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30 mars

Kofi Annans fredsplan har ju godkänts av Syriens regering såväl som av Ryssland och Kina och de andra BRICS-länderna. Men Michel Chossudovsky vill varna för att väst har illasinnade planer – Foreign Troops Inside Syria: The Failed UN Brokered ”Peace Plan” Sets the Stage for War?

The Kofi Annan ”Peace Plan”
The arrest of the French military officers (circa 22nd of February) –which coincided with the beginning of Kofi Annan’s peacemaking mandate (February 28th)– was hushed up by the Al Assad government, largely with a view to avoiding undue controversy within the sphere of United Nations diplomacy.
Yet the decision by the Al Assad government to avoid raising the issue of Western military support to ”opposition” forces has provided Washington and its allies with the upper hand. While claiming to represent the ”international community”, the Atlantic Alliance is not only behind the armed insurrection, it is providing support and training to Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist brigades.
With Western forces and military advisers inside Syria, the so-called peace plan brokered by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has all the appearances of a staged event.
Peace Plan with Whom? A ”Cease Fire” cannot be implemented without clearly identifying the identity of the parties involved. A real peace plan would require addressing the illegal presence of foreign military personnel on Syrian soil.
The Kofi Annan peace plan called for a cease-fire on ”both sides”, while failing to acknowledge that foreign forces from NATO countries are directly involved in the conflict, on the ”side” of the ”opposition”.
Not surprisingly, immediately upon the adoption of the UN Arab League brokered Peace Plan, the ”opposition” forces including the terrorist brigades, under the guidance of their foreign military handlers, decided to ignore the peace plan: renewed attacks by opposition gunmen directed against Syrian forces and civilians were reported in several cities immediately following the adoption of the peace plan. Meanwhile, the Al Assad government was urged to ”halt the killings” and Damascus was casually blamed for ”breaking the ceasefire”.
This ”scenario” had been carefully planned in advance of the adoption of the six points Peace Plan.
The Kofi Annan Peace Plan, which was endorsed by Syria, China and Russia was slated to fail from the outset. It was also intended to be used as a propaganda ploy against the Al Assad government. Immediately following the endorsement of the Annan Peace Plan, a new wave of baseless accusations was directed against the Al Assad government, accusing ”Syrian forces [of] deliberately attacking children in horrendous tactics ordered directly by President Bashar al-Assad, the UN human rights chief has claimed.”
The Western Military alliance is not committed to peace.

What is the role of Kofi Annan. Is it an agenda for peace? Or is a Peacemaking Psyop which is intended to set the stage for and R2P NATO ”humanitarian intervention”.

Christof Lehmann går bl.a. igenom de 6 punkterna i Annans plan – NATO´s lost battle in Homs, UN´s Six Point Plan and the continuation of the Subversion

After the Syrian Army successfully has reestablished control over Homs, President Bashar Al-Assad visited the Baba Amr area of the city where battles between insurgents and Syrian forces have raged for months on end. Assad is positioned as tyrannical leader who is inspecting his spoils of a war on his own people. A pro Assad demonstration is naturally, how else could it be, described as “well orchestrated” with people shouting “God, Syria, Bashar”.
A nsnbc telephone interview with a resident of Homs, yesterday revealed an entirely different picture. People in Homs have been terrorized by NATO´s, Saudi Arabia`s, Qatar`s, and Libya`s rag tag rebels for months. People dared not speak over their breath in support of the government, plunders, robberies, systematic rapes of Baath Party members families were endemic and prevalent. Yes Assad has won, the Homs resident said, he has won a victory for the people of Syria, for the ideal of Arab independence from NATO and Zionism, and a victory for the self determination of the Syrian People. Yes, Assad promised that Baba Amr and Homs will be repaired, rebuild, and he promised that the city will look better than before the fighting erupted, and the people will support him in the effort.

Lehmann nämner under punkt 2 att:

On the other hand, however, it is most likely that the monitors will be abused to document “incidences” that could be the necessary pretext for renewed demands for military aggression against Syria.

det finns risk för att övervakare av läget i Syrien kommer att missbruka tillfället för att kunna skapa nya tillfällen för att kräva militärt ingripande från utlandet. Denna misstanke stärks av uppgifter från Russia Today:

The UK has announced it will allocate some £500,000 ($795,000) to supply non-military aid to the Syrian opposition. The Foreign Secretary says it will help the ‘hard-pressed’ opposition groups to register violations by the Assad government. RT’s Laura Smith says exactly what type of support and equipment the opposition will receive is yet to be determined. What is already known is that the aid package is likely to include secure telephones that the British Foreign Secretary hopes will be used to document the regime’s violence.

