31 aug

Fler analyser om Turkiets roll.

yallalabarra.wordpress.com – Damascus and Ankara strike a deal: Erdogan gets the Kurds and Assad gets Aleppo

This is a loose translation of an article by Mohammad Ballout that appeared in Lebanon’s Assafir newspaper on August 29:
The Syrians and the Turks are on the verge of a security understanding that will lead to a political one. The indications of this unprecedented understanding are not yet clear. But its first headline, without any surprises, is a trade off: the Turks backing off in Aleppo and closing the crossings used by some of the armed groups (the most important ones) in the north in exchange for the Turkish forces to be given the freedom to destroy the Kurdish project in Syria. In other words, the city of Aleppo goes to Syria and the corpse of the Kurdish project in Syria goes to the Turks.

Moon of Alabama – Turkey in Jarablus: A deal between everyone but the U.S.

All these talks were not just between Turkey and Syria (in Algeria) or between Moscow and Ankara. There was a wide framework discussed between all relevant forces – Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Turkey and others and only the U.S. (it seems) was left out. I do not see this as a loss for Russia – not at all. The Syrian government was barely alive when Russia intervened just 10 month ago. It has now regained a lot of its land and capabilities. The U.S. and Israeli plans for a divided Syria have been warded. The strategic landscape has been changed. That’s a lot of progress in a quite short time.
Surely Syria would like to be in a better situation, but its resources are limited and neither Russia nor Iran are willing to go all-in (and risk attacks on their homelands) to recover the last corners of the country. The deal with Turkey will prevent control of the U.S. over significant parts of Syria and the federalization of the country the neocons promote.

thesaker.is – Syrian Roulette

This comment was chosen by Mod TR from the post “Erdogan Calls Putin as Russia Seethes at Turkey’s Syrian Incursion”. The moderator believes this comment gives another perspective on the complex war in Syria. There are so many different players each with their own interests and agendas – nothing is clear cut in the constantly changing playbook that is the Syrian war.

presstv.ir – UN report on chlorine gas attack in Syria inconclusive: Russia

Syria and Russia have rejected findings by a UN-led investigation that claims Damascus used chlorine gas in two attacks in 2014 and 2015.
”These conclusions lack any physical evidence, whether by samples or attested medical reports that chlorine was used,” said Syrian Ambassador Bashar al-Ja’afari after a closed-door UN Security Council meeting over the report on Tuesday.
The report was ”totally based on witnesses presented by terrorist armed groups,” he added.
Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin also stated that he had ”very serious questions” over the investigation’s findings and suggested the panel should gather more information.

En tysk rapport från februari i år. Vet inte hur de har kunnat komma fram till de här siffrorna eller om de stämmer.

More than 360,000 Foreign Fighters have fought the Syrian Army” Firil Center For Studies FCFS, Berlin, Germany

The number of foreign fighters who have fought the Syrian army between April 2011 and the end of 2015 is 360.000

About $ 45 billion were paid to fund military actions against the Syrian army; these billions covered monthly salaries, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, SUVs, flight tickets, accommodation in transit countries, forged passports and treatment in hospitals.
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