30 mars

Intervju med en kvinna från Syrien som driver den här facebooksidan – https://www.facebook.com/shababeeksouria

globalresearch.ca – The “Money Trail” of the Turkey-Daesh Oil Trade

While gathering material for its new film on Daesh’s activities in the north of Syria and its ties to the illegal oil trade with Turkey, the RT Documentary crew came across bundles of unique documents, which reveal the scope of the illicit business and the revenue it provided; the crew also interviewed some residents who were directly involved.

Uppgifter om att det kan ha varit så att tillbakadragandet av ryska flygplan från Syrien hade att göra med en överenskommelse med USA att de skulle se till att vapenleveranserna till Syrien stoppades.
Gareth Porter – Cutting Off Syrian Rebels’ Weapons

According to a report last week by Elijah J Magnier, who writes on regional politics and diplomacy for Al Rai, Kuwait’s leading daily newspaper, “high officials present in Syria” – which his report makes clear were Iranian – said the United States had pledged as part of the ceasefire deal to “enforce on its regional Middle Eastern allies the cessation of the flow of weapons” into Syria.
In response to an e-mail query from this writer, Magnier said he had learned from his sources that no weapons have crossed the border into Syria from either Turkey or Jordan since the ceasefire went into effect.

Men här finns uppgifter som motsäger detta
Syria: Retreat of Al Nusra and FSA Militants. Kurds Advance on Avaz

On Mar.29, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that 50 Al Nusra militants and three vehicles loaded with ammunition crossed Turkey’s border into Syria. Those terrorists arrived the town of Anadan to help militant forces to threat Kurdish units in the Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood of Aleppo.
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