11 dec

almasdarnews.com – ISIS fully retakes Palmyra in stunning blitz offensive – Map update

In a remarkable coup, ISIS managed to wrestle the legendary city of Palmyra from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on Sunday after assembling a massive jihadist fighting force in eastern Homs.
Between 4,000 and 5,000 Islamic State insurgents poured into Palmyra from several flanks, prompting the SAA to withdraw to more defensible positions west of the ancient city after initially fending off several assaults.
Stationed on the Palmyra front were approximately 1,000 SAA soldiers, including contingents of the National Defence Forces (NDF), the 11th Division, elements of the 18th Division along with the Shaheen Group (Tiger Forces branch).

russia-insider.com – Reports: ISIS Retakes Palmyra

Thousands of ISIS fighters have stormed Palmyra, forcing the Syrian army to withdraw, according to multiple sources.

zerohedge.com – US Sends 200 More Troops To Syria Days After Obama Lifts Ban On Arms Supplies To Rebels

sputniknews.com – Watch Canadian Journalist Completely Dismantle Mainstream Narrative on Syria

Freelance journalist Eva Bartlett is no stranger to the Syrian conflict, having visited the country repeatedly since the conflict began to get a sense of the realities on the ground. This week, confronted by a mainstream journalist regarding the lies presented in media coverage of Syria, Bartlett succinctly laid out exactly what the problem was.
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