? What is the armed opposition fighting for? And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict? – Syria Real News – September 24 & 25 roundup

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24 sep

Webster Tarpley på Press TV om detta med påståenden om att ”Fria syriska armén” flyttat sitt högkvarter från Turkiet in i Syrien. Blev de utsparkade? Eller ingår det i ett försök att kunna upprätta en sk ”flygförbudszon”? har idag ett nytt inlägg om Turkiet och menar att Erdogan tvingats sparka ut FSA ur landet!

In order to salvage what he can of the goodwill he used to enjoy, Erdoghan has reportedly given General Necdet Ozel the green light to ”expel” the FSA and especially, the newly arrived savages from Libya, Yemen and Morocco. This might not be easy. In any case, the FSA or the newly-named Syrian National Army, announced their move to Syrian lands in order to properly ”command the forces of revolution”. Nobody can believe this.

Syria opposition hold conference in Damascus – A First Step towards Dialogue in Syria

Sunday’s National Conference to Save Syria in Damascus saw regime opponents meet with human rights activists and foreign officials from regime-supporting nations to discuss solutions to the ongoing crisis.
Damascus – After several failed attempts and rumors of postponement, the National Conference to Save Syria was held at the Omayad Hotel in Damascus on Sunday.
The conference featured a mix of pro-regime foreign dignitaries, reform-oriented activists and hard-line opposition members committed to the toppling of the regime.

Syrian Democratic Party SG: 80% of Aleppo Cleared from Terrorists

More details of foreign rebels flooding into Syria are revealed. This time, the famous British daily Guardian reported some of the scenes from the ground field

The daily further mentioned that ”hundreds of international fighters have flocked to Syria to join the war.”
”Some are fresh-faced idealists driven by a romantic notion of revolution….Others are al-Qaida veterans of Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan,” it added.
To reach the wars in those countries, foreign fighters had to cross borders with forged passports and dodge secret services.
The frontline in Syria is easier to reach via a comfortable flight to southern Turkey and a hike across the border.
According to the Saudi, it was an easy walk from Turkey to the small Syrian town of Atmeh. There, the foreign fighters were received by a Syrian who runs an extremist camp and organized into fighting units.
Each team was assigned an Arabic speaker and given 10 days’ basic training, the point of which was not to learn how to shoot but to learn to communicate and work together.
The fighters were then dispersed among the different extremist organizations, including Ahrar al-Sham [the Free Men of Syria] and Jabhat al-Nusra [the Front for the Aid of the People of the Levant]. Some, like Abu Omar’s Chechens, were allowed to form their own units and simply referred to as the muhajiroun, or ”immigrants”.

Edward S. Herman – Manufacturing ”Failed States” – artikeln finns också på

The United States has mastered the art of undermining its targets by fomenting domestic terrorism, and then laying the responsibility on them for the crimes sponsored by Washington itself. This method affords it the possibility both to justify military intervention and to carry it out without risk. The well-oiled scheme described here by Edward S. Herman is now being applied in Syria.

These programs always involve serious “atrocities management,” whereby the government under attack is accused of major acts of violence against the rebels and their supporters, and is by this process effectively demonized and set up for more massive intervention. This was very important in the Yugoslav breakup wars, and possibly even more so in Libya and Syria.

The malignant consensus on Syria – av Tim Anderson från Australien

It is a paradox of our digital age that, despite an enormous supply of information, a powerful yet misleading consensus can still shape the course of international relations. Such was the case with the supposed threat from Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”, and such is the case with the foreign-backed “revolution” in Syria.
The “consensus” from March 2011 was that President Bashar al-Assad was a “brutal dictator”; the Syrian people had risen up against his regime as part of the Arab Spring’s democratic awakening; Assad’s minority Alawi group was repressing the majority Sunni group; and a rebel force had been formed from army defectors and outside forces were only helping them defend a civilian population.
In my opinion, virtually every element of this picture was false. While a political opposition had pressed for President Assad to deliver on his promise of political reform and to clean up corruption, the armed attacks of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) derailed this process.
The big powers scrambled to form an alliance with the most fanatical of Islamists, but by the end of 2011 an independent poll showed that most Syrians wanted Assad to stay.
Australian academic Jeremy Salt wrote from Turkey that “the killing of soldiers, police and civilians, often in the most brutal circumstances, has been going on virtually since the beginning”.