Press TV – ‘Qatar, KSA misinterpret Annan’s plan to suit their interests’
Matt Carr – Syria and the Western Media: Peddling Mythologies in the Garden of Good and Evil

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29 mars

En följd av mediernas enormt ensidiga propaganda om Libyen och Syrien, full av rena lögner, borde bli ett fall för förtroendet för medierna själva.
Russia Today – Mainstream media self-censorship

To Iran, to Libya, to Syria – the Western mainstream media seems to have lost the desire to critically assess information. Copy-pasting official press releases instead, and self-imposing censorship.
If you are extremely driven by a particular point of view, you tend to select facts that support your point of view. That makes you an advocate, it doesn’t make you a journalist”, said Schechter.

Sharmine Narwani (vars artiklar som avvikit från mainstreamversionen refuserats av Huffington Post ) – Dear Western Journalist…Stay Home

Dear Western journalist,
Please cease using the argument that the reason you are writing crap about Syria is because “media is not allowed there.” The Arab League report lists 147 media outlets – Arab and foreign – working in Syria in January, 2012. I and a few others who were there at the time were not even on the list.

“Media is not allowed in” you explain condescendingly. Tell us then, what explains your inability to ask the most elementary of questions when you do write your Syria stories every day, anyway, from outside? You know, questions that go something like this: “How do you know how many people died today? How do you know their names? Who verified this? Where did the explosion take place? How do you know who was responsible for the explosion?

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28 mars

RT talks to journalist and author Afshin Rattansi

Syrian army takes control of border region

The Syrian Army has reportedly taken full control of the Janudiyeh area, which is located in a strategic region on the Syrian-Turkish border.
An informed source told Arabi Press website that the seizure is a critical move by Syria regarding issues between Damascus and Ankara.
The Syrian troops took control of the area in a few hours and put a heavy defeat on the Turkish security forces, according to the source.

Webster Tarpley – ‘NATO-backed death squads fuel violence in Syria’

Press TV: Syria has agreed to a peace plan by Kofi Annan but how much does it correspond to the crisis in Syria?
Tarpley: The problem with the peace plan is that it fails to recognize that the origin of the problem are these foreign death squads, NATO-backed death squads, that have been introduced into the country over the last year or more and of course they have gathered a certain amount of indigenous population, people with various grievances against the regime.

What is planned is this buffer zone, in other words, the Turkish armed forces or Gendarmerie will seize a part of northern Syria and make that into a safe haven for these death squads and that they can regroup and continue their attacks into Syria.
Look at this Istanbul conference. On the surface, it looks like a coalition of the willing as we had in the previous decade ten years ago to attack Iraq. This one looks more and more like the Munich conference of September 1938, the one with [Adolf] Hitler, [Benito] Mussolini, [Neville] Chamberlin and [Edouard] Daladier.

SYRIA PEACE PLAN: West Moves To Kill Off ”Important First Step” To End Violence
Clinton Pushes So-called Opposition’s Demand For ‘Regime Change Or Nothing’

No sooner had Kofi Annan, the special United Nations envoy to Syria, announced scoring “an important first step” towards implementing a peace plan in the war-torn country, the US and Western powers were scrambling to scupper the goalposts.
US secretary of state Hillary Clinton led Western efforts to undermine the peace bid by appearing to abandon recently agreed terms for a ceasefire that would have included all parties in Syria.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV om Turkiets farliga spel angående Syrien, ‘Buffer zone along Syrian border, national suicide for Turkey’.

Syria rebels form death squad, behead army soldiers: Report

Syrian rebels have formed their own laws, courts and death squads in Baba Amr neighborhood in the restive city of Homs and beheaded the captured army soldiers, a report has revealed.
The report, published by Spiegel Online on Monday, discloses violent measures by the anti-government armed groups, laying bare the other side of the unrest in the Middle Eastern country.

Från facebook-grupp idag

A brigadier general was assassinated by a terrorist armed group in Aleppo when he was on his way to work.
Martyr General Khleif al-Abdullah from Air Forces was targeted by four terrorists in a Cerato car who shot the General dead near to al-Bassel Mosque in al-Hamadanyyah neighborhood.
The Martyr has three children, two sons and a daughter.
The city of Homs had a quiet morning after an attempt by terrorists over the night to bring back tension to some of the city’s districts using RBG mortars in Deir Balba, Albauadah, and Al Khalidya.
Shukumaku reporter pointed out that terrorists in these districts tried to bring back the tension to the city after the tranquility the visit of President Bashar Al Assad brought to its people, adding that those terrorists launched number of RBG mortars against residential areas in Alarman and Ekrima districts, causing material damages.
In Baba Amr, Law Enforcement units confiscated a store containing a press machine used by terrorists to print out flyers incite sectarian hatred.
The reporter confirmed that the press was satellite-connected to supply terrorists with images about military locations in Syria, adding that the owner of this press used to supply terrorists with money and weapon his name is Akram Alzouabi and he is a fugitive now.
The Security forces also confiscated a very advanced French communication system terrorists used it to connect with communication centrals out of Syria.
Shukumaku news

