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sputniknews.com – Surprise Surprise: MSM Ignores What UN Report on Syrian Gas Attack Actually Said

On Tuesday, Russia and China vetoed a resolution proposing tougher sanctions against Syria, based in part on a recent OPCW-UN report on the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons in 2014 and 2015. Asked to comment, respected security analyst Charles Shoebridge pointed out that most media didn’t even seem to bother reading the report.

Barbara McKenzie – Syria Solidarity UK Take on Vanessa Beeley – and Lose

One of the most difficult things about reporting on a war that claims to be a civil war or a popular revolution, is to gauge the feelings of the ordinary people. The Syrian voice in practice tends to be reduced to ‘my friend’s cousin’, or ‘three people I spoke to in a refugee camp in Jordan’, or ‘all the ex-pats’. This was never going to be good enough for Vanessa Beeley.
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