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30 april – Showdown; Approaching to Aleppo’s Final Battle

The fresh diplomatic and battlefield developments indicate that the different sides of Syria’s war are making the preparations to resume the battle over Aleppo- a fight which could finalize who would win the war in Syria.

Despite repeated terrorist groups’ offensives, which are in serious violation of the ceasefire deal, the Resistance Axis’ forces along with the Russians, as allies of the Syrian government, showed restraint in a bid to give chance to the talks, which were under way in Geneva, to go ahead.
However, the negotiations failed, and now the reports suggest that the Syrian army and its allies are moving forces and equipment to re-activate fronts in Aleppo to take the city back from the terrorists. Simultaneously, Moscow is working to diplomatically pave the way for restart of anti-terror fight in Aleppo so that the West and some of regional countries would not find the smallest justification and excuse to come against allied forces’ assault on terrorists in the strategic city. – Syrian Army planning offensive on ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa aided by Russian jets

The Syrian Army plans to launch an attack on Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa and its other stronghold of Deir ez-Zor with the help of Russian air support. The announcement was made Russia’s envoy to the UN Office in Geneva Aleksey Borodavkin. – Why People In The West Still Believe The Official Lies About Syria

The War on Syria is not a “civil” war; the “uprising” was not “democratic”; Assad does not “starve his own people.”

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20 april

Intervju med australiern Tim Anderson i syrisk TV

en annan intervju med Anderson – The Dirty War on Syria: Election Day, Syrians Go to the Polls – ‘Groups sabotaging Syrian truce should be put on UN terrorist list’ – Lavrov

Moscow wants groups sabotaging the Syrian cease-fire to be put on the UN terror list along with Islamic State, Russia’s Foreign Minister said, while the French FM agreed the truce was “fragile” and stressed Russia’s role in restoring Syrian “statehood.”
“There is much evidence that Jabhat al-Nusra is mimicking and trying to disguise itself under new names, uniting with small groups not included in terrorist lists, hence, trying to escape retribution,” Sergey Lavrov told reporters after meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in Moscow. – Breaking: Syrian Army liberates key district in Deir Ezzor

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18 april

Helt klart finns det vissa som inte vill att fred ska utbryta i Syrien, och det tycks som att de lyckas bryta fredsprocessen. – No secret talks with US on Syria: Russia’s Lavrov

Lavrov further stressed that a number of countries in the Middles East, including Turkey, have been supporting the so-called Plan B for Syria.
The plan was prepared by the US and its regional allies and is aimed at providing vetted “moderate” militant groups with weapons systems that would enable them to launch attacks against Syrian government aircraft and artillery positions.
Washington has said the Plan B will come into effect if the ceasefire deal fails to reduce hostilities in Syria.
”Despite the denial from Washington, there are many who want to think about such Plan B: if not right in the heart of the Pentagon or other US agencies, then in the region. I will mention, specifically, Turkey, which continues attempts to interfere using military methods,” Lavrov said.
He noted that some states were preparing the plan in the hope that “the negotiations on Syria will fail and then new weapons can be pumped into Syria” for military acts aimed at overthrowing the Damascus government.

Stephen Gowans – America’s Plan B for Syria: Give Al-Qaeda More Powerful Weapons

Washington cares not one iota for the welfare of the residents of this hapless country, long savaged by Western imperialism. On the contrary, it is willing to spill rivers of Syrian blood and foment sectarian terror, through its al-Qaeda-led proxies, in order to overthrow a government that insists on charting its own course to meet its people’s needs in their own way. This is the outcome of the United States’ imperialist project to secure a self-assigned “leadership” position in the Middle East, which is to say, to deny the region’s people the right to determine their own lives and future. Fortunately for humanity, but unfortunately for the US elite, on whose behalf the US imperial project pivots, the targets of imperialist eruptions have often felt it better to fight than to submit, Syrians no less so than the long string of heroes in the service of human progress who have resisted programs of exploitation by fighting back.

Drone buzzes Syrian Army advance on ISIS positions near Damascus
The Syrian Army operations against ISIS militants near the country’s capital Damascus is said to be successful first step. Footage provided by LifeNews crew shows tanks and troops pushing on ISIS positions.

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17 april

Russian troops help liberate Syrian town

The town of Qaryatayn, which had been in the hands of IS for nearly a year, has been liberated by Syrian and Russian troops. The majority of the 14,000 people who lived there were Sunni Muslims and Syrian Christians who had lived peacefully together.

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16 april

Rapport från parlamentsvalet i Syrien, på engelska av en kanadensare, Ken Stone – Election day/Valdagen i Syrien

Tim Anderson – How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra

Whatever else people may or may not understand about the Syrian conflict, they should be clear that the US ‘war on terrorism’ in Syria and Iraq is a fraud. Directly or indirectly, Washington remains the key supporter of ISIS, al Nusra and the rest.

