30 apr

Intervju med Syriens president i Telesur från Venezuela, utskriven som text på engelska –
Video: President Al-Assad Interview: The West and Israel are Supporting the Terrorists

Om kem-gas-händelsen i Syrien den 4 april.
Theodore Postol korrigerar misstag han gjort i sina beräkningar angående vindriktningen. Men det ändrar inte hans slutsatser, att det inte gått till så som USA och västmedierna vill att vi ska tro.

Important Correction: The Nerve Agent Attack that did Not Occur, Khan Sheikhoun, Syria

In my earlier report released on April 18, 2017 I misinterpreted the wind-direction convention which resulted in my estimates of plume directions being exactly 180° off in direction. This document corrects that error and provides very important new analytic results that follow from that error.
When the error in wind direction is corrected, the conclusion is that if there was a significant sarin release at the crater as alleged by the White House Intelligence Report issued on April 11, 2017 (WHR), the immediate result would have been significant casualties immediately adjacent to the dispersion crater.
The fact that there were numerous television journalists reporting from the alleged sarin release site and there was absolutely no mention of casualties that would have occurred within tens to hundreds of meters of the alleged release site indicates that the WHR was produced without even a cursory low-level review of commercial video data from the site by the US intelligence community. This overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that the WHR identification of the crater as a sarin release site should have been accompanied with an equally solid identification of the area where casualties were caused by the alleged aerosol dispersal. The details of the crater itself unambiguously show that it was not created by the alleged airdropped sarin dispersing munition

Var den verkliga anledningen till Trumps missil-attack mot militärflygplatsen i Syrien den 7 april att testa det ryska missilförsvarets förmåga? 23 av de 59 avfyrade missilerna nådde sitt mål
Dimitris Kazakis – What Are They Hiding About the USA Attack on Syria? The Break Up of Syria?

Suppose that the USA were trying to hit its target with an airplane raid. Out of one hundred aircraft, at least sixty one would not return to base; and in fact it would be even worse, as the A2/AD system is much more effective against aircraft than against Cruise and Tomahawk missiles. Imagine the cost of such an operation for the USA and its allies.

globalresearch.ca – Debunking the French Report on Syria’s Chemical Weapons

jinge.se – Frankrikes ”bevis” för gasattacken pekar på terroristerna!

4thmedia.org – Details of ISRAELI Air Force Missile Strike on SAA (Syrian Arab Army) Positions in Quneitra Governorate

Många videor från en konferens om Syrien i Australien nyligen, med bl.a. Tim Anderson, finns här –

Documentary about the theft and destruction of the industrial districts of Aleppo by Sinan Saeed and Tom Duggan with Fares Shehabi (MP for Aleppo)

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