Intervju med Guenter Meyer – On Syria and way beyondOne of Europe’s most outstanding experts on the Middle East, Professor Guenter Meyer, addresses in this exclusive in-depth interview for Asia Times Online the Syrian civil war and its international dimensions.

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23 sep

Regimtrogen media, SR Ekot, kommer idag med märkliga påståenden:

Enligt överste Ahmed Abdel Wahab, befälhavare i Fria syriska armén (FSA), är stora delar av Syrien nu under oppositionsstyrkornas kontroll, regimens starka flygvapen är det enda som håller Damaskus flytande.– Med eller utan hjälp utifrån kommer regimen att falla inom månader, inte år, säger överste Ahmed Abdel Wahab

Motsatsen till de signaler som ges i syriska medier, som i

Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, stressed that the crisis in Syria is in its final stage thanks to the Syrian people’s unity and the precious sacrifice being offered by the Syrian army in confrontation of terrorism.

Det kan vara ett sätt att förbereda allmänheten inför en kommande offensiv av något slag från USA/Nato/väst. Man skapar en konstruerad bild, en virtuell verklighet, som ska få folk att se en offensiv, som man då beskriver som ett verk av ”rebellerna”, som något väntat. Just som man gjorde i Libyen inför det våldsamma angreppet från Nato mot Tripoli i augusti förra året.
När det gäller uppgifterna om turkiska truppförstärkningar nära gränsen mot Syrien sammantaget med påståenden igår om att: ”Den syriska oppositionsgruppen Fria syriska armén (FSA) har för första gången flyttat sitt ledarskap från Turkiet in i Syrien” – Ekot – kan det vara som James Petras säger i videon nedan. Att den turkiska militären ska skydda FSA och försöka få till en konfrontation med den syriska militären för att på så sätt kunna motivera införandet av en flygförbudszon. Eller är det i själva verket så här det förhåller sig!? från

If you want to read a hilarious article by the usual gang of idiots, go through this one. It’s a howler.
Note the effort to paint the FSA as a successful organization militarily when the facts on the ground clearly show it is being routed in every battle. Quoting Riad Al-As’ad is especially comedic since he was under house arrest in Turkey and has been recently taken to the Syrian border and told to: ”Get outta here!”. No joke.

Turkey, vehicle for anti-Syria aggression: James Petras

En lång och intressant intervju med en ryss vid namn Andrei Ilyich Fursov – Hit Syria – Target Russia – jag fastnade t.ex. för svaret på frågan varför USA/väst inte ger sig trots allt motstånd de stöter på. Och svaret som Fursov ger är precis den känsla jag har; de är inte vana att inte få sin vilja igenom, de brukar envist pressa på utan någon gräns för vilka grymheter och ohyggligheter man tar till. Intervjun från Current Concerns finns som pdf – från –

USA today overstraining its forces Despite the hardline stance of Moscow and Beijing, the West does not retreat. Why not?
First, it is not in the historical tradition of the Anglo-Saxons to release the prey which they have sunk their teeth in like a pit bull terrier. They will exert pressure as far as possible until they have achieved their objective, or until the opponent has broken their jaw. Second, in the last 25 to 30 years, the Anglo-Saxons, defeating the Soviet elite (it is exactly about the Soviet elite – they surrendered), have simply become arrogant. They got used to Russia giving up everything and they hope to be able to exert pressure on the Russian elite that keeps its money in Western banks. Third – and this is the main reason which outweighs all the others: the stakes are too high; the fate of the North Atlantic elites themselves is at stake, and not just the hydrocarbon resources or the Middle East. The West has no alternative…

