18 jun

almasdarnews.com – U.S. coalition shoots down Syrian fighter jet over southwestern Raqqa

The US-led international coalition shot down a Su-22M4 fighter jet belonging to Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) near Rusafa town in southwestern Raqqa countryside.
Syrian aircraft was conducting an air raid on positions held by the so-called “Islamic State” when the airbase lost contact with the pilot, about an hour ago.
At first, technical failure was considered the reason for the aircraft crash.
However, some 20 minutes ago, Syrian Ministry of Defense confirmed that it was coalition air force that had brought the SyAAF warplane down.

sana.sy – Army general command: international coalition air force targets an army’s warplane in Raqqa countryside

The Army general command announced on Sunday that the air force of the so-called “international coalition” targeted one of the army’s warplanes in al-Rasafah region in Raqqa southern countryside while it was carrying out a combatant mission against ISIS terrorist organization, causing it to down and missing its pilot.
The General command said in a statement that the flagrant aggression undoubtedly affirms the US real stance in support of terrorism which aims to affect the capability of the Syrian Arab army- the only active force- along with its allies that practice its legitimate right in combating terrorism all over Syria.
“The attack stresses coordination between the US and ISIS, and it reveals the evil intentions of the US in administrating terrorism and investing it to pass the US-Zionist project in the region.” The statement added.
It affirmed that such aggressions would not affect the Syrian Arab army in its determination to continue the fight against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations and to restore security and stability to all Syrian territories.

russia-insider.com – CONFIRMED: US Shot Down a Syrian Jet Over Syria

US has now confirmed it indeed shot down the Syrian plane
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