21 aug

Ryssland levererar nya stridsflygplan till Syrien och samtidigt plockar Nato bort sina Patriot-missiler från Turkiet. Kan det vara så att överenskommelser gjorts som kan få katastrofen i Syrien att gå mot sitt slut?

Webster Tarpley – Convergence of Putin and Obama Against Allen and Erdogan: Moscow Delivers 6 MIG-31 Foxhound Aircraft to Assad Government of Syria

An unimpeachable Middle East source sends the following intelligence estimate:
“The delivery of six MIG 31 combat aircraft to the Syrian government in Damascus corresponds to the withdrawal by Germany, Spain, [and the US] of Patriot missile batteries from Turkey within the framework of NATO.[1] On this subject, there is a kind of cooperation between Moscow and Washington. The idea is to give the Syrian Arab Army the equipment required for a bombing campaign in northern Syria. Up until the present moment, the Syrian Arab Army’s aviation has been deterred from doing this by the Patriot missiles stationed in southern Turkey, and did not possess a sufficient number of combat aircraft able to operate at altitudes low enough to evade the surface to air missiles now in the possession of the jihadis. It is for this reason that the Syrian Air Force has not been capable of defending the Kurds in a city like Kobane.
This is the response of Putin and of Obama to the maneuvers carried out by General John Allen, who had gone off the reservation to stipulate an accord with Erdogan for a safe zone for rebels in Syria.
Obama is attempting to push ISIS [aka Daesh, ISIL, etc.] out of Syria and to use some of its components against Russia in Ukraine. Putin and Assad are attempting to liquidate the jihadis on Syrian territory…

Thierry Meyssan – The world after the Washington/Teheran agreement

The cease-fire decreed between the United States and Iran redefines the conflicts in the Near East and moves the war towards the Black Sea. Even though it is yet too soon to predict the way in which the rivalry between Riyadh and Teheran will evolve, and also what will become of Turkey, it is already clear that we are moving towards peace in Yemen and Syria.

Det har gått två år sen de dramatiska händelserna med attacken med kemiska vapen utanför Damaskus –

Two Years Ago: How the Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged

This GRTV report was first broadcast in September 2013 in the month following the East Ghouta Chemical Attacks
In the wake of the Syrian chemical weapons attack, shocking footage of the victims of that attack were widely circulated in an effort to raise the ire of the public and spur support for military intervention.
Now, a new report on that footage finds troubling inconsistencies and manipulation with the video that calls the official narrative of the attack and its victims into question.

Two Years Ago: The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention

Today, August 21st commemorates the East Ghouta False Flag Chemical Attacks (August 21, 2013), which were used to build up a pretext by the Obama administration and its NATO allies to launch a humanitarian war against Syria, on the grounds that the Syrian government was killing their own people. This event was part of the build up towards the launching of Obama’s bombing campaign against Syria and Iraq on the grounds that it was “going after the ISIS”.
This article was first published in September 2014.
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