Excuse me, Andrei Ilyich! Western media report that the people rebelled against the Assad regime. The insurgents were Syrians, deserted from the army.
That is what the Western media are doing, or to be precise: the instruments for mass propaganda, agitation and misinformation. They fulfill the purely military function of an disinformation and psycho-historic war. The “Syrian rebels” have modern precision weapons, anti-tank weapons, thermal imaging devices, the best sniper rifles and many more, mostly from Turkish production. Is n’t that a bit too sumtuous for deserters and fugitives? But the most important thing is the organization of the armed conflicts. Since the end of June the situation in Syria has changed drastically. Assad is confronted with a staff culture of highly professional planners behind the military diversions, which deserters, ranging from captain to major, would never be capable of. The “rebels” have changed their tactics from wearing down and fatiguing; they have moved to the tactics of massive attack, behind which there is apparently a contingent of 25-30000 men. The armed fighters are descendants coming from Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. By the way, transferring them to Syria has solved an important problem for the West and the Sunni monarchies. After all, this combustible material must somehow and somewhere be occupied. These guys will not work, and a rabid dog may once bite its owner.

video från Addounia”An armed terrorist group assassinated today morning head of Production Department at the branch of the Military Housing Establishment in Hasakah city, Marwan al-Husein.”
”A source in the province said that 4 terrorists opened fire at al-Hussein outside his house in Masaken Marsho neighborhood as he was heading to his work, causing his immediate martyrdom. The terrorists stole the head’s car a Double cab Pickup.”

Ulla Johansson – Vem berättar sanningen om konflikten i Syrien?

Jag greps av förtvivlan när jag läste Aftonbladets ledare (Anders Lindberg) idag (21/9-12). Rubriken ”Syrien bombar sina egna barn”. Som påminner så skrämmande om medias upplägg inför angreppet på Libyen. Där det påstods att Gaddafis styrkor bombat den egna befolkningen. Något som sedan visades sig vara en propagandalögn. Men så användbar för att rättfärdiga angreppet på landet. Nu samma rubriker kring Syrien.
Förvånande att propagandamakarna inte förmår förnya sina grepp. Bland svenska media har Aftonbladet hela tiden varit värst i hetsen mot Syrien. På begäran av Schibsteds ledning?(?) Och varför skriver journalisterna alltid ”regimen i Syrien”? När de diskuterar regeringen i Syrien. Ett propagandatrick det också. Förnedrande.

National Conference for Rescuing Syria Starts

National Conference for Rescuing Syria kicked off in Damascus on Sunday with the participation of more than 20 opposition parties, currents and groups.

Recorded from Syrian Official Tv Channel
* Aleppo: Army deal heavy blows to terrorists
* National Conference for Rescuing Syria kicked off in Damascus on Sunday with the participation of more than 20 opposition parties
* Sit-in in Damascus: Syrians light the candles for martyrs
* Al-Manar newspaper: Turkish-Israeli agreement aimed to fragmenting the Arab homeland
* New Zealand: Southland newspaper criticize noise of Clinton against Syria and her suspicious silence about suppression in Bahrain. – Syria Real News – September 22 & 23 roundup

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22 sep

Turkey deploys military units along Syria border

Turkey has deployed military units along its border with Syria whose Army is engaged in intense fighting with insurgents as tensions in the region escalate.
On Saturday, the Turkish army deployed artillery and anti-aircraft missiles near a Syrian border post in the province of al-Raqa, which is being disputed between security forces and insurgents in fierce clashes.

Middle East Today – The Syria quartet and Lakhdar Brahimi

Från samma program – Armed gangs impede any reform in Syria: Analyst

Fler uppgifter om skandinaver som deltagare i fientligheterna mot Syrien, igår hade Aftonbladet en artikel – Svenska islamister strider i Syrien
Scandinavian ex-special forces train Free Army in Edlib – Syria

The men, who use the code names Radwan and Mohammed, come from Scandinavia, but have requested that the country not be disclosed.
Though they refused to speak, saying only that they were “here to help”, recruits in the Free Army said that the men were ex-special forces working as military advisers.

Al-Jaafari: UNSG 11th Report on Children and Armed Conflict Is Unprofessional and Motivated by Incitement against Syria

He decried the report as lacking the evidence and facts and depending instead on mere media-based anti-Syria claims, wishing that the report’s makers would have at least taken into consideration the Syrian government’s point of view “which we have persisted in conveying it to Komara Swami since the beginning of the events and until the end of her mandate.”