Press TV – Armed groups kill Syrian general‘Saudi Arabia, Qatar scared of Syria’s revenge’‘West retreats from aggressive stance on Syria’‘Assad is uniting Syrians regardless of their backgrounds’

Press TV interviewed Ralph Schoenman, a political commentator in Berkeley‘UN, AL are fronting for imperialist ambitions on Syria crisis’

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27 mars

Russia Today – Syrian govt accepts Annan’s 6-point peace plan

Gatilov: Russia Awaiting Syrian Opposition’s Acceptance of Annan’s Plan

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov on Tuesday said Moscow is waiting for the Syrian opposition to accept the plan of UN-Arab League special envoy to Syria Kofi Annan to settle the crisis.
The Russian ITAR-TASS news agency quoted Gatilov as saying on his Twitter page that the Syrian authorities have accepted Annan’s plan and that the envoy expressed cautious optimism over this, adding ”this is a step forward…now it’s the opposition’s turn.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich announced that his country is not participating in the meeting of the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’ due to be held on April 1st in the Turkish city of Istanbul, saying such activities have a politicized character and unilateral approach.
The participants in Istanbul meeting are preparing for foreign intervention and they are not seeking solution for national dialogue or a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria,” Lukashevich was quoted as saying by ITAR-TASS agency.

Jag noterar att den ryske ministern i citatet ovan säger att de som deltar på mötet i Turkiet, som kallas Syriens vänner men som snarare är Syriens fiender, inte är ute efter en fredlig lösning utan planerar för hur utländsk inblandning. Men samtidigt kom den här kommentaren på en facebook-grupp om Syrien:

WOW a change!! #Syria #RealSyria
Washington: Assad’s approval on Annan’s plan is an important step, and he has to start implementing it immediately.

Syria on agenda as Clinton travels to Saudi Arabia

Syria: A further Friends-of-Syria meeting – the dubious Contact Group

Toni Solo – The West’s endless war on humanity : after Libya – Syria, Iran

Elias Akleh – Hypocrisy of Humanitarian Aid to Syria

… Unfortunately Clinton was defending instead the Western/Qatari/Saudi armed foreigners, al-Qaeda, and Syrian rebels, who had been terrorizing and massacring Syrian civilians in many Syrian border cities. As for the Palestinian self-defense Clinton had this hippocratic contradictory response: “Let me also condemn in the strongest terms the rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel, which continued over the weekend.” Clinton’s fake humanitarian sentiments towards the Palestinians were also expressed in her threats to stop the American financial aid to Egypt if it exports fuel to Gaza to operate its power station. Gaza has been in total darkness for weeks due to shortage of fuel. It seems that in Clinton’s twisted logic Palestinians have no right for self-defense and Syrian government has no right to fight terrorists.

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26 mars

Intervju med Sharmine Narwani på Russia Today – ‘West looking for face-saving exit from Syria’

Från facebook:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on UN/LAS Special Envoy for Syria Kofi Annan to interact both with the Syrian authorities and the opposition, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Sunday.
A broad range of Syrian affairs was discussed. The minister noted that Russia supported Annan’s appointment to the position from the very start due to his experience and authority in the settlement of crises,” the ministry said.
Lavrov “stressed that all the sides must stop violence and the Syrian political process must begin,” it said.
It was noted that the UN Security Council’s approval of the proposals of the special envoy created an opportunity of progress towards peaceful settlement of internal Syrian problems. This task has special significance for stability in Syria and the whole Middle East region,” the ministry said.
The world “should render common support to the Annan mission. This implies non-interference in Syrian internal affairs and impermissibility of support to either side to the conflict,” Lavrov said.

“Human Rights” Warriors for Empire, Black Agenda Report

“NATO wants desperately to identify some sliver of Syrian soil on which to plant the ‘humanitarian’ flag of intervention.”

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are swigging the ale with their fellow buccaneers. These “human rights” warriors, headquartered in the bellies of empires past and present, their chests shiny with medals of propagandistic service to superpower aggression in Libya, contribute “left” legitimacy to the imperial project. London-based Amnesty International held a global “day of action” to rail against Syria for “crimes against humanity” and to accuse Russia and China of using their Security Council vetoes to “betray” the Syrian people – echoing the war hysteria out of Washington, Paris, London and the royal pigsties of Riyadh and Doha. New York-based Human Rights Watch denounced Moscow and Beijing’s actions as “incendiary” – as if it were not the empire and its allies who were setting the Middle East and Africa on fire, arming and financing jihadis – including hundreds of veteran Libyan Salafists now operating in Syria.

March 2012-03-25, Syrian Crisis Updated, by Syrian Center for Documentation

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25 mars

Patrick Cockburn: The attempt to topple President Assad has failed

The year-long effort to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad and his government has failed. Two or three months ago, it seemed to come close to succeeding, as insurgents took over enclaves in cities such as Homs and Deir el-Zour. There was talk of no-fly zones and foreign military intervention.
Severe economic sanctions were slapped on Syria’s already faltering economy. Every day brought news of fresh pressure on Assad and the momentum seemed to build inexorably for a change of rule in Damascus.

