14 maj

Intervju med Syriens president, utskriven som text på engelska –
President al-Assad to Belarus ONT channel: Russian initiative on de-escalation zones is correct and we supported it from the beginning to protect civilians

President Bashar al-Assad said that the war fought today by our people is not only against the terrorists, but also against those who sponsor terrorism. Terrorism is only an instrument used by the Western states which want to apply the same Nazi mentality which aims at dominating everyone else and turning states and nations into slaves, turning them into satellites and controlling everything they have, materially and morally.
The President added in an interview given to BELARUS’ ONT channel that the Russian initiative on de-escalation zones is correct in principle. And we supported it from the beginning because the idea is correct. As to whether it will produce results or not, that depends on the implementation.

globalresearch.ca – Fabrication of Fake Video and Photos of Chemical Attack: Al Qaeda Terrorists Working with “White Helmets”in Aleppo

We are dealing with a diabolical media agenda. The following reports point to the fabrication of fake videos and photos of an alleged chemical weapons attack, with a view to blaming the government of Bashar Al Assad.
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