30 dec

rt.com – Russia hopes UN Security Council endorses Syria truce deal

The draft resolution endorses the agreement that also commits the Syrian government and the opposition to enter into direct talks at the end of January in the Kazakh capital, Astana.

globalresearch.ca – Syria War Report: Nation-Wide Ceasefire, Kurdish YPG Forces Withdrawing from Aleppo City?

almasdarnews.com – Russian Air Force hammers ISIS positions in Palmyra

almasdarnews.com – ISIS cuts off water supply from Aleppo

Earlier today, state-run SANA reported that the Islamic State terror group had cut off the water supply from its main processing plants on the Euphrates.
Up to this point, there had been an agreement to leave the water unaffected by the war. The residents of Aleppo will now be forced to depend upon local water wells and water bottles until the situation is resolved.

almasdarnews.com – Egypt to send peacekeeping forces to Syria: report

Egypt will send peacekeeping forces to Syria in the coming days, as they attempt to administer the nationwide ceasefire among their Russian, Iranian, and Turkish diplomatic partners.

De militär-officerare från utlandet i Aleppo som namngivits och som sades skulle tas tillfånga har tydligen tillåtits lämna staden med de bussar som förde evakuerade till Idlib.
globalresearch.ca – Syria-Gate: NATO Weaponry and Personnel in East Aleppo

Ett par videor från Aleppo

Vanessa Beeley and Andrew Ashdow ASP report East Aleppo with Tom Duggan and Sinan Saeed

The truth about East Aleppo ,no Main Stream Media went to transit point in East Aleppo, these two independent witnesses did what no western journalist would, BBC left Syria 4 days prior to the liberation of east Aleppo ,no news team would leave a news story in till that story as big as Aleppo was completed, the reason they left was the story did not fit past narrative on BBC news reports

Our reporter Charlotte d’Ornellas comes back from Aleppo

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