17 jun

almasdarnews.com – Syrian Army liberates 14 sites in western Raqqa

presstv.ir – Iraq seizes key crossing near Syria from Daesh

Iraqi forces have seized from Daesh one of the official border crossings between the country and Syria, thus choking a key supply line feeding the Takfiri terrorist group.
Al-Waleed, which together with two other passageways links Iraq and Syria, came under government control on Saturday, Reuters reported.

southfront.org – Brief Look At economic And Social Situation In Syria After Six Years Of War – Opinion

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the suffering of the Syrian citizens has not only been from the threat of fighting throughout the various parts of Syria, but also from the different economic and social aspects of the crisis. In some areas and situations these aspects exceeded the real battles in terms of harming the Syrian population. Syria turned, within one year, from the cheapest and safest country in the world to the most dangerous and expensive one

southfront.org – ISIS Transfers Its Commanders and Headquarters To Al-Mayadeen City

ISIS began transferring its important HQs from the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa – currently under attack by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – to Al-Mayadeen city in the Deir Ezzor countryside, the Associated Press reported citing American security sources and Syrian activists

Läsvärd artikel om en irländare som tjänstgjort vid angreppen mot både Libyen och Syrien.
mintpress.com – From al-Qaeda Terrorist To CIA “Freedom Fighter”: One Man’s Journey From Europe To Libya

In the bloody terror-fueled conflicts that have been waged by the U.S. and NATO in Libya and Syria, one man has helped to recruit so-called “freedom fighters” and unleash them on those countries’ innocent civilians. But he has yet to be brought to justice.
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