20 jun

almasdarnews.com – US shoots down drone near Syria-Iraq borders

US aircraft shot down an Iranian-made drone near al-Tanf border crossing, 2 days after the US coalition gunned down a Syrian SU-22 bomber southwest of Raqqa.

presstv.ir – Syrian pilot found alive after US downed plane over Raqqah

The pilot of Syrian fighter plane recently shot down by the US-led coalition has been found in the countryside of Raqqah.
According to Sputnik, Captain Ali fahd was found alive and well by Syrian troops in the village of Shuwaihat in southern Raqqah on Monday.

presstv.ir – Downing of Syrian jet proves US support for terrorism: Damascus

Damascus has written to the United Nations, saying the recent US downing of a Syrian air force jet shows beyond any doubt Washington’s backing for terrorism.

sputniknews.com – Syrian Soldiers Rescue Pilot of Su-22 Fighter Jet Downed by US-Led Coalition

According to the source, the downed Syrian pilot was found about 30 kilometers (17 miles) south of Raqqa. The rescue operation was complicated by the fact that the pilot’s landing site was in close proximity to the positions of Daesh (terrorist group outlawed in Russia) which also searched for the Syrian pilot.

Caitlin Johnstone – US Continues To Attack Syria In “Self Defense” To Provoke Assad Retaliation

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