Restoring image of Syria – Interview with Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun. Från

France, allies discussing no-fly-zone over Syria, French official says

Exported Swiss arms mysteriously reach Syria

Hand grenades exported by Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates several years ago, are now in Syria, according to the Swiss government. The finding comes after a newspaper photograph showed a Syrian rebel with a Swiss-made grenade.

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21 sep

Christof Lehmann – More than 100 Foreign Fighters Killed in Syria on Thursday

In a conversation this morning, a journalist from Al-Alam who is reporting from the scenes of the events in Syria, reported that the battles are contained to small regions or districts while the overall situation in Syria remains relatively calm and stable. Western media reports are, according to the al-Alam reporter, exaggerated.

According to the Al-Alam reporter, Turkish military units are deployed at several of the border crossings between Syria and Turkey, providing logistical and other support for both arms traffickers and insurgents. According to the reporter there have been a number of Turkish citizens among the killed insurgents, but the majority of insurgents comes from other countries like Qatar, Libya. Turkish fighters seem mainly to operate as commanders, supervisors and organizers.
So far the Syrian government remains stable, the democratic and legal institutions remain functioning, and the Syrian military has, in spite of some defections kept the upper hand. A fall of the Damascus government in 2012 is unlikely. Given the fact that a regional war and a spread of the conflict into Lebanon and Iran has long been planned it is almost impossible to establish a longer term prognosis other than the one that the development of a regional conflict, involving Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iran is likely to threaten global security.

David Halpin – Syria: Britain’s Foreign Secretary’s Litany of Lies and Distortions, Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague has presented another breathtaking litany of distortions and untruths at the United Nations regarding Syria. It is fair to say that every sentence is a lie or a distortion – Syriskt initiativ för fred och försoning, Västländerna accepterar inte verkligheten. De vill inte se att det syriska folkets majoritet valt att inte stödja det allt våldsammare upproret. Det säger Agnes Mariam, katolsk ledare från Homsprovinsen. Hon arbetar för fredsinitiativet Mussalaha, för att få ett slut på den blodiga konflikten. Men då måste västmakterna och Gulf-staterna sluta skicka vapen till rebellerna.

Med civilbefolkningens bästa för ögonen är hon mycket kritisk mot USA:s och Europas agerande i konflikten. De säger sig värna om mänskliga rättigheter och ett mångkulturellt och öppet samhälle, men stöder islamistiska fundamentalister som står för allt annat än frihet för folket. De säger sig värna om demokrati, men vägrar inse att det syriska folkets majoritet inte står bakom det våldsamma upproret. Och de vägrar låta syrierna själva välja vilka som ska företräda dem, för att istället påtvinga dem Syriska nationella rådet (SNC) vars ledare inte varit på plats i Syrien på 30 år.

– Lämna det syriska folket i fred, och sluta finansiera rebellerna och ge vapen till dem.

USA, Europa och Gulfstaterna har låst fast sig vid att problemet i Syrien heter Bashar al-Assad och att den enda lösningen på konflikten är att han försvinner från makten. Hur ser du på det?
– Jag känner inte honom och jag tänker inte värdera honom politiskt. Men se på Irak, där de tog bort Saddam Hussein. Det har fört med sig kaos och splittring av landet. Och se på Libyen. Det har knappast blivit bättre idag. Vad jag inte förstår är hur det kommer sig att Assad plötsligt förvandlades till Dracula. Varför accepterade väst honom 2010 då han togs emot i Paris av Frankrikes president Nicolas Sarkozy?

De krafter som stöder det väpnade upproret – USA, Europa och Gulfstaterna – har trots ihärdiga försök inte lyckats få igenom en FN-resolution som godkänner någon form av väpnad intervention. Agnes Mariam varnar dock för att västländerna försöker skapa en inhemsk folklig acceptans för någon form av militärt agerande mot Syrien.
Vad de hittills lyckats med är att skjuta sönder varje internationellt försök att få till stånd en lösning på konflikten, som FN-medlaren Kofi Annans fredsplan.

