9 jun

sputniknews.com – Russia Will ‘Poke US in the Eye’ if Assad Retakes Raqqa Before Rebels

In her recent interview with Radio Sputnik political analyst Catherine Shakdam has expressed her confidence that the SAA, assisted by Russian warplanes, will liberate the city of Raqqa soon. Shakdam envisages that the SAA could make major gains in Raqqa by the end of Ramadan, in early July.
By recapturing Raqqa ahead of the US-backed forces, the Russian and Syrian armed forces would ”pok[e] the Americans in the eye in a place they have long talked of helping to recapture,” William Wallis of the Financial Times noted Monday.

globalresearch.ca – The Race for Raqqa – Could Two World Powers Meet in Battle over ISIS HQ?

The Syrian military is quickly closing in on Raqqa, one of the last ISIS strongholds in the country, and is expected to reach the city within a matter of weeks or even days where a major battle between government and terrorist forces is inevitable. Recently, the Syrian military liberated a number of areas in eastern Syria near the Taqba airbase, another site that is expecting liberation in the next few days. The Syrian military has already reached the edge of Raqqa province.

globalresearch.ca – Syria Pro-Government Forces Supported by Russian Airforce Advancing into Raqqa Province

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