27 mars

rt.com – Syrian army retakes Palmyra from ISIS

Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra from Islamic State. The army now aims to use the desert city as a ”launchpad” to expand operations against the terrorist group.

almasdarnews.com – Reinforcements arrive from Palmyra as SAA gears up for Qaryatayn battle vs. ISIS – Map update

According to Al-Masdar News intel, several elements of the Syrian Arab Army’s 11th Division and 18th Division have been redeployed to the outskirts of Qaryatayn city after their successful liberation of the famed Palmyra city yesterday evening.
Additionally, Syrian volunteers from the National Defence Forces (NDF) of Sadad and Mahin have also joined forces with government troops on the perimeter of Qaryatayn.
This comes as dozens of airstrikes are currently striking the city while artillery units are simultaneously bombarding ISIS fighters stationed there.
With hundreds of soldiers arriving at Qaryatayn, this military build-up hints at a major government offensive to happen imminently on ISIS defenders inside the city.

almasdarnews.com – Airstrikes rain on Qaryatayn city as Syrian Army mobilizes to storm ISIS

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