Men det finns många människor i Syrien som i sina byar och städer försöker få ett slut på våldet genom dialog och försoning.
Anges Mariam berättar om initiativet Mussalaha, Försoning, som skapades i Homs av invånare som var trötta på kriget och den sekteristiska splittringen. De första mötena hölls i juni förra året och samlade representanter från alla etnisk-religiösa grupper i regionen.

Agnes Mariam är själv medlem i Mussalaha. Hon framhåller att katolska ledare menar att det är en räddningsplan för Syrien.

– Den syriska befolkningen kommer till varandra och bestämmer sig för att skapa en ny verklighet. Det sker i hela områden i landet, och även i Damaskus förorter. De säger till rebellerna: Lämna ifrån er vapnen eller åk härifrån. Förstör inte statens infrastruktur. Förstör inte vårt kulturarv och låt oss leva i fred. Mussalaha, försoning, är ett verktyg för att nå en överenskommelse. En sådan kan man inte nå genom att döda folk.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – NATO, Saudis prevent negotiated settlement in Syria: Analys

…The secret of course is that the paymasters of the Syrian National Council don’t want a peaceful solution, that’s not what they’re getting paid for. The goal is to have a pretext to attack; to have a pretext to intervene.
And if you have a peaceful solution that would be good for the people of Syria, but not good for the imperialists who insist on destroying Syria because it would weaken Iran, it would weaken Hezbollah, it would shift the strategic situation in the Middle East. So there it is.

Press TV: Are you saying at this point there is not much of a chance for a dialogue being held between the Syrian government and not only the national opposition, but this external opposition if I may call it that?

Tarpley: There is an internal, national, peaceful reasonable opposition.
The outside opposition I think is hopeless and it’s not just me – Remember, Ghalioun was the head of the Syrian National Council then they ousted him. Their meetings generally generate into brawls. They just had Basma Kodmani who represented the Syrian National Council at the Bilderburger Group here near Washington at the beginning of June – She’s quit her post as the spokes person for the Syrian National Council. So they are constantly falling apart.
The only thing that keeps them together is the money they get from the Saudis and the backing that they get from NATO on the Diplomatic front. So not much chance of a dialogue with them.

Pyotr Iskenderov – Washington Wants the Pentagon and NATO To Have “Carte Blanche” In Syria

Recently, Syria has attempted to reinforce ties with other international unions, less broad but more diverse. In the run-up to the Netherlands meeting, a contact group on Syria met in Cairo. It features Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey which treat Assad’s regime differently and are all key players in the region.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi proposed to send the group’s own observers to seek a peaceful resolution of the conflict without foreign intervention.
It was quite timely, as in August the UN and the West decided to withdraw its observers from Syria.
However, the West obviously will do its best to prevent countries which it doesn’t control from monitoring the situation in Syria.
As some UN leaks reveal, delegates from the West were the ones skeptical about the necessity of a UN envoy at all.
Richard Gowan of New York University stated:
I doubt that any U.N. envoy can really prevent the current conflict from getting worse, although the U.N. has an absolute obligation to keep up efforts to get humanitarian aid into the country alongside the Red Cross and Red Crescent.”
This means that Washington wants the envoy to have no influence on military and political issues in Syria, giving the US and NATO a carte blanche.
So, the West claims that all it wants is to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and enhance democracy there, but the very nature of the anti-Assad coalition puts in doubt these good intentions.

Konstantin Garibov – West’s “Double Standard” Arms Embargo: Heavy Weapons for Syria Terrorists

At the latest session of the so-called Friends of Syria Group in the Netherlands, representatives of more than 60 European and Arab countries called for boosting military support to opponents of the Bashar Assad regime. The possibility of bringing more groups of anti-Assad mercenaries into the country was also discussed.

“It’s a U.S. foreign policy tradition that doesn’t pertain only to the civil war in Syria. As for Syria, the foreign policy task has been set – to remove Assad. That’s why, everything that helps the anti-Assad militants and terrorists is supported or ignored, while everything that helps government troops is condemned and punished with sanctions.”
In this situation, Russia has renewed its calls for internal political dialogue in Syria without outside interference. Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov reiterated Moscow’s position during a meeting with Syrian ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad. The ambassador thanked Russia for humanitarian supplies to Syrian civilians.
On Friday morning, a relief plane of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry landed in Damascus. It brought 38 tons of food. Earlier, a similar batch of humanitarian aid was handed over to the Syrian Red Cross Society. The Russian Foreign Ministry has urged all countries that proclaimed themselves true friends of Syria to follow suit. – Syria Real News – September 20 & 21 roundup

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20 sep

Egypten, Iran, Saudiarabien och Turkiet för samtal om Syrien.

