10 dec

Dåliga nyheter – almasdarnews.com – Ancient city of Palmyra on the verge of capture by ISIS

While Palmyra has not completely fallen, most of the city is surrounded by Islamic State terrorists, making the evacuation of the residents the top priority for the Syrian Arab Army and their allies.

almasdarnews.com – Russian jets help the Syrian Army push back ISIS at Palmyra

Alexander Mercouris – ALEPPO UPDATE: 4 Al-Qaeda chiefs arrested; one thousand Jihadis surrender

Russian Defence Ministry confirms surrender of over 1,200 Jihadi fighters on Saturday morning; Fars reports 4 Al-Qaeda commanders arrested as they try to flee. Russian military also confirms 50,000 civilians leave formerly Jihadi controlled eastern districts of Aleppo by arrangement with Russian military.

Video – Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations – Press Conference, 9 December 2016

Press TV – Syria to terrorism sponsors: Bloody game over

“I would like to reassure the states that sponsor terrorism in Aleppo that the Syrian army has up to this point liberated 93% of the areas that terrorists used to control in Aleppo city, and their bloody games is taking its last breaths,” Ja’afari added.

Press TV – US says will deploy 200 extra forces to Syria’s Raqqah

Danielle Ryan – Game over for the US in Syria

It’s clear that the US government was encouraging an anti-Assad uprising for years. It’s also clear that they were unsure what the consequences of their actions would be, but that they didn’t seem to care. Now they’ve got the instability they wanted and it hasn’t gone their way, so naturally, everyone else is to blame and we’re supposed to believe hearts are breaking in Washington for the children of Aleppo.
Spare us.
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