19 feb

almasdarnews.com – Latest battlefield update from west Palmyra shows Syrian Army approaching city: map

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had another productive day in the western countryside of Palmyra (Tadmur), liberating several points from the Islamic State (ISIS) militants amid another big push on Sunday.

The Problems With the Amnesty International Report
”The release of the – at face value – damning report by Amnesty International on human rights abuses at the Saydnaya prison in Syria has caused huge controversy in the past week; but are its claims based in fact? John Wight speaks to former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford.”
Amnesty Report on Syrian Prison Deaths Questioned by Ex UK Ambassador to Syria
Storbritanniens Syrienambassadör anser att Amnesty-rapporten ohållbar

Growing up with War: Children of Syria (RT Documentary)
Since war broke out in Syria almost six years ago, a whole generation of kids has never known life in peaceful times. They’ve witnessed family members being killed and their houses destroyed. Many were wounded and war has robbed them all of their childhoods. With no end in sight to the bloody conflict, their futures remain uncertain.

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