Journalist Examines Chaotic Fighting In Syria

”In other conflicts, you meet people and then you hear they died after a few weeks, months, years,” he says. ”In Syria, you meet someone in the morning and they die at the end of the day. As one of the officers was saying: ‘The only thing we have plenty of to spend is men.’ ”

Tony Cartalucci – Human Rights Watch: ”Syrian Rebels” Guilty of Torture, Murder

Even the West’s own NGOs can no longer maintain the illusion that the wave of terror created to overthrow Wall Street and London’s enemies are somehow ”freedom fighters.” Cognitive infiltration – the creation of ”conspiracy theories” to spin and control public perception versus an emerging alternative media – is attempting to compartmentalize responsibility for the West’s use of listed terror organizations and the myriad of crimes they’ve carried out from Libya to Syria and beyond.

Fast Amnesty kämpar tappert på för att hålla bilden av Syriens regering som den onde vid liv i en ny rapport.

Intervju med Tony Cartalucci – Western narrative on Syria is crumbling: U.S. journalist

Q: Some political commentators say attack on Syria will be a prelude to an all-out military strike against Iran. Your views.

A: Commentators are saying this precisely because it is written in nearly 10 years of U.S. policy papers. Citing some examples, there is the 2007 Seymour Hersh piece in the New Yorker titled, “The Redirection.” Hersh’s conclusion that the U.S. was attempting to undermine Syria as a means of subsequently undermining and executing regime change in Iran wasn’t one he drew himself, it was an enumerated policy that members of the Bush administration had relayed to him; a policy that already at the time had been set in motion.

In 2009 in the Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” report, Syria is again mentioned as a necessary factor that must be neutralized before proceeding on to Iran. The document details the use of violent, listed-terrorist organizations to undermine Iran, namely MKO, means of provoking a war with Iran it neither wants nor will benefit from, and mitigating perceived U.S. complicity if Israel were to strike Iran. While all of these strategies, in the 2009 report, are directed against Iran, we see many of them now playing out against Syria.

With this in mind, we can expect to see the mechanisms at play in undermining, dividing, and destroying Syria next turned on Lebanon and Iran if and when critical mass can be reached to topple Syria’s government. Also, an interesting reoccurring theme in Brookings’ “Which Path to Persia?” report is how the U.S. can lure Iran into an armed conflict. The destruction of Syria seems to be a potential means of doing this, though Iran has been very careful and adept at avoiding this pitfall.

Syria: A photoshopped ”revolution”

So-called Friends of Syria meet in the Netherlands, call for further sanctions

The misnamed Friends of Syria group, a coalition of Western and Arab countries that fund and support the armed terrorists who seek overthrow the Syrian government, have met in The Hague on Thursday to discuss further sanctions on Syria.

Ban Ki-moon: those who provide arms to the rebels in Syria are obstructing Brahimi

Syrian Army captures U.S. weapons and NATO ammunition boxes in Damascus


If we’re serious about building an anti-war movement, let’s not get too caught up in wanting to make judgements against the Syrian state for this or that mistake or defect. When Syria is under attack, a better instinct is help people understand the positive aspects of its character, the reasons it’s under attack from the global enemy, rather than going into the ritual denunciation that most anti-war activists seem to be into. Furthermore, we should be doing a lot more to promote Syrian voices, to give voice to those millions of Syrians who defend their country and who perfectly well understand the conspiracy that’s taking place. So far their voice has been totally ignored, not only by the mainstream media, but also by most of the ‘alternative’ and left-wing press.

