25 aug

Vad betyder egentligen Turkiets militära intrång i Syrien? Har Erdogan lurat Ryssland, eller är Ryssland och Syrien införstådda med att Turkiet hindrar kurderna att ockupera områden som ett led i att dela upp Syrien?
Andrew Korybko tycks snarare tro på det senare – Turkey Crosses into Syria: Unipolar Conspiracy or Multipolar Coordination?

In closing, the author would like to refer the reader to his article from over a month ago about how “Regional War Looms As “Kurdistan” Crosses The Euphrates”, in which it was forecast that Russia would assemble a multipolar “Lead From Behind” coalition in pushing back against the US’ attempts to carve the second ‘geopolitical Israel’ of “Kurdistan” out of northern Syria, with it specifically being written that “it can be reasonably assumed that there’s an invisible Russian hand gently coordinating their broad regional activities” in stopping this. With Turkey crossing into Syria to preempt the YPG from unifying all of its occupied territory in northern Syria and breathing sustainable geopolitical life into the US’ latest divide-and-rule project in the Mideast, and keeping in mind the fast-paced diplomacy between Russia, Iran, and Turkey and the months-long ongoing secret negotiations between Ankara and Damascus, all empirical evidence suggests that this latest development in the War on Syria is less a unipolar conspiracy and more a multipolar coordinated plan to bring an end to this conflict and preempt the internal partitioning of Syria.

Sen dök den här mycket intressanta kommentaren upp på facebook – Hoppas att det inte bara är spekulationer.

Just to make it clear for those who may have missed a few episodes.
Since Russia saved Erdogan’s bacon in the US backed botched coup, Erdogan has turned his back on his former “allies” and now pledges allegiance to THE Putin.
He was instructed to order his ISIS buddies to leave Syria but in order to make it look good and save some face, he was allowed to stage a mock invasion into Syria to get the job done. While there, he was given permission to push back the Kurds of the YPG that are backed by the US and who have lately become aggressive towards the Syrian army in securing territory for themselves. Erdogan was happy to oblige there as it is not in his best interests to have the Kurds establish a strong independent state just south of his border.
Erdogan is proving useful for the Russian led coalition in handling the YPG Kurds and their US backers and also removing the ISIS “Jihadists” saving the Syrians the trouble and risk to lives to do the job themselves.
As for the US, not knowing how else to react and in trying to salvage their alliance with Turkey, they too tag along and provide fake air cover for the Turks in their fake battles with ISIS.
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