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almasdarnews.com – Intense footage: Syrian Army crushes ISIS in Al-Mayadeen battle

Al-Mayadeen was officially liberated by pro-government forces yesterday following a week of intense firefights and airstrikes in and around the city.
Prior to its liberation, Al-Mayadeen served as the Islamic State’s de facto capital (a title formerly held by Raqqa until the terrorist group moved its administrative center several months ago).

rt.com – Syrian troops capture ISIS stronghold Al-Mayadeen amid major offensive

rt.com – RT crew films stockpiles of ISIS arms abandoned inside liberated Al-Mayadeen (VIDEO)

An enormous arsenal of various weapons and production facilities, plus a fleet of explosive-laden and armored vehicles has been discovered inside the recaptured Islamic State stronghold in Deir ez-Zor province, RT reports from the Al-Mayadeen frontline.

xinhuanet.com – U.S.-led forces transfer IS militants from Raqqa to Deir al-Zour: media

SANA said the United States and the SDF had struck an agreement with IS for their evacuation from Raqqa to Deir al-Zour, where the Syrian government forces are fighting the IS militants.
”This U.S.-Daesh agreement is not the first, as several similar agreements have preceded this one in the city of Tabqa, Mansura and Karama in the countryside of Raqqa, under which IS militants were transferred to areas the Syrian army is fighting the terror group,” SANA said, suggesting that the United States is supporting the IS.
The state news agency said the agreement sparks questions about the goal of the United States and the SDF.
It said that the United States had evacuated tens of IS leaders from Deir al-Zour before the Syrian army reached their areas.
It said the new agreement came days after the Russian defense ministry accused the U.S. forces in the Tanf area of lending a blind eye, while around 400 terrorists crossed the area where the U.S. forces were stationed.

steigan.no – Israels TV: Den islamske staten har opprettet leir like ved grensa til Israel

Flere seniorkommandanter fra den islamske staten, som nylig flyktet fra Irak og Nord-Syria, er nå basert i Sør-Syria, rett over Golanhøydene rett over grensa til Israel, og der trener de hundrevis av nye rekrutter, sa den israelsk tv-rapporten.

almasdarnews.com – Russia tends to think chemical attack in Syria’s Khan Sheykhoun staged

Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday that Moscow tends more to opt for the “staging” version of the chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib Province earlier this year as the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has confirmed previously the full destruction of Damascus’s Soviet-era stockpiles.
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