Det är en galning som den här som bl.a. Bildt-regimen ger sitt stöd! – Syrian Cleric Sheik Muhammad Badi’ Moussa: We Ruled It Is Permissible to Kill ‘Alawite Women and Children, but Advised the Free Syrian Army to Warn ‘Alawites before Raiding Their Villages

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19 sep

Influx of weapons increases in Syria as conflict rages on – Arab Regimes recruiting Terrorists to fight in Syria

Informed sources in the Syrian opposition revealed that certain Arab regional regimes are recruiting Pakistani and Afghan terrorists to carry out sabotage operations and suicide attacks in Syria. ”Certain Arab regimes have recruited two to three thousands Pakistani and Afghan mercenaries to conduct terrorist operations,” the informed source told the Arab Press news website on Wednesday. The source also said that the Arab states have also recruited 600 more terrorists from other Asian countries. The source said 80 of the terrorists have been paid for carrying out terrorist operations in Syria, and added that the terrorists who are paid between $100,000 to $150,000 are trained in special bases in the region. – Syria Real News – September 18 & 19 roundup

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18 sep

Russia: No Geopolitical Interests Can Justify Continued Violence in Syria

Russia reiterated call for taking prompt and effective measures to halt violence in Syria as soon as possible and launch a comprehensive national dialogue according to Geneva statement and working for the statement to be adopted by the UN Security Council.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry regretted the West’s policy which supports the opposition and is based on solving the crisis in Syria through means of using force.
The statement added that no geopolitical interests can justify the continued killing of civilians and destroying of the infrastructure and economy of the country.
The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that repeating the phrase that ”Syria is not Libya” and rejecting the foreign military intervention scenario in words only make them further lose their credibility.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, reaffirmed his country’s support to the mission of the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi.
At the end of his meeting on Tuesday with heads of the diplomatic missions of the Arab countries and the Arab League’s representatives in Moscow, Lavrov stressed Russia’s principled stance in support of resolving internal political problems and disputes by peaceful means through national dialogue and popular accord without external interference.
Sources at the Russian Foreign Ministry said talks during the meeting focused on the necessity of unifying the international community efforts towards realizing an immediate halt of violence in Syria and creating conditions to find a political solution to the crisis.

Al-Hamwi: International Investigation Commission Report Turns a Blind Eye to Role of International and Regional Parties in Inflaming Crisis in Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Dr. Fayssal al-Hamwi said that the report of the International Investigation Commission lacks accuracy and objectivity and it ignores facts, the most important of which is the role of some international and regional parties in stoking the flames of crisis in Syria through media instigation, providing arms and money to mercenary terrorists and al-Qaeda members, training them and sending them to Syria.

Rapport ljuger om ”FN-rapport”

Talesman för de ”oberoende” utredarna var den brasilianska diplomaten och professorn Paulo Sergio Pinheiro.
Han sa sig ha namnen på syriska krigsförbrytare på regeringssidan. Bl a anklagades de för att ligga bakom Houlamassakern – något som inte ens FN:s observatörer på plats kunde komma fram till!
Att Pinheiros kommission upptäckt att det finns utländska jihadister på plats är naturligtvis inte en dag för sent. Behövdes mordet på USA:s ambassadör i Libyen för att EU-byråkraterna ens skulle erkänna att USA och ledande EU-stater hamnat på samma sida som al Qaida?
Antalet utländska soldater i Syrien ökar, medgav utredarna, och de radikaliserar rebellerna. Men Pinheiro sa sig inte vet någonting om varifrån utlänningarna kommit.

Civilians falling victim to foreign-backed unrest in Syria – från den osannolikt grymma verkligheten i Syrien. En 12-årig pojke dödades av de väpnade grupperna, därför att hans mor samlade in namnunderskrifter som krävde ett slut på våldet. Sedan filmade de den döde pojken och påstod att han dödats av regeringstrupperna.

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17 sep

Syria army clears Aleppo strategic district of al-Midan of insurgents

Damascus says the army has managed to clear Aleppo’s strategic district of al-Midan of armed groups fighting against the government.
More than a dozen insurgents were killed during the military operation to drive terrorists out of al-Midan on Monday.
There are reports of clashes between government troops and insurgents in several other Aleppo districts.
Meanwhile, Syrian troops repelled an attack by armed groups on a scientific research center in Aleppo’s al-Zahra neighborhood, inflecting heavy losses on them.


