14 dec

Press TV – Syria sees another day of army success against terrorists

Clashes between Syrian forces and terrorists were reported in the central province of Homs on Saturday.
A number of vehicles used by the militants were destroyed by the army. Fatalities were also reported on the side of the foreign-backed militants in the area.
In Rastan, the third largest city in Homs, the terrorists were dealt a major blow as the Syrian army took advantage of militant infighting.
Elsewhere in the southern town of Sheikh Miskin, Dara’a province, more than 50 militants, including a commander, were killed in battle.
Idlib, a northwestern city of Syria located about 60 kilometers (37 miles) west of the flashpoint city of Aleppo, was also the scene of fighting between the army and terrorists. Reports say among the slain militants were foreign nationals from Libya and Saudi Arabia.

nsnbc.me – Moscow: Syria the Vanguard in Anti-Terrorism – Noose around Terrorists tightens

The Russian government criticized what it called “modest results” of the anti-ISIS coalition while stressing that the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army constitute the vanguard of anti-terrorism in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Syrian officials stress that “the noose is tightening” around terrorist brigades in Syria.

Tony Cartalucci – Syrian No-Fly-Zone a Bid to Save Al Qaeda

The proposed “no-fly-zone” the West has been attempting to implement is simply rhetorical cover for providing Al Qaeda directly with air cover while preventing the only actual military force in the region fighting Al Qaeda, the Syrian Arab Army, from finally eliminating this scourge from within their borders and restoring order across their country and in turn, across the region.
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