29 sep

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presstv.ir – Russia vows to keep up support for Syria in defiance of US threat

Russia has pledged to continue its air campaign in Syria, defying a recent threat by the United States to halt its diplomacy with Moscow on the violence-hit country in the wake of heavy fighting in Aleppo.

presstv.ir – Syria regains control of refugee camp north of Aleppo

Syrian soldiers, backed by pro-government fighters, have re-established control over a camp north of the embattled city of Aleppo after briefly losing it to foreign-backed militants following its liberation last week.

presstv.ir – Syria says many terrorists killed in new operations

The Syrian military says it has inflicted heavy losses on foreign-backed terrorists in a series of operations across the country.

almasdanews.com – SouthFront: US deploys soldiers dangerously close to Aleppo city

A report from a Lebanese TV channel suggests the United States may have deployed its special forces at Mare’ and Azaz, two rebel-held towns in the northern Aleppo countryside.
This news comes just weeks after U.S. troops also established a military base at Tall Abyad in Kurdish controlled territory near the Turkish border.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is advancing inside Aleppo city from three directions, a scenario predicted by Al-Masdar News just last week.

sana.sy – Russian Defense Ministry: US military experts lead militants’ operations in Syria

Russian Defense Ministry affirms that it has information prove the existence of US military experts who are planning and leading the militants’ operations in Syria secretly, especially in Aleppo.
The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that Russia knows well where and how the US military secret experts are involved in planning the armed operations in Syria, including in Aleppo.
He pointed out that Washington admits that the “opposition” in Syria is a US-controlled terrorist group.
Konashenkov said the Russian Defense Ministry is ready for dialogue with the United States on Syria to take joint measures in fighting terrorism, stressing at the same time that dialogue should exclude any hint about threats to Russian citizens or troops, considering security of Russian citizens wherever they are a major and absolute priority.
Russian Defense Ministry said it received information on the involvement of a faction of the “moderate opposition” that is linked to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in bombarding the humanitarian aid convoy near Orum al-Kubra in the countryside of Aleppo province.

en.farsnews.com – Syria: US-Led Coalition Hits Deir Ezzur Again

The US-led coalition warplanes launched airstrikes on two main bridges on the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province, days after they killed at least 90 Syrian soldiers in an air assault in the same region in Southeastern Syria.
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