It has not happened. Syria will not be like Libya. The latest international action has been an EU ban on Assad’s wife, Asma, and his mother travelling to EU countries (though, as a UK citizen, Asma can still travel to Britain). As damp squibs go, this is of the dampest. The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, claims this increases the pressure on the Syrian government but, on the contrary, it relieves it. Curtailing Asma’s shopping trips to Paris or Rome, supposing she ever intended to go there, shows the extent to which the US, EU and their allies in the Middle East are running out of options when it comes to dealing with Damascus.

Basel Mohaisen and Lizzie Phelan – Despite imperialists failure in Syria, now is not the time for complacency

The imperialists have always pursued their agenda at all costs, including assassination of their enemies and false flag operations in order to create pretexts for all out aggression against entire nations. What has prevented this in this case is clearly the steadfastness of Russia and China, who over Syria have once and for all put their foot down demonstrating that US-European unipolarity is irreversibly on its way out.

March 2012-03-22, Syrian Crisis Updated, by Syrian Center for Documentation

SYRIA: Testimonies from Homs Reveal Identity of Terrorists and Mercenaries involved in Atrocities, People of al-Nazhin, Karm al-Zaytoun, Ashira and Karm al-Loz Neighborhoods Relate Details of Their Suffering at the Hands of Terrorists

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24 mars

Kofi Annan for talks in Moscow and China

Kofi Annan is currently en route to Moscow, where he will meet the third President of the Russian Federation, Medvedev, and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, to discuss with them about a solution for the conflict in Syria. Basis of the meeting is a confidential document of the expert group which was sent to the Syrian capital Damascus. This expert group returned to Geneva yesterday, after three days of intense talks with the Syrian government.
After his visit to Moscow, Russia, Kofi Annan will visit Beijing, China. Of course, for the same reasons and intentions. Also in China, Kofi Annan wants to lead discussions at the highest level of the government.
It is indeed a very positive sign of Moscow and China to support the plan of Kofi Annan for Syria, but it also runs the risk of aggravating the situation in Syria again. After many battles, the Syrian regular army was able to free the besieged cities of Homs, Idleb, Deir al-Zour and was able to repulse the armed criminals, foreign mercenaries, Iraqi jihadists and other religious fanatics in more and more known areas of Syria.
The regular Syrian army was able to ensured safety again. By the current situation and the Presidential Statement of the UN (United Nations) Security Council, these armed groups (e.g. Free Syrian Army / FSA), who want to destabilize Syria and have implemented a lot of chaos and violence in recent months, also against Syrian civilians, get the time to regroup and to receive new weapons from abroad.

En video som visar sk journalister från CNN (det verkar som att det är vanligt att dessa krigsjournalister har samarbete med sina länders säkerhetstjänster) som ser ut att vara involverade i sprängningen av en oljeledning, vilket CNN sen i sina sändningar påstår att regeringstyrkor utfört. Finns beskrivet här – New Syrian TV Footage Exposes CNN Falsification and Coordination with Terrorists in Homs

I ett brev som finns på facebook skrivet av någon som bor i Hama i Syrien till någon utomlands, redogör brevskrivaren för dödsfall som inträffat i hans stadsdel under januari och februari i år. 5 personer handlar det om, 2 är militärpersonal varav en dödats när en buss han och 60 andra färdades i besköts av terrorister, och en annan som körde en lastbil som stoppades och dödades av ett väpnat gäng. Det som är gemensamt för de dödade, däribland en 11-årig pojke som sköts när han lekte på gatan, är att andra gäng sen kommit och tagit liken från de döda och fört bort och filmat för att sen lämna på gatan.

Now the most interesting, the info about these people as soon as died appeared on AlJazeera and this channel presented them as victims of regime, and this data sky rocket appeared on different resources as a list of victims of regime.

Det låter som att de får bra betalt för varje video med dödade de kan leverera! En annan uppgift från facebook

Hama Bin Jasim of #Qatar, offered 1 Million Dollars to every terrorist group of 7 people or more, that adopt a terrorist mission in Syria.

Ett exempel till, från, på liknande metoder som tycks användas i destabiliseringskampanjen mot Syrien. En religiös ledare, stor-mutfi Sheikh Ahmed Badreddine Hassoun, erbjöds 10 miljoner dollar för att ställa upp som ledare för motståndsrörelsen mot presidenten! Han avbjöd erbjudandet. Senare dödades hans 22-årige son av en väpnad grupp!

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23 mars

Video som visar dessa demokrati-kämpar som spränger en väg, och har sällskap av vad som ser ut som en västerländsk fotograf. Är man ute för att producera nyhetsmaterial?

