7 okt

Fortsatta framsteg för syriska armén i Aleppo, och nya FN-förslag om att släppa ut Al-Nusra.

almasdarnews.com – Syrian Army unstoppable in Aleppo as troops advance from two flanks

Yesterday evening, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fully secured the Bustan Al-Basha district after conducting a succesful 48-hour offensive in the northern Aleppo neighbourhood.
With fierce clashes still ongoing at the nearby Owaija district, SAA troops and Liwa al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary) are yet to break through rebel defenses in this neighbourhood. Islamist rebels here are increasingly relying on booby traps, snipers and occasional suicide bombers to prevent rapid government advances.
Meanwhile, the leadership of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat Al-Nusra) said they would not evacuate the jihadist group’s fighters from Aleppo despite a desperate plea from the UN’s Staffan de Mistura to rid the city’s rebel-held districts of Al-Qaeda militants through diplomatic means.
In southern Aleppo, the SAA’s Republican Guard – backed by Hezbollah and Al-Baath battalions – was able to capture the Sheikh Sa’eed Hill this morning after launching two waves of attacks on the Sheikh Sa’eed district beginning at daybreak on Friday. Government forces now have fire control over the entire neighbourhood.
Effectively, with the SAA advancing through rebel-held districts from two flanks in Aleppo, it seems only a matter of time before the entire city falls into government hands.

Alexander Mercouris – Syria: U.S. thinks twice, returns to diplomacy with Russia

The plan appears in essence to be identical to the 9th September 2016 Kerry-Lavrov agreement in that its key provision is the withdrawal of Jihadi fighters from eastern Aleppo leading to its effective surrender to the Syrian government.
That this is indeed the central idea of the French plan – which almost certainly is being inspired by the US – has been essentially confirmed by Staffan de Mistura, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy to Syria.
De Mistura has repeatedly been used by Kerry and the US State Department as a stalking horse for their plans – to which he can be relied upon to give a humanitarian gloss – and it is notable that he is now publicly calling for Jabhat Al-Nusra’s fighters to quit Aleppo. Indeed he is even offering to accompany them as they retreat in order to guarantee their safety

Regardless, the return to diplomacy, however faltering, suggests that some of the wilder plans for covert air and missile strikes being floated by the hardliners in the State Department and the Pentagon have for the moment at least been put to one side, though given the character of some of the people in Washington it is impossible ever to be completely confident of this.

tass.ru – Russia ready to let Jabhat al-Nusra leave Aleppo for saving the city — Lavrov

The minister noted that de Mistura’s proposal required clear and unequivocal coordination before it can be used as basis for the UN Security Council’s resolution on settling the situation in Aleppo.
”The devil is in the detail. Staffan de Mistura’s thought moves in the right direction, but a number of specific questions arise instantly and they require extremely clear and unequivocal coordination,” Lavrov said. ”If it works (and we are prepared to do that fast), then I believe that it may become the backbone of the UN Security Council’s resolution as to what is to be done to the situation in Aleppo.

almasdarnews.com – Syrian Army fights off ISIS offensive at the gates of Palmyra

moonofalabama.org – Is Fighting Al-Qaeda In Aleppo Good Or Bad? – U.S. Unable To Decide

There is currently a barrage of propaganda in the “western” media in support of “rebels” in east-Aleppo. It is all about “hospitals” and “children” but the aim is to stop a Syrian army assault on the “rebel” held quarters of the city. U.S. officials are again talking about “intervention”, meaning open war, to prevent the Syrian army and its allies from storming the “rebel” held eastern parts. It would not work but that is not the only reason why it is a strange idea.

Michel Chossudovsky – Air Strikes against Syria: Who are the War Criminals? Who is Supporting Al Qaeda? Russia or America?

America is coming to the rescue of Al Qaeda under a humanitarian mandate. The unspoken agenda is to undermine the Liberation of Aleppo.
The pretext and justification for these actions are based on America’s “responsibility to protect” (R2P) the “moderates” in Aleppo from Syrian and Russian attacks and bombing raids.

Simon Wood – Fact-Sheet on Syria’s “White Helmets”

The White Helmets – here are a few facts that you need to know. Share this to your family and friends who subsist on Western corporate media:
* The White Helmets, also called Syria Civil Defence, are not who they claim to be. The group is not Syrian; it was created with USA/UK funding under the supervision of a British military contractor in 2013 in Turkey…
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