8 nov

presstv.ir – Syrian army retakes key Aleppo district from militants

An unnamed military source told Syria’s SANA news agency that the army and its allies regained full control of the 1070 Apartments area as well as its surrounding farms and hills on Tuesday.

Brace for Occupation: US Plans to ‘Seize and Govern’ Syria’s Raqqa — Joint Chiefs of Staff

The guile and lack of self-consciousness on display here is off the charts. Americans are openly talking about occupying a portion of a sovereign country (that they’re not even officially at war with) and setting it up for partition — and their media isn’t even scandalized enough to censor it.
Only Americans can talk about how they intend to march on a city in a foreign country, take it, and run it — and not realize just how scandalous that sounds to everyone else.

dn.se – ”Vi har inga anspråk på att styra Raqqa”

En av de personer som allra mest kan påverka ett framtida Syrien befann sig på måndagen på ett pressmöte i ett sterilt konferensrum i ett anonymt kontorshotell i utkanten av Stockholm. Han heter Saleh Muslim och leder syrienkurdernas starkaste parti, PYD.

Under sitt snabbesök i Stockholm var Muslim dock än mer kritisk mot Fria syriska armén, vars främsta mål är att störta den sittande presidenten Bashar al-Assad.
– De är varken fria, syriska, eller en armé. De är utländska jihadister som vill införa en gudsstat i Syrien, sade Muslim.

Ny intervju med Syriens president.

Syria is paying the price of its independence

Bashar al-Assad: Obviously, the terrorists have received massive support from different corners of the world. There are more than 100 nationalities participating in the aggression against Syria, relying on the support of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that fund them and Turkey that undoubtedly offers them logistical support, as well as the approval and supervision of Western States led by the United States, France, the United Kingdon and other allies.
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