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30 dec – Lögnspridarna tiger när kemgasbluffen avslöjas

Varje gång en misstänkt kemgasattack ägt rum i Syrien har svenska politiker och medier pekat ut den syriska regeringssidan som skyldig. Men när ”bevisen” för Doumaattacken nu faller sönder, tiger de. – Syrian military seizes large cache of US and Israeli-made weapons: photos

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25 dec

En amerikan har varit på besök i Syrien nyligen och gjort en massa videor man kan ta del av –

de övriga –

The World’s OLDEST CITY (Damascus) –

70 YEARS Making Mosaics (2 Syrian Brothers) –

What can $10 get in Syria? –

The sweets of Syria –

Life in ALEPPO, SYRIA (post war reconstruction) –

SYRIA IS MOVING ON… (Bright Future Ahead) –

SYRIA HAS BEACHES! (Hidden Gem of Mediterranean) –

HE SAVED 8,000 LIVES (Syrian War Hero) –

THE BEST SYRIAN FOOD (Home Cooked Meal) –

World’s FRIENDLIEST Taxi Drivers?… (SYRIA) –

INSANE CASTLE of SYRIA (Krak des Chevaliers) –


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17 dec

Intervju med Syriens president gjord av en kinesisk kanal – – Syrian President’s interview with Phoenix TV: Full Transcript (English)

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sat down for an interview with China’s Phoenix TV this week to discuss a number of topics, including the “the Belt and Road Initiative” launched by China.

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2 nov

Ny intervju med Syriens president Assad –
President al-Assad’s interview given to al-Sourya and al-Ikhbarya TVs

President Bashar al-Assad stressed that the scenario broadcast by the US about the killing operation of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Daesh organization, is part of the US tricks and we should not believe what they say unless they give the evidence.
The President added in an interview given to Al-Sourea and al-Ikhbariya TVs on Thursday, that the Russian-Turkish agreement on northern Syria is temporary one, and it reigns in Turkish aspirations to achieve more damage through occupying more Syrian territories and cut the road in front of the US.
President Al-Assad affirmed that the entrance of the Syrian Arab Army into regions of northern Syria is an expression of the entrance of the Syrian State with all services it offers, adding that the army has reached the majority of the regions, but not completely.
The President underlined that Syria hasn’t offered any concessions regarding the formation of the committee of discussing the constitution.

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27 sep – Två bra böcker om Syrien

”Det finns nu två bra böcker på svenska om det massmedia kallar inbördeskriget i Syrien, men som bör kallas ett angreppskrig på Syrien genom ombud, dvs. utlandsfinansierade legosoldaters krig mot Syrien. Det enorma genomslaget för bilden av ett inbördeskrig mellan den onde diktatorn och de goda demokratiska krafterna som pumpats ut i etablerade medier, bland riksdagspolitiker, via UD med mera granskas och smulas sönder ordentligt i dessa två böcker.” – Syriens tystade röster – Det smutsiga kriget mot Syrien – Tim Anderson

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2 aug – WE ALREADY KNEW: Pentagon confirms it is training terrorists in Syria

The best trained saboteurs are sent to areas controlled by the Syrian government to destabilize the situation, he added.
“Their mission is to sabotage, destroy the oil and gas infrastructure and carry out terrorist actions against government units. The presence of such groups is noted in the As-Suwayda, Palmira and Al-Bukamal areas,” said Rudskoy. The total number of militants reaches 2,700, according to him.

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1aug – Video: The War on Syria and the Next Loop of the Great Game

After the defeat of ISIS, the war in Syria entered a low intensity phase. However, the conflict is in no way near its end and the country remains one of the main points of instability around the world. – Aleppo: Glorious Rebuilding, Despite Illicit Western ‘Sanctions’

Aleppo is currently engaged in massive rebuilding, reconstruction, and returning to its former beauty. Despite the wretched and illicit ‘sanctions‘ imposed by the same colonial states which have funded and armed terrorists and then criminally bombed the country, the city is engaged in the resurrection of beauty and creativity.

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