13 sep

presstv.ir – Syria urges coordination for aid deliveries to Aleppo

Syria says the delivery of humanitarian aid to the divided northwestern city of Aleppo, especially those provided by Turkey, should be coordinated with the Damascus government and the UN.
Damascus has also dismissed the entry of uncoordinated aid convoys to Aleppo without coordination with Damascus, Syria’s state television quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement on Tuesday.

A witness told Reuters on Tuesday that some 20 trucks carrying aid crossed into northern Syria from the Turkish border town of Cilvegozu. An unnamed Turkish official said the trucks were mostly carrying food and flour.
The shipment came one day after as a nationwide ceasefire, brokered by the United States and Russia, went into effect in Syria.

The much anticipated ceasefire brokered by the US and Russia has officially gone into effect in Syria. The next 48 hours will be crucial to determine the viability of the deal and how it progresses from there. If it holds, the deal calls for joint US-Russia operations to strike Daesh and the group formerly known as the Al Nusra Front. But with competing interests, fundamental differences and so many stakeholders, can this ceasefire hold?
In this edition of The Debate we take a closer look at this ceasefire deal and ask if it can lay the foundations for the end of the crisis in Syria.
– Alaa Ebrahim, Press TV (Damascus).
– Syrian Political Commentator, Ammar Waqqaf (London).
– President, American Institute for Foreign Policy, Michael Lane (Washington).

Syria: New Ceasefire Attempt. Russia Continues to Strike Terrorist Forces, Israeli Air Strikes in Support of Al Qaeda

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