13 jun

presstv.ir – Syrian army, allied forces capture key towns west of Raqqah

Syrian army soldiers backed by fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah have managed to liberate several key towns in the desert area west of Raqqah from Daesh Takfiri terrorists as they continue to score more territorial gains in battles against extremists across the Arab country.

sana.sy – Victory in Badia proves only Syrian army determines action regardless of coalition’s “ridiculous” threats

In a key achievement in Syria’s war on terrorism, the units of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies reached the Iraqi border, northeast of al-Tanf crossing, successfully realizing the goal of disrupting terrorist operations in Syria’s sprawling Badia (desert), in an important step on the way of breaking the terrorist siege on thousands of civilians in Deir Ezzor.
“The main objective of the accelerated military operations in the eastern parts of the country is to eliminate terrorists in the Syrian Badia and then heading towards Deir Ezzor to break the siege imposed on the locals in the city,” a field commanders in the Syrian Arab Army told SANA correspondent to Syrian-Iraqi border.

sputniknews.com – Washington ‘Using SDF, Kurds to Carry Out Its Anti-Damascus Plans in Syria’

The United States has used the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), largely made up of Kurdish militias, to advance its interests in Syria which entails taking several zones across the country under Washington’s control, political analyst and expert on Middle East Selim Sezer told Sputnik Turkey.

21stcenturywire.com – SYRIA: Sarin Attack Narrative Destroyed by MIT National Security Expert

According to the White House and Western mainstream media, on the morning of April 4, 2017, the Syrian ‘regime’ of Bashar Al-Assad carried out a sarin gas airstrike on the town of Khan Sheikhoun. Although no proper investigation was carried out, the event resulted in the US launching a barrage of Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military airbase two days later. Two months have now passed, and there remains no proof that the Syrian government carried out this attack. In fact, none of the evidence supports that version of events.
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