Terror Management: ‘US losing last credibility in Syria’, Government consultant Christoph Hörstel – Three Military and Security Members Martyred, Car Loaded with Huge Amount of Explosives Seized, Terrorist Butchers Sister and Nephew
Citizens Flock to Saba’ Bahrat Square in Damascus, Express Rejection of Foreign Interference

Mohamed Omar – Is Wahhabi terrorism bad in France, good in Syria?

The French, and other Western governments, support Wahhabi fanatics in Syria, but they do not want them at their own back yard. In France a Wahhabi fanatic and terrorist like Mohammad Mehra is hunted, besieged and shot while in Syria Wahhabi terrorist groups are applauded as they kill soldiers, women and children.
In my eyes this looks like a moral dilemma. Western governments clearly have a credibility problem. Not only do they give all kinds of support to the likes of Mohammad Mehra in Syria, they also have friendly relations with the Saudi regime.
Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Wahhabism, the ideology espoused by Mohammed Mehra and most of the insurgents in Syria. Wahhabism is the official sect of Saudi Arabia and it actively tries to spread it throughout the world. Without Wahhabism there would be no Al-Qaeda.

During the hunt for Mohammad Mehra and the siege of his hideout Toulouse turned into a small scale Bab Amro. The French authorities cut of water and electricity as the police waited for him to surrender. A single Wahhabi gunman managed to shake an entire city! Imagine if France had to deal with thousands of armed Wahhabi fanatics set on tearing down the government. Well, that is exactly the situation in Syria.
After this incident Sarkozy should think twice before blaming the Syrian government for its crack down on Wahhabi terrorist groups. These groups kill children, rape women, use civilians as human shields and occupy residential areas.

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viktig artikel

En sammanfattning av det aktuella läget om Syrien av Sharmine Narwani, som jag tror är väl insatt i ämnet och själv har varit i Syrien vid något tillfälle under det senaste året. Hon menar att något avgörande skett, från en full satsning till att hitta sätt att dra sig ur. Och att man kan dela in de olika aktörerna i två grupper, en som försöker hitta sätt att ge sig med ansiktet i behåll, och en annan som inte vill ge upp. New Phase in Syria Crisis: Dealmaking Toward An Exit

In recent weeks, there has been a notable shuffle in the positions of key external players in the Syrian crisis. Momentum has quite suddenly shifted from an all-out onslaught against the Assad government to a quiet investigation of exit strategies.
The clashes between government forces and opposition militias in Baba Amr were a clear tipping point for these players – much hinged on the outcome of that battle. Today, the retreat of armed groups from the Homs neighborhood means one thing: the strategy of militarizing the conflict from within is no longer a plausible option on which to hang this geopolitical battle. Especially not in an American or French election year, when anything less than regime change in Syria will look like abject failure.
And so the external players are shifting gears – the more outspoken ones, quietly seeking alternative options. There are two de facto groups that have formed.
Group A is looking for a face-saving exit from the promised escalation in Syria. It consists of the United States, European Union and Turkey.
Group B, on the other hand, is heavily invested in regime-change at any cost, and includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some elements of the French, US, British, and Libyan establishments.

Det här om två grupperingar stämmer också med vad som sas i slutet av artikeln från jag länkade till i förra inlägget, om den franske utrikesministern, även om det skiljer lite i vilka som ingår i de bägge grupperna.
maverablogg – västvärlden kapitulerar i frågan om Syrien

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22 mars

Ganska sensationella uppgifter om den franske utrikesministern – Alain Juppé accused by his own Administration of having falsified reports on Syria – för ett år sen sändes en delegation från den franska ambassaden i Syrien till staden Deraa för att ta reda på hur läget var där. Man rapporterade att det hade lugnat sig efter flera demonstrationer, uppgifter som gick på tvärs mot vad Al Jazeera och France 24 rapporterade. Den franske utrikesministern Juppé blev rasande och begärde att slutsatsen av rapporten skulle ändras till att det förekom ett brutalt nedslående av protester.

On 19 March 2012, a high French official invited Arab journalists based in Paris to inform them of the internal battle being waged within the French government and, in particular, the Quai d’Orsay [the French Foreign Ministry] regarding Syria. According to this person, the French Ambassador in Damascus, Eric Chevallier, whose embassy had just been shut down and who had returned to Paris, challenged Minister Juppé in front of his colleagues. He accused Alain Juppé of having ignored his embassy reports and of having falsified summaries of them to provoke a war against Syria.

Juppé ska också ha utövat påtryckningar på medierna, Agence France Press, att rapportera i enlighet med hans bild. Detta förklarar ju en del, man får anta att det går till på liknande sätt i Sverige.

* * *

Enligt Rysslands utrikesminister ska det uttalande om Syrien man kom överens om i FN igår inte innehålla några hot eller uppmaningar till endast en sida om att våldet ska upphöra, eller några kryphål för utländskt militärt ingripande.

