15 sep

rt.com – Russia says US failing to deliver on Syria ceasefire deal, wants details declassified

Russia says the US is not keeping its end of the bargain on the Syrian ceasefire and has continued its calls for Washington to make public all documents relating to the deal. The Russian military says Damascus is the only party observing the agreement.
“On the third day of the ceasefire only the Syrian Army is observing it. Meanwhile, the US-led ‘moderate rebels’ are intensifying the shelling of residential areas,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.
The ministry said in a press briefing that ”new conflict flashpoints are appearing” and that government forces and civilians had been shot at 45 times over the past 24 hours, without firing back.

almasdarnews.com – SouthFront: ISIS offensive on Palmyra swiftly disrupted by Russian airstrikes

Yesterday, the Russian Airforce killed a whopping 250 ISIS militants during an air raid on an Islamic State gathering north of Palmyra, the Russian Ministry of Defense said.
The airstrikes seem to have preempted an ISIS offensive on the ancient city of Palmyra – usually, ISIS fighters avoid grouping up in the desert to deter airstrikes from hostile factions.

almasdarnews.com – Syrian Army foils major ISIS assault on Kuweires Airbase

According to a Syrian Arab Army source, the Islamic State lost approximately 15 fighters during the battle, along with an armored vehicle that was mounted with a 23 mm anti-aircraft machine gun.

presstv.ir – US forced to cut deal with Russia over Syria: Analyst

I think that the United States and its allies have just been held accountable by Iran and Russia and Syria and Hezbollah and now they are forced, their hand is actually forced to cut a deal with Russia because Putin and Russia including Iran have really shown their strength and the resolve to not allow the Western allies and the United States to do to Syria what they did to Libya.

nsnbc.me – Following Escalation of Conflict with Israel, Syria Complains to UN

On Tuesday Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two letters to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council’s Head on the recent Israeli aggression. The letters convey that Syria is considering the recent air strikes and drone operations as “a desperate attempt to boost the deteriorating morale of the terrorist organizations after the losses inflicted upon them by the Syrian army in Quneitra Countryside and across Syria”. The Ministry stressed also denounced Israel’s support of terrorists and called for a response from the UN..

Mycket intressant tal av Richard Black i New York för några dagar sedan. Han har varit på besök i Syrien och har förekommit i intervjuer i tidigare inlägg här på denna bloggen. Black vill nå ut med information om USA’s roll i tragedin i Syrien.
Om man hellre vill läsa hans tal kan man göra det här – Förödande avslöjande av USA:s djupt omoraliska krig mot Syrien och Irak
där man också kan läsa Syriens FN-ambassadör Bashar al Jaafaris tal på samma möte, som också visas i videon under Blacks.

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