18 april

Helt klart finns det vissa som inte vill att fred ska utbryta i Syrien, och det tycks som att de lyckas bryta fredsprocessen.
presstv.ir – No secret talks with US on Syria: Russia’s Lavrov

Lavrov further stressed that a number of countries in the Middles East, including Turkey, have been supporting the so-called Plan B for Syria.
The plan was prepared by the US and its regional allies and is aimed at providing vetted “moderate” militant groups with weapons systems that would enable them to launch attacks against Syrian government aircraft and artillery positions.
Washington has said the Plan B will come into effect if the ceasefire deal fails to reduce hostilities in Syria.
”Despite the denial from Washington, there are many who want to think about such Plan B: if not right in the heart of the Pentagon or other US agencies, then in the region. I will mention, specifically, Turkey, which continues attempts to interfere using military methods,” Lavrov said.
He noted that some states were preparing the plan in the hope that “the negotiations on Syria will fail and then new weapons can be pumped into Syria” for military acts aimed at overthrowing the Damascus government.

Stephen Gowans – America’s Plan B for Syria: Give Al-Qaeda More Powerful Weapons

Washington cares not one iota for the welfare of the residents of this hapless country, long savaged by Western imperialism. On the contrary, it is willing to spill rivers of Syrian blood and foment sectarian terror, through its al-Qaeda-led proxies, in order to overthrow a government that insists on charting its own course to meet its people’s needs in their own way. This is the outcome of the United States’ imperialist project to secure a self-assigned “leadership” position in the Middle East, which is to say, to deny the region’s people the right to determine their own lives and future. Fortunately for humanity, but unfortunately for the US elite, on whose behalf the US imperial project pivots, the targets of imperialist eruptions have often felt it better to fight than to submit, Syrians no less so than the long string of heroes in the service of human progress who have resisted programs of exploitation by fighting back.

Drone buzzes Syrian Army advance on ISIS positions near Damascus
The Syrian Army operations against ISIS militants near the country’s capital Damascus is said to be successful first step. Footage provided by LifeNews crew shows tanks and troops pushing on ISIS positions.

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