The UN Security Council on Wednesday endorsed a presidential statement, which does not have the character of a resolution, that backs the mission of UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan.
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced at a press conference in Berlin that the Security Council statement does not include any warnings or signals to whom it may be held more responsible.
He was satisfied as western sides prevented from sending final ultimatums, threats or try to solve the problem through proposing unilateral demands.

Nya terrordåd igår – Armed men kill two Syrian children in Homs

Two children have been killed in an attack carried out by an armed group on a bus in the western Syrian city of Homs, the country’s SANA news agency reports.

Russia Today – ‘No independent journalism anymore’ – ex-Al Jazeera reporter

Press TV – Syrian rebels receive military training in Turkey: Turkmen community

Syrian Turkmen Community says Ankara is providing anti-government forces with military training to fuel violence in the crisis-hit Arab country Press TV reports.
The group said Turkey has established military camps to train Syrian rebels, who later go home in order to carry out terrorist operations.
Some 20-50 forces receive training in the camps located on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Syriska myndigheter har beslagtagit stora mängder vapen och ammunition i staden Hama –Syrian officials seize arms, ammunition in Hama

Från facebook-grupp

The Secretary-General’s envoy for Syria, Kofi Annan, will visit Moscow later this week, Russia’s special representative for the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told the media.
“Kofi Anan will be here as soon as this week,” Bogdanov said, adding that the envoy would visit Beijing and probably some other capitals soon.

Interview with Dr. Camille Habib – Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration at the Lebanese State University – Syrian opposition doesn’t want the reforms – expert

Video som visar gångar som grävts och använts för att smuggla vapen in i Syrien.

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21 mars

En intervju med en av de journalister som slutat på Al Jazeera. Han befann sig på gränsen mellan Libanon och Syrien i maj förra året och filmade en stor mängd beväpnde män som kom in i Syrien den vägen. Vid den tiden nämndes ingenting om väpnade grupper i nyhetsrapporteringen, men hans uppgifter och filmbevis släpptes inte igenom! Han säger också att han hade sett väpnade grupper där redan tidigare, men då hade han han inte filmat.

Se en video med en intervju med Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar Jaafari på Russia Today

The Syrian opposition is acting with instructions from “decision makers” abroad, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari claims in exclusive interview with RT.
He says the instructions come from Doha, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France and Washington.

Intervju med Lizzie Phelan på Press TV – Western Media are Manipulating the Syrian Crisis

från facebook-grupp

Lebanon, Beirut- The Lebanese Army arrested two persons as they were trying to smuggle 150 kg of chemical materials that are used in making explosives into Syria through Nahla town in Baalbek on animals’ backs.

Nyheter om Syrien 19-20 mars på

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20 mars

Svenska propagandamedier försöker framställa det som att Ryssland mjuknat i sin hållning och närmat sig västs ståndpunkt mot Syrien. Förhoppningsvis är det inget annat än just propaganda, från Russia Today:

Lavrov said Russia will support a statement or a resolution that could be adopted by the UN Security Council following Special Envoy Kofi Annan’s mission in Syria if they do not contain any ultimatum.
The UN Security Council’s appropriate reaction – be it in the form of a statement or a resolution – requires at least two conditions. The [UN] Security Council should not approve them as an ultimatum, but it ought to continue working and approve them as a foundation for Annan’s further efforts aimed at securing reconciliation between the Syrians, the government and all opposition groups,” Lavrov said.
It is also important “to publish these proposals formulated by Annan,” he added.
There will be no revision of Russia’s position on Syria, he stressed.

Press TV – West changes policy in Syria as Russia’s power rises

A political analyst says the West’s change of policy vis-à-vis Syria has handed Moscow the opportunity to take center stage in this regard.

Visste personal på Al Jazeera om i förväg att ett terrordåd var att vänta i Aleppo i söndags? På Al Jazeeras faceboksida skrev någon 15 timmar innan explosionen inträffade:

A huge explosion has hit the Aljadidel area in the city of Aleppo

Ytterst anmärkningsvärt! Har den som skrev det tagits in för förhör? Al-Jazeera knew about the bombing in Aleppo in advance?

SYRIA: US-NATO Supported ”Opposition” Commits Extensive War Crimes

Today it was reported by the New York Times that the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report stating that the Syrian opposition was committing war crimes. Specifically, the Times stated that the rebels had been accused of a “catalog of abuses including ‘kidnapping, detention and torture of security force members, government supporters and people identified as members of pro-government militias, called shabiha.’” When one looks at the report itself (there is also a public letter to the leaders of the Syrian opposition) , it states that HRW has also “received reports of executions by armed opposition groups of security force members and civilians” and that “Some of the statements collected suggest that certain armed attacks by opposition groups were motivated by anti-Shia or anti-Alawite sentiments arising from the association of these communities with government policies.”

