13 dec

almasdarnews.com – Militants to surrender all of east Aleppo

The Syrian government and opposition have finalized the terms of surrender in east Aleppo after a brief meeting facilitated by Turkey and Russia today.
At 5 A.M. (Damascus Time) tomorrow morning, the Syrian Arab Army will provide transportation for the jihadist rebels and residents that want to leave east Aleppo for the Rashiddeen 4 Suburb in the southwestern part of the provincial capital.
The jihadist rebels will be allowed to keep their small arms, but they must turn-in all heavy weapons in the east Aleppo neighborhoods to the Syrian Arab Army prior to leaving tomorrow morning.

Alex Christoforou – Mainstream media upset Al Qaeda was defeated in Aleppo. Here is how they covered Aleppo’s liberation

Street celebrations in Aleppo as Syrian Army liberates city’s east

Aleppo: Scars of War (360 report) (om man klickar på pilarna i cirkeln till höger i bilden kan man se sig omkring i olika riktningar)
RT’s Murad Gazdiev takes you on a panoramic tour of one of Aleppo streets.

  1. #1 av SoMuchWhining på 15 december, 2016 - 10:56

    There are two very important things people need to understand. 1 – Monkeys will always fight. They can`t help it, they will always throw stones and try to kill each other. That`s the number one problem with Syria. And there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

    2 – People have been killed every day since the begining of time. During the time it took me to write this, thousands of people were killed all over the planet. That means it`s normal. There has never been a day with no killing in the history of mankind, it does not happen. Ever. If people could just get this fact through their empty little heads, they could stop making noise for no reason. Norwegians and Swedes crying their eyes out becasue someone died in the middle east. You have got to be kidding me, you whining no good children. Grow up. It`s normal, the things you whine about is 100% normal. If we woke up tomorrow and the entire day passed and no one was killed, then it would surely be the end of the world because that never happens! So let`s say right now 15 kids died in Syria. So what? Am I supposed to lose my mind, go crazy and cry over it? Never going to happen, because I don`t care. I can`t care, I live on a planet ruled by random chaos and crazy people, if we are going to care about every little thing we will die from exhaustion in two days.

  2. #2 av SoMuchWhining på 15 december, 2016 - 11:10

    By the way, that video from Syria is probably soooo interesting. I`m guessing piles of rubble, crying women and children, right? Well, I`m not watching it because it does not matter in any way. If Syrians wants to turn Syria into a pile of gravel, let them. Let them kill each other, then maybe the rest of us can get som peace and quiet. I could not be more sick of these ”oh my god the poor children” videos, they are made to rope idiots into something they should stay out of.


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