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11 april – Al-Nusra Front Deploys Up to 10,000 Terrorists Near Aleppo – Russian MoD

”According to our intelligence, about 8,000 al-Nusra Front militants have been deployed south-west of Aleppo, while up to 1,500 militants have been deployed north of the city,” Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy said Monday.
”It is known that a large-scale offensive is planned [by al-Nusra terrorists] to cut the road linking Aleppo and Damascus,” Sergei Rudskoy said Monday.

If these attacks are successful, the northern parts of Syria could fall under blockade again. That’s why all actions by the Syrian army and the Russian aviation are aimed now at thwarting al-Nusra Front’s plans. No storming of the city of Aleppo is being planned,” the general stressed.
The flow of weaponry and militants reinforcing al-Nusra Front terrorist group continues across the Turkish-Syrian border, including through areas controlled by US-backed opposition groups, the Russian General Staff said – Syria: Heavy Fighting between ISIS and Al Nusra

Heavy firefights erupted between ISIS and Al-Nusra linked militants in the area of the al-Yarmouk refugee camp in the Southern countryside of Damascus on April 10. According to pro-government sources, “tens of terrorists” were killed or wounded in these firefights.
Meanwhile, the loyalists’ forces stormed strongholds of al-Nusra and Faylaq al-Rahman and forced militants to retreat from the Farms of Kanakri and Doumani Poultry near the town of Bala.
Despite the local gains, the pro-government forces’ actions in the region cannot be described as a success because a major part of available forces are involved in operations in other regions of Syria.

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8 april – Biståndsministern i debatt med Proletären om Syrienbiståndet

Problemet med det svenska stödet är att det på samma gång utgör ett politiskt stöd till krafter som anser det vara riktigt att alliera sig med al-Qaidaextremister som Jabhat al-Nusra.
Det är ett stöd till krafter som i ”sina” områden infört sharialagstiftning och gjort sig skyldiga till lika brutala handlingar som Islamiska staten.
Det är ett stöd till krafter som fördriver och plundrar, spränger infrastruktur i luften och attackerar civila mål som universitet och busstationer – samtidigt som de drar nytta av svenskt bistånd i de egna områdena.
Sveriges agerande i konflikten är inte lika illa som exempelvis Frankrikes, som underblåst kriget med direkta vapenleveranser, eller Saudiarabiens, som finansierat terroristernas verksamhet.
Men Sverige är likväl medskyldig till den oerhörda katastrof som drabbat Syrien och dess folk. – Takfiri terrorists shell Aleppo district with chemical gas, 23 killed – Video: Strategic ISIS Positions on the Syria-Turkey Border Seized

The Hawar Kilis Operations Room – a coalition of U.S. and Turkey backed militant groups, including Sultan Murad Division, Faylaq al-Sham, and the Al-Moutasem Brigade – seized the ISIS-held town of Al-Rai in Northern Aleppo on April 7. – Counter-Terrorism and the Liberation of Northern Syria

Reinforcements reportedly arrived to Southern Aleppo to support the Syrian Arab Army and its allies efforts to liberated the militant-controlled areas near the northeastern border of the Idlib province. According to reports, a significant number of SAA, Hezbollah and Shia militia units are already there.

Eva Bartlett – The Liberation of Palmyra: Syria Bloody but Unbowed by Western-backed Terror Campaign

The recent liberation of Syria’s Palmyra (a UNESCO world Heritage site) by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allies is an important victory for numerous reasons. Not only does it send yet another message to the different Western-backed terrorist factions (which Syria has been fighting for the past five years) that they will eventually fall, but it also sends a message to the West and their gang of anti-Syrian states and actors – who have been fuelling this savage war on a sovereign Syria – that Syria and Syrians remain resilient, the SAA and allies remain relentless in their fight against terrorism, and that Syria’s political allies continue to support her.

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7 april

Ännu ett syriskt militärplan har skjutits ner. Radiointervju om detta och om läget i övrigt.

Shooting Down Syrian Planes: Who is Giving Missiles to Terrorists?

On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker is joined by Zafar Bangash, director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, to assess the impact on a possible ceasefire by the introduction of advanced anti-aircraft missiles by Al-Qaeda and other terrorist units fighting to topple the Syrian government.

Än mer bakslag för syriska armén. Började Ryssland dra sig ur för tidigt i alla fall? – ISIS abducts 300 Syrian cement workers in eastern Damascus

2 days ago, ISIS forces attacked several government checkpoints and areas in eastern Damascus. While they were mostly repelled by government soldiers, they did manage to capture the Badia Cement Factory which was still operational at the time.

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