23 sep

Mer som talar för att versionen om hjälpkonvojen som medierna var väldigt snabba att gå ut med inte stämmer, som väntat.

nyteknik.se – Tveksamt om bomber fälldes över hjälpkonvojen i Syrien

En svensk expert på militärteknik, som Ny Teknik talat med, har granskat bilder från händelsen på nätet och han avfärdar att bomber ska ha fällts.
– Det ser snarare ut som om styrkor på marken anfallit konvojen. Med tanke på att vi varken ser splitter- eller bombskador, så kan det vara så att handgranater använts, och att man tänt på lastbilarna med bensin eller annat eftersom flera av dem är utbrända, säger vapenkunnige personen, som inte vill ha sitt namn publicerat.

Alexander Mercouris – Making up the news: How the Western media misreported the Syrian convoy attack

Instead of making a real effort to find out the truth of what actually happened to the Syrian aid convoy the Western media preferred to repeat whatever the US and the Jihadis told them as if it was true.

John Kerry erkänner alltså här att de grupper som de stöder agerar tillsammans al Nusrat, dvs al Qaeda i Syrien.
presstv.ir – US policy on Syria exposed by Kerry as ‘a house of cards’

“It was also very importantly part of the plan, that when those efforts of cooperation commenced, Syrian warplanes would be prohibited from flying over areas where the legitimate opposition and al Nusrat were present, in order to give us the opportunity to work out the separation,” Kerry said.
“The significance of John Kerry’s slip cannot be overstated. He conceded, in terms that leave no room for doubt, that there is still no clear separation between the US backed insurgents whom the US led coalition hold out to the world as Syria’s ‘legitimate’ opposition and al Nusrat, al Qaeda’s franchise in Syria,” Grossman told Press TV on Friday.
“The recent ceasefire was not honored by either America’s proxies in Syria who, in continuing to carry out offensive military operations, professed to be fighting ISIL forces, or by the US-led coalition, which carried out deadly air strikes on Syrian government military positions as a cover for an ISIL ground attack which commenced as soon as the strikes were carried out,” he stated.
“When we consider John Kerry’s admission that opposition forces are still indistinguishable from al Qaeda forces, on the one hand, and that those same opposition forces were openly carrying out offensive operations ostensibly against terrorist forces during the recent ceasefire, on the other, the entire house of cards which has been peddled as the Atlantic World’s position on Syria, comes tumbling down exposing the deceit that it was from the start built on,” he added

rt.com – AP leaks one of the 5 Syria ceasefire docs, Moscow says always wanted them public

AP EXCLUSIVE: Text of Syria cease-fire deal – http://bigstory.ap.org/f5428d60326c4394a1c95efcefad8d77

AP news agency has published a leaked document from the Russia-US brokered Syria ceasefire deal, one of five such documents. Moscow says it has always called on Washington to make the ceasefire documents public.
The text leaked by AP represents part of the ceasefire agreement signed between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart, John Kerry, on September 9 in Geneva.

rt.com – ‘US priority in Syria: Stop Aleppo from falling to pro-Assad forces’

Strategically, if the jihad terrorists lose eastern Aleppo strategically this war is over, Jim Jatras, a former US diplomat, told RT. The fighting may go on for a while, but that will be the tipping point in terms of who is going to win, he added.

Vanessa Beeley – The REAL Syria Civil Defence Expose Nato’s ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

globalresearch.ca – Arab Media Warn of Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorists’ Impending Chemical Attack on Syria

Informed sources told the Arabic-language Hadas News website that they have corroborative evidence indicating that Ahrar al-Sham terrorists intend to launch a false-flag operation in civilian areas to accuse the Syrian government of launching chemical attacks on the country’s civilian population.
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