China’s stance on Syria: ’A matter of principle’video med intervjun med den kinesiske Mellanösternexperten.
video – Defend Syria’s Freedom (Global March for Syria, London)

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19 mars

Flera terroristdåd i helgen i Syrien, och under natten mellan söndagen och måndagen strider i en välbärgad stadsdel i Damaskus där man troligen försökte kidnappa eller mörda en hög militär, men det stoppades. Heavy firefights erupt in Damascus
Från – March 2012-03-18, Syrian Crisis Updated – oroligheter lite här och där i landet. I morgon är det möte i FN igen om Syrien, ett nytt förslag läggs fram som man vill få Ryssland och Kina att skriva på. Om mönstret sen tidigare följs så kan man vänta en attack av något slag i samband med det, som kan ge medierna något att sätta in en offensiv om. Om att något måste göras för att stoppa blodbadet. Att sluta skicka in vapen och våldsverkare vore i så fall en bra början!

Basel Mohaisen – Weekend terrorist attacks sign of desperation of Syrian insurgents

While Syria is gaining power militarily and politically both domestically and internationally as Russia and China wisely continue to stand firmly by her side, simultaneously more innocent lives continue to be lost amongst both civilians and security forces.
The twin terrorist bombings that hit Damascus on March 17 and the bombing today in Aleppo indicates that the western and GCC backed terrorist having failed to achieve their immediate aims are desperately seeking to destabilise Syria by causing insecurity specifically in Syria’s largest and most populated cities.

En person som bor i Aleppo berättar om bilbomben som exploderade där igår.

Christof Lehmann – Palestinian Intelligence Source: Saudi Arabia ships Weapons to NATO-led Insurgents in Jordan and Syria

Late yesterday, nsnbc received information from a reliable Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey, that the Saudi Ministry of Interior is implicated in shipping large quantities of light and medium caliber firearms to Jordan.

Nyheter från Turkiet, enligt facebook-grupp

Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper quoted different sources in Turkey as saying that about 3000 Libyan armed men and al-Qaeda members infiltrated the Syrian-Turkish borders to conduct armed operations in the Syrian territories.
The chairman of the Turkish Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, strongly criticized the stances of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan against Syria, announcing the Turkish opposition’s determination to confront these serious policies.
Kilicdaroglu stressed the Turks’ rejection of interfering in Syria’s affairs, adding that the West avoids interfering in Syria and pushes Turkey into this dangerous adventure.
He added that the Republican People’s Party which prevented the deployment of the US troops in Turkey after the war on Iraq in March 2003, will confront any Turkish interference in Syria.
Kilicdaroglu indicated that Syria is a neighboring country and the Syrian and Turkish people are brothers, stressing that ”We want to live side by side in peace”. He called upon all sides to reconsider the whole developments in the situation in Syria and face the policies which don’t serve the interests of the Turkish people.

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18 mars

Flera hundra Al Qaida-krigare från Libyen har de senste veckorna anlänt till olika hotell i Amman i Jordanien. De flyttade plötsligt ut från hotellen i fredags, 16 mars, till okänd destination. Samtidigt har bussar gått fram och tillbaka under fredagen och lördagen och förflyttat 2000 krigare till vad som kallas ett flyktingläger i Hatay i Turkiet. Dessa transporter som sköts av turkiska militären pågår fortfarande. – URGENT – Syria: Foreign fighters amassing on Turkish and Jordanian borders

The Turkish Army contemplates penetrating into Syrian territory to secure a rebel base on the pretext of protecting civilians. NATO is repeating here with it did in Kosovo in terms of violating international law, but without taking center stage. This new war could find some semblance of international legitimacy if it were to garner the political support of a significant number of the States attending the second ”Friends of Syria” conference on 2 April 2012 in Turkey. NATO could thus indirectly measure itself against the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Även Tony Cartalucci varnar för att Turkiet används för planerade operationer mot Syrein – NATO member Turkey, guilty of a century of mass murder, seeks ”humanitarian intervention” in Syria

Once again Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, is considering the partial military invasion of Syria to give foreign terrorists and extremist militants attempting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a reprieve in their failing campaign.

Reuters reports in their article, ”Turkey considers buffer zone along Syria border,” that ”Turkey is considering setting up a buffer zone inside Syria to tackle a growing flow of refugees fleeing the conflict there.” Noting that the buffer zone would indeed be on Syrian soil and require an armed Turkish presence to maintain it, the prospect of open war between Turkish and Syrian forces is all but certain.

Turkey does however have an opportunity for a clean break, an act of defiance against the West it is seemingly, irrationally beholden to. They can end the conflict in Syria by another means – denying foreign fighters, arms, and equipment from crossing their border and allowing their neighbors in Syria to restore order in their cities and countrysides.
Global public opinion of the world is shifting against the West and forming behind the multi-polar non-interventionism of the BRIC nations. Turkey must decide for itself whether or not it wants to be on the right side of history, or sacrifice itself in an act of war and intrusion for a conflict clearly started by meddling foreign nations from day-one.

Michel Chossudovsky för ett par dagar sen, innan den senaste terroristattacken. Enligt honom behöver det inte råda någon tvekan om att utländska trupper redan är inblandande i fientligheter mot Syrien.

