30 aug

Fler försök att reda ut hur det ligger till med Turkiets direkta inblandning.
The Debate – Turkey Syria Incursion

On Wednesday Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria by sending in tanks, planes and ground forces under the pretext of liberating the town of Jarablus from Daesh terrorists. But it soon became apparent that offensive was just as much as Syrian Kurdish forces, as against Daesh at least. What has ensued since has been a sling of claims and counter claims. Turkey accuses the Syrian Kurdish fighters of ethnic cleansing, while the country itself stands accused of killing around 35 civilians in its latest offensive.
As Turkey vows to protect its borders against “terrorist organizations”, we ask at what cost? And is regional security really the objective here? Stay tuned to this edition of The Debate.
– Journalist and Political Commentator, Omar Nashabe (BEIRUT).
– U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security Analyst, Lawrence J. Korb (ATLANTA)

Alexander Mercouris – Erdogan Calls Putin as Russia Seethes at Turkey’s Syrian Incursion

Whilst it seems the Turks did inform the Russians of this move in advance, it is clear that the Russians are to put it mildly unhappy about it.
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