10 nov

Sharmine Narwani – Stealing Palestine: Who dragged Palestinians into Syria’s conflict?

Palestinians didn’t jump into the fray in Syria. They were dragged into it – violently and reluctantly. Here is the story of how and why Palestinians and their 14 refugee camps became strategic targets in the Battle for Syria.

Tony Cartalucci – ISIS is America’s Dream Rebel Army

US policy paper reveals desire for construction of full-scale extraterritorial army to invade Syria. Such an army is being built in Iraq and Turkey and it’s called “ISIS.”

Press TV – Syria ready to study UN ceasefire plan for Aleppo: Assad

Press TV – Syria’s Assad well aware of military gains in Aleppo: Academic

Nabil Mikhail, a professor at George Washington University, said in an interview with Press TV that the Syrian president would not have reacted positively to the UN initiative to freeze military operations in Aleppo, unless he knew “for sure that his troops are successful and have subjugated the insurgency in that geographical area.”

Thierry Meyssan – Coalition Divided Over Goals

Washington seems to have abandoned its Levant remodeling map for another. However, the failure of the first project and the strength of the Syrian people do not bode well for the implementation of this new plan. Thierry Meyssan reviews the adjustments it requires and the division it has created within the coalition: on one side, the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, on the other, France and Turkey.
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