There are nearly 50 high-ranking intelligence agents on Turkey’s Syria border, including agents from the United States, France, Germany, Britain and “perhaps Greece,” former CIA agent Philip Giraldi told Tolga Tan?s, of daily Hürriyet in an interview.
The former agent said there would be numerous spies working under the high-ranking spies and “many” informants working under them.

Increased numbers of ‘foreign elements,’ Jihadi groups operating in Syria

UN investigators confirmed that “foreign elements,” including jihadists, are operating in Syria. The independent panel also alleged that both the Syrian government and the rebels committed war crimes during the country’s ongoing conflict.
­The independent investigations panel appointed by the UN’s Human Rights Council reported that some of the foreign elements joined rebel groups, while others acted independently. “Such elements tend to push anti-government fighters towards more radical positions,” the head of the panel warned.

FN varnar för fler militanta islamister i Syrien

Syria Contact Group to hold first meeting in Cairo

The foreign ministers of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey will hold their first high-level meeting on the Syrian conflict in Cairo on Monday, IRNA reported.
Egyptian President, Mohammad Mursi, and Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, are expected to conduct a separate bilateral meeting, the report said.

Några tusen nya legokrigare att skicka in i Syrien! U.S.-Saudi agreement: 5,000 Yemeni Al-Qaeda jihadists to be sent to Syria

Five thousand Al-Qaeda jihadists will be sent to Syria, according to an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia and the head of the Yemeni branch of the jihadist group, which is classified as a terrorist organization in Washington.
Online information in the region provided by Yemeni website and Iranian news agency Al Alam says that representatives of the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement with jihadist Tariq al-Fadhli (pictured in black shirt and with gun belt) who is said to have been a comrade of Osama bin Laden, to deploy 5,000 jihadists to Syria from the city of Ja’ar y Zinjibar in southern Yemen.
This could explain the ”sudden withdrawal of armed men in the Abyan region of Yemen,” as quoted by media which used Russia Today as a source for their information. – Syria Real News – September 16 & 17 roundup

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16 sep

Jag konstaterar att Sveriges Radio Ekot inte haft några inlägg om Syrien de senaste dagarna, i stort sett de dagar då attackerna mot amerikanska ambassader, i Libyen, Egypten och andra ställen, pågått. Är de makter som ligger bakom de väpnade grupperna som skickas in från utlandet på väg att byta strategi?

Brahimi to make plan on Syria after meeting all concerned parties

Visiting UN-Arab League special representative Lakhdar Brahimi said here on Saturday that he has not come to a plan to end Syria’s crisis yet, adding that the plan would be made after he has met with all concerned parties and countries.
Brahimi’s remarks were made after meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
”There is no plan for the time being, we will build a plan after we meet with all parties and I hope the plan would be workable for the salvation of Syria,” said Brahimi.

Brahimi arrived in Syria Thursday for a three-day visit to meet with officials for the Syrian administration and the opposition alike.

från facebook

Eight civilians on Sunday were martyred, while 25 others were injured in a blast of a 600-kg explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group on Damascus-Daraa highway near Kherbet Ghazaleh.
The device was remotely detonated, which blocked the traffic on the road and caused damage to 9 cars and two buses transporting workers.

Syria accuses Turkey of allowing al-Qaida Transit

Syria accused neighbouring Turkey Sunday of allowing thousands of Muslim extremists to cross into its territory, as the government and opposition said an explosion killed at least seven and cut off a main road leading south from the capital.
In letters to the U.N. Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Syria’s Foreign Ministry said Turkey allowed ‘‘thousands of al-Qaida, Takfiri and Wahhabi terrorists’’ access to the country in order to ‘‘kill innocent Syrians, blow up their properties and spread chaos and destruction.’’

Turkiet – Erdogan Gone Rabid and Attacking Peaceful Protesters – Fredliga demonstranter som visar Syrien och dess president sitt stöd och sitt motstånd mot NATO och Erdogan attackerades, i Hatay, Iskanderun, just där aggressionerna mot Syrien styrs från.

video 3 min som visar pro-Assad-demonstration i Paris idag.

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