10 maj

farsnews.com – Fear and Loathing in Aleppo: How the West Lies about Syria War

The distorted coverage of the US-backed war on Syria refuses to go away, particularly when it comes to the lies the mainstream media say about the recent events in Aleppo.
Here, Western media and politicians would like us to believe that the Syrian government and allies are bombing civilians and medical facilities within the city, including those supported by Doctors Without Borders in refugee camps near the border with Turkey.
For instance, with regard to a deadly bombing that targeted Al-Quds Hospital in Aleppo last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry claims without a shred of evidence that it was the work of the Syrian government! That his statement reeks of hypocrisy or is severely lacking in accountability as US planes continue to strike hospitals in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya is not the purpose of this write-up. The point is that the War Party and its counterparts in NATO are completely divorced with reality, are losing the war, and are desperate for an exit route.
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