13 feb

Nu när syriska armén med hjälp av Ryssland har allt större framgångar mot de väpnade gängen, särskilt i Aleppo-området där de skurit av deras viktigaste försörjningsväg från Turkiet, blir de utländska sponsorerna desperata. Det talas om att sätta in marktrupper. Kan de inte bara ge upp!

Rudy Panko – Russia Has Destroyed the CIA’s Arms Smuggling Operation in Syria

Let’s cut to the chase: The closing of the Azaz corridor, a major supply artery for the ”moderate rebels” in Syria, should be viewed as a crippling military defeat for the United States.
As analysts have pointed out, US Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly implored Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to keep the Azaz corridor open.
The New York Times now explains why Kerry was so anxious:
Mr. Kerry enters the negotiations with very little leverage: The Russians have cut off many of the pathways the C.I.A. has been using for a not-very-secret effort to arm rebel groups, according to several current and former officials. Mr. Kerry’s supporters inside the administration say he has been increasingly frustrated by the low level of American military activity, which he views as essential to bolstering his negotiation effort.”
For at least the last three years, the CIA has been smuggling arms into Syria via Turkey and Jordan. Not anymore. The rebels are increasingly cut off from their arms suppliers — and the US is now begging for peace.

Är det detta USA är ute efter, att ockupera delar av Syrien för att kunna dela landet?
moonofalabama.org – The Race to Raqqa Is on – to Keep Its Unity Syria Must Win, If Americans and Saudis get there first they can effectively partition the country

Could the U.S. and its allies capture Raqqa or Deir Ezzor and with it parts of eastern Syria it could use them as a bargaining chip to gain some negotiation power with Syria and its allies over the future of Syria. Alternatively it creates a Sunni state in east-Syria and west-Iraq.

svd.se – USA får stöd i kampen om al-Raqqa

Michel Chossudovsky – The Syria Proxy War against the Islamic State (ISIS) Has Reached its Climax. Military Escalation, Towards a US-NATO Sponsored Ground Invasion?

southfront.org – Turkey’s Second Army Prepares to Invade Syria

sputniknews.com – Saudi Arabia to Send Jets to Turkish Base for Air Missions in Syria

JC Collins – The Planned Invasion of Syria: Are We on the Eve of War. Is the US Leading Saudi Arabia Down “the Kuwaiti Invasion Road”?

presstv.ir – Syrian conflict enters new unpredictable phase: Analyst

presstv.ir – Deploying ground troops, Washington’s Plan B for Syria: Analyst

presstv.ir – Russia blocks, repels any foreign intervention in Syria: US think tank

A US think tank says Russia has boosted its military presence in Syria to block and repel any possible military intervention by other countries against the central government in Damascus.

Daniel McAdams – Why Are The Neocons so Desperate to Rescue Al-Qaeda in Syria?

jinge.se – Syrien – USA:s plan B för fortsatt illegalt rebellstöd

jinge.se – Ögonvittnesskildring från Aleppo – brittisk journalist


Intervju med Tim Anderson – The Dirty War on Syria: Interview with Tim Anderson

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