”MI6 and CIA operatives are there,” he stated during an interview with RT. ”This is from their own sources, incidentally, it’s not hearsay, it is actual fact. British special forces have met up with members of the Free Syrian Army and they are training members of the Free Syrian Army from a base in Turkey. British MI6 operatives have reportedly been training the rebels in urban warfare.”

Från – sammanfattning och bakgrund om Syrien på

Tony Cartalucci Syrian Rebels are Foreign-backed Terrorists

US-led NATO and the UN are backing terrorists in the midst of military conquest disguised as ”humanitarian intervention.”
Clearly ”humanitarian concerns” are a disingenuous justification for continued meddling in Syria, with all involved notorious fabricators and harboring a staggering array of demonstratively conflicting interests.
With the addition of evidence proving the premeditated use of terrorist elements in the overthrow of sovereign foreign nations in US policy planning, the West’s efforts, as well as those of their proxies carrying their agenda out on the ground in Syria, are exposed as illegitimate criminality of vastly unprecedented proportions.

US-NATO SUBVERSION IN SYRIA: Saudi Arabia Is Arming Syrian ”Opposition” As Twin Car Bombs Kill 27 In Damascus

United Nations’ figures claim that more than 8,000 people have been killed since conflict erupted in the country one year ago.
Credible reports say over half of the total deaths have come from Syrian state forces. That corroborates various sources indicating that supposed Syrian opposition groups are well armed and trained. Indeed the main opposition faction, the self-styled Syrian Free Army, has claimed that it has received weapons from the US, Britain and France.
Syrian government forces have intercepted sophisticated weapons shipments, including anti-tank rockets, originating from Israel. And it is believed that NATO member Turkey is also supplying arms into Syria.
Yet in spite of the mounting evidence of foreign subversion and terrorism in Syria, the Western mainstream media continue to depict the country as a cause for “humanitarian intervention” by NATO forces in what would be a reprise of their involvement in Libya. The latter was purported to be based on a “responsibility to protect” civilians lives. But it has since been shown to be a squalid neocolonial affair of “responsibility to protect” oil interests. With such war criminals and Arab dictators lining up again in Syria, we can be sure that the agenda has nothing to do with protecting civilians.
The latest atrocity in Damascus indicates the depths of depravity to which these powers are capable of descending in order to play their geopolitical game.

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17 mars

Syrien återigen drabbat av terrordåd – Two Terrorist Attacks Target Damascus, Preliminary Indications Point to Two Booby-trapped Cars Attack – maverablogg – Syrien: terrorattentat i Damaskus video-intervju hos Morris – Syrian Girl – Damascus Bombings Today
Från facebook-grupp

Syrian Health Minister: 27 killed, 97 wounded in Damascus Terrorist Bombings – Rapport ljuger

SVT:s Rapport ger en fullständigt grotesk bild av läget i Syrien. Gång på gång visar man rebellerna och återger okritiskt deras historier. I fredagssändningen inte ett ord om torsdagens mångtusenhövdade demonstrationer till stöd för regimen.
Varför ska tittarna vilseledas? Svenska dagbladet rapporterade i alla fall att stöddemonstrationer förekommit.

Global March for Syria Continues…Citizens Gather to Express Rejection of Foreign Interference, Support to Reforms
maverablogg – Syrien: massdemonstrationer tills stöd för regeringen

Media war against Syria and boosting of violence from outside the country

So far, Kofi Annan said nothing about the content of talks with al-Assad. But today, he will report all this, however, to the UN behind closed doors. Why behind closed doors? Do they want to make sure that nothing “bad” (e.g. the truth) can penetrate to the outside – as it happened with the report of the Arab League (AL) observers, which was finally buried by Qatar because it wasn`t one-sided.
One thing is certain: it must come to a rest in Syria soon and the killing of innocent people has to stop an end immediately. The killing cannot be stopped, if weapons are still delivered to the armed radicals and mercenaries from abroad. The gunmen, but also the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), is not willing to negotiate.

Press TV – Saudi Arabia delivers weapons to armed gangs in Syria

A Syria bound Saudi Arabian shipment of military equipment intended for Syrian armed gangs is on its way to Jordan, AFP reported.

William Engdahl på Russia Today, ”Engdahl says the Arab Spring in general is a well-planned, long-term project aimed at regime change in the Islamic world. And looking at the aftermath of the Arab Spring revolutions, it is anarchy instead of democracy that was successfully achieved.” ..
”He claims that the goal of the external forces, such as the National Endowment for Democracy, the US State Department and the Pentagon, is “redrawing the map of the Middle East and militarization of the Middle East to control the oil flows to countries like China, to the European Union and so on.”
“The Pentagon map [of a new Middle East] is showing that Syria, under the proposed changes, would simply have no access any longer to the Mediterranean – which is rich with oil and gas, as recent discoveries have confirmed.”

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